I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.


Uniqlooks March: One item, three looks – White denim jacket








Look 1: White denim jacket – Uniqlo. Polo-neck sweater – American Apparel. Boyfriend Jeans – ASOS. White pumps – Kurt Geiger ‘ELLA’. White bag – MCM ‘Nuovo L‘.
Look 2: White denim jacket – Uniqlo. Raincoat – Muji. Dress – Issa London via MyWardrobe.com. Shoes – Reiss. Bag – JHYoo.
Look 3: White denim jacket – Uniqlo. Leather skirt – Vintage. Khaki stilettos – Primark. Furry bumbag – ASOS.

I have this thing every few weeks when I brew myself some redbull-coffee-crushed skittles concoction, sit myself at the computer, crack some knuckles, buckle my seatbelt (yes I have a seatbelt, it’s called duvet) and delve into the internet, determined I’d finally catch up on all the unread blogposts and saved bookmarks. Umpteen hours later I’d emerge with two PS11 worthy bags under my eyes and mystery gas emitting out of my ears, decidedly ‘cleverer’, after catching up on every single streetstyle blog in the universe, five or ten Michelle Phan wisdom tutorials, a whole gaggle of recipes where the only ingredient familiar is ‘salt’, and well, basically the entire internet. Sometimes I’d hit something like this and know I’ve come too deep. But lately, thanks to the previously advertised calamity known as eczema (aka f*kingbastard), I’ve been on house-arrest and therefore have been forced to take ORDINARY doses of said internet. And I don’t know what to do with myself, because you bloggers don’t post enough (!!!), my ‘friends & family’ don’t share enough on Facebook, and that Natalie Tran seems to have gotten a life? I refresh Bloglovin’, Youtube, Facebook every five minutes and confess to have screamed WELL IT’S ABOUT TIME at new updates. Sometimes when I feel extra desperate I read comments under some mega-instagrammer’s account and feel bad for all the stupid people in this world. Problem with this is, being under certain physical discomfort, doing anything productive (i.e emails & posts) is difficult, but balancing a bowl of popcorn on my chest while parkouring all over the internet is a piece of banana cake… apologies once again if you’ve sent an email and I’ve been quite an asshole about not replying it. Anyhoo, here’s my three ways to wear a Uniqlo white denim jacket, still sadly inappropriate for this weather.

Boucheron Quatre, an eternal classic

Black coat – CK. Ice-blue coat – Brics x Anywho. Leather halter-top by Topshop (found in Vintage store). Skirt – YesStyle. Shoes – Primark (over a year ago). Rings – Boucheron Quatre. Belt – LV via Vestiaire Collective.

Maybe it’s that time of my life, a particularly melodramatic chapter with lots of ellipses between sentences and one too many rhetorical questions, but lately I’ve been sensing a definite shift in taste. Taste in clothes, food, books what have you, although I wouldn’t necessarily label this the point where I grow up, seeing how I’ve once again spent an entire weekend playing Sims 3 and setting fire to my own house. One day I looked at my wardrobe and couldn’t help but frown at the abundance of flamboyant, low-quality pieces, including lots of the DIY projects that were done on a whim – ‘masterpieces’ that weren’t even washable. Then I had a look in our fridge and found that it was full of processed foods. But I popped that pizza in the microwave anyway, I guess I’d eat a rabid squirrel in any chapter of life, grown up or not. My point is, lately I’ve been leaning more towards finding the ‘eternal classics’ in design, the trenchcoats, black stilettos, white duvet-covers and wooden toys, you know the deal. Not that I can afford a Chanel 2.55, but surprisingly this attitude has been helping me to take a step back from the gurgling wave of trends and even spend a little less. So when Boucheron asked me to interpret the collection Quatre with a theme of Eternity I thought it was only befitting to the recent ‘coming of age’, and Kit & I shot these at the most perfect location – the circular Diana Memorial Fountain, around a section where the water texture resembled the row of diamonds and cobblestones characteristic of the Quatre collection.

Also, do pop by the Boucheron store on Bond Street (the guards have a remote for the door so don’t let the un-budging doors intimidate you like they did for me) and discover the store with your Instagram with the tag #BoucheronQuatre –  apparently they’ll be publishing some favourite snaps on their Facebook!

Replay Jeans Laser Technology

Replay Jeans Laser Technology and DanniJo necklace

Replay Jeans Laser Technology

Replay Jeans Laser Technology

Leather Coat – Gift from mummy (Massimo Dutti), Stripe Top – Uniqlo, Jeans – Replay, Khaki heels – Primark, Necklace – DanniJo

Over the weekend I had a chance to dig at the blog archives, that token a-day-in-the-attic tour where you peel open just about every dusty photo album and realise how much has changed in the years past. It really is about time to acknowledge that this blog has entered into the latter years of toddlerzone (fwee years old and some) and has so far learnt to use the potty and has grown a decent set of milk teeth; this mummy is also gradually starting to patch together what might resemble a life. Amidst pockets of embarrassing moments (defined by outfits wherein enthusiasm was far from curbed) I realised how much my attitude to dressing is now vastly different. The so called life I’m patching now involves mornings of a regular alarm+snooze pattern, and attempts at giving the wardrobe a rattle yet falling straight back to the fail-proof outfit of jeans and a top of some cotton variety. The transport option: bicycle, dictates what I wear, and the common jeans happen to be the only thing I own that doesn’t get caught in the back wheel. On other – enthusiastic – days I get a few honks from bus drivers who are either trying to alert me of the skirt-in-wheel situation… or to make me disappear from the road altogether, both likey. So over the past 6 months or so the number of jeans have tripled, and when Replay got in touch with their Laserblast jeans (always read ‘laser’ in Dr. Evil voice), I must confess – I revelled. Not just because at the time all my other jeans were pickling in the laundry basket, but it so happens the Laserblast technology eliminates chemical treatment and ensures there’s 85% less water involved in production; green jeans, in other words. This also means no blue smudge on my white accessories or this chair I now sit in for 8 hours a day. (They also sent over the Trailor for the Laserblast but other than the model’s butt, please know that my sentiments to the video can be summarized with one word: Cringetastic.)

Look 1 ↑

Look 2 ↑

Look 3 ↑

Look 1
Boyfriend Fit Cargo Trousers – Uniqlo, Jacket & Bag – Zara, Shirt – YesStyle, Shoes – Sam Edelman

Look 2 Trousers – Uniqlo, Jacket – Vintage, Furry Bumbag – ASOS, Sweater – YesStyle

Look 3 Trousers – Uniqlo, Knitted jacket – Topshop Unique, Leather Jacket – Alpine Stars by Denise Focil, Shoes – Topshop, Necklace – COS, Shirt – American Apparel, Polkadot top – Motel Rocks

I say 3 different looks but I do realise that when you lean back a little and squint it’s really just one outfit, or one big ball of minty marshmallow-thing. Hey at least it’s healthy, this pastel obsession. Because erh… mint is a herb? I digress. I’m back on my favourite collaboration project with Uniqlo and will be posting many many many marshmallow outfits into Uniqlooks via Facebook, join me in on the fun! This is actually fun because I genuinely like Uniqlo and would’ve happily sold all my possessions for some extra fine merino socks anyway! Best improvement about Uniqlooks is the fact that they made a ‘share on Facebook wall’ an option so all my hipster ‘2-kool-4-skool’ Central Saint Martins buddies on Facebook from don’t need to be updated what eyebrow-raising things I do in my spare time.

Thank you hubby for your photo services x



Emporium Launch – Baku, Azerbaijan

Coat – Zara, Dress – Christopher Kane for Topshop, Shirt as skirt – Uniqlo men’s plaid, Shoes – Primark, Clutch – Chanel

I may have once or twice placed a pot of boiling rameon on my geography textbook, but at one point in time I could rattle off the countries in Africa and their capital cities, courtesy of my nutcase middleschool geography tutor. I would thank her for the education but then again I’ll wait till I save a baby from a burning building with ‘Libreville is capital of Gabon’. Speaking of which, I’m still yet to thank my math teacher because I’ve also yet to solve the unemployment crisis with the quadratic formula. Sorry, this paragraph just reads stupid, I should’ve been born a marshmallow. But if you just thought isn’t Africa a country I might as well get a cardboard box for your belongings and walk you to the door.

So, despite the fact that I thought I was pretty well-versed with the lumps and slumps of this planet and their respective names, Azerbaijan might as well have been a country only accessible through a wardrobe when I first read it in the invitation email. I simply did not have a single reference to form a sort of expectation when getting ready to travel to Baku, except perhaps vaguely remembering something in one of the 007 movies from back in the days when red leather jumpsuit with lumps spilling out meant you were a bond girl. When I landed and the cab weaved through the city towards the hotel, to put it blunt, it was HOLY LLAMABALLS WHERE AM I. I’ll show you more about the city later, but just from the Emporium store launch you can tell it’s been one very very well-kept secret.

Huge thanks to Emporium for the invitation and Andy & Pelayo for a great time.