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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

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Look 1
Boyfriend Fit Cargo Trousers – Uniqlo, Jacket & Bag – Zara, Shirt – YesStyle, Shoes – Sam Edelman

Look 2 Trousers – Uniqlo, Jacket – Vintage, Furry Bumbag – ASOS, Sweater – YesStyle

Look 3 Trousers – Uniqlo, Knitted jacket – Topshop Unique, Leather Jacket – Alpine Stars by Denise Focil, Shoes – Topshop, Necklace – COS, Shirt – American Apparel, Polkadot top – Motel Rocks

I say 3 different looks but I do realise that when you lean back a little and squint it’s really just one outfit, or one big ball of minty marshmallow-thing. Hey at least it’s healthy, this pastel obsession. Because erh… mint is a herb? I digress. I’m back on my favourite collaboration project with Uniqlo and will be posting many many many marshmallow outfits into Uniqlooks via Facebook, join me in on the fun! This is actually fun because I genuinely like Uniqlo and would’ve happily sold all my possessions for some extra fine merino socks anyway! Best improvement about Uniqlooks is the fact that they made a ‘share on Facebook wall’ an option so all my hipster ‘2-kool-4-skool’ Central Saint Martins buddies on Facebook from don’t need to be updated what eyebrow-raising things I do in my spare time.

Thank you hubby for your photo services x



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  1. Ahhh Shini, I am too jealous of your wardrobe, those Uniqlo trousers look perfect! I love how you’ve made each look so different, I need to adopt your skills to make the most of all my stuff. Nice to see you the other day!

  2. Gaaaahhh…why are those trousers the most amazing hue! All 3 looks are amazing, but the second is especially inspiring – the fuzzy sweater with that incredible jacket is glorious.


  3. I love your boots in the first look. Despite the colors all meshing in very closely, there’s a definite difference in the looks. Beautiful as always.

  4. Uniqlo is just the best, their pieces are so versatile and so reasonably priced!

    I love the coat you wore in look 1 too :)

    [ life/style/flash. blog]

  5. I love your style, it’s so unique and fun. If you get a chance check out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.


  6. Lovely!!!


  7. Can’t get enough of those pastels…I think I’m starting to dream in pastels too. I love your layering, especially in the second look. That coatigan is fantastic! xx


  8. Hey, we all have looks that we fall back on… mine happens to be dress + tights + cardigan = done. At least you’ve added fun textures to yours! Posts like these make me wish we had a Uniqlo here… le sigh.


  9. love those black heels!

  10. This is incredible Shini. Leave it to you to one up everybody else’s outfits posts… three outfits in one post?! Ahhh. I struggle to get one outfit shot. Your hubbie is a blogger-husband-god!

    Love these outfits and seriously adore that you’ve managed to rock pastel in a weather appropriate way! xx

  11. I love the second look, the soft pastel colors and the different lengths and patterns.
    oh and the blog!

  12. I love the second look, the soft pastel colors and the different lengths and patterns.

  13. i love all the looks.


  14. gorgeous styling!!!

  15. stylish and smart-looking!

  16. amazing layering! effortless!


  17. amazing layering! effortless!


  18. Those trousers are so perfect- chic and versatile. Especially love them when you pair them with all things fuzzy and pastel. Total eye candy. x


  19. Yay more Uniqlo looks! I love all of these outfits, especially that lovely layered second look with the polkadot print detail and that long cosy cardigan. Also, love seeing you in glasses, those frames are great on you!

  20. I like the outfits you made and I love all the pieces you are wearing! Want them all! xx

  21. I approve of this androgyny. Suddenly, I need to go find myself a mint-coloured jacket like yours. Too bad it was vintage! That makes my search much more difficult.

  22. Nancy

    Recently I am so obsessed with different types of bright green…
    LOVE all the outfits!! I just wish Berlin could be warmer….

  23. This is so sweet! Yay! Minty freshness all the way :P

  24. Bridgid

    love these looks, and the pastel colours suit yoU! the booties in the top pic are amazing :)


  25. I love all three looks, but the first is my favorite. You look great in glasses! It pains me that I don’t have a Uniqlo nearby and there is no ecommerce site for them yet…soon, i hope!

  26. I do love the first look and sometimes that soft color palette just does it…great work and what a fun project!

  27. Oh I nearly bought those boyfriend cargo trousers (in blue) in Uniqlo HK (£24.50), I thought to myself….nehhh Shini might have those kekekekeke.

  28. loving all your outfits, especially the first one!

  29. That knit is quite an asset! ps great styling!

  30. I loveee these pants! Love look number through, the light colours and lovely layering<3

  31. loving all the the pastels and the way you take your photos – absolutely stunning.


  32. I love these looks!


  33. Love all the pastels in these looks!

  34. Great outfits, especially the first one!

  35. Nice outfits, really inspiring! Makes me remember that I still have minty trousers in my closet!

  36. I love your blog, you write so well and your so natural.
    This is my new blog.

  37. I was going to try and choose a favourite then I realised I liked each outfit for different reasons :)



  38. Uniqlo does have some very easy and fun pieces. Due to their simplicity it doesn’t take much to piece together an outfit… I like your fur (marshmallow!) bursts ;)



  39. These outfits are amazing! Love all three looks. Your blog is awesome!

    Pose Posh Post

  40. Like this picture. ^ ^

  41. Your working of sky toned layering is a massive inspiration – I have the Motel top and didn’t think I’d get winter use out of it, but it looks snow beautiful here. Have linked you on our page as we do the Motel PR, hope that is ok.

  42. Love all the looks!



  43. COOOOOL!!!!! :-))))))))

    CHANEL GIVEAWAY on http://www.rockandfrock.com

  44. love the first look. very versatile


  45. Lee

    The fluffy pullover is great :) The color and the material! And I love the shoes in the middle photo :)
    All looks look gorgeous!

  46. Hahahhaa.. maybe it doesn’t show any major different between look 1-3 but I figured that its just your style! I can say that it’s very YOU hehe..

  47. It’s funny, the out of three outfits, two or pastel. The first is my favorite, but then again you sort of have a million diffrent opportunities with those jeans.

  48. Gorgeous outfits! Love the layering and different textures!

  49. nooo, I didn’t never seen a furry bumbag!! it’s simply fantastic!
    visit my new blog and tell me what you think!


    and thanks for inspiration!!

  50. this is great, love how u show that the trousers look so different with various combinations!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  51. wow, talk about versatility! those three looks are distinct from each other yet still feels unified. the color of the trousers are quite unique too (ooh, a pun) and about uniqlooks- i was very hesitant to join though i love uniqlo because of the Facebook wall dilemma… glad to know that i can opt out that now!

  52. beautiful pics!!!!!!!!

  53. Anna

    Very cute…love them all!


  54. Ivy

    Those are really lovely. Imma go get those trousers right now! (:
    May I ask you two questions? Why are all your pictures so huge?

  55. Ooh are they really huge? Does it bother you?
    I just like it that way, guess I wanted to concentrate more on the visuals!

  56. Ivy

    @Shini, Yeah its much bigger than normal. Nope not at all! (:
    I love it being huge cause it makes everything better. I really love your pictures. I can stare at them all day long (:
    How do you make them so huge anyway?

  57. wonderful pictures! :))


  58. Aw, I’m just in love with your photos. as always! :)

  59. shini,
    park&cube makes me fall in love every day. :)

    xo sophie


  60. haha, i love the digression!!!
    minty marsmallows sounds delish, and you look amazing so i guess win win!!

    love K

  61. you are simple amazing & thank you for being great inspiration!!

  62. your blog is so rad!!!


  63. love the layering <3

  64. furry sweater and jacketttttttt. diggin it.

  65. oh my gawwwwwwwwwwsh, your center-parted, slightly slanted pony tail plus the nerd glasses combination in Look 1 is just so adorable gahhhhhhhhhh must look at some manly macho gunfight scene to calm down.

  66. love that jumper in look 2. X

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  69. I just discovered your blog – and I love it !! Beautiful photos

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