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Paris sunrise

Breakfast through the privacy hatch

Avenue Montaigne

December 2011; HOTEL DE LA TREMOILLE, 14 rue de la Trémoille – 75008 Paris, Tel. : +33 (0)1 56 52 14 00, reservation@hotel-tremoille.com

The 7:30am Eurostar train smells of musk, newspapers and coffee, the second class cabin seats are bustling with men in suits, lodged expertly in positions that ensure least creasing on their trousers. I stand out in my plaid shirt and dark skinny Levi’s, knitting needles in each sleeve and balancing a coffee formula with a little too much milk. The bloke next to me glances occasionally at the snood factory, and flutters open his newspaper to wave off the fluff. It’s a food-trip to Paris for work, and I’m to meet Sophie at 11 o’ clock for brunch at the Rose Bakery on Rue des Martyrs. The train pulls into a foggy opening of Gare du Nord and the doors slide open to spill out the passengers and L‘Eau du businessmen; the morning wind is scratchy but there’s a glow of orange on the roofs. The taxi driver attempts slurred English and ends up ranting in French, and I say ‘Wee, wee, wee’ throughout the ride to the hotel, I think I might’ve said yes to ‘I think I’ll have a Jambon sandwich today’ but I’m not too sure. We weave past Champs Élysées, a strikingly clear view of the Eiffel and the glitter-clad Avenue Montaigne, and I wonder if I’d also accidentally agreed to a mini taxi-tour of Paris and fumble at my phone (comme dictionary), but apparently that’s the supreme location of Hôtel de la Trémoille. My bag is hailed away, straight from the taxi boot to the porter’s desk, and I’m received in a Haussmanninan foyer, complete with wrought-iron doors and rich velvet drapes.

The diffused lights from the enclosed balcony illuminates the room to a dawn-like glow, and as the receptionist flicks the lightswitch on I realise it’s massive, hardly the size of a standard room. There are two doors to the room, but one is a privacy hatch, accessible from the inside so that the breakfast deliverer isn’t assaulted with a door-full of bedhead and morning breath. The bathroom is colourful with Molton Brown liquid and I momentarily confuse myself C (Chaud = Hot) tap as the English short for Cold, and dip my hands into scalding hot water. And what do you know, a box of Ladurée macarons as a welcome gift on the bed. I rush out to meet Sophie but glad that at the end of the day I can come back to this.

Hôtel de la Trémoille is offering a Valentine’s package until the end of February, including an evening of Maison Kaviari’s l’en-K de Caviar© with a bubbly to share with a significant other, and a tailored culinary walk with guides around the area. Check their official website for more information.

Thank you Hôtel de la Trémoille for the hospitality & Mango PR for the organization.

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  1. I just got back from Paris, we got the 5.40am train (oh yes, 5.40am) and ended up being delayed for over an hour – not impressed seeing as we only went for 1 day. Le sigh.

    Your photos are stunning, as always.

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  2. Seraphina

    Beautiful pictures as always. I hope to travel to France one day and see all the sights!

  3. Your photographs are so gorgeous .. it’s makes me dreamy, funny knowing that I actually live in Paris.

  4. One of the most beautiful ‘photodiaries’ I have seen as of late. Miss Paris terribly and wish I could take the time off soon to jet off (or should I say train off) from London soon!



  5. I love your pictures so much. Everything looks so romantic and sophisticated :)

  6. The writing in this post is wonderfully evocative in a way that photographs do not equal…it makes me want jump on a plane to Paris and sneak out of the hotel room early in the morning to sit in the biting winter dawn. The photographs of the Eiffel Tower and Avenue Montaigne are also stunning. Thank you so much Shini! This post is a wonderful inspiration to start off my Sunday (:

  7. stunning pics! make you wanna close your eyes and dream about Paris!

    xoxo from rome

  8. Oh dear you’re lucky!! My boyfriend is just gone there by the train too! He’s there to stay 5 month, you can imagine he’s quite confused but I’ll meet him there soon and I’ve been in Paris so many times that I know it very well! I hope to live there next year thanks to my Erasmus program!
    Your pics looks terrific as always!
    I do love your work, never give up!

    My travel/photography/food blog: http://thetraveleater.com

  9. Your description sounds straight out of a well written novel Shini. See, sometimes it pays not to just scribble down sarcastic snarky remarks in the little word section below your exquisite photos.

    This sounds like an absolute dream. Next time work calls you to Paris please let me know. It’s only a four hour train from Zurich and last time I checked macaroons were best eaten shared.

    p.s. I can’t wait to see the finished snood. I called light blue… :) xx

  10. Gorgeous photos, this really makes me want to go back to Paris for a luxurious trip! Love your description of everything and the fact that you took some knitting!

  11. Effie

    2 days may seem short. But your photos make us believe you spend much more time there. I love watching it again and again :)

  12. Your photos never fail to amaze me! I’d do anything for a hotel & a holiday like that right now, I’m so done with this Finnish winter. Have a great time in Paris! x

  13. Beautiful photos! I don’t think that I’ve ever wanted to go to Paris more before.

  14. you always have the best looking pictures… I just want to jump through the screen… it all looks so lovely!!!!!!!

  15. I live in paris but I’ve nerver seen it that way, you are vey lucky, you know!

  16. Paris looks beautiful. Your images are amazing it really does look like you had an amazing time!


  17. I use your photos for my computer wallpaper`s :)
    Love, love, love them!

  18. These photos make me want to visit Paris even more! I went a long time ago, so beautiful!
    – Aliya


  19. I love ! I live in Paris but your pictures are more beautiful !


  20. beautiful captures!


  21. Oh my GOD. Those pictures are MAGICAL. The Parisian sunrise and the shot of the balconies, and the food and the lit-up street!

    My GOSH I am dying, these are amazing.

  22. Paris is such a magical city, and you truly captured that essence. So lovely you had a box of delectable macarons to welcome you. x



  24. I love the style you`re taking pics my dear!!!

  25. Oh, such gorgeous pictures. It must be fun to go to Paris like that. And macarons from Ladurée on your pillow, such a great! Lucky, lucky you.

  26. So beautiful!


  27. Adore seeing everything through your eyes. Even Paris becomes more beautiful, if possible.

  28. mais oui! sounds absolutely perfect!

    Katie x

  29. I always love your photos but today I do even more! So beautiful!

  30. B.

    Wow that hotel sounds very good. Amazing photos !

    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  31. Oh Shini your photos of Paris should enter a Tourist magazine!
    Ovely pictures, from lovely Paris – Quelle chance!

    When will I show you Tel Aviv? :)


  32. paris looks so amusing in your photos. i love privacy hatches in hotels, not enough have them!


  33. Your pics are AMAZING. I am completely in love with your photos!!

  34. belle. (had to google translate that one.)

  35. I look forward to reading your posts because they are always written so well, your a great writer i can never say that enough.


  36. Oh my goodness, id forgotten that Paris could look like this! Absolutely stunning view out of the window Shini, just gorgeous! The hotel looks lush, with maccaroons makes it a winner! Hope you had a lovely time :) p.s the writing was lovely to read too, made me lol to the peeps on the bus Xx

  37. Your photos have really made me look forward to visiting Paris in March! Everything looks so effortlessly elegant, even the plain white buildings; I love that.


  38. I am sorry but i think i love you..

  39. Ah Paris, you can feel like such royalty there. Such beautiful luxurious and an unreal pictures.

  40. Wonderful pictures! Love it! x Fatima


  41. You have such amazing pictures!:)

    xx Laura

  42. Whoa ..these photos are incredible!

  43. Your photos just take my breath away.

  44. Those are such beautiful pictures! Bananas- I die x2 and all over again! Simply beautiful! x S

  45. Your posts are always gives me such visual pleasure :)


  46. Breakfast hatch?! Kewllll x

  47. These photos are magical! I’m going to Paris at the end of this month, and these photos are only making the anticipation of the trip worse, I can’t wait to go!

    Carmen Ri.

  48. Your photo’s are just so beautiful, wish I was there!
    xxx dj

  49. ayy_ayy

    the trees with lamps are so romantic… :)

    i love paris altough i’ve never been there yet…

    P.S. : don’t you realize your pictures always in pastel color? hehe…

  50. Love Paris, love your pics. Can’t wait for more posts

  51. gulp! It all looks so fabulously romantic!

  52. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I love that you are knitting even on a train ride in Paris! Your blurbs are so witty and funny, I always enjoy reading them!

  53. Such beautiful images!



  54. You make me want to just pack my bag and move there!!


  55. Beautiful photos, they tell such a lovely story.


  56. wow…you really take fantastic photos Shini! They all capture an element of Paris/France so beautifully. adore the light in all of them~ your room sounds amazing…secret hatch filled with food? too cool! Whatta great work trip!

  57. Beautiful photos!!

  58. lovely pictures!

    xx, Francesca of ftletters.tk

  59. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  60. great pictures as always!


  61. Anna


  62. Bridgid

    wow i love your photos – they are always so beautiful! paris looks simply gorgeous through your lense.. i can’t wait to visit one day :)


  63. stunning photos as always, paris is wonderful, going there too very soon, can’t wait! :)

    xx, Sabinna and David

  64. Welcome in freeeezing Paris :)

  65. Oh my! The lights are truly breathtaking! And I am completely besotted with the balconies – they are beautiful!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  66. Stunning pictures as always. Loving breakfast in the hatch and the very glamourous photos of Avenue Montaigne x

  67. I stayed there last January and absolutely loved it. When I saw the size of the room, my mouth fell to the floor and I then proceeded to run laps around it… and wonder how many times I could fit my flat in it.

    I am glad you got to stay there too. Such a wonderful place!

  68. if only you can teach me how to use a D-SLR….
    these photos are enticing for the eyes Shini, you the marvellous photographer *eye roll* hahahaha ^^
    there’s so much glam and glitter and oh, yes, perfect lighting in this set.
    I’m envying your little fancy trips these days =P

    Style Hostess

  69. Oh Shini, I know this is technically a hotel review, but these are just the most wonderful, sumptuous shots of Paris (that make me want to hop on a Eurostar crammed with businessmen this very instant).

    Briony xx

  70. this photos are fantastic, your taste is so nice, I really love your blog.


  71. Your blog is lovely !
    I like it ! :)
    You can visit mine (i do illustrations …) at :

    Have a good day pretty girl !

  72. Oh it makes my heart flutter seeing beautiful photos of Paris! Your trip sounded wonderful :)

  73. I been living in Paris forever and you made me rediscover my own city through these wonderful clichés (FYI cliché in french not only means stereotype but also pics :)

  74. Shini, your pictures are always so magical! You make everything look surreal and I’d be completely devastated when I go to Paris one day and realize that the place stinks like everyone says it does. :P

  75. what a delight to read the passage. as if you were writing an intro into a novel about a possible Parisienne. i could drown in your photos

  76. you cannot believe how happy my obsessed-with-Paris heart is right now, thank for these gorgeous images

    please post some more!

  77. Lee

    Wow – awesome photos! Especially the first one with the eiffel tower and the one with the river – is it the Seine?

  78. AWwwwwwwwwww AMAZING PICS, WE LOVE PARIS ! <3

    GREETINGS FROM POLAND, PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR FIRST BLOG : http://www.oneloveonedna.blogspot.com

    XOXO <3

  79. the most beautiful shots ever, loved all the givenchy goodies


  80. cate

    paris – so beautiful and so much style – have you seen the glamourous designer kaftans at http://www.bluemojito.co.uk

  81. Wonderful pics, authentic & stylish!


  82. Your pictures make me fall in love with Paris all over again….

  83. Those pictures are amazing!


  84. Ally23

    ah lovely, longing for Paris!

  85. Unbelievably gorgeous photos. Loved every single one. Makes me wish I was in Paris even more than I usually do!

  86. I love your photography, Shini! Great eye!

  87. these are impossibly beautiful.

  88. Such beautiful snapshots!


  89. Oh my, these all look like film stills from the quintessential Paris film!

  90. Just beautiful! The photos and your writing. I was transported.

  91. these photos are such a lovely break from the madness of an L.A. morning. Thank you for taking me back, just for a minute, to my favorite city. You kinda made my day :)
    daydreaming of Laduree…


  92. LCM

    Lovely story; the atmospheric writing really creates a mood. p.s. I’m jealous :) http://www.one-daysome-day.tumblr.com

  93. Violwt

    Lovely place! I love it. The photos, the places, everything.
    Which camera are u using? The photos look really amazing?
    xx from aussie

  94. your pictures are lovely and you are lovely :)

  95. Your photos are always a great inspiration for me. Thanks for sharing. Wanna go to Paris now!

  96. Such nice picts of Paris! Love them!
    By the way, great blog!

  97. Mark Blanco

    i would love that red couch in my living room. very elegant

    send free texts messages at

  98. Clara

    Awesome pics! Can I ask which camera do you use to take these pics?

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  100. Beautiful photos, this makes me want to hop on the Eurostar right now!

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