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Favourites from ASOS SS12

ASOS SS12 Pressday; November 2011

One of my readers pointed out a few days ago that my photos just seem ALTOGETHER PASTEL these days. In my defence, I really think I’m going through a hardcore pastel phase here, please help. (A)S.O.S! (har har get it… ASOS…SOS) (I am SO lame). I also seem to be growing a milk tooth and have My Little Pony nightmares occasionally. (I brush and brush their tail hair but it keeps giving me static shocks and I eventually turn into a lightening bolt to live a rather exciting life solely dedicated to causing headaches to poor Harry Potter) Husband, I want our entire flat to be painted dusty pink! As always I’ve had to put a cork on this post ever since the press day back in November, but it only really makes sense as most of these will be tricking into ASOS March-ish and that’s in the next few weeks. Personally loving the vintage-inspired Salon collection but my favourite pieces are the Sophia Kokosalaki Kore collaboration black lace-inset dress and the folk embroidery smock. AND DID I MENTION THE GLITTERY T-SHIRTS? Here we go again, someone get the keys to the restraint vest.

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  1. these are absolutely gorgeous, definitely gonna get the minty coloured dresses! :)

    xx, Sabinna and David

  2. all the colors and prints are so on-trend! ugh! disgustingly hip, i love it!

  3. Oh my gosh! I love all of the pretty pastel dresses and the white dress with floral panel. Beautiful photos!


  4. Oh these ice cream pastels are so dreamy! I love the the heavy lace in those minty cakey colours. Oh I’m not sure if I am craving cakes or clothes now…but I like ASOS SS12 a lot (and cake).

  5. I loved the black dress and the smock myself with the first read. Because I’m a recovering metalhead with a side of hippy. Then, looking again, I lost it at the green-fading-to-white goodness of that pant. Yum.

  6. Loving all the gauzy, ethereal, pastel dresses. They’re dreamy!!!!

  7. I’m not all that crazy about the upcoming season clothes-wise (lolita stuff is never my bag). But OMG those sunglasses. Yay. One of each please.

  8. beautiful pieces!


  9. I’ll like these pastel tones, they look fancy ;)

    beautiful photos as always!

  10. Love all the see through fabrics AND the sunglasses. Asos is so on-trend all the time, they are a big compitition for the high fashion designers!

    xx from London



  11. ayy_ayy

    haha… i love those pastel too. i’m dreaming of having a house full of pastel colors. :)

    beautiful mint lacey-blouse.. love it!

  12. soft and feminine!

    xoxo, zahara tales

  13. ye gods! the pastels! the sheers! the ombre!
    preparing myself for the disappointment of when it comes online and I am completely without the money to purchase any of it.


  14. Each item is like delectable candy. I just want to savor each piece, and hopefully it will hold me over until spring arrives. x


  15. Ohh, the first dress is so so so so amazing! I will be literally refreshing ASOS, waiting for it to arrive!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  16. Oohhh…your pics are lovely!!!

  17. This is terrible, I want like, uh, everything? Also, my vocabulary has now been reduced to, ‘AHHH’.

  18. don’t know why i never got into asos. their pieces are so beautiful and awesome.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  19. gorgeous. you just made me excited! looking for sp2012. restraint=overrated. maybe not, but it makes life more fun believing that sometimes! hah

  20. I’ll take one of everything, please and thank you!

  21. Such great pieces. ASOS keeps getting it right and us broke!

    Step into Estherina’s World

  22. Beautiful colours – everything seems so soft and floaty, it’s very feminine and delicate! Fantastic photos as always, and love that folk embroidary smock too, gorgeous! :)


  23. Baha, restraint vest!

    But seriously, I’m craving every piece you’ve photographed. Too bad my bank account isn’t bottomless, eh?


  24. Such gorgeous designs!



  25. oh my goodness…it all seems SO nice. love it all.


  26. Oh my! That faded purple floral dress and Sophia Kokosalaki black number are just gorgeous!!! So much fabulous stuff! Will be stalking ASOS…wonder when these items will be ‘in’…

  27. all the colours just look so lovely ! It’s gorgeous !

  28. beautiful dresses!
    love this post <3

  29. those colors are so beautiful!!


  30. your pictures make EVERYTHING look perfect.

  31. oh my… beautiful. everything. i’m especially into those white shoes and the perforated-like black top. in fact, they must be mine, soon!

  32. Michelle

    I want the first dress! Lovely!

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  34. I need spring shopping! :)


  35. these are all so enchanted

  36. ShimNari

    The new collection is gorgeous!

  37. and these are the most beautiful colors and prints that ASOS has ever ever ever shown to me!
    Thank you for the brilliant photos, they always help in cheering up! :)


  38. I love the sheerness (probs not a word, I know) of the first couple of dresses. Everything so so feminine, but not, at the same time. I’m also NEED the pastel pink dress sooooo much (oh and the glittery tees!). Thanks for the insight :) I’m extremely excited now! xx


  39. Gaaah, all these lovely pastels this season, I went into Zara yesterday and it was basically pastel heaven! I’m always surprised at ASOS creations, but really, they one-up Topshop all the time in my opinion! That black Sophia Kokosalaki is rather great as well…

  40. Can’t wait tho shop it and wear it (can’t wait for summertime!) some pieces are gorgeous :) Thanks for sharing

  41. OMG, Those are so pretty. I can’t wait to get them!


  42. Such beautiful pastel pieces x

  43. sarah


  44. they are amazing, especially the pastel dresses!

  45. I still need to get the pastel vibe! Love to see it on other people but for myself it’s to girly girly! Although I love how you styled your pastel items!

  46. Love this collection.


  47. Great photos and collection!


  48. Ummm floral and dip dye do it for me! Yes I think we will all be revolted by pastel in a few months time but for now its delicious x


  49. Oh my gosh, I am literally shaking with excitement!!! I love every single one of these pieces, thank you soooo much for sharing! I am going to trail Asos obsessively for these!!


  50. Ok how can I explain how much I love the way you picture things ?
    Teach me !

    Love your blog since a long time :)
    Can’t wait for the next post

    Bisous from France

  51. Sarah

    Lovely photos! These clothes are amaizing! Im gonna get the trzind dress on the ringht, it so beautiful!!! Thank you so much, you’ve just brightened up my day and upliftend my mood!!! Love you!


  52. It’s beauuuuuuuudiful.

  53. Such a beautiful pieces! I love the soft pink dress!

  54. wow wow wow these are so good!!!

    …i hope some of these dresses come in petite!


  55. love the color!!
    i need that shose


  56. Absolutely beautiful photos! Love the glittery knits

  57. Wow. I am absolutely IN LOVE.

  58. Pink dress at fourth photo is awesome!

  59. Oh my gosh, everything is so completely fabulous.
    I love the textures, colours and fabrics they’re using – gorgeous!

  60. oh dear. ohdearohdearohdear. that first dress made my heart stop a bit. eek!

  61. Wow, the dresses are so beautiful! Let’s hope I’ll find something nice for prom then :)

    xx, Susann

  62. Senna

    when do these arrive? I had heard april but do you know the exact release date and the prices of the items or where i can find the prices? you phots are beautiful by the way :)

  63. Wow what a beautiful Asos collection, I love all the colours!!


  64. Wow what a beautiful Asos collection. I love all the colours!


  65. (A) S.O.S.!!!!
    You are so cute. :)

    Everyone in the blogosphere, including me, is DYING over the neon lace maxi. It totally rocks my world.

    An illustrated fashion blog

  66. great great pieces!

  67. Oh my gosh ♥ That’s so beautiful!


  68. Love this blog!! =)

  69. you should come shopping with me in amsterdam! i love the blog

  70. Amazing collection, love the bright colours and special little details!

  71. ASOS are amazing, such beautiful stuff always,

  72. I think I’ve died and gone to pastel heaven. That second photo is what I want my wardrobe to look like!

  73. Wow, you make highstreet look so beautiful. Let’s gloss over those floral knockoffs…


  74. The first dress is my favourite too! :) ♥

    xx Elle from http://www.talonsetbonbons.com/

  75. great clothes, !! :)

  76. Great collection.



  77. I LOVE these photos, especially those shoes. Hopefully they will be in soon.

    P.S. you can never post too much about pastels..


  78. Love the flowered print dress. :)

  79. i love all of it!


  80. when will it hit the onlinestore?


  81. Wow this is beautiful, I’m pretty sure I would be satisfied to own every piece here.


  82. the neon green/ ombre pants. want.

  83. Pastel and glittery? Oh sigh, oh my…

  84. WoW! I love love love these dresses!!! Definitly gonna wear one of the rosé ones :-)

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  87. i feel like i’m gonna get all of it!
    it’s amazing

  88. Gotta love Asos! I found a million tie-neck blouses on it the other day, which are my obsession. Pastels are my other obsession, so thanks for sharing!

  89. Love this whole collection!


  90. why is it all this looks about a million time nicer than when i go on their website????? your shots are amazing, that’s why.

  91. Tina

    Like your photos!!!! They are so beautiful!!!
    Can you post more?
    I can’t wait to see more~
    : )

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  94. AMAZING <3

  95. hot hot hot collection

  96. Wooow, asos is killing it!
    Can’t wait for those sparkly tees!

  97. Loving the pastel pieces! Can’t wait to see these on the site in March, might be picking up myself a pair of the shades.
    Natalie x

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  99. Gorgeous gorgeous photos!!!!!! I am in love with all these pretty pieces…

  100. These pictures are gorgeous, i do love the colors … ! :)
    if you have time, you can visit my blog at :

  101. I feel in love with this post =)

  102. alonso

    those are nice dresses
    text for free at

  103. I agree what you mean by pastel colors. They are very on trend for the next season, love the look of Asos collection. Im new to your blog and im liking it v much.

    Check out my fashion blog, i’ll soon make a post on pastels too!

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  106. wow! I love your photos and the colection ! Just look at those colors!

  107. that first dress is so beautiful! do you know when it will be available?? i would love it for my wedding

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  110. seriously stunning shini!!! think this post has just made me broke for march! :) x

  111. Too much goodness in this collection!!!

  112. So pretty! <3

  113. Great collection.
    Love it!

  114. aine french

    desperate to buy asos salon tulip applique dress pink size 10 or 12 as shown in recent look magazine

  115. aine french

    how do i purchase these items help

  116. Love the light and transparent dresses, the pastel tones are exquisite!

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  118. angeliki

    any idea when all thsese pieces will be available from asos? I havent seen any of those on their site yet! :(

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  120. Sally

    These look so great! Do you have any idea when the folk smock will be released? Have had a quick look for it on the website and can’t find it.

  121. Pia

    When will these clothes be in store?!? Does anybody know?

  122. The PR just let me know that it was meant to be stocked sometime this week, so anyday now!

  123. Pia

    @Shini, Do you know the item name or number for the dress in the first image of this post? I still can’t find it in the asos online store and I NEEEED it!

  124. Ooh I think they still haven’t put it up yet… do keep checking it out – I don’t work for ASOS so I’m afraid that’s how much I can really help in terms of item number, sorry!

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  130. so beautiful

  131. @vivienne westwood, Yes, i agree with you~~

  132. These is an amazing place for fashionable dress but where I can find dresses for men I wanna buy a gift for my boyfriend.

  133. These are unbelievable attractive styles. I am in love with these designs.

  134. I have never seen such amazing styles ever. I would love to have one for summer.

  135. This seem to be a dream style. I am sure every girl wanna have this and I am top of the list.

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  140. I love pink ,too ~

  141. I love the purple one.

  142. Each item in the post is so perfect, I can’t love it more.

  143. I like so much the idea and colour of the first dress.. I would like to buy for a wedding I have the next month.. Even if it is an Indian wedding

  144. Oh my god! I’m in love with these clothes! It all looks great

  145. brudekjoler.Jeg er for tiden elsker den romantiske utseendet på vintage botaniske tegninger brukes som et bryllup motiv.Tilfeller i punkt:

  146. all colors of products are really classy. Dresses with lace work and specially black one is really attractive. will love to use as in my design. Thanks for sharing.

  147. Thank you for sharing this post

  148. Incredible! Fantastic!! Love it.