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Mary Katrantzou for Topshop; Images via  Topshop

I know this news is already spreading like wildfire across the interwebz but just wanted to do a bit of heads-up from my end. Long-time readers will know I go KAKA for Mary Katrantzou so this is one designer x high street collaboration worth hollering. It’s so soon too – 17th of February – first day of LFW for the relevant bunch, and prices start from £40 but the dresses are on triple digits… not so horrific when compared to her usual five-digit frocks. Will be looking forward to some wrestling in stores next week, I bring the mat, you can bring the oil?

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  1. Too bad we don’t have topshop here :(
    Ooooh i just wanna be there for the fight! Hehe :P

  2. Love the combination of all prints!


  3. Yes yese I love these dresses, I think they are perfect for the spring and summer! Adorable!

  4. Gosh it’s all so beautiful! Love that little cropped blouse in the final image, will probably be all I can afford anyway!


  5. I was at the launch of it at Topshop London yesterday, and all the pieces look A-MA-ZING!

    Keep an eye on my blog for the report!

    xx from london,


  6. Wow defenetly a must in my closet. So unique yet so wearable and relevant. Too bad it’s not going to be sold in the store in Tel Aviv . Hopefully I will get my hand on one of those one day…:/
    Enjoy it you lucky londoniens!


  7. Freaking love this! I desperately want to get my hands on a piece…

    Really amazed by this collaboration and can’t wait to see it in person. It’s got to be one of the best recreations of a designers mainline for a high street shop. It feels very true to Mary’s aesthetic and since I don’t see myself dishing out a couple grand for one of her proper pieces anytime soon this might just have to suffice. xx

  8. Love the prints!

  9. Love Love Love, I’ve just posted it today (what a coincidence). I’m also quite excited about the Newgen tshirt collection.

  10. I’m totally in love!


  11. Why, oh why, don’t we have a topshop here?? Le sigh… I will just have to surrender myself to admiring from afar.


  12. I’ve never really wanted to look like asian pottery but oh my, this looks good. Too bad there is no Topshop in Belgium … (although my wallet is happy!)

  13. The myriad of prints is gloroius. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


  14. Meet you in the queue, Shini! Lets bring our knuckle dusters, shall we? X

  15. Bring it on Sabine!!

  16. these are beautiful dresses i love this. amazing!
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  17. The first dress is the most beautiful one. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  18. B.

    The design are so pretty they deserve the attention :) I personally hadn’t heard much about her yet, but these photos made me very curious for more

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  19. B.

    The design are so pretty they deserve the attention :) I personally hadn’t heard much about her yet, but these photos made me very curious for more

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  20. wow. amazing.


  21. The colors and patterns on these dresses are so terrific, they almost overshadow the cut (almost). Love this camouflage photos too.

  22. Those are some wild, wild prints. I love it, no TopShop here so I’ll check it out via the interwebz when all of the blogger/models strut their stuff.

  23. The designer really worked hard because I can feel the idea in every part of these clothes.


  24. I wish there was a Top Shop in LA :( Ill be in NYC at the end of the month maybe Ill get lucky and there will be a few pieces left…wishful thinking much??
    <3 Kate

  25. this stuff looks so good i would defo eat it, the prints are crazy love them!

  26. So excited for this collection!!!

    Step into Estherina’s World

  27. it kinda reminds me of russian dolls.

    xoxo, zahara tales

  28. tag team!

  29. stunning floral mix!


  30. Lindsay

    Ahhhh! I’ve been waiting for this for so long so excited! Thanks for the update! It stinks that I live in the US but not NYC.

  31. I agree – this is honestly the best collaboration in a while. Too bad Canada won’t be getting this collection in stock until March :(

  32. After hearing so much about the collaboration, I can’t believe that the pieces are just about to be hitting the stores! All of the prints in these pictures are amazing, impounded even more so by the floral backgrounds. Thanks for sharing and I hope that you have a good weekend! xx

  33. Ryouma Sakamoto

    It is a nice design. I like very much.
    ☆From Japan.Dear friends around the world,
    Thank you so much for all the prayers for Japan.

  34. It’s really nice of her to go full on for the high street collaboration. Seeing from the pics, the prints and shapes are not far away from the main line at all, unlike other collaborations where you seem you get only a fraction of the design and quality (well, since you’ve only paid a fraction of the price, so um, fair enough) I really appreciate how generous Mary is. Bravo!

  35. These truly are fantastic shots.


  36. WOAH! These prints are amazing!!!

  37. I ¨m in love with your blog..
    I´m form Spain and i have a little brand of vintage recycled jewellery
    could you visit me ???
    I had made my pieces thinking of your style ¡¡¡¡
    you are an inspiration for me..


  38. These designs are out of the ordinary… wish we had their shop here in Miami!!!

  39. les fleurs sont si féminin!

  40. I love her designs so much, they’re just incredible



  41. briliant!!!:D

  42. lovely dresses!!!kisses

  43. Ever since Alexander Fury talked about his ‘Katranny’, it’s all I can say now.

  44. […] Mark Katrantzou for Topshop / color palette details / via park & cube […]

  45. Amazing, amazing, amazing !

  46. print on print–so stunning!

  47. I wish to have one. You look very gorgeous !!!

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  48. Love that Leather shoulder bag!