I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

A Collaboration with Beyond Retro Vintage

Aquascutum coat for £50, leather trousers and picnic shirt, score!

aaand some valentine’s dress up

Coat – ASOS White, Cashmere Dress – Arelalizza, Shoes – Zara, Bag – Warehouse, Cuffs – H&M;

As acting president of the Meh! club I don’t even have to tell you what I feel about Valentine’s day, but if you’re really eager to find out dial 080C-YNI-CISM and my secretary will be happy to fill you in on that while chewing loudly on stale gum. At no stage during school was I ever Glen Coco of the class and when I was finally rid of my braces and the dandelion weed under my armpits I then promptly acquired a geek boyfriend who brought me flowers every single day and 6 years later I ended up marrying him. So this card design collaboration with Beyond Retro (along with Bip Ling, Mademoiselle Robot and Fashion Editor At Large) is really for some kitsch fun, and of course a little contribution to the

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British Heart Foundation (£1 of all sales will be donated). So next time you’re in don’t forget to pick one up – I sent one to my baby brother last week and he claims he’s still picking up glitter hearts from his keyboard, everytime loving me just a tiny bit less…

BTW, could anyone recommend a tailor in London? The Aquascutum coat I picked up is all great except the 80’s power shoulders. I got rid of the pads but it still makes me look like I attacked the wrong end my my mummy’s closet. Help!

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  1. Your card made me smile! I always find beyond retro a bit overwhelming but I like what you’ve picked out.

  2. omg need to go to beyond retro!!!

  3. really like those pics!!!

  4. you are such a inspiration!

  5. gorgeous details!


  6. incredible post. beaut snaps


  7. I know an amazing tailor! C Antoniou on Gray’s Inn Road – I’ve used him a few times and he always does a fantastic job. He’s a little old Greek man who doesn’t say very much but his shop is always busy and his prices are really reasonable. Here’s more: http://www.allinlondon.co.uk/directory/1197/26381.php

    Been following your gorgeous blog for a while but this is the first time I’ve commented. Needless to say, I love it.

    Cat xxx

  8. Love it! I guess I am not much of a valentine’s person either. Every year I have this conversation with my boyfriend about how commercial it is, and rather we should do anything special. I like your less cheezy version.

  9. I know a tailor! C Antoniou on Gray’s Inn Road – I’ve used him a few times and he always does a fantastic job. He’s a little old Greek man who doesn’t say very much but his shop is always busy and his prices are really reasonable.

    I’ve been following your gorgeous blog for a while but this is the first time I’ve commented. Needless to say, I love it.

  10. haha, great post. i think i am pretty much on the same boat in terms of valentine’s day and those mini hearts look great in your pictures ( i probably wouldn’t want to receive one of those either; clean up would be terrible)!

  11. For alterations I use the Camden Dry Cleaners just near Mornington Crescent station, had no issues with them and they’re pretty cheap!

  12. Very cute!!!


  13. Dandelion weed!!!
    You are too funny.

    The red dress and trench are absolutely elegant, a beautiful look. I love the cuffs–they add a really modern feel. Gorgeous.

    I went to Beyond Retro’s site. Amazing!

    Style Pencil
    An illustrated fashion blog

  14. Hey I really love your blog. Nice post. http://becomingraje.blogspot.com/ E x

  15. Love those nails. Thinking of something similar with the gray and pink.

  16. That red dress is gorgeous!

  17. Vintage, kitsch, hearts everywhere… as a regular cynic myself, I admire your attitude towards Valentine’s Day. I mean, I’m not a TOTAL hater, but I too have never really been the Glen Coco of the class.

    At least you’re not Gretchen Wieners. ;)

    Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

  18. beautiful photos!

    Fashion Philosophy

  19. Amazing shop and nice collaboration :)


  20. Your Valentine’s look is gorgeous, beautiful photography too

  21. I adore you for the Mean Girls reference!

  22. Woah, Beyond Retro looks like an amazing shop and I love the sweet and charitable Valentine’s day collaboration going on.

  23. wow these photos are beautiful! and LOL at the glen coco reference.

  24. Such a cute card! Despite of how your valentines days were in the past, so glad you have a husband to dote on you everyday. x


  25. Love the dress!

    Step into Estherina’s World

  26. that’s a really cute card! i love that you put glitter hearts in it (:

    you look incredible in that red dress – the addition of the bangles is a very lovely touch.

  27. The card is cuuute! I love your picks esp the red, checked shirt.
    P.s. You look gorgeous in that red gown too

  28. The card is so beautiful it’s unreal. Love your outfit. SO FESTIVE.

  29. great buys! and the red dress looks amazzzingggg


  30. Red for valentine

  31. absolutely fantastic post. i love your photographs. so well done and beautiful.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  32. I love beyond retro :) and their store looks great. I would never leave it…

  33. Love your posts, always :) lots of luv,


  34. Great outfit. I like it.

  35. Hello, I was wondering if you could please please write a post about your makeup? I love the way you handle the eyeliner and it’s especially so hard to do it for single eye lid women. Love your close up shot anyway!

  36. I’ll definitely put that into the schedule!

  37. You look divine! Absolutely perfect. Which makes the anecdote about braces and dandelion weed (HAHA) sound ridiculous. Your postcard made me smile, it’s not handwritten is it? Because it looks like the Topshop Make Up font so much.


  38. Ah it is handwritten, and you’re right it DOES remind me of the Topshop Makeup font! (That’s handwritten too I think… whoever did it there, soulmates? :P)

  39. I love this post. It is amazing and your outfit is so so beautiful.

    Lou x

  40. You look sooooo beautiful in that red dress! And the card is absolute genius, I love it!


  41. Helen

    Your card is so cute!
    Haha the aquascutum coat reminded me of seeing a rip off aquascutum shop in a (5 star) hotel in china, called aquosenton…

  42. Hah Aquosenton, nice one, but in a 5 star hotel?!

  43. beautifully captured, Shini!!
    hmm…you make a vintage store look so well..vintage, through your photos, as well as cutely charming. this is such an interesting kick start to Valentine’s.
    wish you a lovely day with the one on valentine’s :D

    lovin’ your blog soooo muchhh
    Style Hostess

  44. steffany

    hi~ could u plz tell me the address of the vintage shop? thx a lot!

  45. Hi hi, the site I linked to is their official site so they’ll have a store locator there! http://www.beyondretro.com/content/Stores.aspx

  46. Love the look of that shop!



  47. I’m right there in the meh club with you so we’ll move swiftly past the romance and just say nice coat instead! I hope you find a tailor. See you next week! x

  48. aww! amazing outfit! love the dress


  49. This entire post is so gorgeous! And I want one of those cards. :’)

  50. the pictures show romance and love in every scenery and every composition!


  51. curry dates are always a hit in our home.

    also, i love how those gold cuffs zexify your red sleeves. and i love how they’re from h&m.

  52. wow your card :)

    I need to hit beyond retro when I’m down in london !

  53. This is actually the perfect card. Can you get it anywhere online? I’m spending V-day with the bf in bed with a take-away curry and the startrek box set. Geek alert!


  54. the graphics reminds me of the topshop makeup :) lovely post xx

  55. love youre blog!!


  56. ayy_ayy

    cute card. :)

    i really love those ‘loves’ ? it’s too cute!
    *thinking bout spreading those ‘loves’ in my future wedding invitation……*

  57. gorgeous, gorgeous pictures (as always) and i LOVE your outfit!

  58. Oh that Aquascutum coat is gorgeous- hope you find a good tailor to fix it up for you so it fits you properly on the shoulders. Such gorgeous photography as always- you are totally rocking those h&m cuffs!

  59. Hey i was wondering is that the Dalston or Soho Store?
    Thank you, aimee

    want this shop right beside my door! ah love it
    you must be sooo lucky :-)

    check out my blog!

  61. This post has a beautiful color palette. I love the red and beige! Also, I think I’m constantly amazed by how perfect your nails look.

  62. Dude Shini, don’t touch those shoulders. Haven’t you seen – ginormo shoulders are about to make a comeback (see Peter Som AW 12 Look #1, 11, 31 for reference).

    This post is so good… you’ve jam packed loads of great things in here. Can I just say that I LOVE the quote on your Valentines Day card. It is hilarious and so perfect. Also, you look like an absolute dream in these pictures Shini. So sultry and hot hot hottt!! I love it.

    Happy (almost) Valentines Day chicken. I love you always. KISS KISS. xx

  63. love love love loveee the card! and love beyond retro.

  64. what a ridiculously beautiful post.
    your nails, your vintage finds, that red.


    i’m dying a little bit
    the card….the clothes….your nails….


    you are awesome!!


  66. Love your cuff!

  67. I feel exactly the same but sometimes it is fun to go all out for the one you love. Just don’t necessarily need V day to do it! x


  68. I like how you’ve accessorized with the double bangle, it’s unexpected but works so well!

  69. Emma

    You look so beautiful! Really – few women can look so expensively alluring in red.

    By expensively, I was trying to say “not cheap or harlot-y.” As in, alluring in a way where I still don’t objectify you? I don’t know the word.

  70. Cool collaboration! I love how the car design came out especially how hand-consuming the glitter hearts must have taken to not completely mess up your flat. Hope that you have a good week, Shini! xx

  71. What a wonderful post

    kisses from your follower! ♡

  72. Such a great post Shini!
    beautiful photos, your new stuff look nice and I LOVE the Valentine’s day dress and nails..

    xx from Tel Aviv

  73. I love the cards and the innit, so beyond V it’s an A+ Top Marks Mrs!

  74. The red dress is unbelievably beautiful!!!

    Polka dot.


  75. Generally I’m not partial to Valentines Day but this post even made me smile. Very nice!


  76. les images sont belles et que sa robe rouge est très beau ..!

  77. I’m in loooooooovvvvvveeeee with the bag! Is it still/already available somewhere?

  78. Such a beautiful post. Love the long red dress.


  79. Love your blog, I check it everyday! Please go see mine : http://www.cheesewineandfashion.com! You cal also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Bloglovin
    Thank you

  80. fantastic blog! :))

  81. love all pictures. inspiring :) kisses



  82. wow great pictures, they are all so bright and vibrant, i love it!! and that shop looks amazing, i would never leave..

  83. she puts together seems so effortless and true to herself.

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    prior to they occur.

  85. Wow! Seriously amazing….. Your work amazing…every picture is clear and showed great style statement…
    I would like to appreciate your work…!!:)

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