I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Replay Jeans Laser Technology

Replay Jeans Laser Technology and DanniJo necklace

Replay Jeans Laser Technology

Replay Jeans Laser Technology

Leather Coat – Gift from mummy (Massimo Dutti), Stripe Top – Uniqlo, Jeans – Replay, Khaki heels – Primark, Necklace – DanniJo

Over the weekend I had a chance to dig at the blog archives, that token a-day-in-the-attic tour where you peel open just about every dusty photo album and realise how much has changed in the years past. It really is about time to acknowledge that this blog has entered into the latter years of toddlerzone (fwee years old and some) and has so far learnt to use the potty and has grown a decent set of milk teeth; this mummy is also gradually starting to patch together what might resemble a life. Amidst pockets of embarrassing moments (defined by outfits wherein enthusiasm was far from curbed) I realised how much my attitude to dressing is now vastly different. The so called life I’m patching now involves mornings of a regular alarm+snooze pattern, and attempts at giving the wardrobe a rattle yet falling straight back to the fail-proof outfit of jeans and a top of some cotton variety. The transport option: bicycle, dictates what I wear, and the common jeans happen to be the only thing I own that doesn’t get caught in the back wheel. On other – enthusiastic – days I get a few honks from bus drivers who are either trying to alert me of the skirt-in-wheel situation… or to make me disappear from the road altogether, both likey. So over the past 6 months or so the number of jeans have tripled, and when Replay got in touch with their Laserblast jeans (always read ‘laser’ in Dr. Evil voice), I must confess – I revelled. Not just because at the time all my other jeans were pickling in the laundry basket, but it so happens the Laserblast technology eliminates chemical treatment and ensures there’s 85% less water involved in production; green jeans, in other words. This also means no blue smudge on my white accessories or this chair I now sit in for 8 hours a day. (They also sent over the Trailor for the Laserblast but other than the model’s butt, please know that my sentiments to the video can be summarized with one word: Cringetastic.)

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  1. Dan

    LASERBLASTTT!!!!!!! The model’s butt was indeed cringetastic!!!! *__*

  2. I really like it! :))) I think your outfit are showing that brands doesn’t make sence, style make sence. It is so nice that you have mixed cheap and expensive things together, it looks gorgeous! Im in love with necklace :)) (I hope I have said everything properly, because english is not my first language…)

  3. Many of my yesteryears jeans are still folded up never to be worn again or one of the pairs is next in line for DIY slaughter.

    I haven’t seen your hat in AGEEEESSSSS, since 2 summers ago?

  4. While living in Copenhagen and biking everyday, everywhere, I never gave in to wearing jeans full time. I know I should have – it may have made things much easier and subjected far less Danes to accidental underwear showings – but I stood by my skirts!!!

    But YOU miss, you look so fab and simply chic that I’ll have to rethink jeans once I’m back to the city of biking again….

    Truly lovely look – as always!


  5. I absolutely love your bag and the color of your shoes! I laughed when you mentioned the bus drivers, haha!

  6. That necklace is beyond admiring admiring word I can provide. Every bit of spice, funk, color, illumination, and uniqueness. Completes the outfit. <3

    But it sure is interesting to see how things develop over time, isn't it? My blog is still learning to walk and it's hard to target my niche, exactly, but even in this short time I think I've come a decent way. Not necessarily the best in every aspect, but it's still better than swimming in solid puddy. Writing styles evolve and daily fashion becomes more internal and less about trying to appeal to your audience with radical cooperations. Love your taste: jeans, white tee, keds, what have you. It's real style and I'm in infinite awe.

  7. what a chic outfit! such a cute hat!
    xo, Tina

  8. I love the shoes colour and the collar is unique… great style inspiration!


  9. So neat that the jeans are eco-friendly! They look super chic on you! And perfect for cycling around town as well.


  10. gorgeous necklace!


  11. I work for a denim boutique so I can indeed agree that jeans rule. The amount of skirts I destroyed due to rear tire friction are innumerable, so denim it is and shall almost always be.

  12. Gorgeous necklace and bag! Very nice casual look :)


  13. love that trench, it works super nicely with a pair of jeans and that necklace is just beyond cool. amazing photos as always!


  14. Cute outfit!


  15. That jeans sure sounds good. I wonder if my wallet agrees :/
    I must say, that hat you’re wearing is really, really ! ! !, cool. And so is the necklace.

    Congrats on your blog, it’s a miracle if a blog lasts longer than 2 years and still is really nice to see/read/scroll trough.

  16. Omg dear, you look soooo amazing!

  17. I totally love this outfit! The jeans look perfect on youu

  18. That necklace is so beautiful! Love it! Great post!


  19. You are so stinking cute Shini. I’m so glad you’ve joined me on the dark side and have become a jean whore. You know I literally cannot wear anything other than jeans….

    These look super sweet. Love the turned up cuffs and the washed out colour. Adorbs. xx

  20. wow I really love your necklace!

  21. Wow that trailor is terrible! But, also pretty funny.

    I’m liking the idea of jeans not leaving any blue behind on white surfaces, I always have that problem when I wear white and black together. boo hoo!

  22. Lovely look love this french look, I wish you a nice week!

  23. I like the idea of green jeans!!! Good on em!

  24. Great look and really great photos!


  25. love the look so retro chic xx


  26. I really love your style!:)

  27. This look is the epitome of casual chic, LOVE it!

  28. Shini, you always look amazing. You totally belong in a lookbook…or two!

  29. The necklace is fa-bu-lous, it’s perfect with jeans & tee!


  30. I love your shoes and necklace!

    x Romi

  31. amazing outfit, i LOVELOVELOVEEEE your necklace, its soooo cool!!

  32. Really inspiring pictures

  33. Love that necklace!!

  34. love your blog always looking forward to see what come up with on blog loving.Love evrything you show and wear

  35. Very beautiful coat and shoes!

  36. It’s good to slip into your own pattern of dressing…as long as you can’t describe it as ‘a rut’. Where did you shoot this? I love a painted pebble-dash.


  37. The jeans are such a perfect fit and the entire look is utterly chic!

  38. Love your Replay jeans, dear…and if eco-friendly…better jet! that outfit is just gorgeous, hat jacket, stripes…you look absolutely stunning…

    Big hugs!


  39. Really Nice. Replay jeans are really comfortable and looks nice.
    Really nice post.

  40. Wonderful.

  41. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe those shoes are Primark! Love this look, especially the necklace! x

  42. cute and casual…love the hat.


  43. WOW!Amazing outfit!Love the necklace!It’s fantastic!

  44. shini ur necklace is super adorabe! totally a well worth it statement piece!

    xx nathan.niche


  45. Great pictures.

    You look great!


  46. beautiful outfit!!

    Freaky Friday
    Freaky Friday Facebook Fan Page

  47. Loving it! Great how you combined the stripes with that statement necklace!



  48. Every thing is awesome.
    Belle Monde

  49. i love this look !it’s fab!!!

    xoxo from rome

  50. It’s good to know that you reflect on your fashion as well. Things are just getting better for you I guess!