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A collection of images

A water-themed patchwork : Acqua for life

Above is a collection of images from previous blogposts and other sources (sources linked – photos 2,3,6,10), to highlight the Giorgio Armani Acqua for Life water awareness campaign

If I’m visiting a new city the first thing I’ll Google once connected to the hotel wifi is ‘can you drink tap water in [insert city]‘, then sometimes I’ll double-check with ‘but are you suuuuure‘ and Google will ask me ‘are you suuuuure you’re wearing the right size bra?’. Just about drops the issue every time. However, the question whether tapwater is drinkable in Warsaw… still not answered after 16 years. The hubby who looked over my shoulder to read this just said ‘yeah, you wouldn’t die, but I honestly wouldn’t’. Growing up in Warsaw, thirty 5-litre bottles would be delivered every other month and the biggest chore for me and my brother was to carry them all into the house because we’d find them dumped at the bottom of the porch one random morning. You don’t leave twenty bottles of water in the lawn with the tigermum prowling in the kitchen. So my brother and I would compete whoever can carry in more at once and we’d hobble in and out carrying 6 bottles at once (30kg); and of course the next day we’d wake up and feel all the muscles in our arms torn and absolutely refuse to go to school. (Then we’d spend the free day swinging broomsticks ‘lightsabres’ and end up being schooled by mother with one, or both.) I guess my point is, 30L is undoubtedly a hell of an ordeal to transport for an average person, but get this, through Giorgio Armani’s Acqua For Life campaign, one ‘like‘ will deliver 50L of safe water to those in real need. So unhide yo

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kids, yo wife, and yo husband and tell them to get clicking. Unless you’re planning on doing it personally (and challenging airport security with 50L of water in your suitcase on your way to Bolivia) a click will do.

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  1. these pictures are so inspiring!

  2. stunning shots, so so gorge


  3. Ahhh this post reminds me of Chanel SS, all the photos are soooo pretty! Def with you on the water front, I once drank tap water on a visit to India-going through my “I’m-gonna-do-whatever-I-like” phase and was sick for the rest of my trip. Ima get clicking now! xx

  4. Had no idea tapwater wasn’t good to be drunk in Warsaw. Who knew…Well, you obviously. And all the people living there, probably. But not me. Already clicked the like! Hope this makes a difference..

    xo Joana


  5. Absolutely amazing!


    The Habit

  6. simply in love with the ombre shirt!
    xo, Tina

  7. Wow lovely photos hope you had a nice time.

  8. Shini, your pictures are so OFF THE HOOK amazing, I could stare at that first one all day! It almost looks like a painting..

    Also, I think that picture is actually Giles SS12, no?

  9. What a beautiful post! Amazing photos, amazing place!!



  10. inspiring!


  11. Beautiful photos, as always. And I totally google drinking water conditions when I travel too… here in Canada we’re pretty lucky to be able to drink from the tap.


  12. these photos are amazingg :)

  13. love the pictures! very inspiring!

  14. that bathing suit is to die for. absolutely love it.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  15. ayy_ayy

    luckily, in my city, there are several brands of water who produce water from the mountain. we have to buy so we can drink fresh water everyday. :)
    because we can’t drink from tapwater like u said. if we can, we have to heat the water before we drink it.

  16. These pics are all so great! I love the dip dyed shirt



  17. oh wow! i’ve been waiting to see a post with great mood pics, and love that u had just the right amount of fashion (love the mcqueen shoes and 3.1 PLim hombre shirt)
    the water view pics and shark ones were beautifully moving, i like this post a lot! it’s got a lil’ somethin’ somethin’! :)

    xx nathan.niche



  19. Your writing never fails to bring a laugh and your photos!!
    That shark looks awfully close though, I’d watch out haha

  20. Beautiful photo’s! I’m in love with the swimsuit!


  21. What a lovely blue

  22. Those pictures are AWESOME!!


  23. Unbelievable! Woowww…amazing post

  24. the best inspiration photos :)

  25. Wow! So Inspiring!!!

    Love from Seoul,


  26. Kyu

    “Like”d! :-)

  27. love love love this post!!!

  28. Amazing photos!


  29. I love your picture selection!
    Great article and excellent cause actually!!
    Have a great weekend,


  30. I love these images, so perfect and calming.

    Thank you for your lovely comment.


  31. I wanna go swimming!!! Somewhere hot and amazing. Shall we go? I’ll bring the We Are Handsome suits for us to wear! xx

  32. That swimwear is really cool! X

  33. Gorgeous pictures! Very, very inspiring!

    Big hugs!


  34. Fantastic cause, Shini, thanks for bringing my attention to this!


  35. what a real great campaign ! where im from, indonesia.. the water is SOOOO NOT drinkable.. far worst than Warsaw I’d saw…

  36. AMAZING!


  37. J’adore, the pictures are wow. I’m always stunned when I look at your blog.

    x Romi

  38. Such an inspiring and beautiful set of photos Shini. I love what you did with the second image, love all the dramatic landscapes and LOVE that We Are Handsome swimsuit. zOMG I am all about novelty one pieces right now.

    This is an awesome cause to support. Very worthy blog post. xx

  39. Such inspiring photos for such a great cause! “Like”

  40. haha you’re so funny shini! i love your humour in all your posts and your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I think the swish of the white wedding-like dress is so similar to the white foamy splashes of the waters in your last picture. the one piece is perfect, i would never touch a bikini again if i had that.


  41. These pictures are nice! I love blue :-)

  42. wow these pictures are beautfiul!

  43. Lovely pictures. Gimme that swimsuit!!! xxx

  44. These pictures are so beautiful, I love the combination of the different photos.

    Love your posts, one of my favorite blogs by far! Looking forward to a lot more!

    xoxo Mariana


  45. The sea is always different: dark blue, blue, turquoise, black. The sea – it is an eternal source of inspiration for designers. Beautiful pictures!

    Stacy from http://www.stacyco.blogspot.com

  46. The last picture is breathtaking, I’m thinking about putting it into a canvas


  47. “Liked”.

    Ah, that Phillip Lim shirt! Almost bought the dip-dye sleeveless t-shirt version of it the other month, only put off by the fact that my upper arms looked like two potatoes stitched together…

  48. so wunderbar!


  49. Stephanie

    Great writing! You make me laugh…
    You and your story really came alive in that piece.

  50. Beautiful photos!


  51. Amazing pictures and design! Really love the ideas of the brilliant designer! That long dress assembling the waves is my favourite!

  52. haha that is honestly a really funny story.

    anyways, liked! c:

  53. Lovely post!!! The pictures are amazing !!! I think Tom’s shoes set a standard… Acqua for Life is a great concept!! Let’s start clicking!!!

  54. the photos are gorgeous! makes me feel thirsty for a moment (quite silly)

  55. I love the pictures, save the world together

  56. lovely set of images
    cant stop looking at them :)

  57. lydia

    Really love your blog! such beautiful photography and love all your inspirations. Definitely following x


  58. Mel

    Your photographs, as seen through your lens, ‘read’ like a poetry! There is so much fluidity and motion to your pictures. Kudos. Gotta love your blog.

  59. beautiful pics!!

    Freaky Friday
    Freaky Friday Facebook Fan Page

  60. love the big blue !

  61. Love your photography!
    And I really like the faded shirt :)
    Keep on the good work

  62. These pictures are so clear and beautiful.
    There’s been a lot of rain in my city that caused near floodings, so it reminds me of that sometimes but other than that, it gives suhc a refreshing feeling most of the time! your beautiful photography always steals the limelight Shini.
    those shoes in the fifth picture- are they by Alexander McQueen? pure adoration.


  63. Amazing photographs – and a great campaign for a very worthy cause, more than happy to click to lend my support! :)

    B x

  64. Your imagery is quite breathtaking!

    I have only just stumbled across this blog and will be returning for sure – keep up the amazing work.


  65. wow! these photographs are impeccable.

  66. Love the fact that Nature is the ultimate inspiration.
    Love the aquatics and the top. The most beautiful colour always comes from the sea.


  67. yesterday i saw a course of teaching you how to dye white shirt.