I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Boucheron Quatre, an eternal classic

Black coat – CK. Ice-blue coat – Brics x Anywho. Leather halter-top by Topshop (found in Vintage store). Skirt – YesStyle. Shoes – Primark (over a year ago). Rings – Boucheron Quatre. Belt – LV via Vestiaire Collective.

Maybe it’s that time of my life, a particularly melodramatic chapter with lots of ellipses between sentences and one too many rhetorical questions, but lately I’ve been sensing a definite shift in taste. Taste in clothes, food, books what have you, although I wouldn’t necessarily label this the point where I grow up, seeing how I’ve once again spent an entire weekend playing Sims 3 and setting fire to my own house. One day I looked at my wardrobe and couldn’t help but frown at the abundance of flamboyant, low-quality pieces, including lots of the DIY projects that were done on a whim – ‘masterpieces’ that weren’t even washable. Then I had a look in our fridge and found that it was full of processed foods. But I popped that pizza in the microwave anyway, I guess I’d eat a rabid squirrel in any chapter of life, grown up or not. My point is, lately I’ve been leaning more towards finding the ‘eternal classics’ in design, the trenchcoats, black stilettos, white duvet-covers and wooden toys, you know the deal. Not that I can afford a Chanel 2.55, but surprisingly this attitude has been helping me to take a step back from the gurgling wave of trends and even spend a little less. So when Boucheron asked me to interpret the collection Quatre with a theme of Eternity I thought it was only befitting to the recent ‘coming of age’, and Kit & I shot these at the most perfect location – the circular Diana Memorial Fountain, around a section where the water texture resembled the row of diamonds and cobblestones characteristic of the Quatre collection.

Also, do pop by the Boucheron store on Bond Street (the guards have a remote for the door so don’t let the un-budging doors intimidate you like they did for me) and discover the store with your Instagram with the tag #BoucheronQuatre –  apparently they’ll be publishing some favourite snaps on their Facebook!

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  1. wow, amazing pictures!

  2. Stunning piece, the photos are beautiful!

  3. You + these shots are so pure and pretty :) particularly that second shot is just so dreamy. oooh and I’m loving the combination of those thin rings

  4. really purely beautiful !

  5. Dannielle

    Immaculate photos, absolutely genius Park & Cube. And I will drop by the Boucheron at Bond Street, the rings are gorgeous.


  7. nice pictures!!! I like your pictures in your blog!!!


  8. Amazing pictures! and jewels.

  9. Your pictures evoked a very serene mood. I would not have guessed it was the Diana memorial. The Royal Family makes me roll my eyes, so I was better not knowing ;-)

    I hope your wardrobe always has flamboyant pieces – but that the qualitynwill improve!

  10. Your shoes are such a gorgeous and unusual colour!
    Bemsy x

  11. Amazing pictures, the water is so clear, i’m so in love with your blog, it makes me dreeeam !

  12. Stunning shots.
    The jewelry pieces are so beautiful.




  14. Inspiring photos!
    I would be glad if you visit my blog!
    Christmas Giveaway!

  15. change is good :) I also feel that way.
    and you look just gorgeous <3

  16. It’s great that you started appreciating more timeless design and better quality, it’s been also my approach recently. I sometimes look inside my closet full of stuff I once bought and never wore and ask myself philosophical questions like “What the hell was I thinking?!”. When shopping, I try to remind myself about this feeling.
    There’s a great blog called Styledigger, its author recently went from having a huge wardrobe to minimizing her needs, you can read her great insights here: http://styledigger.blogspot.com/2012/11/10-unusual-reasons-to-buy-less-clothes.html
    It’s not my blog so I’m not spamming :) I just think you might like it. Sorry for the lengthy comment :)

  17. OH gosh yeah, I love Asia, and I love the fact that when she writes about her closet woes it’s never about how she could die for some fashion item, which I think is pretty much the shallowest thing ever. Plus, she’s so down to earth and that’s what I love about her, I’m so glad she moved to London to study :D x

  18. @Aleksandra, That’s a really interesting post and I totally agree with everything she said. Anything that is going to save money and a longer life to your wardrobe can only be a good thing.

  19. gorgeous pieces!


  20. I get what you mean. Thats why I make a point of periodically cleaning my closet. I even took an oath that I wouldn’t buy anymore graphic tees but stick with quality basics.. I think 25 is a tricky age, a gateway into adulthood I guess. I hope you’re able to keep up with your closet goal!

  21. perfect jewelry! and i love your dress / skirt!


  22. So this is how you spend your Sunday mornings! What incredible jewellery and fountain! I love your flowing white skirt against the water OOH AND AHH!

  23. These images are absolutely stunning. And I completely agree on accruing a nice collection of high quality staples. I noticed I needed to do that when we started having patient days in med school. I realized I didn’t have enough “professional” clothes, that still retained my quirky edge. I find fast fashion and trends something that deserves a cheaper price point, and lower quality materials. However, anything you want to stick around for quite a few years deserves more research, and a bigger investment.

  24. Oh my god… I love these shots. S/o to Sims 3 and it’s terrible addictiveness xo

  25. Beautiful location, beautiful jewelry. x


  26. Such beautiful photos – what a great way to show the memorial and the jewelry! Nice work :) xx

  27. I’m supposed to be studying for my finals all this week, but your blog updates are irresistible. PERFECT place to have this shoot at, really. It’s beautiful so I think I’ll search up more images of this fountain to get a sense of what the whole thing looks like. The skirt makes you look like a goddess, and those heels are like the classic pair. You’re always so elegant! Your peaceful expression and posture, the way you pose your hands – I’m sorry if I’m starting to sound a bit creepy but these are my thoughts.

    In the earlier Sims games, I spent quality time with my sister collecting tombstones and urns. We’d set fire to a small room where we had a captive, and play chess in the main house. I’m turning 20 this month and my closet can’t catch up with how I’m changing and maturing. I’d love to feel beautiful in beautiful clothes but at this point, I guess how I look is the least thing that matters, what with my family’s financial instability/struggle and everything that’s been tagging along. This reminds me of when Rumi Neely was in Japan having a shoot until the earthquake hit, and she wrote a post about how silly it seems to pose in pretty clothing while these things happen, if I remember correctly. I hope I’m not rambling, but sorry for the really long comment and thank you for replying to my last one!

  28. love the necklace a lot.

  29. The colours and materials in this photo set are so beautiful together!
    I have to ask – is that Essie Skirting the Issue on your nails?

  30. How apt, I’m experiencing a shift in taste as well and, like you, ironically I spend weekends playing Dance Central on the Xbox or exploring worlds in The Reckoning. I’ve also started to appreciate jewelry so this one comes in quite timely. Too bad I’m not in London to experience those intimidating doors. Ah well….

    P.S. I love those shoes!

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  33. Very beautiful and tranquil!

  34. Such beautiful, ethereal and refreshing photographs!

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  37. madeleine cortina

    Love the cube ring, I would love to see it with emeralds instead of diamonds. The combination of yellow gold, rose gold and white gold is so beautiful, I love it….
    Thank you,
    Madeleine Cortina

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