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Emporium Launch – Baku, Azerbaijan

Coat – Zara, Dress – Christopher Kane for Topshop, Shirt as skirt – Uniqlo men’s plaid, Shoes – Primark, Clutch – Chanel

I may have once or twice placed a pot of boiling rameon on my geography textbook, but at one point in time I could rattle off the countries in Africa and their capital cities, courtesy of my nutcase middleschool geography tutor. I would thank her for the education but then again I’ll wait till I save a baby from a burning building with ‘Libreville is capital of Gabon’. Speaking of which, I’m still yet to thank my math teacher because I’ve also yet to solve the unemployment crisis with the quadratic formula. Sorry, this paragraph just reads stupid, I should’ve been born a marshmallow. But if you just thought isn’t Africa a country I might as well get a cardboard box for your belongings and walk you to the door.

So, despite the fact that I thought I was pretty well-versed with the lumps and slumps of this planet and their respective names, Azerbaijan might as well have been a country only accessible through a wardrobe when I first read it in the invitation email. I simply did not have a single reference to form a sort of expectation when getting ready to travel to Baku, except perhaps vaguely remembering something in one of the 007 movies from back in the days when red leather jumpsuit with lumps spilling out meant you were a bond girl. When I landed and the cab weaved through the city towards the hotel, to put it blunt, it was HOLY LLAMABALLS WHERE AM I. I’ll show you more about the city later, but just from the Emporium store launch you can tell it’s been one very very well-kept secret.

Huge thanks to Emporium for the invitation and Andy & Pelayo for a great time.

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  2. Seems like a fun event! You and Andy look stunning. x


  3. read about this on Kate Loves Me a little while back, excited to see more! Gorgeous photos, as usual :)

  4. such amazing photos are per usual. you look so pretty.
    the perks of being a blogger are pretty awesome too ;)

  5. Jasmine

    what camera are you using??
    your photos look amazing!! <3

  6. Thank you! I use a Canon 5D Mark II :)

  7. Really lovely to see how much your style has evolved since you first began blogging! The wing tipped eyeliner looks great, too.

  8. You look so gorgeous! <3 You are crazy good at liquid eyeliner!

    Lost in the Haze

  9. Holy monkies, this makes me want to go to Azerbaijan… and that’s something I haven’t even really considered before!


  10. Amazing photos. Love the black globe! I love well kept secrets like this! Just shows there’s so much more in the world to discover that you can possibly imagine!

    Fox Whiskers

  11. Really lovely dresses in the second photograph; you look so pretty! Definitely a well-kept secret, thank you for sharing (:

  12. I wish I had been taught by your geography teacher. I thought Canadian education was supposed to be top notch – but here I am, with only a few African country capitals lingering in my head….

    PS. Hot damn, girl! You always put it together so well.

  13. every picture is absolutely breathtaking


  14. Beautiful things!

  15. Wow, I’m incredibly envious. Your pictures look amazing. Love that you should have been born a marshmallow – I feel like that sometimes too :)

  16. wow, looks amazing so far, i love your travel photos! & the canapes in wooden boxes are reeally cute :)

    Katie x

  17. Ha ha ha. Reminds me how – for YEARS – I could recite the capitals and major natural resources of every US state because it was ingrained upon us time and time again. For some reason.

    In any case: looks like a blast! All of you have amazing taste, that’s for sure.

  18. you always take the most exquisite photographs!
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  19. elfik

    I went to Baku as a teenager , years ago, when it was still a part of the Soviet Union. Haa, it has changed a lot since, I can tell:) back then I was pretty exotic mix of Soviet architecture (huge statute of Lenin greeting you in front of my hotel…) and amazing local markets, where I shyly try to practice my Russian;). Nlow, a shiny place full of luxury:)im wandering whether you can still feel a strong smell of oil in the air?;)

  20. stunning!

  21. lovely photos! as always :)

  22. Beautiful photos
    The white bag is marvellous.

  23. As soon as I read the line beneath the first photo, I thought, “Azerbaijan! Now there’s a country you don’t hear of every day … ” And yes, I do know all the countries of the world and where they are, and most of their capitals. Sadly, I mean sadly if I was attempting to avoid the label “nerd”, I learned these enthusiastically on my own (post school graduation), as I never did properly read my geography textbook when I was in grade school, and had an atrocious lack of geography skills to show for it, which I felt embarrassed by when I began traveling internationally.

    But I digress.

    Lovely post and photos. <3

  24. Oh my god lol….it’s a lovely and interesting post don’t get me wrong but I can’t get over the lamaballs……lol…… i’m SO stealing it

  25. LOVE that first photo Shini. I can’t wait to see more photos of this place. Totally crushing on Andy’s camera case and Pelayo’s shoes. Swooon. xx

  26. Very beautiful pics!


  27. Baku is magical, isn’t it? At least it seems to be a beautiful place, those emerging new cities that are sprouting up like beans and growing stunning fast! I’ve never been there but lately my curiosity bug is growing that way and soon, I hope, I’ll be visiting Baku.

  28. Baku looks like a hidden gem! Pelayo’s platform brogues are amazing – they must be prada’s? -looks like you had a great time!

  29. I have the same book. Fashion now ;)

    xoxo Daisy

  30. beautiful photos girl!
    You look amazing and Andy too!

    I’m hosting a GIVEAWAY!
    where you can win a UCB shirt that Gives VOLUME to your Breast and Hips like a perfect PIN UP girl!


  31. love!

  32. the guy wearing gray blazer looks like Yvan Rodic, wasn’t it? or it’s him?

  33. Everything looks absolutely fantastic!

  34. Beautiful dresses!


  35. azerbaijan? i did a double take when i read that. seriously, azerbaijan would not be on the top of mind when i think of fashion. great photos though! and the selection of merchandise looks varied.

  36. Your piccies and text is always a pleasure!
    We love the white camera bag…yummy


  37. I must admit- I find the shop boring as every other store with clothing. BUT I can hardly wait for more pictures of Bacu! :)

  38. You look lovely and I totally adore the wedge ankle boots you photograped. So cool!

    XO Charlotte

  39. Oh wow this looks amazing. I have to admit that I only really know Azerbaijan from Eurovision and that really is quite cringeworthy isn’t it? Oh well! You look stunning and I love how you’ve worn the CK X TS dress, love the mirror details on it :)

  40. Can’t wait to see more pics!




    ♥ ♥

  42. “I should’ve been born a marshmellow” that made me laugh!!

    LOVE love love these shots, you look beaut in red lipstick!!

  43. hahaha
    wait…Africa isn’t a country?! jkayyyyy
    Lovely photos, and that white camera bag is genius. too cute.
    you look lovely as usual! And the red lips totally suit you.
    If rhythmic gymnastic weren’t an olympic sport (which they tend to kick ass in), Azerbaijan would remain an obscure Middle Eastern food in my mind. Hooray for ignorance! ;p
    xoxo Diana

  44. Nen

    One can’t solve the economic and unemployment issues with the quadratic equation… but perhaps you can still save the world with the six trig functions. My Pre-Calc teacher certainly thinks so o-o. Plus points if you manage to do it sans calculator!

  45. Your pictures are stunning! looks like you had a fun time, I actually had a few friends from Baku growing up :)

    <3 Blonde Vivant

  46. baku?!?!?! how cool! would lov eto go there!

    xoxo from rome

  47. Oh goodness gracious. I am so jonesing for that tiny white purse
    and that off-the-charts black globe.

  48. you look perfect as always! Buziaczki!

  49. Looking gorgeous, as always, new bride :). The hair really suits you.

    Did you enjoy Baku? The World Championships was there last year and it was a bit…interesting… Security issues were kind of rampant at the time, I believe. Glad you had a good time! It looks great!


  50. i love how your style has evolved and has grown up w your life :)
    i think i started reading park and cube maybe 4 years ago? and i have not been reading for a a while (sorry) but coming back, i just adore all the changes! you are still really amazing and i love all the change!

  51. Very interesting blog, and warm pictures. May I ask where is the beautiful white camera case from ?

  52. Kim

    This looks like it was an amazing opportunity. Also, your lipstick is simply gorgeous. Where’s it from? Please do tell <3

  53. shinza

    Hey, I’ve always loved reading your blog! But may I ask for the brand of your laptop as shown in the fourth picture? Heap thanks!


  54. Ah sure! It’s HP Envy17!
    Thanks always for coming and reading :D

  55. woow those pictures are amazing !!

    you look so pretty !!!


  56. After two years as a frequent stalker I want to confess that I’m in love with you. Your pictures, your outfits, the details… You make everything look so effortless, chic and romantic. Love, love, love your photos!