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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.


Perrier-Jouët, The Enchanting Tree by Tord Boontje











Competition Terms and Conditions

There are times when one simply needs to unstrap and hang up bras, guards and sarcasm bones to acknowledge the good things in life, to come as you are – to thank and embrace the people closest to you and share lasting moments together. When Perrier-Jouët approached me with their newest artistic collaboration with Tord Boontje and asked for my own interpretation of an enchanting moment, I knew this was to be that rare time, albeit staged, when I can call on my closest and we’d finally bond. So sundown last Sunday, Kit, who I’ve met through this blog and have grown to know as a sister, my darling other half (whom I may or may not have bribed with a packet of beef jerky) and I met around the Enchanting Tree. Lest I forget, my hubby is my sarcasm bone, so there was to be no confession-laden speeches, teary-eyed thanking, or embracing… but the night was full of banter and good-hearted joshing, laced with healthy sarcasm, and bond we did, over the impossibly-smooth Perrier-Jouët champagne that we theatrically plucked from the tree.

Regarding the Instagram competition: if you’re like me, your friends will probably be mostly imaginary, but please don’t be intimidated – pose with your pug! (Or let the current submissions here inspire you…) I’ll be looking forward to your entries!

Tokyo, last day

Stella McCartney Falabella pouch

Rose-gold watch, GUESS.

Shoes, Alexander Wang via Vestiaire Collective. Watch, GUESS.

Floral top – Zara. Belt – LV via Vestiaire Collective. Shorts – DIY cropped black jeans from Zara. Sheer balloon skirt – ASOS. Shoes – Alexander Wang via Vestiaire Collective. Bag- Bottega Veneta.

Last day of Tokyo: 9,000 windows and berries for breakfast; ¥8,150 left in my pocket to buy presents for hubby, ¥500 left after a trip to Comme des Garcons, 20 minutes to meet a Japanese friend for coffee at the BVLGARI cafe in Shinjuku, 15 minutes to shop in a twelve-storey Uniqlo (impossibru), 5 new types of sushi tasted at lunch, 4 new favourite types of sushi, 2 minutes fitting the Prada flagship store designed by Herzog and de Meuron into sight while passing by in mini-bus, 1.5 cats seen in total (0.5 = tail and a spotted leg), 1 minute pondering what the Japanese word is for ‘STOP’  as the airport car passes by a Issey Miyake Pleats Please, 0% eagerness to enter homebound plane.

That about sums it up! Thank you Perrier-Jouët once again for a wonderful experience.


Azuma Makoto Atelier, Tokyo












No cello-tape, I promise






Distortion x Flowers




Fish and flowers


Wearing: Floral blouse, Zara. Balloon skirt, ASOS. Heels, Alexander Wang via Vestiaire Collective. DIY Cropped black jeans, Zara.

Ice cream and fresh flowers – two things that I would not mind living and breathing for the rest of my life. Did I read somewhere OREO’s do ice cream cookie sandwiches? I’m smearing peanut butter on my body right now, somebody run to the cornerstore. (Are they actually available in the UK?) Speaking of flowers, today a gust of wind passed through our window and knocked down a vase that had a slightly unhappy bunch of – quote, unquote – dahlias (these are what actual dahlias look like, if you’re curious), and it just happened to land square on a pile of fresh-laundered clothes. FRESHLY WASHED CLOTHES MAN. For your information, dahlia vase-water (slight past expiry date) smells of bum piss. I can swear like a truck driver, another thing I learned today. I may have not entirely sworn off flowers for now but I’m never buying pissin’ dahlias again, even ones with petals.

Anyhow, this is one of my favourite bits from the recent trip to Tokyo with Perrier-Jouët – visiting the artist & designer Azuma Makoto‘s atelier in Aoyama and having a go at flower arrangement into the wire-frame used in his collaboration with Perrier-Jouët on the new Belle Époque Florale bottle. MAN that was difficult, kind of like hanging fairy-lights on wire railing, really gimmicky fairy-lights with random green stick bits that don’t coil. Also, I had no idea there were this many types of foliage in floristry? I can probably name one… lettuce… but I don’t think that was available there, no. At least the session really allowed me to appreciate his work more – you must check out his blog, his work is otherworldly. I love the fact that he doesn’t just work with ready-grown flowers but likes to get right into the middle of life cycle challenging growth patterns (such beautiful hybrids) and reinventing synergy of plant and environment. One word, genius.

Encyclopedia of Flowers by Azuma Makoto

Happo-en Gardens, Tokyo

Slingback heels, Zara. Dress, Zara. Roses garland headband, Piers Atkinson x ASOS. Clutch, Chanel. Belt, Louis Vuitton via Vestiaire Collective

Slingback heels, Zara. Dress, Zara; Roses garland headband, Piers Atkinson x ASOS (similar). Clutch, Chanel. Belt, Louis Vuitton via Vestiaire Collective; Thank you Haleigh for the snaps.

I don’t drink. Much, anyway. Mostly because of the house mop and my mother’s well-toned arms (from all that kimchi-making) attached to it while she’d wait at the door exactly at 11pm. If I was a minute past curfew I’d see whichever end of that mop that evening and mope in bed swearing never to drink again. OOPS! Did I say my mother hit me? I meant she locked me up in the basement sauna and fed me scraps. Anyhow, that’s my story on why even at 25 I get tipsy on nail varnish remover. So I admit I was a little scared for the evening with Perrier-Jouët – who, by the way, was the generous host of my trip to Tokyo – to celebrate the unveiling of cuvée Belle Epoque Florale Edition bottle in collaboration with florist Azuma Makoto. One other thing my mother & mop taught me was to always accept kindness with courtesy, so whenever my flute was filled with champagne, I took it in  with an Arigato – except of course this was a magical flute and therefore bottomless. Funny thing is though, that because the Perrier-Jouët brand champagne is so fine (yes ‘fine’, like woman you so fiiine) (no I wasn’t paid to say this) it created this rather belonging harmony with the food and the atmosphere (especially that dancing) that despite the numerous re-fills it was overall just a very merry time without a single dose of dizzy. And of course no drunk-texting mother saying I miss you and I’m coming home at single-digit hours, nya-nya.

I think I’m meant to say Drink Responsibly. (Or was it Drink Responsibility and Accountability?)

Perrier Jouet Press Conference in Happo-en Garden

Intrecciato bag, Bottega Veneta. Dress, ASOS Black. Slingback heels, Zara. Necklace, Dannijo

Dress, ASOS Black. Necklace, Dannijo. Tropical Cardigan, COS

Intrecciato bag, Bottega Veneta. Dress, ASOS Black. Espadrille, Dune

Haleigh Perrier-Jouet community manager and blogger of Making Magique

Intrecciato bag, Bottega Veneta. Dress, ASOS Black. Slingback heels, Zara. Necklace, DannijoTropical Cardigan, COS. Turquoise Watch, Guess; Thank you Haleigh for the snaps!

I’m thinking of writing into weather-forecasting stations in petition for increased visibility on humidity predictions – an icon, perhaps? Or a full-screen alert? Turns out I’d totally missed out on that little percentage squiggle in the corner while packing for this Japan trip. (Merino-wool cardigan, REALLY) So maybe a cute little animated icon illustrating a steamed-up bus window and a game of tic-tac-toe? The closer to steamroom levels the closer chance to X-ing out? Condensation streaming down sad little O’s who’d lost the game? My dear Far East, believe it or not we Europeans fly in with two cardigans in our carry-on and a bank of layering pieces that make up a considerate portion in our luggage, and let’s not forget that terrifying idea that an ill-caught evening chill will knock out any remaining health coins and hence shorten our already-short life spans. Have a little sympathy for us weaklings! Make a Humidity Reminder song! Maybe Pikachu can sing it!

I digress. Aside from the humidity thing, which actually wasn’t that much of an issue despite the rant (turns out that I’m technically very Asian afterall), the one thing I absolutely dig about Tokyo is how neat and clean the city is. Not just in the manner of garbage or littering, but the fact that the buildings, street detailing (fences, railings, blocks in the pavement) and general life’s accessories (bicycles, cars, little pots on the road) are all in perfect alignment, as if considerate of the overall arrangement. Then you start noticing that kind of consideration in people as well in the etiquette and lifestyle, which I realised is something one specifically needs to be in Japan to experience… it’s such a beautiful city.

Thank you Perrier-Jouët for such a wonderful experience, more to come!