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Tokyo, last day

Stella McCartney Falabella pouch

Rose-gold watch, GUESS.

Shoes, Alexander Wang via Vestiaire Collective. Watch, GUESS.

Floral top – Zara. Belt – LV via Vestiaire Collective. Shorts – DIY cropped black jeans from Zara. Sheer balloon skirt – ASOS. Shoes – Alexander Wang via Vestiaire Collective. Bag- Bottega Veneta.

Last day of Tokyo: 9,000 windows and berries for breakfast; ¥8,150 left in my pocket to buy presents for hubby, ¥500 left after a trip to Comme des Garcons, 20 minutes to meet a Japanese friend for coffee at the BVLGARI cafe in Shinjuku, 15 minutes to shop in a twelve-storey Uniqlo (impossibru), 5 new types of sushi tasted at lunch, 4 new favourite types of sushi, 2 minutes fitting the Prada flagship store designed by Herzog and de Meuron into sight while passing by in mini-bus, 1.5 cats seen in total (0.5 = tail and a spotted leg), 1 minute pondering what the Japanese word is for ‘STOP’  as the airport car passes by a Issey Miyake Pleats Please, 0% eagerness to enter homebound plane.

That about sums it up! Thank you Perrier-Jouët once again for a wonderful experience.

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  1. First, I love your photographs! They are beautiful and greatly resemble the festivities in Tokyo. Second, I love your outfit. It is unique and it looks great on you! Keep up with the great posts :)

  2. lovely photography once again – I always feel like I’m being transported away when I read your blog!

  3. Tokyo is such a beautiful city! And you captured it perfectly!

  4. Beautiful photographs! Tokyo looks amazing.



  5. I love these daytime photos of your tokyo travels. All the posts were filled with luminosity and life even if it was without the typical sartorial observations. Very cool eye shini! And love the outfit and how you jazzed them up with black cutoffs.


  6. Beautiful photos. I particularly love the shot overlooking the city. I really like how you mixed and matched that outfit. The skirt over the shorts makes for quite the cool look.

    The Habit

  7. Lovely photos!!

    xx The Expert Dreamer

  8. amazing photos! hope you had fun!
    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  9. Tokyo in an enchanted place, every corner has a magic atmosphere.

  10. I love the photos. They really transport you into another world. You manage to convey the atmosphere really well.

  11. ugh i always look forward to your posts, such beautiful pictures of beautiful everything! tokyo looks like a dream

  12. Ah such a dreamy trip! I absolutely love your blouse Shini and the shot of a sprawling Tokyo.

  13. Beautiful photos as always, and a charming outfit. Tokyo is a beautiful city, and that breakfast location looks so ideal.

  14. Such pretty captures of your time in Tokyo! Always like a dream.


  15. damn girl, i wanna travel with you! i’ve been itching to visit asia and these photos really got me pining. & loving the ripped bermudas (?) under the skirt! nailed it.



  16. so, did you buy the comme des carcons things? i love it and want to visit the store at Japan! it is almost 30% less for the price i bought in here. Always have happy shopping day shinni onni!
    xx love ya! =D

  17. Awyeah, just think about how lucky you were to go there for a short trip. I would love to go back, but I don’t have the funds since I’m a poor student who can only afford travelling through Europe during summertime in a cheap-ass way. – I love your photos, as usual. They’re as ‘fresh’ as the Tokyo atmosphere.

  18. tokyo, my love… and isn’t the architecture of the prada flagship breathtaking? happy you had three exciting days :)

  19. For future reference, ‘yamete’ means stop! Absolutely love these photos by the way, they make me so anxious to go back to Tokyo

  20. Tomare is for stop in Japanese.

  21. pure awesomeness, you always got the most amazing photos


  22. Great pictures!


  23. So beautiful! I’m loving the cut off jeans with a floral more girly ensemble, and the Wangs too!

  24. Great pics as always my dear! Love your handwriting in that!
    Do you still have the korean passport??? Me too, after 33 years in germany I`m still have that.

  25. Shini! You look gorgeous here, love what you’ve done to your hair and you always take SUCH romantic and aesthetically pleasing shots. I’m still drooling over your Alexander Wang cut out shoes and so sad I can never pull them off haha. You’re making me misss Tokyo SO MUCH with those shots, arghhhh!! I’d expect lots of goodie snaps from you to quench my lust over anything Japanese-

  26. Beutiful photos! Cute outfit!

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com

  27. Gorgeous post. Photos are glorious!



  28. love it. great look. hope you had fun. love tokyo


  29. I always love your photos most especially your outfits! you’re a style inspiration <3


  30. love your travel photos as always!!!!!!


  31. This is gorgeous! I’m very envious :) http://beautyjamaica.blogspot.com/

  32. Tokyo looks fab, your photos remind me very much of inception. The photography on your blog is incred!

  33. beautiful pictures. I’d love to visit tokyo one day! right know this is my vry first day in seouul,korea!

  34. I always love your photos so much. I want to live in your blog :-) I hope you had a wonderful trip to Japan (I’ve only been to the airport on my way to Hong Kong, same for Korea as well).

    Love the black shoes.

  35. karen

    Tokyo looks amazing, I can’t wait to go in Feb!

    Incidently, I’m wearing the same floral zara shirt! I loved how you made yours looks very “tough-chic” whilst I’m trying to make it more office-y. The powers of styling ;)

    x karen

  36. lovely captures as always :)
    By the way I just wondering what do you feel when you took some outfit photos in the public area. Do you feel awkward? I believe they staring at you when you try make a pose. Please answer me, since i’m wondering how people feel in this similar situation :)

  37. Hmm I guess I’ve been doing this for so long that I don’t care any longer! I usually tend to find streets that are empty or quiet, but people usually just pass by without much thought! Probably because the whole taking-pictures doesn’t look like something serious (model shoot, for eg) – plus, we don’t stay in one place for too long for people to notice!
    In anycase, if people did look, I wouldn’t really care much…

  38. fantastic shorts and skirt layering!


  39. Amazing photos!!!! So inspirational :)

  40. I’m loving this post, it’s so rare that you see a blogger go to Tokyo (it always seems to be NY or Europe)
    So this is such a good little insight.

  41. Hmmmm funny you should say that because I’ve never been to NY!

  42. Ok, I’m going to chop off all my pant legs right now!!! Bad idea?

    Love the idea.

  43. Seraphina

    Swooning over this entire post

  44. LOL….impossibru!

    and the Japanese word for stop is sutoppu!


  45. sofie

    cute policeman..:)

  46. Love your mathematical break down. It looks absolutely incredible. xx

  47. Your photos are beautiful! Always. And what a fabulous outfit! Great styling.

  48. Beautiful



  49. In love with Tokio and your dresscode!!

  50. […] since I saw a shiny rose gold watch on Shini’s blog I’ve been swooning over it. Its one of those things that stuck in my mind. The other being […]

  51. Beautiful photos! Tokyo looks amazing, it’s one of the places that’s always been on my to-go-to list. Hopefully I’ll get there one day x


  52. Hi again, Shini!
    I’m just going through your travel archives again because today… I just woke up… and I wanted to travel. This post just reminded me of Tokyo, my hometown and how much I missed that city.
    As always, gorgeous photography. Glad you tasted 5 new types of sushi and found 4 new favourites (hahaha)!

    mai xo