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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Uniqlooks August: One item, three looks – Ankle length trousers

Look 1:  Black silk trench coat, CK gift from mum. Leather crop-top old Topshop (bought in vintage store). Trousers, Uniqlo tuck tapered trousers. Shoes, Kurt Geiger Elsie. Mini-clutch, Falabella c/o Stella McCartney
Look 2: Jersey top, Zara. Trousers, Uniqlo tuck tapered trousers. Heels, Pierre Hardy for GAP. Bag, Bottega Veneta. Boyfriend watch, Sekonda. Glasses, YesStyle
Look 3: Cap, I Love Ugly. Silk top, Carin Wester via Heilee. Clutch, Kit’s Marc by Marc Jacobs pouch.  Trousers, Uniqlo tuck tapered trousers. Heels, ASOS Sienna

I would call this mostly ‘Uniqazillian ways to communicate impending toilet run’, but there’s a bit of ‘If I stand upright and look into the camera I WILL DIE  A SHAMED BLOGGERS DEATH‘  in the mix too. In fashion blogging bootcamp I was taught to renounce the habit that my mother so earnestly enforced in my blooming years – stand up straight, look into the camera and show a sliver of teeth – a tactic which usually ensured that the 24 (or 36, if on holiday/birthday party) snaps will be worth its money. For example, the Park family photo albums from 1990 to 2005 is just eyeballs. Then in 2008 I crawled through mud under barbed wire and struggled over walls made out of logs and to learn a new habit that will win us the Blogger badge, namely the ‘I think I need to pee’ pose (pretzel legs), ‘My lover in the sunset horizon’ pose, and ‘Is the the floor flirting with me’ pose – all three of which you can find above. Alternatively it’s a self confidence issue… one will never know. Here we have a pair of dusty pink tuck-tapered ankle-length trousers for the August instalment of Uniqlooks – the material is light and satin-y, which makes it a perfect summer-autumn transition piece for those countries that don’t have permanent PMS for a climate.

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  1. All lovely looks, but I’m really drawn to the first one because I love that leather crop top.


    The Habit

  2. fabulous!

  3. I vote for the flirting with the floor pose. I like it! And bloggers poses tend to ensure that you have usable pictures. Showing teeth or doing Asian peace signs are sooooo non-bloggers… though I’m guilty of doing both all the time!

  4. i snorted soymilk while laughing at your interpretations of your trio of poses. that is exactly right! we all do the hands-on-our-hips pee pose for the sake of looking cool, right? the stock straight no smile nonsense makes us look like robot clothes hangers, which is what some designer once said of models ..

    pandaphilia style

  5. Love all 3 looks.

  6. Love how you were able to style the trousers in three different ways! All three look wonderful. xx


  7. I’d be over saying it if I told you that I love your blog. But this post is undeniably great! I’m loving the look and it seems like it is a great transition into fall. Eek! I’m so excited for the fall :)

    Keep up with the great posts!

  8. love this color! such beautiful inspiration


  9. Amazing light pink color, I like it! I liked all the variations of the trousers!
    Insanely beautiful! Very nice post!


  10. great shoots!

  11. Your pose names are brill.
    And those pink pants look very good on you, as does the whole bf style pant range. I think they are fitting for your figure. On me, must wear with tact to avoid looking like a total ajumma! Would you wear bf pants with flats? What kind of non-heel would you recommend?
    And i really like how each of the three looks each has its own style. (insert cleverly worded humorous titles for each look)

    Xoxoo diana

  12. cute outfits!
    cute nails!!
    cute hat!!!

    love it!!!!!! :D

  13. Your second look is gorgeous. Beautiful monochrome outfit.

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com

  14. very interested in the ugly hat, the brand i work for has just bought these for a/w. not seen them in real life yet though.

  15. i love all three looks!!

    xoxo from rome

  16. lovely!

  17. Great post!!

    xoxo lorena


  18. The outfits are great, love the softness of it! Especially the third one :)
    As always a great inspiration!

  19. LOVE these trousers on you Shini. Also, I adore the shape of your top in the last photo. Super pretty. That hat is major adorbs too. xx

  20. To say I wasn’t dying of jealousy over that Stella clutch would be an understatement! That first photo is BOOTIFUL!

  21. Shini, I think you’re born to be cool..

  22. In total love with look no. 2! So adorable!!


  23. brilliant looks!
    really amazing!


  24. Great looks.
    Love the leather crop top.



  25. Such a gorgeous dusty pink trews, I wanted to get the pale blue pair to go with my blue floral print blouse…but my size was none there.

  26. I love the second outfit!
    and above all I love your dotty nails!

  27. Love how you styled those rose hued trousers…and your nail art is absolutely darling. x


  28. I just laughed & laughed at how you described the usual fashion blogger poses! Actually, I laughed at your entire post (esp the trench warfare visuals). Love the reference to 24/36 shots…oh, the days of loading film into the camera! Thanks for the morning chuckle—and oh, love the dusty rose pants, too. :)

  29. Absolutely love outfit 3. The shoes are amazing!

  30. jedyne co nasuwa mi się po ponownym przejrzeniu Twojego bloga (a zrobiłam to wzdłuż i wszerz chyba 3 razy) to myśl, że osób z takim smakiem i oryginalnym podejściem do mody powinno być więcej.. a że jesteś jedną z nielicznych – dziękuję za inspiracje. pozdrawiam z Krakowa :)

  31. darn, i missed all that insight at fashion blogger bootcamp! i can’t decide on my fave tho — either #2 or #3. in any case, your titles for all three are perfect and gave me a good chuckle. ;) love these looks!

  32. stunning leather top!


  33. Big fan of the I-need-to-pee pose – and yeah, like the trousers too :)

  34. Great trousers!


  35. Love your pants!

    Théa Unknown

  36. Oh Shini, your explanation of your poses cracks me up!


  37. Love all the pastel looks.


  38. hahahha this made me laugh! Well, I think you’ve posed each one perfectly “my lover in the sunset horizon” is my fave pose AND outfit, please can I have your cap? I am so rubbish at posing in front of the camera, it’s one thing when your with friends but to be posing on your own with people walking past wondering why the photographer is only taking pictures of my shoes is daunting!! XX

  39. Lovely!


  40. Love all your looks – the black leather crop top is amazing! :)

  41. ayy_ayy

    yeay, pastel colors!

    love the second and the third. it’s kinda cute and lovely.

  42. Amazing looks!And the colors are just magical<3


  43. Tessa

    Hi Shini! I’m a senior in high school who’s interested in graphic design among many other things (such as fashion, traveling, and film). How did you end up doing so many eclectic types of jobs and how did you get involved in fashion? Thank you!

  44. B.

    Love the little Stella clutch. It’s nice to see several looks with one pair of trousers

    new outfit post

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  46. Love your Uniqlooks project, I would be happy to participate someday in smth like that too. Glassees! Love #2 the most)

  47. just amazing….


    Nice to see you on Global Girl too!!

  48. One vote for the third one.
    I like both trousers and heels, and the white top just makes this look be more sweet. :)

  49. Those trousers paired with those shoes are magnificent!

  50. love this blog!this post is amazing!i love pink!http://msfashionstreet.blogspot.com/

  51. adama

    Great styling. Lots of cool clothes and accessories I could find also heppin

  52. I need some transitional pieces in my wardrobe (our weather permits it). :) I’ve had a crush on your Asos shoes for a while now. They are beautiful!
    PS: thank you for your wishes :)

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  54. Nice outfits !


  55. Amazing outfit and photographies!

    Théa Unknown

  56. Winnie

    I love your hair here!

  57. I never would have noticed until you said so yourself… but you’re right. It does look like you need to pee.

    I’ve got to tell my sister to stop posing like this in all her photos…

  58. Nice colour tone, works well

  59. anne-lise

    Hi Shini!
    I just wanted to say that you’re such a fashion genius. So inspiring… above all the other bloggers, i think that Betty, Jane and you are the best. You’ve got it, in your flesh… i just love discover your new outfits, the colors, the mix and matches… really. And your pics are… gorgeous.
    I’m going to London in february for an internship in JackMorton’s and i’m so glad to have the opportunity to discover the city with all your good advices!

    Thank you for the beauty of this blog, a true relief and happiness beside blogs made by girls with money and whithout any sens of fashion.


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