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Azuma Makoto Atelier, Tokyo












No cello-tape, I promise






Distortion x Flowers




Fish and flowers


Wearing: Floral blouse, Zara. Balloon skirt, ASOS. Heels, Alexander Wang via Vestiaire Collective. DIY Cropped black jeans, Zara.

Ice cream and fresh flowers – two things that I would not mind living and breathing for the rest of my life. Did I read somewhere OREO’s do ice cream cookie sandwiches? I’m smearing peanut butter on my body right now, somebody run to the cornerstore. (Are they actually available in the UK?) Speaking of flowers, today a gust of wind passed through our window and knocked down a vase that had a slightly unhappy bunch of – quote, unquote – dahlias (these are what actual dahlias look like, if you’re curious), and it just happened to land square on a pile of fresh-laundered clothes. FRESHLY WASHED CLOTHES MAN. For your information, dahlia vase-water (slight past expiry date) smells of bum piss. I can swear like a truck driver, another thing I learned today. I may have not entirely sworn off flowers for now but I’m never buying pissin’ dahlias again, even ones with petals.

Anyhow, this is one of my favourite bits from the recent trip to Tokyo with Perrier-Jouët – visiting the artist & designer Azuma Makoto‘s atelier in Aoyama and having a go at flower arrangement into the wire-frame used in his collaboration with Perrier-Jouët on the new Belle Époque Florale bottle. MAN that was difficult, kind of like hanging fairy-lights on wire railing, really gimmicky fairy-lights with random green stick bits that don’t coil. Also, I had no idea there were this many types of foliage in floristry? I can probably name one… lettuce… but I don’t think that was available there, no. At least the session really allowed me to appreciate his work more – you must check out his blog, his work is otherworldly. I love the fact that he doesn’t just work with ready-grown flowers but likes to get right into the middle of life cycle challenging growth patterns (such beautiful hybrids) and reinventing synergy of plant and environment. One word, genius.

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  1. Do you ever change water for the flowers? Hence why they smell like piss? (actually rotting in the water), here’s a tip for prolong cut flowers, add a little bit of salt :P

    My my, what a lab, it’s like where you can talk to flowers so they’d grow like in that state. I do fancy those milk bottles style and stuff in some pretty weeds from my garden.

  2. He has such beautiful hands!

  3. beautiful inspiring captures!


  4. Oh gosh, his studio looks phenomenal! And his flower-arranging skills are… other worldly!


  5. Your photos are always so pretty!

  6. All the greenery and artwork is so fascinating. x


  7. this is just so beautiful!! amazing!!
    how come i never even try to go to this place when i was living in Japan… :-O
    love your shoe :D they are so cute!!
    and i love your photography, such a joy to read your blog!

    happy weekend :)

  8. He really is an expert to what he does! I always say I am a nature lover so that’s why I don’t have plants in my house…I’m afraid that they’ll all die quicker than expected…(not so green thumbs!). xo

  9. Beutiful! Of course I love all your posts but this time I had to call my mom to show her because she loves flowers and decoratin and other stuff. And now she admires your blog as I do and she want me to send her your blog so she can check it all! :)

  10. Amazing post! Beautiful place and amazing colors!
    I like a skirt and blouse!
    Amazing pictures!


  11. like another planet. and the bike…

  12. such cool ideas!


  13. So beautiful! Every photograph! This place looks incredible, the balancing arranging does look pretty hard, but worth it in the long run? You also remind me what is missing from my dining table – Fresh flowers! Xx

  14. really cracking photography Shini, this place looks extremely brilliant and probably smells a damn sight better than flowers of yours. nice floral arrangement on the bike :)

  15. Very interesting and inspiring article!

    Théa Unknown

  16. Amazing photos! Really inspiring!


  17. I like your skirt! a lot! Also those flower arrangement into the wire frame by you is very pretty.

  18. Love, love, love this post! So fresh and different. He looks like the mad scientist of floristry…wait, that’s not a word. But it should be…

  19. This looks amazing! Had to do a double take with that photo of the leaves with people’s feet coming out of the bottom. Absolutely gorgeous post, as per usual. Your Tokyo trip looks so incredible!! xx

  20. I’m a real sucker of any art that deals with live botany, the oomph-factor already exists so strongly in its natural component, all it takes is a fresh (pun intended) idea to make them look cool. And yeah , the one thing I do hate is the stench of the water of flowers after a while, so sorry to hear about the ‘bum piss’ x newly washed laundry situation. I guess it was the dahlias’ last revenge? lol

    Love how you channeled a floral blouse with the floral visit, and those alexander wang shoes are to die for!!!!! no doubt his shoes and bags are still very hot!

  21. Wow, it’s like working in a lab haha. The arrangements off that frame are beautiful!

  22. These pictures are insanely pretty! I could never imagine such a place existed. Your trips looks like fun. I could do cheese, frozen yogurt and fresh flowers for ever :)

    thanks for sharing


  23. wow!amazing blog!such a wonderful work you do!love all the pictures!http://msfashionstreet.blogspot.com/

  24. So beautiful!


  25. Really amazing images, all those shades of green are so beautiful.

  26. B.E.A.U.T.IFUL !!! & A.M.AZIN.g!!
    His works, and your blog.

  27. perfect outfit for a a perfect flower arrangement studio :)


  28. Haha oh Shini, you have such a way with words. Bum Piss. Charming :P

    Anyway, I really am enjoying your snippets of your time in Tokyo. Flower arrangement is definitely an art form, quite interesting to work with materials that are living/growing and change/decompose over time. I suppose that’s why flowers have always been a source of artistic inspiration.

  29. Gosh you take the most incredible photos!

  30. Oreo ice cream sandwiches are delicious. It’s basically cookies and cream ice cream (with LOTS of cookie bits mixed in) between two moist, velvety Oreo cookie-flavoured cake battery biscuits (not quite as soft as cake, not quite as hard as cookie). When I lived in London, I searched for them but could not find them. But I didn’t search very hard so who knows.

  31. That’s it, I’m booking a flight to the US JUST to get Oreo ice cream sandwiches, anywhere is fine, Arkansas, Wyoming, whatever here I come.

  32. @Shini, Or you can come over to Canada :p

  33. coolest bicycle ever! reminds me of green goblin goes eco!

  34. Amazing pictures you take. I´m going to Tokyo next week. Would be awesome if you made a Tokyo guide!

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  36. Thank you for sharing!
    Amazing work!

  37. Don’t beat yourself up about the dahlias… I once called a crete myrtle a hydrangea, which is probably one of the most recognizable flowers out there. (almost) Loved the feature on Azuma Makoto… genius, indeed!!

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  39. wonderous photographs


  40. Sounds like a gorgeous experience, beautiful flowers n’ foliage on your blog lately

    Vivian xx

  41. Beautiful post. Your blog is so inspiring! :)

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  44. Herbalism, Flowers… always a kind of mystery and magic
    Inka from RITMS

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