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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Wyndham Grand, Chelsea

A dip and a squish at Blue Harbour Spa

Spa buddy Kit

Regaining lost calories at Chelsea Riverside Brasserie

Fruit salad with frozen honey yoghurt

Wearing: Cardigan & Criss-cross sandals, Zara. One-piece python swimsuit, Mona via Bengt. Print skirt, Sarah Pugh via Bengt. Bag, Bottega Veneta. Body rope, Brook & Lyn Surrounded. Watch, GUESS Watches rose gold.

When you live in North East London anything past Covent Garden requires a weekend bag and a passport – and the land of Chelsea is one of the far-far destinations where you might even require to fill out a landing card. To the depths of Chelsea harbour we ventured, Kit and I, around the riverbend, just under an hour (aeon and a bit) on the Overground. (I do realise that if you live in West London then Shoreditch might be your exotic far-east but for some reason I imagine all my readers to be East Londoners with all your swagger.) I generally tend to try to solve needs and wants within my neck of the woods but I just couldn’t turn down a rare spa break opportunity at the Wyndham Grand London Hotel to un-do sailing knots in my shoulder from hours of being hunched over the laptop trying to code a laser beam widget for this blog (“laser“).

To provide a somewhat impartial review, as rare as they might come in this blogging industry, I must confess that I personally wasn’t too smitten with the general atmosphere and service within the hotel. Overall it seemed to lack a certain 2%, or a charm that might have guests curious to poke their heads around different corners, but I do imagine it would serve a more than satisfactory abode for those coming in for business purposes. Yes, I’m aware the fact that I don’t possess any authority to be sitting  on this high pony and saying yay or nay, but going as a twenty-something who appreciates design and likes to travel at lot, it left a lot of boxes unticked. My favourite facility however, and one I do recommend to Londoners and travellers, was the Blue Harbour Spa. The pool is simple and comfortable at 1.5m depth, the steam room is a doozy and the treatments range from skincare to acupuncture, which means if you hail butt from the North East at least you’ll be going back with a de-stressed, smooth butt. I had the De-Stress Muscle massage and definitely felt a ton lighter when I walked out. The spa isn’t super-luxurious, falling just short with details such as plastic cups for water or changing-room decor (I hear people saying who-the-crap-cares), but really you simply get what you pay for. And that’s all that matters at the end of the day, isn’t it.

Many thanks to Alexandra and Natacha of MangoPR for organizing the appointment.
Wyndham Grand London; Chelsea Harbour, SW10 OXG (0800 4458667; www.wyndhamgrandlondon.co.uk)

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  1. you can see the reality so magic

  2. Zbigniew

    I love your blog and your style and you’re totally gorgeous!

  3. how lovely! :3

  4. Amazingly beautiful photos like always. I really love the color palette of the dress you’re wearing. It complements you so incredibly well.


    The Habit

  5. …well you’ve gone and made it look exceptionally good!
    I love how you’re wearing a swimsuit in your daily outfit! XO creative!

  6. meels

    south london reader over here!! =D looks amazing

  7. ayy_ayy

    i need a vacation. how beautiful that place. :)

    cute pink watch. what’s the brand?

  8. Lovely photos and amazing places! Tiny details can change the whole picture and you’re fab at catching those moments on your cam :)

  9. Now I’m hungry and un-relaxed (need to go to the spa). Thanks.

  10. your photos are incredible as always. so much love !

  11. So beautiful ….everything just so classy and relaxing .

  12. Gorgeous photos!! All the food looks so delicious :)


  13. It’s cute how you mentioned sailing knots when you (subconsciously?) wore a rope texture as a dress perhaps symbolizing your knots no longer bidn you on the inside or I’m simply over analyzing it haha. Looks like you and Kit had a great time unwinding at the Spa, love how in one picture the geometric carpet print resembles everything Prada’s about this season, preview perhaps?

  14. Opps, on the second line I meant to write “no longer BINDS you” typo lol

  15. That over analyzing is what makes you a cool cat Nathan, I bet you did not too bad in Highschool english either (‘Hamlet says GREY WIND which I bet means THE UNCERTAINTY AND PASSIVE NATURE OF THE SITUATION’ blaa) You’re right about Prada, and I think maybe the people at Prada came to this very hotel and got inspired.

  16. Aww haha, I hope so. “Grey Wind” is quite a beautiful metaphor indeed. Anyway I’m glad you and Kit got to unwind and relax :D

  17. beautiful photos!!!!!!


  18. Ooooh! I desperately need a spa visit. I actually bought one through groupon PAID FOR IT and still havent used it up. Guess I’m saving it for after FASHON week.

  19. Those pictures are amazing!


  20. Your outfit looks stunning amongst the lavender!

  21. Love the honesty… Great review. I could use a little untangling myself, too!

  22. really like the shot of the ducks on the beach, the colours looks great

  23. gorgeous shots


  24. gorgeous captures!


  25. I love your honesty in this post.

    Plastic cups or not, you managed to make it look pretty dreamy in these photos. Next time please drag me along! xx

  26. Shini I really enjoy your blog,I like photos of food gardens, and fashion and of course seeing you and your style

  27. this place sounds like heaven!

  28. very beautiful pics as usual and i love that leopard bag. By the way Kit that you mention in this post, don’t she in HK? It’s always nice that you two having a strong friendship :) *envy

  29. Hi Olive, ooh no Kit’s based in London but goes to HK for a few months every year, she’s in London now! x

  30. Amy Billington-Li

    Gorgeous gorgeous post! Hope you enjoyed yourself and enjoyed wearing the BENGT pieces :)

    P.S – I’m South West with a different kind of swagger to the East Londoners! haha! Though I’m fond of an East London cinnamon bun. x

  31. I love your posts. Your photos are always great quality.


  32. magnifiques photos ! je reste sans voix devant ces clichés si expressifs et vivants ..

  33. Lovely photographies!

    Théa Unknown

  34. Love the last picture!

  35. It’s quite funny how you tell that this hotel is basically meh but you still managed to make me want to go with your pics, it looks so design! Not fair at all :)

  36. wow,this is such a dream!amazing photos


  37. Marica

    Your blog is amazing and your pictures are perfection!!!STUNNING!
    I do a lot of photography too and I’m really curious..which lens and camera do you use??

    Thanks! and again wonderful job!!!

  38. Amelia

    Life is good.

  39. Glad this wasn’t just a “how fabulous is my life OMG I love this hotel” kind of post. Also love that there always seems to be a handy plant or piece of foliage in front of your outfit pictures nowadays…such a chic effect.

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