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Perrier Jouet Press Conference in Happo-en Garden

Intrecciato bag, Bottega Veneta. Dress, ASOS Black. Slingback heels, Zara. Necklace, Dannijo

Dress, ASOS Black. Necklace, Dannijo. Tropical Cardigan, COS

Intrecciato bag, Bottega Veneta. Dress, ASOS Black. Espadrille, Dune

Haleigh Perrier-Jouet community manager and blogger of Making Magique

Intrecciato bag, Bottega Veneta. Dress, ASOS Black. Slingback heels, Zara. Necklace, DannijoTropical Cardigan, COS. Turquoise Watch, Guess; Thank you Haleigh for the snaps!

I’m thinking of writing into weather-forecasting stations in petition for increased visibility on humidity predictions – an icon, perhaps? Or a full-screen alert? Turns out I’d totally missed out on that little percentage squiggle in the corner while packing for this Japan trip. (Merino-wool cardigan, REALLY) So maybe a cute little animated icon illustrating a steamed-up bus window and a game of tic-tac-toe? The closer to steamroom levels the closer chance to X-ing out? Condensation streaming down sad little O’s who’d lost the game? My dear Far East, believe it or not we Europeans fly in with two cardigans in our carry-on and a bank of layering pieces that make up a considerate portion in our luggage, and let’s not forget that terrifying idea that an ill-caught evening chill will knock out any remaining health coins and hence shorten our already-short life spans. Have a little sympathy for us weaklings! Make a Humidity Reminder song! Maybe Pikachu can sing it!

I digress. Aside from the humidity thing, which actually wasn’t that much of an issue despite the rant (turns out that I’m technically very Asian afterall), the one thing I absolutely dig about Tokyo is how neat and clean the city is. Not just in the manner of garbage or littering, but the fact that the buildings, street detailing (fences, railings, blocks in the pavement) and general life’s accessories (bicycles, cars, little pots on the road) are all in perfect alignment, as if considerate of the overall arrangement. Then you start noticing that kind of consideration in people as well in the etiquette and lifestyle, which I realised is something one specifically needs to be in Japan to experience… it’s such a beautiful city.

Thank you Perrier-Jouët for such a wonderful experience, more to come!

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  1. Beautiful photos as always. Are those little swastikas on the cigarettes? I hope they symbolize something else over there!

    And I love the little tea room :) Looks so peaceful and relaxing.

    Castle Fashion

  2. Lilly

    @Yasmeen (Castle Fashion), this symbol originates in Asia where it had several different meanings, it could mean long life or endurance, or sometimes it is associated with Buddha, depending on the region. Hitler took his “inspiration” from there and turned it into something sad and evil. The Nazi swastika is opened to the right, whereas the Asian symbol could be both going left or rightwise.

  3. @Lilly, Wow…you learn something new every day.

  4. @Lilly, Also, holy irony: “The word “swastika” comes from the Sanskrit svastika – “su” meaning “good,” “asti” meaning “to be,” and “ka” as a suffix. The swastika literally means “to be good”.”


  5. Gosh I should just leave you two to talk and I’ll have a degree in modern history or something.
    One thing I wanted to add, is that those are actually incense – they burn it in this huge cauldron and the smoke is considered holy and good for health. So there were loads of people around the cauldron just waving and patting the smoke into their body;) I totes forget the name of the place though, but one of the most touristy bits of Japan!

  6. @Shini, That’s so neat. And it definitely sounds better than my original theory (i.e. everyone there smokes cigarettes with swastikas on them….Wut?)

  7. I love the ‘Konbini’ picture and the picture of the person drawing is my absolute favorite!


  8. My dear, when on EARTH are you going to visit Seoul again???!

  9. that is the question I’ve been asking since I landed in London in…was it 2010? ARG SEOUL CALLING ALL THE TIME.

  10. Danielle

    Stunning pics.. Loving the Bottega Veneta bag! *____*

  11. Ahh I’m quite envious of you! Japan is such a huge culture hub with the past living so greatly beside it’s future. You have some fantastic photos there. What part of Tokyo have you seen thus far? Right now they are in their raing season so I do imagine it is a bit humidbut don’t let that stop you from enjoying all the city has to offer; from temples, to food, to fashion!


  12. You’re soo right, I love mostly the fact that their traditional customs and modern exist so well side-by-side, and how it’s so visible even to the quickest of visitors. Speaking of quick, I was only there for about 2 and half days so only really managed to see a TINY bit, but the next time I return I plan to dig in and scope out! x

  13. Kyudane

    It’s been ages since I last played the game of tic-tac-toe! ^^

  14. Seraphina

    One of my favourite posts of yours so far! I absolutely love the photos.

  15. What a visual pleasure!

    I’m in love with his blog (and that dress too!)

  16. Japan is gorgeous! love your multi clash texture/print dress!

    I laughed out loud soooo hard with the last picture! It’s so hilar… lazy to the max mannnn :D

    xx nathan.niche

    See my new post if you wanna see me hijack a wooden boat and be silly:

    If you like my silliness/provocations, follow me on bloglovin’ too:

  17. In love with that asos floral dress!


  18. What’s more beautiful to live amongst than the perfectly calculated angles and structures? You really have to appreciate that level of care and consideration. I’ve always wanted to visit Tokyo.

    God, stunning photography. And that dress! I can’t tell which print I find the most engaging!

  19. You’re so funny Shini!
    Even though I have yet to go to Europe, I can definitely see where you’re coming from on the whole humidity issue in Asia.
    Seriously. Humidity. Yuck.
    Someone once told me that the best friend of people in some parts of Asia should be a stick of deodorant. Humidity+summer=not the most pleasing way to enjoy your vacation in Asia.
    But let’s not discuss that.

    These pictures are sooo adorable and cutesy and amaztastic!
    Tokyo is absolutely hands down one of the coolest places in the world. That awesome vibe and uniqueness of the city can definitely be felt in these pictures of yours. Everything is so neat and orderly and freaking cute and shriek-inducing! Those kids are cute and that dog is cute and those juice packs are cute and that old guy on the bike with the umbrella is cute! Even those darn cigarette butts are cute. Sigh. So much adorableness.

    Anyways, I hope my incessant ramblings haven’t scared you in any way, shape, or form.
    Thanks for sharing these awesome photos with us! And tell Haleigh thank you from me for taking these fantastic snaps :)


    P.S. I was looking on your “About” page and saw that you have links to your various other accounts/social media thingies listed under the title of “Horcruxes”. If you include your blog (aka this thing I’m posting on here!), you have 7 horcruxes. That’s like major Voldemort status right there.
    Wow. And here I was thinking I just worship you because you’re funny and have awesome taste in clothes.

    P.P.S. Sorry for nerding out on you up there! Another side note: I feel like my brother would get along super well with you. He likes stuff like Detective Conan and Pokemon and Dragonball Z and whatnot (which I remember you mentioning in a past post)!
    Anywhoozydoozies, have an amazing day!! :)

  20. HELLO. Goodness it’s not everyday someone leaves such a genuine and cool (and LONG, I love) comment, had to take a few deep breaths there!
    Thanks super much! I have SEVEN HORCRUXES? Time to take over the world I think, where’s that scrawny little kid with the lightening bolt on his forehead.
    And kisses for you first on nerding out on me with HP – and please say hello to your brother (he and I need to Supersaian connect I think), not many people I know have read Detective Conan! that alone is amazeballs.

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend,
    S xxx

  21. These are the most enchanting captures of Tokyo, ever. It is so wonderful to see this city through your lens, Shini!


  22. stunning prints!


  23. Tokyo looks amazing…my fave photo is the one with the schoolkids. Very cute and joyful! The burned incense looks strangely beautiful as well.

  24. haha the last photo is so funny ! and I love all the Tokyo photos there . A really peaceful atmosphere. Ahhh I miss Japan !!!

  25. Very beautiful foto!!! Inspiring look!!


  26. You are such a talented photographer – I’m in love with your photos! I love reading about all your incredible travels. xx

    Kate {Modette}

  27. Great pictures as always!


  28. I’ve always wanted to travel to Tokyo and this has re kindled the fire! The city looks so clean and beautiful. I can’t wait for more to come!

  29. Your photos are always so lovely and rich with colour



  30. V.

    hahaha dog is in a weird pose :D great photos

    New post on SEARCH IN FASHION – Top 5 weekly picks: Studded denim jacket

  31. The humidity for me was a real struggle. Yet Tokyo is beautiful, I have to admit :)

  32. beautiful, beautiful pics. glad you could cope with the humidity. can’t wait to go to japan this fall!

  33. you`ve done great pictures again! love the way you are doing it!!!

  34. wow! amazing photos amazing places!!!

    xoxo from rome

  35. very beautiful pictures!
    and i love your dress! so amazing!


  36. Ah, jealousy is hardly enough to describe how I am feeling right now! Especially since I recognise nearly every location from my past travels. Lucky.

  37. Wow! These photos are fantastic. I can’t wait to visit there one day… And that ASOS dress is too pretty! I lurvee the print x

  38. Amazing photographies!

    Théa Unknown

  39. What you’re wearing fits in perfectly with the location, I love that!!

  40. Eliza Bennet

    I bet the cardigans came in handy inside the buildings (Japanese have super air con – I actually was glad I have brought out layers to that trip)

    The photos look great and glad to hear that you have had a good time.

  41. Jules

    I have been reading your blog (or should I say perusing? Since I spend so much time oogling the pictures I think that might be better). I just wanted to finally leave a comment to say, your dress is beautiful, the photos are stunning but most of all the blog design itself is a joy to behold!

  42. I love your pictures, we can imagine Tokyo as an amazing city through them!!
    I knew Japanese women were elegant and stylish, and the dress you wear on those pictures is just amazing!! I don’t know if it’s only an Asos’ dress for the japanese market, but I love it!

  43. waow.. i have no word again for you.. just perfect!!


  44. amazing amazing amazing. i love this pic in the bathroom!

  45. You need to sell these ideas! I vote Pikachu!
    It sure looks beautiful…. Especially in these photos.
    I’m looking forward to more of these posts. They are my escapism haha
    The Lovelorn

  46. Wow! You can say that Tokyo is my favorite new city ;)

    Boyfriend Magazine

  47. Your pictures are beyond amazing!!! You’ve got serious style!


  48. Fabulous pics and a great blog too – thanks :)

  49. Tonic

    Your pictures are always stunning! May I ask what camera and lens you use?

  50. Thank you! I use a Canon 5D mark II with a 50mm lens :)

  51. Shini, your blog is disgustingly beautiful. These photos are incredible. Looks like such an amazing trip. xx

  52. Lovely!! Your pictures really show what Tokyo is, beautiful and mystique!

    P.S. I’m guessing the shrine is Senso-ji in Asakusa.

  53. I wannna visit Tokyo!! The pictures are stunning and I see what you mean with it being so clean, it has this very fresh, crisp look to it and evertything looks so bright, colouful and inviting. The pic of the kids is ADORABLE, it could sell as a postcard, too cute.

    Re: outfit, you look gorgeous, those colours look insanely good on ya! xx

  54. Oh I love love your photos. One day I will do a tour of Japan but for now I am forever perusing blogs that are based there – it’s such an interesting place to photograph! I love the captures, particularly the one of the school kids all laughing, it’s such a lovely one!

  55. LOve your photographs – they make anything look beautiful! Fantastic post (and great shirt!), looks like you’re having a great time :)


  56. So beautiful photos! I really like them!


  57. Lovely photos!


  58. Beautiful photos!

  59. nice photos…

  60. Ah! What a beautiful post. So many things to love: the garden, champagne and those black slingbacks!

  61. I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m really digging into it, it’s such a pleasure to look at because of the amazing quality of the pictures of course, but also because of the minimalist and pleasant overall look of the site, and I appreciate that you take time to write something that actually makes sense under the photos.

    And after I read this post, I totally went to see Lost in Translation, the feeling of the pics reminded me so much of the atmospheres in that movie. Now I’m really willing to go visit Tokyo, one day!

  62. stunning photos and really good blog! Plus for you.. Have a nice day, lady :)


  63. oh mine!! amazing photos!! they are just all so pretty!! :)
    love it!! i am your new follower from bloglovin’ now~ :D

  64. Julia Readett

    Hi Shini,
    I absolutely love your photographs. You manage to make images of the everyday into unique and stunning photographs. I was just wondering what part of Tokyo is this. I am travelling to Tokyo at the beginning of next year and would love to visit this place.

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