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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Collecting goods at Vestiaire Collective

Bikerjacket style raincoat, H&M Trend. Dress, Casson London. Python-print Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Shoes, Alexander Wang. Belt, Louis Vuitton; both via Vestiaire Collective

So we’ve established that I don’t even wake up for the fire alarm nowadays, but there was a time – before the dentures – when I’d jolt up a the sound of DOINK from an auction page at dead-hour and basically I’d have about 18 minutes to scramble out of bed and judge whether I’m willing to bid over £11 on a glitchy Playboy Colour. Fast forward a few years later and I’d have all kinds of tricks up my sleeves (i.e search for ‘Channel’ for neglected ‘Chanel’ mis-spells, or bidding on a pair of Chloé pumps in the last 3 seconds and hearing YOU A-HOLE‘s from bidders across the globe), nobody called me a bucktooth loser back then. YUH. But from a certain point it got really tiresome to constantly dig into the double-digit pages and then the keeping on track of items of questionable quality, so I stopped shopping secondhand clothes/accessories online… until I heard about the peer to peer resale platform Vestiaire Collective. What bought me over initially was the fact that all items are made sure of its genuineness and quality by being sent to Paris where they are checked by a team of experts, but their edits are quite clever too especially for squirrels as indecisive as me. So here’s a few I scored: Alexander Wang Abbey heels from forever seasons ago which now happen to be my favourite go-to black heels (the seller of which happened to be one of my lovely readers!), the LV black classic belt and a Jessica Barensfield hammered initials bangle which is part of one of their mini-series. And of course, that designer heels you’ve been saving only for ‘special occasions’ – those impossible-to-walk-in ones, you sure ain’t profiting from cost-per-wear by letting it gather dust on the DVD shelf so you might as well sign up and sell that one off for a piece that’ll be worn more than that one time it came out of the packaging. (yes I’m looking at you, self)

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  1. Omg I literally take 90% of my blog photos where you are! Love this outfit, the coat looks so sleek.

  2. Hah I checked it out (lovely blog btw!) you’re so right – That’s my church right there, All Souls!
    Do you live around there? I guess you do, actually don’t tell me that’s really creepy of me to ask hehe

  3. I love that raincoat on you Shini! I almost bought it and now I’m regretting that I didn’t.. Amazing photos as usual



  4. Lily

    I remember when those came out!! I was so obsessed … then I forgot about them lol… Now I want them again but their nowhere to be found >.< You're so Lucky!!


  5. these shoes are ridiculously awesome! for some reason they remind me of creepers but in a more feminine wayyyy….love


  6. Such a great myriad of gray hues! You look so classy, as always.


  7. @The Fancy Teacup, Just seen this blog post! T hats our best selling Westbourne Dress Shini is wearing, here at Casson London. If you are liking the grey hues, check out our Classic Collection for cool yet comfortable women’s jersey wear.x

  8. You look fantastic. Love the shoes!

    Step into Estherina’s World

  9. omg, i really love your outfit, your photo.. all just awesome.. love it so much


  10. Alexandra

    Where is your watch from?

  11. Hiya, the watch is from Sekonda! http://rstyle.me/ftjwvk6c

  12. the shoes are great. i like the grey colour you’re wearing.

  13. Yeah, you’re totally right. It’s so hard to find good items on sites like ebay. Of course you can find great items, but often it’s difficult because there are so many people looking for the perfect finds. Vestiaire is great, not to buy but also to sell your belongings.

  14. Your watch is near perfect! I’ve been looking for one equally perfect for years! It is absolutely beautiful in all its simplicity and elegance… xx

  15. I love Vestiaire Collective; I just could not believe it when I found a gold and black Chloe Bag from a couple of seasons ago I fell in love with when I spied it being carried by one of the New York fashion pack at LFW last season, much cheaper than retail, and brand new, never been used to boot!

  16. We do exactly what you do via the early morning wake up calls for great bargains. Well, used to, thanks for the tip! You’re the best.


  17. I just registered for this site the other day, looking forward to having a good snoop and scoring some long lusted-after hotties!

    Becky | life.style.flash. x

  18. I love this mix from the dress and this amazing raincoat, wich i didn’t buy!!!! Im so angry at me for this!!!
    And last but not leas: i LOVE your blog dear! Its a truly inspiration!

  19. @Kostantina, Just seen this post! Shini is wearing our best selling Westbourne Dress here at Casson London. Take a look at the Classic Collection for many cool and comfortable jersey dress styles! x

  20. That bag is dreamy.. You know how much i love a good slouch!

  21. Helen

    This outfit looks really nice! pretty bracelet too

  22. top notch tips, they really do work don’t they

  23. Love your bag! So great!

    Théa Unknown

  24. If we weren’t already lovers, I’d ask you to marry me now. You are so beautiful here it hurts my eyes.

    Also, you have serious skills, I can never find anything on Vestiaire Collective!


  25. I love your coat:) It’s fantastic!



  27. Loveee the shoes! :) Great photos!

    B x

  28. beautiful pictures!
    and amazing look!
    LOVE it!


  29. love that awesome raincoat


  30. Ah, the art of online bidding, it’s a fierce battle. I’ve never heard of Vestiaire Collective, I’ll check it out. Your outfit is great, having some serious envy pangs over your python print bag!

  31. Love those shoes!


  32. Love your coat. It looks amazing on cotton.
    Vestiaire Collective sounds utterly fantastic. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  33. Great look, looooove the bag!


  34. Very intresting look!!! Your shoes and trend stunning!
    I like look your blog!


  35. Your watch is gorgeous, I love it!! I also like the dress, really class! :)

  36. @Arnaud, Hey! Just seen this post! If you like our Westbourne dress that Shini is wearing so beautifully, check out our Classic Collection from Casson London. You might like! x

  37. I was looking at their site a while ago and considered using it but the selection for men is pretty poor. Plus there were quite a few genuine looking but very bashed up accessories that made me think the quality wasn’t that great. Shall take another look… However, I’m more tempted to go to the high end vintage stores round the corner from Harvey Nicks and sell them my old stuff. From other people I’ve heard they give quite good prices if it’s in reasonable nick.

  38. Did you now, see, I’d never venture into the mens section, that’s a whole new world for me. I actually don’t look into the womens clothing section as well (just accessories) since it’s super hard to tell even the shape of the item with the dodgy home photography. I mean, it seems that they white out the background but that really doesn’t help putting things into perspective… but I guess overall it looks cleaner…
    You have to tell me about the vintage store near HN, although I don’t know how I’m more lazy – taking pics of things to sell, or going all the way to Knightsbridge… I can’t even haul ass to Dalston Kingsland station so I think that might be a lost cause.

  39. Your outfit is so pretty Hanna Marie Lei

  40. Your nails look interesting, how have they been created?


  41. Ooh hawk-eye! I was just playing around with some colours some evening, here’s a closer shot – nothing amazing though! http://bit.ly/N5mMxU

  42. @Shini, they have a very painterly feel that I think looks great, better than plain old colours. Great for me to dress up my plain clothing.

  43. How clever! I love this idea as this is the main reason that stops me from buying second hand designer stuff, despite the fact tha seller has a billion starts next to his/her user name and pages and pages of positive feedback, I still have that thought eating away at me “Is it ACTUALLY authentic though” and in order to prove authenticity one would have to go through these necessary checks-which this company takes care of nicely-and by the time everythings marked off your checklist and you find that in fact you have been conned, you can’t open a dispute because it’s over 30 days-this has happened to me! I’m gonna have a scan through site now, let’s hope I’m as lucky, those wangs are BEAUT!

  44. You’re so right, and sometimes I think that a seller could use that great feedback resume and sell something that’s not genuine and no one would know unless the buyer gets suspcious and checks it out! The checking-out bit is also tedious isn’t it, who wants to carry a possibly fake LV bag into the store and have the experience of hearing from the store attendant that it’s fake? And exactly, how to you deal with returns via ebay.

  45. You great and fab as usualy.
    Wishes from Italy
    Fashion is the new blog

  46. Love the shoes!

  47. I so love that website!

  48. So, basically, I adore that raincoat on you and I need to find it stat!

    As usual: loving the photography in your blog posts. :)


  50. Just come across this lovely post of you wearing our Westbourne Dress! Looks great worn with the mac. Thanks Shini. x