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Haro Tokyo!

Alain Ducasse ‘Beige’ at the top of Chanel building in Ginza district

Wearing a DIY Scarf dress made by Kit, second to last photo thanks to Haleigh, community manager of Perrier Jouet & blogger (Making Magique)

So yeaahh, Tokyo’s alright.

The mad lady who usually writes here is now sitting in a corner with a cone hat for putting ‘alright’ in a sentence with Tokyo. Hear me out though, practically everything in this blog is categorized into either ‘box of kittens with rainbow tails’ or ‘bag of steaming camel poop’, but you and I both know Tokyo doesn’t fall into either or even that curt space in between, so I believe we’re in desperate need of a new adjective. ‘Alright’ will have to do for now – plus, I’ve booked in six hours of Redbull-fused intranet trawling in hopes of finding something that might trump a litter of kittens (let’s give pugs and pandas a chance) but I’m also open to suggestions. Let me help by saying how fantastic it is to be here. To me, this is the source of my childhood – Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Detective Conan, Azumanga Daioh… and oh my goodness, POKÉMON. Actually, if we include Pokémon then it’s the source of most of my adult life as well. I also believe I had a successful primary-school education thanks to some genius at the TV station who thought it was a good idea to play Dragonball Z at 7:30 in the morning which meant my brother and I got up like clockwork and didn’t stage morning coups with the alarm (aka mother). Nowadays I don’t even get up for the damn fire alarm. It’s not just that, but growing up a foreigner in Poland meant I permanently carried this silent heart longing for a ‘home town’ and so many things in Tokyo reminded me of the frequent dreams I’d have of Seoul as a kid. The journey was 17 hours with a layover in Dubai, but by the time we were out of the airport parking my half wilting body didn’t seem to remember, or mind, as I craned forward determined not to miss a single thing.

A massive thank you to Perrier-Jouët for the most generous invitation; much more to come, keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. Tokyo is my home away from home.. Thanks for sharing a bit of your journey


  2. inspiring captures!


  3. Awwwww Japan! The city look so beautiful and futuristic at night.
    Ha Sailormoon, I have all the seasons on DVD…..wanna borrow? (-.-)

  4. As usual, i love your photographs. Blog more about your trip.=)

  5. Tokyo is so inspiring, full of life, history and culture. It’s hard to describe it. Your photos are as always really amazing. Pokémon! Omg this was part of my childhood to, good memories. :)

  6. take me! this looks incredible. all the food and treats and trinkets.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  7. Wonderful pictures! I would love to see more!

  8. I forgot to mntu

  9. I forgot to mention that you TOTALLY scored extra cool points by mentioning your love of Azumanga Daioh! One of the best anime/mangas ever


  10. Your captures are always so magical, Shini! Seems like a spectacular time in Tokyo!


  11. everything looks so good!


  12. duuuude, y u no come hong kong huh?

  13. You’re in my favorite city in the world! Your pictures are so gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see more. :)

    Step into Estherina’s World

  14. Stunning look!! Very very beautiful!!! I like look very much!!


  15. I like your blog the most anyway..

  16. Oh my goodness. I still desperately want to head back to Japan. I am so excited for you, and I’m also excited to see Tokyo through your lens. So posts loooot of pictures, but mainly: enjoy the trip to the fullest!! :)

  17. amazing photos, I can’t take my eyes of them!


  18. I love TOKYO! Nice pictures :) Sushi lover 4ever :D

  19. It seems to be an amazing place!


  20. This is so beautiful, I can’t wait to see more photos from your trip!

  21. stunning pictures.tokyo is my number one on my travel wishlist!

  22. nasyrah ash

    shini reads one piece! that made my day :)

  23. My dream is to visit Tokyo and Shanghai :) Enjoy your time there!

  24. very beautiful pictures!


  25. My childhood – and adulthood – too. Did you know they’re doing an entirely NEW Sailor Moon animated series? Be still my pre-pubescent heart.

  26. you are keeeding me, seriously? looks like I have meself a new thing to watch!

  27. @Shini, http://io9.com/5924149/sailor-moon-returns-to-tv-next-summer-with-a-new-anime-series?tag=sailormoon — check it out.

  28. What a fancy elevator! Ha, I always long for a trip to Tokyo. Cannot stop thinking how I will eat my bowl of freshly made ramen! And talking about manga/cartoons! Gawd you just remembered me of my childhood (I bet almost everyone’s!) memories.

  29. Wow, Tokyo seems amazing!!!
    I like the floral printed dress, so amazing the place and the picture!!
    By the way, all those pictures are amazing!!

  30. Awesome post:) I love the pictures:)


  31. Wow! So cool!


  32. This is stunning! I can’t wait to go there, these photos are so pretty.

  33. amazing pics! i want to eat sushi in japan!

  34. This is insane! wow!! I love Tokyo too abut your photos really do make all this amazing!! so damn gorgeous! WOW! those lil chanel buttons are too cute to ignore! lol

    xx nathan.niche

    I’m wearing GIVENCHY by RICCARDO TISCI’S f/w12-3 NOSE RING in the bottom post if you want to check it out:

    twitter: @nathan_niche

  35. Cara

    Food envy!

  36. Love the passport holder in your first picture, is it Stella Mccartney’s?

  37. Wait, this post is too amazing! THAT’S AIRPLANE FOOD?? There’s an Alain Ducasse at the top of the Chanel BUILDING? Tokyo has an Eiffel Tower now? Also I didn’t know you were a Korean citizen. I guess I thought you were Polish. Or British. Or something…

    I <3 Belle Epoque. There's a bottle waiting in our cellar for when I finally graduate.

  38. Peggy

    @Duck, FYI, It’s not Effel. It’s Tokyo tower build in 1950’s.. Great view!!

  39. @Peggy, Thanks! #themoreyouknow

    Btw I just looked it up on Wikipedia: “Looking to the Western world for inspiration, Naitō based his design on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.” So I’m not toooo crazy for seeing the resemblance.

  40. Tokyo is amazing1!!!

  41. what an amazing opportunity and experience. i hope you can fulfill some of your nostalgic needs there. will you be visiting korea before you head back?

  42. Tokyo looks amazing!


  43. Next time we’re together, we’re going to talk Pokemon.

  44. same childhood here (but seoul of course). oh these pictures just make me sad and happy. its like the intimacy comes out of the photos shini.

  45. I live in Tokyo, and I’m excited to see how you capture my city! I’m sure you will pick up on things I usually don’t give much thought to, and I will be able to notice them anew.

  46. just…perfect pics!! *_*

  47. It will be great to see Tokyo through your eyes!


  48. yea, it’s alright, if you like that kind of stuff, i guess.
    can’t wait to see more!

  49. Eileen

    All pics are amazing!
    Wanna travel around tokyo again seriously.

  50. Great photos, cant wait to see more from your trip!

  51. It will be great to see Tokyo through your eyes!!!

  52. Your pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your travels there x


  53. Food looks delicious and the city pictures look fabulous!

  54. Fabulous post, as per usual. Glad you enjoying or ‘alrighting’ tokio shall say ! :)
    M x

  55. Holy moley – these are incredible shots!

  56. Oh I’m just catching up on your Tokyo posts so far and I so agree about it being like childhood. I grew up with Sailormoon/Dr.Slump etc etc too but all dubbed in Cantonese which is obviously a bit niche and most of my non-Asian friends aren’t really familiar with them. I’ve heard they’re creating a new series of Sailormoon soon. I’m excited!