I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.






Hat Ebay | Jersey Cardigan Zara | Sheer dress Topshop | White Dress, Shoes Gmarket | 3 Necklaces H&M & Covent Garden | Canvas Bag Alphabetbags.com | Studded bag DIY Studded Vintage

Thank you for those who let me know that I’ve been featured in WWWD Myspace Muse (June). I stumbled on my own face myself and thought hey thats whatshername. I must say, I was a tad disappointed about the outfit they chose since it’s literally jeans and jacket, an outfit put together in March for 2 hours of local cinema with the boyfriend – I’m still grateful to be featured, so thanks WWWD! Although I personally wonder why Queen Michelle is in that bargain-bin of a set, she deserves her own damn multicoloured-sparkle-raining spotlight.

Few facts about their Myspace muse: 1) it has nothing to do with myspace.com (at least not anymore, I think in the past there was?), 2) featured ones are notified weeks before the feature – so I myself knew for quite some time (but mucho thanks for letting me know still), 3) WWWD is a trend report site – I don’t know how people dare to judge the girls that are featured to be ‘non-inspirational’ and lacking individualism. The function of a trend report isn’t to report uniqueness and individuality, it’s to report the common denominator style of the time. If they’re looking for uniqueness, what are they doing there in the first place?



Blouse Mum’s Valencia Pants Zara Boots Ebay

These boots get more attention from men than women – one guy walking by actually stopped and turned around. Could be either wtfart is she wearing or holy cupcake I want those. (Or was he checking out my rear end?) Creeping suspicion that it’s the first one though.

For those wondering about the processes of my ‘photoshoots’: First my beszt friend Ellen takes my outfit photos outside, then I gently escort it home where I brutally vandalize by cropping and editing colours & lighting. My camera model is Canon EOS 400D, but as I’ve said to a few, it’s a particular lens that makes the photos what they are – and which lens, is my little secret.

Indoors (i.e home) outfit shots is me struggling with the tripod and remote – which usually ends up with throwing the remote to see if I can hit the shutter button.


Doo.Ri inspired tights still not ready, taking über-über longer than expected… But I do like that it’s going in a more personalized direction – instead of the exact replica.






Sweater-Jacket Zara Dress H&M Pants Korean Shoes Ebay Scarf Fabricstore diy

We celebrated our 4th Anniversary today, my darling stubborn Polish boyfriend and I.

We walked from Canary Wharf to Covent garden along the Thames, which is about 5.2miles/8.32km according to Google Map, occasionally stopping to observe pigeon porn by the river or to gobble up our picnic-on-wheels. (Which drew the pornstar pigeons closer, so we fled) Then came the traditional Mexican dinner – having walked 1/5 of a marathon, we asked for one of each and licked all plates clean. Took a bus home, both 6 months pregnant with burritos and nachos, boyfriend almost went into premature labour with a burp. My I think we do make a good couple.

New shoes!:



H&M, Combat Boots (Ebay)

Finally found those H&M shoes, after literally revisiting the store almost everyday (major advantage of having school in centre of London). The flower thing in the heels and front panel really aren’t that bad, the double straps are really what’s worth it.
The combat boots from ebay are actual military issue, so they’re rock heavy but sturdy. Score for £5! I didn’t want to get ye olde Doc Martens so I searched for combat boots on ebay – luckily men’s size 6 is rather rare and not many are interested in them.

So here’s an Ebay tip, If your shoe size is UK6/7 (US8.5/9.5), there are plenty of quality leather boots and vintage DocMartens floating around with dirtcheap starting bids desperately trying to attract men with small feet. Shoesize-wise, in the UK it’s the same, men’s size 6 = women’s size 6; but in the US men’s size 6 = women’s size 8, difference of two.

Everyone having a good weekend?

Let me share some shopping links, I shall make this visit of yours productive.




I Don’t Like Mondays

Not the prettiest prices but their sale can be good.



Dr Martens Solid Colour Oki-Ni

Is it wrong to want these? I want some wtf shoes.


Topshop Stud Detail Shopper £85

Or a pink bag?

I actually went to Topshop to feel this lady up, and found out it’s actually really heavy. It’s those items if you found on ebay the shopping costs would be bigger than the item price. It’s not that pretty in real life anyway. £85 well saved. Not that I have £85.


Diesel AW09 photo stolen from IS MENTAL thanks

This made it clear that I do want to wear my underwear outside my pants, just need to find the right garter belt that doesn’t look like grandma’s panties. White linen may look good on white jeans. Thoughts? everything sounds good on paper anyway.


Tulle Petticoat dress Ebay shop Rock n roll Years

That’s a good ebay shop for tulle dresses.

Tomorrow is another deadline, so no sleep again I guess. I think I may be in love with my typography tutor though. Not disclosing his name in here because I know everyone googles their name at one point in time and I would like to graduate peacefully thanks.

Secret tip to pretty visitors that actually read: Emma Cook boots are coming into Topshop on the day before the day after tomorrow plus another 3 days minus 1. You figure it out MYUAHAHA.

Saturday. Don’t tell anyone. And I have first dibs. Lay off the peach and white pair!

A few things on my mind:

1/Urban Original



Urban Original first | second

Being a cheapass and all, Urban Original, goJane.net, cutesyshoes.com…are sites I frequent. Then again with the international shipping a pair of $30 shoes can end up costing as much as Topshop shoes…so I never buy. The last reminded me of those impossible-to-get Chloe multi-straps…

2/ Aldo



Aldo UK first | second

Okay I really want the first one, too bad I’m close to broke right now…

3/ Rawr



Found during my regular loitering around of ebay hunting for the perfect nipple tassles. (I’m just kidding about this, wow so many are taking me seriously.) Reminded me of Alexander Wang’s zipper pants! Kinda.




TATA NAKA thru Amelie Boutique

Beautifully simple zipper detail dresses from TATA NAKA. I stumbled upon Amelie Boutique not so long ago, although the prices aren’t so pretty, they stock some unique independant designer pieces.

On an ending note, I think it’s pretty safe to say that around 70% of fashion blog readers don’t really read. No, I don’t mean in a rural villages of Ural mountains illiterate, but just scroll-grazing through pictures, deny-to-dissect-chunk-of-text type. For those who actually read down till here, hey congrats, you can read, here’s a badge for you:


My point is, I really appreciate those who actually read what I say, just wanted to say THANKS ♥.