I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

A few things on my mind:

1/Urban Original



Urban Original first | second

Being a cheapass and all, Urban Original, goJane.net, cutesyshoes.com…are sites I frequent. Then again with the international shipping a pair of $30 shoes can end up costing as much as Topshop shoes…so I never buy. The last reminded me of those impossible-to-get Chloe multi-straps…

2/ Aldo



Aldo UK first | second

Okay I really want the first one, too bad I’m close to broke right now…

3/ Rawr



Found during my regular loitering around of ebay hunting for the perfect nipple tassles. (I’m just kidding about this, wow so many are taking me seriously.) Reminded me of Alexander Wang’s zipper pants! Kinda.




TATA NAKA thru Amelie Boutique

Beautifully simple zipper detail dresses from TATA NAKA. I stumbled upon Amelie Boutique not so long ago, although the prices aren’t so pretty, they stock some unique independant designer pieces.

On an ending note, I think it’s pretty safe to say that around 70% of fashion blog readers don’t really read. No, I don’t mean in a rural villages of Ural mountains illiterate, but just scroll-grazing through pictures, deny-to-dissect-chunk-of-text type. For those who actually read down till here, hey congrats, you can read, here’s a badge for you:


My point is, I really appreciate those who actually read what I say, just wanted to say THANKS ♥.

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  1. haha. Actually I read all the time.
    Or, I don’t read because It’s in another language or when it’s getting super boring and long.
    & I love the badge huhu.

    Aaah These aldo boots, I would love to have them.
    Seriously, shipping is such a big swindle!
    The Takanaka things are quite cool.

  2. D

    I actually really like your writing, so I make a point to read it. And almost always, I laugh. Thanks for the badge!

  3. I totally read it all LOL. And what better award than a DINO!! love.

    I definitely have to stay away from urban original. I browse and before I know it my cart has around 10 pairs.

  4. Haha! True..but fashion is kind of superficial, so it’s not that surprising.

  5. i love your blog!

  6. ahhhh must have Aldo Maune!

    Im kinda lucky because im sort of close to down town la, and you can find all those shoes on gojane and cutesy on the cheap in the fashion district. The sizes are always really off so its nice to be able to try them on first.

  7. ahhh i just discovered your beautiful blog! i totally love it, you’re a funny AND beautiful girl.. love your photos, too :)
    can i link you on my blog?

  8. WOW!!!

    I have just discovered your site – and i am truly in love with it!!!

    you have such an amazing style. i’m really impressed.

    keep watchin your fabolous blog!!!

    come enjoy mine, if you want ofcourse :)

    kisses :***

  9. Aw I love the zip dresses. And I actually read ALL of it! :) I should do a post with that cool badge. haha

    x Natalie

  10. awh thanks for the “reading award” ((:
    haha very cutte.

    i love your aldo shoe pick! aldo’s been spitting out some great shoes lately.

  11. I´m honoured- thanks for the award .)
    I always (well, almost always) read everything. But to be honest, many fashion blogs are quite badly written and then I always figure that there is no use of reading. Why spend time on someone who only writes; “gah, cute dress! Want it”.

  12. I’ll admit I don’t always read blogs, but I do ALWAYS read yours. ;) Everything you write is charming, fun, humorous, and lighthearted. You win the entertaining blog author award!



  13. haha i don’t always read the whole blog entry, truth be told! but it completely depend on how good of a writer the blogger is.

    those zipper pieces are amazing.

  14. thanks for the badge. hahaha.
    i love your wit. and those shoes from aldo.

  15. Wow, those are really really hot. I want them all.

    And sweet, years of reading as finally gotten me the attention that I so rightly earn. I usually read what some blogs say. Its helps learn more about that person. ^_^

  16. I love the second pair of shoes from Aldo, Ive actually had my eye on them for a couple days now deciding whether to buy them or not. Oh and I always read what you write, you always have the most interesting things to say!

  17. Thanks for the reading award! I think I want everything from Aldo.

  18. shini,
    i’m a bit broke myself, but have been eyeing the aldo lace ups too! mmm, they would be the perfect addition….i just keep telling myself.

    have you ever looked at shiehk shoes.

    not sure where they ship, but i just got a pair of animal print gladiators and i love them. pretty inexpensive too.

    happy, happy weekend.

  19. all of those shoes are riDONKulously amazing, my faves are the first aldos, just because I’m having a wedges moment.

    And nipple tassles? What a practical idea…

  20. i love the 1st boots from UOrg and both Aldo shoes. and you’re so right about most “readers” not reading the post. it cracks me up when the comments so obviously reflect that, too.

  21. The reading badge is the cutest!

    I love reading – I even Google translate the text in non-English blogs just so i can read the contents.

  22. elizabeth

    i always read every word bloggers write. except if it’s a stupid blog and the blogger is boring with no real substance. but you’re the complete opposite! sometimes i even try to understand when its a different language hahaha. i love your blog!

  23. I’m taking the badge! Sometimes I read blogs when the writing is whitty – like yours!

    I die for those criss-cross aldos. ahhh. brokeness sucks.

  24. Woooooow!

  25. urban original have a few good shoes for gd price, but i get blisters from them :( but still would buy heaps if shipping wasnt so exp. its more than the shoe:( x

  26. haha I can totally read.
    I loove the zipper dresses and the Aldos <3

  27. i read it, i do!
    thankyou for sharing your shopping links. invaluable to me. cannot ever afford topshop prices!
    mmm, those boots!

  28. I love reading, it’s sometimes better than the pictures.

    Shipping cost are the evil =(

  29. You have such good taste, I love all your choices of random clothing/accessories!

  30. Wow, love the first shoes, and the last top! I’m in love :p
    I love reading blogs, and I found it really fun reading your’s :D

    have a great weekend!

  31. Wait but what if I am from the rural villages of Ural mountains??? = ) I read your blog. Keep it coming.

  32. I enjoy your writing every time because you share funny moments and ironique quotes from your friends etc, so thanks for the badge! :)

    I never order online cause the shipping is simply too much for me. Maybe we’ll make a big order with friends and share the costs.. :)


  33. Just find out your blog..
    It’s lovely..^_^

    Luv ya..

  34. those shoes are amazing! i also like the zip up shorts. it reminds me of alexander wang as well. i don’t think anyone on the street could get away with wearing them though. hmmm maybe. not me though.

    and yes i read your posts! lol. thanks for the congrats.

  35. cassie

    haha i enjoyed your humor…i hope more will begin to read :)

  36. ahah i read that ;) and i loce the taka naka shirts

  37. i read them all the time (especially yours!). the Naka shirts are fantastic!

  38. I read your blog and I enjoy it.

    Thanks for introducing to Amelie Boutique, too. I might actually order those Opening Ceremony oxfords I’ve been wanting because they sell them so cheap. I just have to coax myself into wanting their all patent version.

  39. i love this post. down with the literate who don’t read. i take my time when i visit other blogs because the writing is just as important as the pics. it reveals their personality! i really like those tata naka tops. exposed zippers are one of my fav details.

  40. I love Nipple tassels! So good under a sheer top.what kind did you get?
    love the Aldo boots and first Tata Naka top too…I have never heard of that label before so thanks for sharing!

    laura xx

  41. love those aldos!!!

    valerie x bleachblack.com

  42. i just received the Aldos (Virgie) in the mail. they are fantastic. and on Super sale right now. . . and free shipping. they do run a little big so be wary if you decide to order a pair. i thought they looked best with the top buckle removed and having the middle zipper unzipped partway. great blog! check mine out! xx molly c

  43. Hehe I read yours anyway! I’m really nuts about the Aldo-boots with the zipper but they don’t send to Norway ufortunately..the orange dress is great too!:)

  44. i’m sooo cheap too but i know what you mean about international shipping! for the amount i’d be paying i might as well buy another shoe! :)


  45. I love your blog – I just found it a few days ago and I’ve already read through weeks of posts… haha, yes I’m just that lame/cool. :P
    Anyway, as tons of people have said I love your writing and always take time to read what people have to say, because I know I’d want them to do the same for me. Nice job :)

  46. i’ve been a chictopia fan of yours for a while and i just looked at your blog today and i really like it.

    i also love those slouchy zippered tops!

  47. your blog is so goood!!!
    please enter in my blog…
    you have a great style..

  48. You inspired me to buy those 3 buckle 3 zipper aldo boots.

    I mentioned it in my most recent blog post, I hope that is okay.

  49. we read!! we read it all! i think just throwing up an image is “cheating” :)

  50. Yay! earned a badge! :) You’re writing is one of the best parts of this blog though. You’re very articulate and witty. love the sarcasm by the way ;)
    love from Germany: