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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.






Hat Ebay | Jersey Cardigan Zara | Sheer dress Topshop | White Dress, Shoes Gmarket | 3 Necklaces H&M & Covent Garden | Canvas Bag Alphabetbags.com | Studded bag DIY Studded Vintage

Thank you for those who let me know that I’ve been featured in WWWD Myspace Muse (June). I stumbled on my own face myself and thought hey thats whatshername. I must say, I was a tad disappointed about the outfit they chose since it’s literally jeans and jacket, an outfit put together in March for 2 hours of local cinema with the boyfriend – I’m still grateful to be featured, so thanks WWWD! Although I personally wonder why Queen Michelle is in that bargain-bin of a set, she deserves her own damn multicoloured-sparkle-raining spotlight.

Few facts about their Myspace muse: 1) it has nothing to do with myspace.com (at least not anymore, I think in the past there was?), 2) featured ones are notified weeks before the feature – so I myself knew for quite some time (but mucho thanks for letting me know still), 3) WWWD is a trend report site – I don’t know how people dare to judge the girls that are featured to be ‘non-inspirational’ and lacking individualism. The function of a trend report isn’t to report uniqueness and individuality, it’s to report the common denominator style of the time. If they’re looking for uniqueness, what are they doing there in the first place?

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  1. i love the necklaces in this outfit.

    congrats on your wwwd feature.

  2. iawtc. a lil internet talk for ya. did you read some of the comments on that page? so ridonkulous. i was sitting there and pointing and laughing at how stupid some of them were. i’d love to see how some of those people dress too. anyhowzerz. i love your shewz girl..they so kewl. ive been thinking about some sort of sporty looking heeled oxford type thing since Im in love wiht sneakers, thought i’d meld my two loves together. and i ruff yo ampersand bag..thinking about making one for myself..maybe in sth random like the tilda sign hahaha so. ugly.

  3. congrats on wwd muse! you definitely deserve it and more!

  4. Love your picnic look with the pale colors! That sheer dress is pure love.

  5. really “myspacemuses” has nothing in common with my space? LOL I was sure of that!
    I hate people who judge someone else for what he or she’s wearing… I think they’re only jelous!

    said that, your outfit is great as usual, the shoes are so cute!

  6. That hat is nice, I have one too!

  7. zacznę od tego, że wcale mnie nie dziwi, że zostałaś zauważona na WWWD, bo bardzo inspirujesz :D
    a skończę na tym, że styl piknikowy to kolejny styl, w którym wyglądasz olśniewająco :)
    kocham Twoje buty!

  8. Hey, I liked your outfit!!! At least you don’t look like a “crackhead”, which can only be a good thing, right?!
    I do think alot of people miss the point of what WWW is actually about – as you said, it’s a trend reporting site.

  9. i was always trying to figure out the link with myspace … thx for clarifying that for me!

  10. Colorlynn

    You outfits are intersting and look comfortable. I love your style…
    And your slogan: Uncategoried:)

  11. love the hat, so cute, gorgeous necklace too!! :)

  12. you look so good in sheer! love the hat too!

  13. this looks like, grabbing the wooden picnic-basket and up for the countryside. lovely colours!

  14. Love the boat hat and the necklaces!! Congrats on the WWWD My Space muse feature!


  15. Was so happy to see you on there, its a great feature and wonder exposure for your blog, and you deserve any kind of recognition you get, you’re basically my fav blog out there right now. Scary how catty the WWWD comments can be though. Anyways, you look amazing in this outfit, I LOVE the hat and the colour of you cardi, and you also look amazing in the Myspace Muse feature!

  16. you’re the cutest thing in this outfit ;)

  17. i always love seeing that i have a post from you in my bloglovin…anyway congrats its well deserved :)

  18. Dude, you rock! Quite simply! You’re posts are guaranteed to make me laugh when i’m under a sea of “boring-as-fuck” work! Thank you :-D

  19. Congrats on the feature!
    I love this look – great colors, lovely necklaces and the shoes are so cute!

  20. I love these photos! The mood is great! Congrats on the feature ;D You know how to say it right (concerning the text about it) You deserved the feature. Hope everything is ok? Long time no see.

  21. Those necklaces compliment your white dress&&cardigans wonderfully. I am also very very jealous of those shoes. I want some.

    It would be mine

  22. Great outfit! from the adorable hat to the shoes ~ Very good observation on how people can be soo simple minded.

  23. I love this outfit your necklaces are soo pretty

  24. Yeh, people on WWWD are SO catty. It’s rrrrrrrrridiculous. (You have to roll your “r”)

    I was a little confused as to why they put some of those outfits in the “warm weather” Myspace Muses post. I wonder if they meant “warm” relative to where you are. Like how 30F is “warmer” than -20F. :P

  25. :D makes me smile. summer all over again ;) love the hat and the bag and the shoes a LOT.

  26. Oh, you got the bag! Love that one :) Congrats on your feature ;)

  27. congratulations on the feature, that means that you are really popular in the fashion arena. love the shoes, casual relax look. the necklace is really cool and funky.

  28. congrats! I saw it and thought “it was about time!” anyway, love this gray/white look you’re rockin. plus teh hat.


  29. The necklaces are lovely. I have been in dire search of something similar.

    Love Grace.

  30. First of all, I love this outfit!
    Secondly, congratulations on the MySpace muses feature! you really deserve it. I don’t get why all the MySpace muses articles get so many negative comments. I allways like most of the outfits the girls they feature are wearing….
    Anyway, congratulations again.


  31. i love everything about this outfit, the simple colors, the sheer dress, the really awesome graphic bag. not to mention that supremely amazing hat. simply spectacular

  32. The shoes and hat are so cute ! In this outfit you look just like a modern Mary Poppins. :)

  33. Tell me which seller you got that hat from! I need something other than a fedora…a panama, a cloche, anything!

    Just not a top hat :)

  34. Yay Shini!!!!!, saw u on WWW, u deserve sooo much recognition than you are getting!! ur style game is underappreciated and underated in my opinion!! but WE know and recognize the awesomeness of ze Shini…..so dope, so fresh!!! always love your witty little writeups and overall attitude!!! lets not even start on the fact that you are DIY queen in my book. followed your ascend from chictopia and i hope you BLOW up even more!Keep up the great work.U ROCK!!!!

    Park and Cube for BlogWideWeb domination!!!!!!!!

  35. Love these pictures! You look gorgeous and I also love the bottom picture.

  36. yeah i was about to congratulate you for that feature shini, good job! i hate when people pick the worst pictures/outfits of me too :P

    oh, and i love the necklaces and boater hat! they looks like tombinns!

    xx Raez

  37. Colorlynn

    Loooooove your DIYs, you are sooooooo smart, and intellegent!
    I love doing DIY myself. Used to make hand bags from old jeans.
    Maybe I should make them rag jeans, which seems more in style on you. But I’m shorter and plumper. your style may not fit me:)

  38. congrats for wwwd..u r really gorgerous
    so fancy!!!!i love ur shoes and hat
    and i m gonna buy the kind of hat

  39. SHINI!!!!

    Congrats on the feature_ love that you are working t he summer hat as well, think Im about to marry mine as it stops my hair from gettin frazzled!!!

    MM x

  40. Congrats on being featured. I love your style and blog! Dig your outfit too, esp. those shoes!!

  41. HAT DO WANT!!! and congratulations on the feature~~

  42. ahhh I want your hat!!!

  43. I like your shoes:)Unfortunately, that does not know how to write in English…

  44. lovely hat. i want it baad

  45. I loved that jemed necklace. ;]

  46. oh hey,
    thanks to you i’ve found my school bag!!
    after looking through your blog, i’ve taken an interest in the canvas bag and i’m planning on buying the “B” bag from alphabetbags.com..
    soo i’d like to say

  47. Congratulations, I saw you there too :) Your boater is gorgeous, I have been wanting one since last year! I cannot find them in shops and the ones I’ve seen online are too pale :(

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