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We celebrated our 4th Anniversary today, my darling stubborn Polish boyfriend and I.

We walked from Canary Wharf to Covent garden along the Thames, which is about 5.2miles/8.32km according to Google Map, occasionally stopping to observe pigeon porn by the river or to gobble up our picnic-on-wheels. (Which drew the pornstar pigeons closer, so we fled) Then came the traditional Mexican dinner – having walked 1/5 of a marathon, we asked for one of each and licked all plates clean. Took a bus home, both 6 months pregnant with burritos and nachos, boyfriend almost went into premature labour with a burp. My I think we do make a good couple.

New shoes!:



H&M, Combat Boots (Ebay)

Finally found those H&M shoes, after literally revisiting the store almost everyday (major advantage of having school in centre of London). The flower thing in the heels and front panel really aren’t that bad, the double straps are really what’s worth it.
The combat boots from ebay are actual military issue, so they’re rock heavy but sturdy. Score for £5! I didn’t want to get ye olde Doc Martens so I searched for combat boots on ebay – luckily men’s size 6 is rather rare and not many are interested in them.

So here’s an Ebay tip, If your shoe size is UK6/7 (US8.5/9.5), there are plenty of quality leather boots and vintage DocMartens floating around with dirtcheap starting bids desperately trying to attract men with small feet. Shoesize-wise, in the UK it’s the same, men’s size 6 = women’s size 6; but in the US men’s size 6 = women’s size 8, difference of two.

Everyone having a good weekend?

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  1. I really like your blog, just found it by somehow getting link lost from blog to blog. This post is rather hilarious, I had a giggle at the ‘pigeon porn’ and being pregnant with burritos. Lovely photos too- that smilie rubbish bin looks great contrasted with the subtle colours of the background.

  2. wow, 4 years! sounds like you do make a great couple :)

    ps, thanks so much for the lookbook invite :D, and the advise too, i don’t have high expectations so as long as there aren’t lots of hate mail, i should survive! :)

  3. Nice boots!!! I really want a pair of coloured docmartens

  4. holy long hair, rapunzel! Looks great.

    those H&m super platforms look amazing, though I reckon I would topple forwards after two steps in them.

  5. Sounds like a perfect day…. besides the labour burp! lol.

    Love the boots!

    Come check out http://vintage-tea.blogspot.com/


  6. four years!!!! congratulaaaationssssss :D
    london looks so beautiful in these photos. I wanna go back! If I bring Meeko will you be my tourguide for one afternoon? hehe
    p.s. can’t believe you bought those boots for so cheap :O

  7. how come it seems like you score the best finds on ebay? that smiley face rubbish-bin thing is so damn cute.
    congratulations on your fourth year together!!!!!

  8. that sounds like the perfect anniversary. for our 1 year the boy and i had an amazing chinese vegetarian meal and got some b&w photobooth pictures taken. those boots seriously mean bizness! side by side with the platforms they look like the other pair’s bodyguard! london is such a beautiful city, it’s a pity my family moved away before i could appreciate it. i can’t wait to go back. and yes, my weekend is going pretty well thank you!

  9. Happy anniversary:)

  10. lara

    happy aniniversary! you’re so cute & i love your sense of style! i’m always checking your blog out for tips :) plus the photos are amazing too. if you don’t mind, what type of camera do you use?

  11. oh wow. 4 years! Congratulations!
    Sounds like a lovely day!
    I want to go to london so baaad.
    And these boots are so cool!

  12. Congratulations! My man and I recently celebrated 3. Seems like a lot of bloggers have anniversaries around this time. Fancy that.

  13. Those are H&M? Love them! And the boots as well. I need me a pair of rough shoes.

  14. they really are from h&m? i’ve never expected that… great buy!!

  15. it’s my first time to visit your blog which i’m very impressed.
    i love the photos from fashion weekend.


  16. Great photographs and great new shoes!

  17. Ohh! new image! Nice!

    I love your new H&M shoes!!


  18. fantastic outfit, fantastic photos, love your shoes = Adore your style!!
    I have started a new blog, wanna trade links ?
    xoxo L.

  19. Aww that’s so sweet =) I always enjoy reading about people enjoying their anniversaries… just the thought that love’s in the air makes me happy. Weird voyeur I am. Haha the pigeon porn was hilarious. Glad you had a good day!

    Anyway WOW those H&M wedges are fantastic!! You’re so lucky you get to go to H&M everyday after school!! Ahh if H&M were nearby I’d probably be spending WAY a lot more than I already am. Unfortunately there’s not a single H&M in Singapore… sob sob. =(((

  20. STARR

    I love how you layer! I’m also really jealous of your new shoes.

  21. Aww congrats! Your pictures are always so well photographed! Love this layered look!

  22. thank you soo much.
    mr. freddy says thank you too.
    i’m adding you to my blog roll.
    see you around.


  23. I don´t think galliano is weak on RTW in my opinion he just tries to make a second Haute Couture show but trying to soften it so the results are a weird mix!! Thanks for the comment!!
    By the way, you know, I´m going to London in 3 weeks and I really love vintage and 2nd hand shops. I know some there but do you know any hidden, extra cool nice one?? If you do please tell me everything about it!!


  24. This is one of my favourite looks right now, dripping in fabrics of different textures and muted tones with tough militray style boots… so easy, and the perfect ensemble for overeating mexican food.
    you and your polish beau really do know how to have a good time… i see my loved one on the 27th, just in time for my birthday!
    beautiful shots. x

  25. absolutely BEAUTIFUl. i love these pictures and those shoes are AWESOME! i love your pics from london fashion week shini!

  26. shoe sizing is complicated when you try to convert women’s to mens. even more when you add UK sixing to them! and great tip, i’ve always had trouble fining men’s combat boots in thrift stores (im a women’s size US 7/8) now im going to go hunt ebay for a men’s size US6!

    yes, a unicorn tee would be aweeeeeeeeeesome.
    &the one i was wearing with the plaid shirt says ‘hardrock cafe toronto’ on it, the closest thing I have to a band tee.

  27. both of those shoes are awesome finds.
    especially LOVE the boots.

  28. sweet ass boots! you know what, with shoes it’s the one thing that i don’t care how wild they are….who cares what other ppl think just rock it your way!!!!

  29. happy anniversary!! seems a lot of bloggers have their anniversaries around the same time.

  30. Ahaha! that little smiling yellow box is SO CUTE!

  31. Thanks for the ebay tip! I think I want to get those H&M wedges and cover them with black glitter and confetti a la Nina Ricci fall09.

  32. That sounds like the most romantic dinner ever! ;) Love the depiction haha! BISOUS!

  33. this post is so adorable it actually made me laugh out loud.

  34. I can’t belive that the heels are from H&M. They are soo great <3
    And I really enjoy your blog.

    x Christina

  35. Happy Anniversary! :o)

  36. lol..you are so funny! I’m really warming up to those H&M shoes.

  37. it was so cool to read that u have polish boyfriend:)