I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Let me share some shopping links, I shall make this visit of yours productive.




I Don’t Like Mondays

Not the prettiest prices but their sale can be good.



Dr Martens Solid Colour Oki-Ni

Is it wrong to want these? I want some wtf shoes.


Topshop Stud Detail Shopper £85

Or a pink bag?

I actually went to Topshop to feel this lady up, and found out it’s actually really heavy. It’s those items if you found on ebay the shopping costs would be bigger than the item price. It’s not that pretty in real life anyway. £85 well saved. Not that I have £85.


Diesel AW09 photo stolen from IS MENTAL thanks

This made it clear that I do want to wear my underwear outside my pants, just need to find the right garter belt that doesn’t look like grandma’s panties. White linen may look good on white jeans. Thoughts? everything sounds good on paper anyway.


Tulle Petticoat dress Ebay shop Rock n roll Years

That’s a good ebay shop for tulle dresses.

Tomorrow is another deadline, so no sleep again I guess. I think I may be in love with my typography tutor though. Not disclosing his name in here because I know everyone googles their name at one point in time and I would like to graduate peacefully thanks.

Secret tip to pretty visitors that actually read: Emma Cook boots are coming into Topshop on the day before the day after tomorrow plus another 3 days minus 1. You figure it out MYUAHAHA.

Saturday. Don’t tell anyone. And I have first dibs. Lay off the peach and white pair!

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  1. Oh dear god, I LOVE the tulle! And Emma!!! I need the peach pair babe… I just do!

  2. hahahaha i’d love to wear my underwear outside of my pants TOO but it’s hard to find the right unnerwearrssss to do it with. i think those doc martens look cooler in white :D

    i want the Tulle Petticoat dress ,so romantic

    & i want the Emma cooks boots for TOPSHOP
    however,there’s no TOPSHOP in my place.


  4. lucy

    Are they having another delivery of the Emma Cook boots then? They were first released LAST Saturday (14th) and sold out almost immediately!

  5. thanks for the tip. I WANT A PEACH ONE! AND A WHITE ONE! sh*t i cannot decide. haha
    oh yeah good call on the not-posting-his-name. i don’t google my name though but will do after i submit this comment. again thanks for the tip.

  6. Lacy

    um i soo wanted a pair of the peach… but im short on greenss. buy them and post so i can live vicariously through you!

  7. i am in trouble girl….
    shini, i am trying so hard not to spend money, but then you post this and………..
    well, i am going to succumb. because you know why?
    we all deserve some goodies and prezzies once in a while!

    loving your new layout even though the other one was gorgeous and chic too.
    happy almost weekend.

  8. Well, we aren’t the same size, so… haha.

    Will they be stocked online, too? Because there’s no Topshop in Boston, unfortunately…

  9. Those boots look like prefect little toys. I had no idea you were studying graphic design. I’m a designer too.

  10. amazing! thank you for the links. :D
    i am in love with the third look.

    take care!


  11. what you said about the confuseee the HELL out of me, haha, saturday, have fun with those boots. btw i loved what you said about the rodarte model’s legs, we all compare them, whether consciously or not. i wish i could have a pair, of those legs of course:)

  12. dying for the ihatemondays stuff! there website is pretty f*ckin’ cool too..thanks!

    fickleface.blogspot.com <<< check it

  13. I absolutely want Docs but actually I don’t know if I prefer the old or these ones… Such a horrible choice…
    How you’re right, everything looks good on paper ! I can’t wait to see what you are going to do with this idea of underwear outside =)

  14. Ahhh crushed velvet is so disgustingly good, you need some!!! Though perhaps not in DC silhouette, I’m thinking.

    He takes them in JPG, we tried RAW a few times but we have no idea how to work with them!!


  15. that zipper dress/top is delicious! I spy a DIY;)

    and no, not wrong to like those docs, theyre are awesome. so simple, it kind of makes you think, “now why didnt I think of that?” hehe…i can totally see you rocking the blue ones!

  16. lmao i like your style :D i too will have a sleepless night due to philosophy dissertation, oh well!
    i am in love with those solid white doc’s, they look amazing!
    and soooo tempted to get the peach emma cook boots even though i own them in black, is it wrong to want them in all colours??hmmm

  17. D

    MM…Emma Cook boots. I saw them up in gray but they were all sold out online. I’m thinking of a pair, but the price is quite high.

  18. OH forgot to say…love the over pants garter look….A LOT.

  19. love that diesel look. and the docs look like toys. haha

    are the emma cook boots going to be available online?

  20. OMG PLEASE TELL ME THOSE EMMA COOK BOOTS ARE GOING TO BE AVAILABLE ONLINE! i have literally been refreshing the link for those boots every 10 minutes for like the past two days in hopes that they’ll restock. i NEED them in my life, especially the peach.

    and oh man, the garter over pants look looks so sick, but i’m always to scared to do the knee socks/garters/thigh high look for fear of looking like an asian schoolgirl :(

  21. (THANKS FOR THE TIP, did i ever tell you how much i adoreee you? haha)

  22. i’m gonna pretend like i did not see your lil’ tip on emma cook’s boots! or harass topshop to ship to new zealand! hhehe nah that won’t go down too well.

    yes i did spot those white docs in hk. make me wanna have some gummi bears!

  23. gosh i need some wtf shoes too :)


  24. hahaha you’re so funny with the topshop boots math equation :D I hope you end up getting a pair!!

    I was so obsessed with getting a tulle skirt and couldn’t find one — finally resorted to Zara kids section hehe.

  25. I adore tulle/crinoline!

  26. wow. you really know how to online shop. seriously.
    i really want everything in the first three pictures, the white dr martens, and a garter belt without black lace all over it. i wonder if it’d work with skinny jeans (i don’t do boyfriend jeans)?
    and yes, i do read! but i’m poor. sob. and bad at maths. and our timezones are different!
    even if i didn’t understand it, i enjoyed reading it. ;)

  27. thanks for the tulle shop link–a girl can never have too much tulle! :-)

  28. i want that first dress. the zipper detailing is KILLING me!

  29. Oh I have to check them out!

  30. I do like I Don’t Like Mondays, this is such a good post!
    I was spending ages trying to work out what day you actually meant then I saw the ‘saturday’ and I nearly started hyperventilating. I want the peach ones So Bad. I don’t know why I’m getting so excited though given that I can’t actually afford them ):

  31. hi new bestie.
    u were in my dreams last night.
    u asked meeh why i was talking to one of ur male friends and not u.
    (we were at some kind of bookstore and i was apparently talking to ur good looking male friend lol)
    i said, “i’m sorry shini, i’ll talk to u from now on. u and only u”
    u said, “ok aimee. lets go eat kimbab now”

  32. that garterbelt from diesel was awesome!!! :)

  33. Great post. I love it.

  34. regarding your comment: seriously, how awesome would it be if one of us was gifted w/the pleaser boots. i can just see u furiously adding studs to them. haha ;)

    hope you have a lovely weekend! xx

  35. haha for real, good luck! i hope you get those boots! if the grey ones are anything to judge by, they’ll be sold out quickly!

  36. I’ve been craving some seriously WTF shoes as well. Too bad all the shoes I love (Chloe Doc Wedges, Emma Cook for Topshop boots) are all sold the fuck out. The search continues…

  37. I want a tulle mini… oh reading your blog sometimes does not work in my favour!! ;-)

    MM x

  38. i just died a little at the tulle skirt and those doc martins.

  39. ok so i just bought the doc martins in white.
    it is true love

  40. coooooool!!! very inspirational