I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.






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Seems like this happened such a long time ago, the frustration in trying to move into a studio flat with the contents of a 1-bedroom flat is probably equivalent to attending fashionweek with the left shoe on the right foot and the right shoe on the left foot and not knowing. Similar dosage of wtfatkid. So yes, fashion week. I was invited by Forever Better (Miele), along with 7 other bloggers, to Jasper Garvida (Winner of Project Catwalk Season 3) SS ’10 collection showing last Saturday.

Welcome desk girl’s crazycool jacket


Vivian from LolaRe. Great claws.







Inspired by Picasso and Velasquez, Jasper’s collection was like a fireworks festival, colour splashing with every camera flash. There was geometry, complex crochet knits, frills and mirrors; Jasper even stepped out in the end with a mirror-adorned robe, which was a perfect finish to the show with the colour-clad collection reflecting on the designer himself.




Some of my favourite items from Oh Leoluca Vintage Etsy Store

I remember how just over a year ago everyone treated vintage holier than new clothes and rushed off to local charity stores or antique markets to score a ‘unique’ piece. Our mothers’ wardrobes suffered sudden attention and lost significant weight as the meat got distributed to our own closets. “It’s vintage” used to be quite a defensive yet powerful answer to a where did you get your ____ from question because you really meant hah, you won’t ever find anything like this. But now it’s ubiquitous. Ironically, highstreet stores have even started to manufacture new clothes in the shape of the vintage clothes, and what do we see in the streets? Teenage mutant grandmothers.

Nowadays it’s hard to find a one-of-a-kind piece without having to go through piles of clothes that were mass manufactured years ago as a part of trend then. It’s like this – say if there was another vintage boom in 2040, youngsters would be wearing the now-mass produced leggings + shirt + chanel-quilted bag look and be thinking it’s something unique. (Ironically the leggings and quilted bag is also a vintage-inspired trend for us…)

This is why I wanted to introduce a few of my favourite vintage stores over a few posts, as it is rare now to come across a vintage store with good taste and freshness. OhLeoLuca is my first victim – run by Teresa from Berlin, her etsy-based store is a breath of fresh air considering everything she sells is vintage. The pieces aren’t necessarily unique or strictly compatible with current trends, but they edge closer to classic and timeless, something that I value highly in vintage clothes.

And of course, aside the stuff she sells, Teresa is also quite simply a cool cat.


Feathers – Etsy, Doll made by Ellen

Going cuckoo for feathers this season (no pun intended, lollerskates) Very tempted to follow suit of Carole Gould and take advantage of a dead bird for free feathers… also won’t mind if I can find a pretty bird and assist euthanasia, for it will most definitely be in pain from some discomfort or other, like styrofoam constipation or pea-brain Alzheimer’s…







Scarf Wrap- Urban Outfitters, Pants, Shoes – Zara, Belt – Vintage, Bag – Gmarket, DIY Shoulderpads

I was so generously gifted a chance to waddle across the channel in a train to Paris that left last Saturday morning, courtesy of We Are Social and Eurostar. I’d been in Poland when the 12-blogger Paris haul happened in July and contemplated flying in for the trip but sense punched me at the right time and I kindly declined. Well, who knew a pair of tickets were available for when I returned to London!?

Ellen and I did a quick wikitravel plan, (look at you glaring with those judgemental eyes) and took note of 5 places to visit including a flea market and the catacombs. I know, all we wanted to see was a good market and piles of skulls. We like skulls. The train was amazing, the breakfast rather phenomenal, and after a short nap I got popular all of a sudden on my phone and got all those welcome to France from T-Mobile text messages. Oh this popularity.

After a FAIL session of trying to rent a bike near Hôtel de Ville, we decided to take the Velib (Paris city bikes) and headed towards the Catacombs. Let me do the rest in bulletpoints as they’re mostly FAILs anyway:

  • Got lost on bikes going south, ‘parallel’ so nonexistant in Paris.
  • Arrived near catacombs, our first destination, 4 hours after arrival in Paris… fail.
  • Wandered in circles around and around catacombs for half an hour, not being able to find the entrance.
  • Stopped at PAUL’s (YES, the bakery we also have in London…Paris pastry experience fail) and had a quick munch.
  • Found entrance to catacombs and found it closed.
  • Head off to second destination, get lost EVERYWHERE.
  • Try for third destination, LOST AGAIN.

Hey, it’s not like we didn’t have a map, or navigating brainpower. Several times we’d missed left turns because we couldn’t brave going through the intersection with traffic.

In the end we got back to the train station – having lost eachother while entering the train station, not having eaten ANY French pastry, or seen the eiffel tower… but I must say, I had the greatest time getting lost on the bike and seeing all the streets in Paris that I would never have seen if we were attached to a tour programme. In my opinion it’s the ideal way to tour Paris – given that you’re not a road-wuss like us.

So go ahead, take a Paris bike break.

Victim top, 10mm knitting needles, kid mohair (50%+) yarn in any colour (Rowan has great yarn range called Kidsilk Haze perfect for soemthing like this albeit slightly pricey. Another option is to ebay for mohair) , thread matching yarn colour, needle, measuring tape.

Measure from the collarbone area to shoulder blade with a measuring tape. This is the size of the ‘wing’ that will sit on your shoulders.

The knitting:
Cast on 44sts. (If you’re an experienced knitter, you could always do a tension swatch and calculate how long you need it to be)

1st row: Knit (K) entire row
2nd row: Purl (P) entire row
3rd row: K2tog, K to end, k2tog last 2 sts.
4th row: P2tog, P to end, p2tog last 2 sts.
5-last row: repeat 3-4 until work finishes in a triangle.

Repeat again for 2 triangles

Stretch & straighten work near first few rows and adjust to make a perfect triangle.

Pin and secure knitting onto top of choice and using a needle & thread sew. (Sew into or close to neckline, where the fabric is slightly thicker)

Optional finishing touches: Attach additional decoration – studs, chains, sequins…anything!

Top – FCUK, Jeans – H&M, Necklace – Polish antique market

Sorry for disappearing like that for 6 days, I’ve relocated to London and so far the only recordworthy thoughts are: I would rather live in a cave or a treehouse than this craphole and That’s not a kitchen, it’s a cupboard. I’ve been househunting for the past few days, and who knew London seriously lacks quality studio/1-bedrooms? Although, I think I’ve found a great one in Chiswick, fingers crossed.

Back onto the DIY – I’m sorry this is for those with knitting experience – but I think this could be a good opportunity to learn, what with winter coming up and all, don’t you think? This project requires absolutely no extra knitting skills, just the basic knits & purls. Refer to this Youtube channel to learn the basics & other tips. (Also, Ravelry is a great knitting community where you can get all kinds of help and share your knitting projects.)

Hope that stirs your ideatank for more shoulder decoration DIY ;)