I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Victim top, 10mm knitting needles, kid mohair (50%+) yarn in any colour (Rowan has great yarn range called Kidsilk Haze perfect for soemthing like this albeit slightly pricey. Another option is to ebay for mohair) , thread matching yarn colour, needle, measuring tape.

Measure from the collarbone area to shoulder blade with a measuring tape. This is the size of the ‘wing’ that will sit on your shoulders.

The knitting:
Cast on 44sts. (If you’re an experienced knitter, you could always do a tension swatch and calculate how long you need it to be)

1st row: Knit (K) entire row
2nd row: Purl (P) entire row
3rd row: K2tog, K to end, k2tog last 2 sts.
4th row: P2tog, P to end, p2tog last 2 sts.
5-last row: repeat 3-4 until work finishes in a triangle.

Repeat again for 2 triangles

Stretch & straighten work near first few rows and adjust to make a perfect triangle.

Pin and secure knitting onto top of choice and using a needle & thread sew. (Sew into or close to neckline, where the fabric is slightly thicker)

Optional finishing touches: Attach additional decoration – studs, chains, sequins…anything!

Top – FCUK, Jeans – H&M, Necklace – Polish antique market

Sorry for disappearing like that for 6 days, I’ve relocated to London and so far the only recordworthy thoughts are: I would rather live in a cave or a treehouse than this craphole and That’s not a kitchen, it’s a cupboard. I’ve been househunting for the past few days, and who knew London seriously lacks quality studio/1-bedrooms? Although, I think I’ve found a great one in Chiswick, fingers crossed.

Back onto the DIY – I’m sorry this is for those with knitting experience – but I think this could be a good opportunity to learn, what with winter coming up and all, don’t you think? This project requires absolutely no extra knitting skills, just the basic knits & purls. Refer to this Youtube channel to learn the basics & other tips. (Also, Ravelry is a great knitting community where you can get all kinds of help and share your knitting projects.)

Hope that stirs your ideatank for more shoulder decoration DIY ;)

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  1. This might be good incentive to learn to knit… good to have you back!


  2. Thank for this :) Good to have you back, sweetheart!

  3. I love the diy!

  4. good to have you back! i’m moving out to a teeny tiny room too :/, it sucks but guess i just have to boggle google for deco inspiration.

    i think i might learn to knit just coz of this tutorial, i want to fly too! :)

  5. such a cool idea! knitting sounds like the perfect summer holiday project :)


  6. oh no…I don’t know how to knit. T__T it’s ok, this project turned out great for you!

  7. It’s such an awesome idea, I love it! I don’t knit, but it seems like a pretty good project for my dear mom.


  8. so beautiful! great DIY!

  9. wow. thats an awesome idea.
    tricky but you make it look so easy

  10. agatiszka

    Great idea!!

  11. just wow! simple and lovely idea! and like always good photos ;-))
    -greatings from Poland!

  12. greetings I mean;-)

  13. flowerfield

    I love this DIY so so much! All your DIY’s are amazing!

    I agree with everything you’ve said about hunting for a place in London! I ended up finding a place in Chiswick too. Good luck!

  14. Thanks for that lovely idea!

  15. really nice diy!

  16. awesome DIY as usual!

  17. Love your DIYs!!

  18. Very nice, you’re so handy :)

  19. Great idea Shini, I think I may just attempt this, thanks for the inspiration.

  20. I love this idea! Maybe I’ll wipe the dust off my knitting box and get back to knitting : )

  21. love it !!!! a beautiful inspiration !!! i’m gonna steal your idea.

  22. You always have the most beautiful photographs. They are always so warm and soulful x

  23. OH my…I love it! must try it too! you are really skilled

  24. evie

    very pretty!!!!!too bad i only know how to crochet not knit..T_T but you make me feel like learning knitting! haha

  25. Wow great DIY!

  26. I might have to try a crochet version.

  27. Looks lovely!

  28. This is lovely !

  29. wow, this is something new, i’m impressed, very nice!

    watching the waves

  30. ok ok… i’ll try knitting this year!

  31. P.S. I really hope you find a nice place to live soon! God has it all under control :)

  32. He surely does, I think he went before me and got me a place already. Quite stupid of me to try looking for them myself… :P Thanks so much <3

  33. Wow that’s gorgeous, i’ve been knitting in a while but they don’t sell Rowan yarn’s :(
    Btw what camera do you use?

  34. I use a Canon EOS 400D! You could use other yarns other than Rowans. I don’t use Rowan because they’re too expensive but they’re the most accessible I suppose. Look for any kid mohair yarn in your craftstore!

  35. i love your photographs. <3
    and i cant knit for shit!
    & i think you have the best blog layout/theme i've ever seen. loves it.

  36. This is amazing – you’re pretty much my hero.

  37. i swear you are the queen of DIY!

  38. ingenious DIY and ways of naming stuff. hope He delivers the desires of your heart :)

  39. This makes me wish I could knit.

    Amazing second to the last and last photo. It looks like they straight out of a magazine editorial.
    Do you shoot your pictures yourself with a tripod or does someone take pictures of you?

    Your DIYs are so inspiring.

  40. All my DIYs are taken, rather arduously with a tripod and a remote except this summer I forgot the remote (FAIL…) Thanks so much though.

  41. wow))
    nice idea!!!=))
    lovely outfit)


  42. love it! But i’m not able to knit :(

  43. I have to wonder what you are you doing in Graphic Design?! You’re amazing at creating the coolest must have DIY pieces!

  44. gorgeous!!

  45. You are brilliant.

    Love Grace.

  46. amazing! you are so talented & inspiring

  47. I lost you by the second step of the DIY. Lol. Still, it looks perfect and I’ll just have to admire it on you :)

    Hope all is going well for you in London. G’luck with the house hunting.

    Have a fab weekend


  48. S

    You’re truely inspirational!


  49. I read alot of blogs but I have to say your DIY is one of the best I have seen in a very long time. Very pretty, keep up the good work, ill keep checking in to see the next installment! :))

  50. lovely!

  51. sooo maazing. this is the best DIY i have seen in a while
    i love how you show up exactly what you did

  52. Pretty cute idea and beautiful photography.

  53. this diy is so beautiful.
    i love your last photo!

    and good luck with housing :)


  54. I’m in love the last photo….

  55. That is so beautiful! I wish I could knit!.x

  56. Hi!! I like so much your blog!! good ideas!!
    Kisses from Spain.

  57. u are so cool and so amazing with ur hands! I love ur natural beauty!!

  58. you are so talented!… i linked you ;)
    Kisses, great work!

  59. so great good job

  60. i think i personally would not wear it like this, but i really love this way of knitting. i hope to find the time to learn it soon.

    anyways, i always like your DIYs very much!

  61. actually unreal! well done! x

  62. great idea for a diy.

    check out leblogdegleopatra.blogspot.com!

  63. Helen

    stumbled upon here not long ago, and i’m loving it!!! your ideas are so unique and beautiful and practical, and photography is LOVELY!!

    i know that you’ve mentioned you use 400D, may I know what lens you typically use? And your lighting is always just perfect!!!!

    good luck in finding a place :)

    and thanks!

  64. Owh thank you! I have a few lenses that I jump around, most of these in this particular tutorial were taken with my old canon lens 35-70mm, 1:3.5 – 4.5, but I usually use 50mm f1.8!

  65. good luck on the move!

  66. ALWAYS love your diy and your pictures post! Update more!! ^^

  67. I love this! I’m thinking of using scrap material for the wings :-)

  68. Love it!

  69. Wow! That’s pretty amazing! I’d be tempted to try but last time I attempted to knit something my poor snowman had huge holes in him and the teacher decided he was a lost cause. i’m still traumatised by the fact that the boys in the class could knit better than me (I was about 9) but maybe just maybe this would be worth learning for!

  70. Wow I love your DIY ! It looks so great !

    I love your blog !

  71. stunning!

  72. melissandre

    just for you to know: a little french girl is going to copy (well is TRYING) your wonderful work. this is really beautiful.

  73. I love it! Thank you for the inspiration. I am currently infatuated with shoulder decor and always looking for great ideas.

  74. Camille

    Just beautiful !

  75. Sunny

    Where do you buy mohair yarn in stores?

  76. this is amazing!
    i know nothing about knitting so, could you do this with 8mm knitting needles?

  77. You could definitely do it with 8mm knitting needles but the holes will be much bigger! I suggest you do about 1.5x less stitches – so instead of 44, do 30 (divided by 1.5)
    Let me know if you need any help later!

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  79. Super, will have something to do this weekend

    Inka from RITMS