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Scarf Wrap- Urban Outfitters, Pants, Shoes – Zara, Belt – Vintage, Bag – Gmarket, DIY Shoulderpads

I was so generously gifted a chance to waddle across the channel in a train to Paris that left last Saturday morning, courtesy of We Are Social and Eurostar. I’d been in Poland when the 12-blogger Paris haul happened in July and contemplated flying in for the trip but sense punched me at the right time and I kindly declined. Well, who knew a pair of tickets were available for when I returned to London!?

Ellen and I did a quick wikitravel plan, (look at you glaring with those judgemental eyes) and took note of 5 places to visit including a flea market and the catacombs. I know, all we wanted to see was a good market and piles of skulls. We like skulls. The train was amazing, the breakfast rather phenomenal, and after a short nap I got popular all of a sudden on my phone and got all those welcome to France from T-Mobile text messages. Oh this popularity.

After a FAIL session of trying to rent a bike near Hôtel de Ville, we decided to take the Velib (Paris city bikes) and headed towards the Catacombs. Let me do the rest in bulletpoints as they’re mostly FAILs anyway:

  • Got lost on bikes going south, ‘parallel’ so nonexistant in Paris.
  • Arrived near catacombs, our first destination, 4 hours after arrival in Paris… fail.
  • Wandered in circles around and around catacombs for half an hour, not being able to find the entrance.
  • Stopped at PAUL’s (YES, the bakery we also have in London…Paris pastry experience fail) and had a quick munch.
  • Found entrance to catacombs and found it closed.
  • Head off to second destination, get lost EVERYWHERE.
  • Try for third destination, LOST AGAIN.

Hey, it’s not like we didn’t have a map, or navigating brainpower. Several times we’d missed left turns because we couldn’t brave going through the intersection with traffic.

In the end we got back to the train station – having lost eachother while entering the train station, not having eaten ANY French pastry, or seen the eiffel tower… but I must say, I had the greatest time getting lost on the bike and seeing all the streets in Paris that I would never have seen if we were attached to a tour programme. In my opinion it’s the ideal way to tour Paris – given that you’re not a road-wuss like us.

So go ahead, take a Paris bike break.

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  1. daniella

    i was in paris for the whole summer and got lost every single day i was there; every thing i happened to find was because i ‘stubled’ upon it!

    don’t worry: after two months living there, i had more fails than accomplishments. that’s the fun of it.. i guess!

  2. hey daniella, did you stumble upon any markets with great vintage pieces or market with great handbags. I am here in Paris, and not yet the find the perfect market.

  3. Ah! the art of getting lost :p
    That happened to me the on my last trip too.

    i hope you had fun, though..
    Your pictures, as always, is dead gorgeous! i love the tones very much :)

  4. Colorlynn

    It seems a funny trip! Goode luck to you.

  5. have fun in paris!!

    your shoes are cool by the way!


  6. Love your pictures! While I was in Paris, I rarely ate a good meal…I mean, I ate EVERYTHING that the tour pre-ordered because I was hungry but nothing was really that great. The yogurt I got at the Mercure Hotel even gave me indigestion.

    It’s SO easy to get lost in Paris…and I still don’t understand how people drive in those tiny roads over there (same for London heh) but hopefully your trip was still kind of fun.

  7. baśka

    Paryż to najpiękniejsze miejsce, do którego chcę pojechać, zazdroszczę :)

  8. LOVE THE PICTURES SHINI! ;) sounds like a super fun trip to me. i think it’s ok to get lost in paris with your bestfriend!

  9. I always love your picture, every single shot was quite beautiful. Your picture is really clean and nice to see it. Mmmmh, maybe someday I’ll go to Paris and enjoy a good food at there :)

  10. just wondering what settings you use on your camera! your images are all so bright, with no noise at all. i have a dslr so there’s no need to dumb it down :) thanks!

  11. Owh but it differs for practically every shot! Depending on the light availability, distance, colour of subject, size of subject I’ll lower or raise the ISO or Fstops to match…

  12. love your pics =)

  13. I loved their Velebs, MM not so much after riding straight into an open cardoor haha. As for the outfit, MM and I purred all over your ‘hiking’ boots as we like to call them, in Zara a while back… amazig. Also, just tried the shoulder pad DIY thing although I think you won. :-)

    PP x

  14. ur shoes are lovely!!!

  15. Oh I wish I could have gone to Paris this year as well.
    I am in Germany now for 3 months before I go abroad again for studying, and I really wanted to go to Paris, London, Stockholm, Barcelona and Amsterdam…I couldn’t manage to go anywhere out of Germany. But you seem to have a great time in Paris despite getting lost on your bike. That’s so awesome!

  16. wonderful pics!
    and I LOVE this zara boots! I saw them weeks ago, but when I go back to the store again, I didn’t saw them anymore :(

  17. lovely pics and j’adore Paris, i live there.
    The zara boots are so hype and the neutral look is powerful.

  18. Lovee your shoes and your shawl is also amazing. Sounds like not the most successful afternoon but having fun is all that matters! The catacombs freaked me out a bit anyways haha. xox

  19. i always get embarassed when i pretend those texts are from friends and then everyone on the train gets them too… taught me a lesson. i LOVE those zara shoes! i cant seem to find them anywhere anymore. <3 C

  20. Oh you were in my beloved Paris! Too bad you couldn’t see what you wanted, but getting lost on a velib is certainly the best way to discover a city… all the beautiful streets you wouldn’t have seen if you hadn’t!
    I’ll try to do that next time i’ll be in London …

  21. love the photos! So amazing!
    great blog

    check out- thesocialcode.tumblr.com

  22. Lucky girl to go to Paris, hope you had a wonderful time despite getting lost!

    Lola Re

  23. tuulia

    this is a really weird question but have you lived in warsaw? ive only been following your blog for a while now, and i dont if youve answered my question before, but you look very very familiar ! is it possible that you’ve been going to ASW?

  24. Heya, yeees I graduated ASW, class of 06! And whoo are you?

  25. im pretty sure you dont know me since i’m alot younger than you (i’m 17 right now) =) i think i recognize you from the high school rock band!
    what a coincidence really!

  26. You graduated from ASW?? I went to ASW!! Granted..this was in 2nd and 3rd grade and I’m now 19 so yea. But still…aside from the people I knew when I was there I have yet to meet anyone else who went to ASW. Cool.

  27. Oh Paris! Even when you get lost on a trip, you still get to see so much!

  28. Oy. I would love to take a Paris bike break. You’re so lucky that you’re right across the pond.
    Lovely photos.


  29. Oh man, I am a TOTAL Bike Wuss. Minneapolis is a HUGE biking city, and just cannot get myself to bike more than a couple of blocks, for fear of cars hitting me in the intersection! And it must have been much much worse in Paris with all of the squiggly streets! I feel your pain, Shini. Although I am glad you had a good time anyways!

    I sort of love it when trips dont go the way you planned.

  30. Amazing post! I love your scarf <3

  31. Oh gosh. I love Paris. And I love getting lost. So getting lost in Paris seems ideal to me right now.

  32. I really like that hippie sweater you’re wearing.

  33. You look fantastic and it sounds like it was an adventure. I’m sure you’ll get to go again and do the sights! Oh and I adore your suede shoes!

  34. I love love your blog…
    you are so creative and pretty!

  35. love your shoes

  36. Oh my goodness, you missed the free trip with us on July!!
    Beautiful photos!
    See you this Sat.

  37. So jealous that you can just hop on a train for a daytrip to Paris. It takes almost a 2/3 of day for me to get there. It too bad you got lost, but the backstreets and more “real” areas of the cities are the best part anyway.

  38. looks like you had a heck of a time! :S
    love those shoes btw, to die for!

  39. Yay I have a small trip to Paris, but I have no idea what to see yet. I can’t stand getting lost to wish me luck! Your pictures are amazing as always, and right now I’m experiencing major shoe envy.

  40. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    just wonderful. i would trade that experience for just rotting at home or surfing the net :P you’re wearing some wings here? another DIY? i didn’t check first before i wrote this. you looked great.

  41. Love the photos! And you look amazing! :)

  42. Loes

    Haha, I just came back from Paris with uni this morning and we had exactly the same trouble. The theme of our trip was ‘Dérive’… The teachers came prepared, I guess.
    Yes, wandering around for more than an hour and finding out the Catacombes are actually closed is not a nice surprise, grrr! But nonetheless I did enjoy it. :)

  43. Adorable. Just love all the posts you do, loved you ever since the boater hat!
    Then I was hooker!
    Gotta follow your blog!

  44. …oops…meant to say “hooked” not “hooker!”!!!!!

  45. the Zara shoes are really cute :)

  46. Love the white jeans. I had a pair a couple of summers ago, but I grew out of them.
    Wow, I’m so young! I grow out of things!
    It would be mine

  47. Ha, love your description of that little trip, sounds really fun ;)
    Was great to see you again today too!! I should at least take you to Paul in London for the best almond tart.. or maybe even for a REAL French pastry in South Ken if you’re lucky! xx

  48. how wonderful those photos are …. especially the one with the vibrant color scarf from urban outfitter…. xoxo

  49. Love your scarf wrap and diy shoulder pads (;

  50. The Catacombs entrance is a very creepy looking black door in the middle of the street, yet it is impossible to find. After descending, who knows, about 300 stairs underground, you’re greeted by creepiness for miles and miles (or kilometers and kilometers)!
    And PAUL’s…oh my god. My #1 F.A.V. sandwich place. Cheap and delish! Loves it!


  51. like th last photo!!!!!

  52. Sounds like a fantastic and delightful adventure! I haven’t been to Paris yet, but hopefully when I do get there, my husband and I will try for some bike touring.

    That last photo mash-up is glorious. What sort of filter/masking did you do in CS3 to get that effect? I also love your posture and facial expression. You look like you wandered out of Lovers in Paris, or something.

  53. ahhh..how much I would love to bike in Paris!


  54. great pics. love the outfit that you are wearing.

  55. great pictures as always. and always an inspiration

  56. hey there, which market were you looking for. i am here in Paris, and could really use a good market, Thank you, you are awesome

  57. That is one of my must dos!! renting a bike and just go around paris, bcn, berlin ..you name it! but ust one problem. I will need a tri-cycle!! ;P im serious gotta really learn how to ride a bike but where to start?? ;

  58. Love your pictures and Paris. I were in Paris with my husband without kids this spring. Its was awsome.

    I just brought the Zara boots Thursday. I love them!


  59. that air-plane food sent a cold shiver down my spine! but i love your woven cloak thing, the colours are divine

  60. Owh but that’s Eurostar train food!

  61. i am taking a trip to Paris this summer, and i cannot wait!, it seems so far away now.

    p.s. i think that the title is an Arrested Development allusion, but i could be wrong.
    it is my favorite show, and i recommend it to anyperson, anytime, anywhere. :)


  62. I loоооооve your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!