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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.






The Gang: The Stitched, Inspire the Starling, Blog De Tendances, LolaRe, Rachel-Catherine, The Luxe Chronicles, StyleSlicker | 3rd and 5th Photo by Foreverbetter

Seems like this happened such a long time ago, the frustration in trying to move into a studio flat with the contents of a 1-bedroom flat is probably equivalent to attending fashionweek with the left shoe on the right foot and the right shoe on the left foot and not knowing. Similar dosage of wtfatkid. So yes, fashion week. I was invited by Forever Better (Miele), along with 7 other bloggers, to Jasper Garvida (Winner of Project Catwalk Season 3) SS ’10 collection showing last Saturday.

Welcome desk girl’s crazycool jacket


Vivian from LolaRe. Great claws.







Inspired by Picasso and Velasquez, Jasper’s collection was like a fireworks festival, colour splashing with every camera flash. There was geometry, complex crochet knits, frills and mirrors; Jasper even stepped out in the end with a mirror-adorned robe, which was a perfect finish to the show with the colour-clad collection reflecting on the designer himself.

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  1. Gorgeous! I love the tights and the colourful dresses :)

  2. Merisse

    So much prettiness! May I ask, where are your friend’s spidery tights from? They are lovely.

  3. I asked her and they’re from Urban Outfitters!

  4. Love the dresses and colours!



  5. the pictures are amazing! I love the chicken feet necklace and uber cool glasses

  6. GREY definitely IS the colour of the season. Your pictures are fantastic, you give that light to everything :) Was such a nice day with you! xx

  7. Hey there lady, I met you at lfw with Jackie…. guess I should have maybe emailed you instead of commenting on here.. haha lazy me. Anyways, I live in London now so we should all meet up sometime! Ps these are lovely photos!!!

  8. Wow congrats to you! Beautiful photos.

    Love Grace.

  9. wow… the sharpness and colors of your photos are gorgeous.

  10. Lovely pictures!

  11. Cobweb tights/ turn-down boots combo girl= magic. As for jasper, I adore him and his eccentricity… this collection not so much.

    Amazing pictures.

    PP x

  12. hahaha I look like a gangster :)


  13. The colors in these are very inspirational. I especially like the green dress, reminds me of a fish off the Great Barrier Reef. Frills=fins and mirrors=scales. You look the coolest there too! hehe. Trust you are swell and fighting the good fight.
    P.S let me know when you touchdown and ill send you the illustrations. ;)

  14. Oh are you going to Sparks Fashion Show event this Thurs?

    K xxx

  15. Yay!!! I need to battle through my cluttered wardrobe and find ‘the one’ dress :S
    I see you this Thurs then :)

  16. i love the idea of the platforms

  17. Love the colours of the dresses and ur photos.


  18. Hope you’re well Shiniii, I really like the pic of me, for once! :P I’m going on Thurs, see u therrrrrre. How do you do your pop-out photos? Looks so swish! Lola Re xoxox

  19. I decided I looked like a witch (black maxi + long hair) so put up my happy face instead! :-)
    It was great meeting you too, the urban myth about the ‘nice blogger’ is actually true.

    Btw, purple tights girls is rocking some mmeeaann shades!

    PP x

  20. The sharpness and very clean colour of your photos, FASCINATION :)

  21. amazing black tights, they look like cobwebs in the most fantastical gothic and sexy way.

  22. amazing black tights, they look like cobwebs in the most fantastical gothic and sexy way.

  23. Clarisse

    The third photo is really gorgeous. You just have very good tast in clothes, you and your friends (?)
    Also, the titghts are really nice! Your pics are just great !
    Keep going like this! xx

  24. The girl in the 2nd photograph’s sunglasses are siiiiiiiick!

  25. Raze

    Are those Emma Cook wedges on your feet, or am i mistaken?

    Love you blog,

    Raze Kusanagi.

  26. Sharp eye! those are indeeeedy Emma Cook wedges on my feet :D

  27. Lucky girl! Looks like it was a beautiful collection.


  28. great photos, love the collection and the powerful style of some girls

  29. Angela

    may I know where is the top of the girl in cobweb tights from? So nice!

  30. They’re from Urban Outfitters!

  31. these are amazing! those SHOULDERS! and i lovee project catwalk x

  32. Great pictures! Love the clothes

  33. the shoes on the 2nd picture are truly amazing !

  34. YOU HAVE A RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME BLOG. So happy I stumbled across you. Keep it up!

  35. Sarah

    I am in love with your friends turn down boots.
    Would it be possible for you to ask her who they’re by?

  36. Ah they say they’re from http://www.nowhere333.com/, a Korean online shop. It doesn’t look like they do international delivery which is a pity since I found out after bookmarking one too many items…

  37. Awww so sad.
    Thanks for sharing though!
    If I decide I want them,maybe my friend in Korea will ship them over

  38. I can see my feet!!

  39. Miya

    I love your cardigan. Mmmm so cute -where is it from?

  40. Arh it’s from Geiger! Such an old brand really, Austrian. It was my mother’s :)

  41. gah. that one trumps even the ‘it’s vintage’ response!

  42. Absolutely beautiful, the tights are perfect :)