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Some of my favourite items from Oh Leoluca Vintage Etsy Store

I remember how just over a year ago everyone treated vintage holier than new clothes and rushed off to local charity stores or antique markets to score a ‘unique’ piece. Our mothers’ wardrobes suffered sudden attention and lost significant weight as the meat got distributed to our own closets. “It’s vintage” used to be quite a defensive yet powerful answer to a where did you get your ____ from question because you really meant hah, you won’t ever find anything like this. But now it’s ubiquitous. Ironically, highstreet stores have even started to manufacture new clothes in the shape of the vintage clothes, and what do we see in the streets? Teenage mutant grandmothers.

Nowadays it’s hard to find a one-of-a-kind piece without having to go through piles of clothes that were mass manufactured years ago as a part of trend then. It’s like this – say if there was another vintage boom in 2040, youngsters would be wearing the now-mass produced leggings + shirt + chanel-quilted bag look and be thinking it’s something unique. (Ironically the leggings and quilted bag is also a vintage-inspired trend for us…)

This is why I wanted to introduce a few of my favourite vintage stores over a few posts, as it is rare now to come across a vintage store with good taste and freshness. OhLeoLuca is my first victim – run by Teresa from Berlin, her etsy-based store is a breath of fresh air considering everything she sells is vintage. The pieces aren’t necessarily unique or strictly compatible with current trends, but they edge closer to classic and timeless, something that I value highly in vintage clothes.

And of course, aside the stuff she sells, Teresa is also quite simply a cool cat.

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  1. Teenage mutant grandmothers. hee hee :P

  2. I love vintage! Too bad I’m broke right now… sigh.


  3. hahahhahahah teenage mutant grandmothers, i was literally laughing out loud for awhile. thanks :)
    and yes it’s pretty sad that we look like that at times. neon leggings, crop tops, vtg chanel bag, ankle booties will soooo be the new vintage in a decade or so HAHA

  4. the wooden flooring and white bed is so drop dead gorgeous…

  5. great stuffs!! I’m in love with the wool sweater!

  6. was just reading your DIY knitted wings post (completely out of my depth as i can hardly sew in a straight line but at least i can vicariously get the satisfaction of seeing what the final product looks like from your pictures) and i saw that you’re flat hunting and have found somewhere you like in…. chiswick?! which is a coincidence because i will be living at home this year during my masters course… in chiswick. yup – i am a w4 girl born and bred. bizarre! anyway, hope you find a suitable place to stay xxx

  7. i LOVE Terry’s look and style. i guess vintage is just a convenient excuse laymen use? i used to feel like a fraud when i used the term. but for the sake fo easier communication, i use it anyway.

  8. I love all of it!

  9. I love all of these pieces especially the white sweater in the second picture and the peach coat. I can’t wait till it gets cold so I can start layering

  10. how interesting, i just did a post on why to shop vintage. i looks like we’re looking at the same issue from a bit of a different angle, which is AWESOME! i will definitely be checking out the shops you recommend.

  11. some lovely things there. ideal.

  12. reena

    but the thing is she doesn’t sell only vintage in her shop. she has a lot of contemporary clothing in her shop and she really shouldn’t. i love her sense wearing clothing and she styles very well. (she should be a model, too! ) but i hope she sells only vintage or people might get confused what they are buying.

  13. The green hooded dress is lovely.

    And i love the girl’s hair, this kind of cut would suit you perfectly, i guess. :)

  14. all so true. although im am partial to a checked shirt haha

    sometimes its not about finding something unique.. like people say its what you pair it with that makes an interesting outfit

  15. Whoa, I was just leaving a comment on her flickr and thinking of writing something on my blog about her too!

  16. naturally im intesnsely drawn to the leopard scarf…im loooving that neon green poncho tho too- fun, fun, fun!

  17. Love this site, sooo glad you did a post on it! That sweater looks so ultra comfy, all of their stuff is so rad.

  18. wow, I just used the word “so” about eight million times in that comment. ahh, it’s been a long day…

  19. M

    Great post. I’ve never analyzed it that way.

  20. Yeah I hear you on the whole ‘vintage supertrend’ that hit a few years ago. It’s sort of still going on with us boys-just companies are literally remaking the old clothes and selling them at quadruple the original prices-I still fall for it sometimes…

  21. I’ve even stopped using the word “vintage” now. I just call them “old”.

  22. Yeah I completely agree with you on the whole vintage thing, especially r.e. the chain stores! I’m sure the point in recycling old clothes is to reduce the amount of material waste as well as $$$ but the irony in mass-produced, ‘new’ vintage kills me. I guess we all try to be unique in some way, and apparently looking young and dressing old is the cool thing these days haha. Ah, too much babbling! I’d just like to finish off my commenting on how lovely your blog is. So squeaky clean with such lovely design! :)

  23. I would wear everything pictured here.

  24. Hi Shini! It was great to meet you last week, you are hilarious :P Hope you’ve had a good London Fashion Week, and we should definitely get some yummy Korean food at some point. :)

    Lola Re xoxoxo

  25. Marzy mi się powrót do mody z XIXw… to byłby dopiero vintage.

  26. thats a good point. now lots of clothing stores sell fake vintage looking pieces for double the cost of an original vintage piece. like urban outfitters, and anthropology. great stores. but a tad bit expensive esp on my student budget.
    really liking your blog, btw :)

  27. i really like that coat in the second picture. and i definitely agree with you


  28. ah so true, its quite sad!a vintage store has just opened up near my work in belfast and it charges an absolute fortune for pieces that are sort of ‘meh’ just because they’re aparently vintage. i still love the excitement of finding something in a charity shop, its the same felling funnily enough that you get when you find something on etsy!
    i just found thee perfect boots and handbag on etsy (check my blog out) and a few weeks ago the most beautiful pair of sun glasses for £9!!
    my favourite seller; http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5978274
    (thepuddingstore vintage)

    miss woo from cheapskate cheap just posted a fantastic etsy find too!

    its funny though im always terrified that etsy will get so popular for vintage like ebay it’ll drive the prices up!

  29. hi shini, i’ve added your marvelous blog to my link list, hope thats ok!

  30. oh thank you very much!
    i’m a big fan of your blog (diys in particular), so i’d be very flattered to be added to it!

  31. oh yeah, and it is a fringe jacket, made from this amazing soft black suede, i love it.

  32. Just prior to you posting this, I’d been browsing her etsy site. Love it. To bits. And she is a damn cool cat….aaahhhh.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well with you :)

  33. i love the cardigan!! soo cute :)
    i want one of those :(

    your blog is really cool, i love the DIY category.

    kisses cute girl