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Graeme Armour



Sculptural leather bags by Richard Emden


Leatherworks by Joanna Vanderpuije



Brilliant playfulness by Yang-Du



Classics by Eugene Lin


Jayne Pierson


Genius fold structures by Tour de Force



Rachel Freire



Alice Lee



Leather wonders by Beekay


For me, these are the true delights of London Fashion Week; alternative designers fresh graduating or simply sticking to doing what they love, away from the commercial high road. After the Jasper Garvida fashion show we had a chance to look around the On|Off exhibitions of more designers; by the time I did one round, I felt compelled to do another round, there was so much to digest. The designers were all present (more than half of them CSM graduates), perked on a stool, and when prompted sang of their inspirations and stories behind the collections.

Do check out the websites of these above that have links, some collections are simply mind-blowing. Oh what eyecandy.

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  1. i love those pieces by yan du. the hippo has my heart!

  2. love this entire post <3


  3. Gosh! Loving those animal tees and the shell pinky-ness. Xxxc

  4. so many lovely things. must have been very inspiring to be there. joanna and lang’s pieces are giving me the biggest smiles!

  5. THe second to last picture, of the sleeveless top which sort of reminds me of a carpet…I would totally wear that! It’s lovely!

  6. Oh WOW! Seriously, you are making me SO jealous that we don’t have this kind of art where I live. Everything is simply divine and I am dying to go to London just for this event!

    Great Post! I will make sure to check out all of the links!

  7. Each piece is unique and brilliantly crafted. Fashion as art for sure…

  8. those sheer tops are so sexy.. I love them!!

  9. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    great shots of their work, girl. thanks for sharing these. unique indeed.

  10. omg the nude dress … i think i could die right now ! lol

  11. Hi, I love the first bag! It’s Gorgeous! Thanx xxx

  12. great, great photos. always such high detail high res! love.

  13. what beautiful collections and your photography is too

  14. Hi thanx for your comment on my blog :D and thanx for the advice. Muchly appreciated and i have now changed my font colour. Thank you for the luck! Lookin forward to a new post!

  15. that golden zippered jacket looks a bit like a banana upon closer viewing, but like the true big kid that i am, my favorite might to be those rainbow bright carttonish animal dresses. love.

  16. quite possibly the best showroom covereage i’ve seen… beautiful pictures.

  17. hello,
    please check out the music video showcasing the s/s 2010 collection for my line graey: http://tinyurl.com/graeyss10

  18. those bags are totally amazing! they look like body parts

  19. Oh wow! It has eyelashes :D

  20. Shini your pictures are always so professional ‘lookbook’ looking. Love the Yang-Du kaftan.

    PP x

  21. i am blown away. Absolutely lovely.

  22. The peel away/zip gold jacket is sick!!


  23. i am in fuckin love with almost every single outfit and i also love that little richard scarrys adventure hippopotamus on one of thoose dresses! fuck, that’s great /zed

  24. um wow… can i just say that i am in love
    these london designers really have some amazing stuff
    quite fascinating!

    found you on bloglovin’ and i am really enjoying you blog! keep it coming!
    hope you are enjoying your week thus far!

  25. It was such an inspirational exhibition space…I spent far longer than anticipated in there! What camera do you have? Those pictures are mind-blowing…after my burglary I have an excuse to get a new one ;)

  26. That blue draped shirt by Eugene is too good. and uhh that origami dress by Tour de Force is AMAZINGGGGGG. that’s talent you can’t dismiss, eh?

  27. I literally gasped at every single one of your pictures! I love the pink dress that has weaved layer on the bodice.

    I am epically jealous of your great photography skills.

    Anyways I hope your doing well, sorry I haven’t commented on your blog lately!

    x Natalie

  28. I’m new to your blog, but you just jumped right into the middle of my favorites! This is amazing!

    juliet xxx

  29. beautiful pictures…loves it

  30. Truely amazing!

  31. LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS POST. i love getting a glimpse into the works of new and emerging talent! tour de force- amazing amazing!!!! thank you so much for sharing!

    i just started a fashion blog! hope you come by and visit!


    (btw- i love boys over flowers too! lee minho..what a cutie!)

  32. I love the tops! IS there anywhere I can find the cartoonish tops and that purple dress?! Ah-May-Zing!

  33. I’m sure I would have absolutely nowhere to wear it, but I’m fully smitten with that Lotus Headpiece. It’s absolutely gorgeous! :)

  34. That sheer poncho/top on the wire hanger is intriguingly gorgeous!
    Fantastic photography too

  35. Sara

    Wow I love Jayne Pierson’s leather boots, so complicated and intricate, must have taken ages to design and make. Would love to see more of more stuff by Jayne Pierson !!!!!!!!!! Do you have more images?

  36. Lucy

    Where can you buy Jayne Pierson’s boots?? Sara said Matches, Ledbury Road, London…is that right? Where can I see the rest of the collection? The clothes look amazing! ;)

  37. […] Wait, that didn’t come out right. The first time I saw Eugene Lin‘s work was on my first ever trip to Fashion Week, and even then he had violated classics into a twisted, yet subdued […]