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Maciej Zień boutique , ul. Mokotowska 57

Not sure what kind of courage beverage I drank in the morning before my breakfast Red Bull but A and I were walking by the Maciej Zień boutique and I caught myself climbing the steps. Usually with my chronic case of boutique-phobia I either need to pick a nail or ten outside the doors before mustering up the courage to push through the heavy doors, or hire a guide dog and a long stick… (This being the reason I’ve never been inside a Chanel boutique, as ironic as that sounds) I guess I know that I don’t belong when my two-month rent is hanging from hangers. Well, if we’re using that conversion method then I guess this boutique is real-estate bonanza. Zień is famous for dressing Polish celebrities; his designs exude an understated elegance, mostly expressed in the choice of fabric and draping methods. Frankly though, I’m a little puzzled by the haute pricing considering how young and domestic the brand is, but who am I to judge?

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  1. OMFG you look amazing in a little oyster-white number. I must check out the boutique if I (and Jen) visit Warsaw.

  2. i’ve found that boutiques intimidate me only when the staff tries to make contact with me. i suppose pretty woman forever tainted the image of boutique workers as haughty!
    the pictures are wonderful, i’m happy you decided to go in ;)

  3. Sooooo jealous of your skillz! Gorgeous photos. And you look absolutely lovely in that floaty dress. Glad you decided to go in and take a peek (and doubly glad you shared!).

  4. SHINI. you are suppppppppppppppper pretty in that dress! love it paired with the casual black belt. YAY GO SHINI!!!



  6. love these pieces. so intricately gorgeous.


  7. al

    oooooooh I would totally absolutely get married in one of those dresses from the last image

  8. wow.. that dress is superb on you! Lovely pics :)

  9. Martina

    your blog is one of my ultimate favorite go-to’s whenever i see a new post. You look stunning in anything you wear, especially this dress in the photo above. Thank you for all that you in this blog!

  10. their pieces look amazing!

  11. Rachel K.

    So pretty! :) I have boutique-phobia too. You put it so well; rent/real estate on hangers. I could never justify that amount of wastage. :0 Never been in any except for Hermes once because my mum went in. I had to have my poker face on whenever I caught sight of the price tags…

  12. Hi there! Your pictures are amazing, bringing all the details to attention. Love your blog! Did u get that pretty dress in the end :)

  13. Hahaaa I wish! It was £1200 and one of the more ‘cheaper’ ones. The rest were leaning closer to £2000…bit ridiculous actually. Thank you though!

  14. Cat

    The gradually shortening layers on that red dress are stunning! They really work with the natural raw edge of the fabric instead of against it…I love the idea. Zien seems to do an amazing job layering and draping such light and delicate fabrics…I guess Polish celebs have better taste than American ones, hah.

    I stopped by the Chanel boutique in Paris last summer. There were three girls outside who were proudly photographing themselves with their shopping bags. I was so envious! The store was quite congested inside, but nobody was snobby to me there. I only had a bad experience at Miu Miu, where a) the employees stared at me upon entrance but refused to greet me verbally and b) one saleslady started making fun of me with my aunt for being a ‘tourist’ when actually, the intent of my trip was never to tour Paris, but to take fashion design classes in another city. I think I’m fine with going into boutiques because I don’t care enough what the workers think about me, but it was really rude and unprofessional for that saleslady to throw her perception of me into my face.

    It’s very nice to hear you’re not a haughty boutique-frequenter, in any case. This is why I love your blog!
    xo, Cat

  15. I am glad it is not just me who is completely intimidated by some shops. This looks amazing and the dress you have tried looks so pretty. I am intrigued though as to why you are puzzled by the pricing. Please tell me it is amazingly cheap, I am guessing not though!

  16. Hah, absolutely not, that dress I tried on, which was one of the more simpler, day-time ones, was £1200! I really didn’t understand because the brand has almost no experience abroad and it’s just within Poland that it’s huge… so I didn’t understand the pricing ;)

  17. Well Zien’s brand may be quite young but he is like number one for our little stars. So taht’s a reason for those crazy prices.
    I am not into his work – much to much glam for me. Of course some collection and pieces are more simple, playing with texture (like layers in dresses here) but most of the times it is bling-bling work, not the best taste imo.

  18. I’m just confuzzled more the fact that the brand has almost no experience outside Poland (almost no recognition yet in world market, London NY, Hollywood…etc ) and the prices are that high. But I guess it’s a publicity price, a celebrity designer thing!

  19. On one word : BEAUTIFUL

  20. Shini…that is just absolutely STUNNING!!!! The dress is beautiful, you look so lovely wearing it and the pictures are fantastic!

  21. I think that the designer had done an amazing work. I loved all the clothes!

  22. These are so amazing! I was about to say ‘especially THESE pieces’ then realised you might not appreciate a run down of every piece you took a photo of…

    Expensive though :/ I guess a girl can dream.

    You look exceptional in the dress you’ve tried on, I also really like it with the black belt.


  23. OMG these dresses are amazing! and i loove that necklace. also, you look stunning in that dress ladyy

  24. I love the dress you’re wearing.and the blue+tule dress too.

  25. klaudia

    Polak potrafi!

  26. I’ve been looking for a graduation dress and these look so perfect… And even though I don’t pay any rent where I’m living right now (mwahaha) I still couldn’t justify spending that amount on a dress. I guess its off to Dorothy Perkins or somewhere equally high-street with my behind!

    Any tips for making something very very cheap and badly made look expensive and classy?


  27. Wear with utter confidence and stride! And tasteful accessorizing but I’m sure you can manage that ;) I think posture also really counts…. wow what am I, princess lesson lecturer?

  28. ahh lovely tulle layers on everything… i NEED!!!
    it looks all so beautiful!

    january, x

  29. oh my god. the backs of the dresses…with the netting..i’m in looove! and the layering! so so beautiful!

    annah xx


  30. ah..those dresses are beautiful..and i especially love the one on you….
    haha..and its not exactly a surprise to know about the haute pricing..though…!!

  31. kim

    i love your blog

  32. I’m in love. The dresses are so elegant and so beautiful. Wow, I am kind of in a shock right here.
    If I ever get maried I am getting married in that red dress. Ah fantastique, fantastisk.

  33. The atmosphere of the boutique and its dresses tell me it’s really really expensive…
    All the dresses you singled out look gorgeous!

    You look so pretty and elegant :) I like your dress!

    Visit Me @ puddingberry.blogspot.com

  34. wow, the dresses are beautiful (so delicate) – and your pictures of the dresses are even better! you look so pretty in that white/beige/nude nothingness!

    i know exactly what you mean: i often also don’t feel comfortable entering one of those boutiques. especially when the store is empty and all the bored sales assistants look out of the window and at you with that “omg – this creature is not really planning to enter in here, is she???” look. but what i also discovered is, that especially those high-end designer stores (especially prada and chanel) often have such a well trained staff, they really make you feel welcome.

  35. wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! i am in love with these photos and the way you arranged them. the colors, the shapes and different angles. your blog is just so effortless classy and tasteful. i just love it!


  36. Lovely photos, as always! And I echo everyone who’s commented before me — you look amazing in that dress! Love that you paired it with a simple black belt.

    I feel the same way toward boutiques. (Well, high-end boutiques, anyway.) There’s something about the way they’re set up inside — the clean, white lighting; the gleaming floors; the sparsely-stocked racks of beautiful clothes — that intimidates me like crazy.

  37. wow, all those dresses look incredibly well-made! Looking for a wedding dress, I wonder? ;)

  38. seriously like an art gallery! such beautiful detail, prints, silhouettes, sigh…

  39. I love your photography (this store looks wonderful btw) and the layout of your blog, it’s the best blog design I think I’ve seen, very user friendly and clean but not cold.

    I wish I could afford to hire you!

  40. Boutiques are intimidating… especially when you KNOW that you can’t even afford the hangers the clothes hang on. The dress looks lovely on you, though.


  41. Lucy

    WOW! Your lookes stunning in that dress Shini ;D
    Absolutely gorgeous photos :)

  42. absolutely gorgeous!! and you look like pure perfection in that dress!

  43. Ugh, I have the same apprehensions about boutiques – although for some reason I get especially brave about them when I’m in a different city. I’ve never entered a true Chanel boutique either – just one inside of a department store (which did not ease my fears as the sales associates merely looked at me & then ignored me completely).

    nonetheless, this Zien boutique has some gorgeous pieces!

  44. I love how you pair up that dress with the black belt! All the clothes looks wonderful, must check it out. You have a lovely blog.


  45. I look beuatiful, I love dhe dresses. Especially the one you’re wearing…it fits you perfect!

  46. I just couldn’t agree more with you about the haute price for such a young brand. It happens in my country as well. But I think we should consider with the worker’s cost, etc etc. In the end, who am I to judge?

  47. Gorgeous textures and colours.


  48. Totally swooning over these dresses! They are all so intricately detailed and unique.

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  50. looks great; really liking that red simple frock in red.

  51. OMG, (Zień’Boski) it suppose to be! I Love his collections. And I always can’t leave from impression of Yours fotos! Incredible!!!



  52. metka by traczka

    I love this one about draping and choice of fabrics. Bear in mind Zien IS the one in Poland. And common, is Poland anywhere on the fashion global map?

  53. Ewa

    He is the one of my favorite polish designer. I was wearing one of his dresses for my civil wedding in Paris. All French ladies were asking me where did i buy this beautiful dress and I could proudly say – Polish Design not French ;-)

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