I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Coat – Mum’s Laurel, Leather top – ‘vintage’ Topshop, Black Jeans – MNG, Shoes – Courtesy of Kate Kanzier, Bag – Courtesy of Patrizia Pepe, Nude nail polish – H&M

Thank you Areta for helping me with shots!

A few important notes regarding servers and giraffes:  It looks like, for the past few months, I’ve been putting on some weight on my current hosting account and managed to invade past my bandwidth, CPU and memory usage borders. This just means I’ve been blessed with you all visiting, so thank you, most important of all.

As some may have seen a few days ago, the lords of servers had to resort to shoving me in solitary confinement for crossing the line, (‘Account Suspended’), and now I’ve had to purchase a dedicated server to keep the blog afloat. (The server will cost a hefty $150 a month :( boo). I’ve already mentioned this, I will not have sideline advertisements in my blog for your viewing pleasure, but in some posts you may see this sort of thing except with me on my knees in the background grovelling for sponsors. So I just wanted to ask for a broad mind when at times you see a sponsored post or a campaign that might be slightly annoying. Don’t worry, I still have full reign over content, so none of those giveaways with follow me on twitter, facebook, bloglovin, attic, dark alley, etc etc.

UK winners for the Furla candybag have been updated in the winner post, apologies for the delay!

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  1. That is a right lovely coat what you have on your right lovely self there. Don’t worry, these things happen, I’m sure we can all be understanding grown ups about it x

  2. I really dislike seeing sponsored press release posts on every single blogs and is a pain in the arse, as long you have control over it that’s fine it’s your blog make your own rules.

  3. I think that what you are doing is noble; this is definitely one of the most impeccably designed style blogs I’ve come across, and I appreciate your unwillingness to compromise in its quality. If it’s worth anything, I actually enjoy seeing you do posts like that t-shirt for Uniqlo – you handle it with grace, style and humor, and it’s fun to see another side of you.

  4. do as u like. what suits you best

  5. Stein

    Looks like a lot of people are thinking $150 a month is no big deal? Thank you for willing to spend so much of your own money to keep up what your readers like, especially that you could’ve used that money for other pleasurable purposes. And thank you for taking us into consideration when you’re making your decisions.

  6. please do what u have to do to keep your blog alive… u are amazing and we love what u have to say… so no worries ;)

  7. I love how that 3rd photo makes it look like you have a giant green light-up ring.

  8. Hahaaaaa I didn’t even realise that, looks like a firefly sat on my finger xx

  9. At the end of the day, it’s your blog and you can do whatever the heck you want with it :)

  10. You are so thoughtful to your visitors :) Such a great hostess! It’s really wonderful that you are so open and honest, I personally appreciate it as I’m sure the rest of your readers are.

    Also, great outfit, of course! That leather top is my favorite. and the subtle har har in one of your photos is great…

  11. It’s so lovely of you Shini. We really do appreciate all your work!
    Your outfit is super cool btw, that leather top is so bondage, but you make it look so harmless!

  12. Rachel K.

    Thanks for no dark alleys. :)

  13. Jennifer

    LOVE the shot you’ve sneaked a “har har” into.

    Perhaps the onset of exam season and subsequent procrasination of students everywhere has taken its toil on your blog? Given my revision status, I’ve become really obsessive about checking everything for updates…

  14. beautiful rings.. lovely pics!

  15. I must say I love your coat and your nail polish

  16. Please put up a little paypal donation page :)

  17. Yikes, 150$/month is definitely hefty! The ads don’t really distract from your content, so now worries! Keep up the good work.

    P.S. I love your jacket!

  18. i love this look. so understated and chic. you look great!


  19. The show must go on. You gotta do what you gotta do to make it happen.

  20. You’re my favourite blog, of course I’m going to stick by you, no matter what! I trust your judgment and am just astounded that you are willing to keep this blog going at $150 a month! My hero. >_<


  21. This is amazing dear xx

  22. Cat

    Haha. I love your sense of humor! I’m sure I speak for alot of readers when I say we understand that you’re living in the age of sponsored bloggers and have to be a part of that sometimes.

    I really like the cut of your leather top and your jade rings! Stay stylish (and minimally sponsored) ;)

  23. I love the color palette that you used in this outfit, and let me tell you that the makeup looks so amazing on you!!!
    you are so so cute!

  24. glo

    it’s your blog, and we love you for it!
    $150’s not pocket change… i’d follow your blog regardless of the changes.
    maybe it sounds funny to say this on a “fashion” blog but,
    in your work and in your home… (so that $150 becomes no more than pocket change).
    I’m sure he’s loves you for being uncompromising, esp when it comes to HIM.
    (like you did with your JAPAN post.)

  25. glo


    btw. love the shots. Your mum must have some awesome fashion sense seeing as how much of her closet ends up in your outfits :D

  26. Hahaha, the ‘har har’ is endearing! & I really like your style, it’s always got something I can’t put a finger on.

    $150?! I know to some, that might not seem like a huuuuge sum, but for me, that’s like my monthly food budget! Haha (ie I’m a struggling little uni student, haha). So thank you for continuing to keep up this stunning blog of yours despite the cost! And if you’ll be plugging brands like how you did in that photo, who can complain? Hahaha such a cute photo!


  27. The coat is so pretty! I just love your outfit! And that is a-ok about sponsorship!


  28. such a gorgeous coat!

  29. Nice shots!

  30. Totally understandable & forgivable! :)
    I hope you borrowed that coat for good! ;)

  31. […] PARK & CUBE » Few important notes […]

  32. Pretty coat! I love your black leather top too.
    wow! such a big amount of money to keep your blog address.
    Anyway as a ready who love your blog I think it’s not a problem as long as you wear it with the chic ensemble,hehe. You’re such a great inspiration for me :)

  33. Love that coat of yours and all the black details!

  34. amazing long blazer,i wanna that one

  35. I don’t mind it at all, Shini. Your blog is still one of the most aesthetically pleasing viewing experiences (I think I’m repeating myself here) in the virtual world. We’ve all got to make a living somehow…

    (and that leather thingy is HOT)

  36. 150$ a month is a lot of cash. I don’t mind your sponsored posts (I actually thought it was amusing to see you in these Uniqlo T-shirts), it’s your blog for your pleasure :) Don’t forget that.

  37. oh, i love you look, so chic and simply superb


  38. Trés chic! Love your nail polish!

  39. Oof I’m sorry you are having these bandwidth issues :( Would you ever consider moving to Blogger for free hosting?

    Either way I adore your blog and you can be trusted to curate your sponsored posts in a thoughtful fashion – more power too you, get some moola to pay those expenses! :)

  40. Love this! :D

    kisses xoxo


  41. Hahaha, dark alley…that’s where it’s coming to. I totally understand your need to make money off this, considering it’s pretty much a full time job. Keep up the amazing work.


  42. that’s a huge chunk of change for the average young professional, so I really appreciate- as a reader and fellow blogger- the dedication you have to both the purity of your content and the eyes of your audience. If at some point you did have ads on the side of your blog—or set up a paypal account so readers could donate to cover your server fees, i’d totally keep reading.

    thanks for the heads up! honesty is much, much appreciated.

  43. mm

    The nail polish looks perfect! Could you write the name of the shade?

  44. Yah sure, bought it in Zlote Tarasy H&M, it was in a pack of four nailpolishes, called ‘Spring Shades’ or something like that, threw away the packaging! It had Beige, white, rust and navy!

  45. your coat is minimalist perfection and your dry humour never fails to make me chuckle…keep up what you’re doing, i think it’s perfectly understandable to have sponsors when you’re already doing so much for your readers.

  46. ahh bless you, apologising…i can’t believe some (nasty) people actually moan about sponsored posts….i mean, anything you post is a treat…….!

  47. Malaprop

    I doubt any of us grudge you any of these product placements, especially since you go the full disclosure route, and you do so charmingly.

    I love your blog, and it would sadden me greatly if it suddenly became too much of a burden and no longer fun for you. So long you’re having fun, I say do whatever YOU’RE COMFORTABLE WITH.

    The haters will always hate, and if they don’t like it, they can stop visiting. CHUH!

  48. kim

    to be honest i barely notice ads and i love your blog so much it won’t make a difference. also i think your ring is rad :)

  49. I’m really impressed, Shini. I think sponsored posts are a perfect compromise (ads can be a bit annoying, but hey the server’s got to eat too, right?). And honestly, with your photography skills and witty remarks, you could make anything pleasant and interesting.

  50. i love your bag!! nice post(as always)


  51. you look gorgeous in this outfit.