I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Purple shirt & shirt as skirt, black sheer dress – Warsaw secondhand shop (all for £5, love it), Brogues – Office, Coat – Anywho x Kobra, Warrior Bag – WWA courtesy of The Olive Shoppe; Thank you Oliwia for helping with shots!

I’ve officially hit the back wall of my mother’s wardrobe – managed to find a nest of badgers back there but now this means I have nothing else to steal, and it’s been long since the original contents of my suitcase have been used and abused. Oliwia and I dropped by one of those second-hand stores where they sell clothes by the weight, after basically sifting through ‘history of trash and trend’, managed to score these shirts and two other items for a grand total of £6. Dig at polyester dump by day, live vicariously window surfing dresses and jackets by night, why naturally. Funny, I arrived in Warsaw late February with half a suitcase thinking I’d be here a week, two weeks tops. Then things deteriorated at the visa end and now I’m entering my 7th week… had someone told me beforehand I’d have brought a colouring book or something. The visa is out now (hot line thank you’s to the Big Man), so I’ll be returning to London in May.

Still some time to vote for mama here! (London region kiss) (Thank you so much x)

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  1. I love the coat! It is a beautiful colour too!


  2. As always, you manage to make an overlooked button-down shirt into an amazing skirt! Hmmmm… maybe I should try that.


    p.s. I tried to vote, but being Canadian means that I can’t… boo! Fingers crossed that you win though.

  3. Plummy goodness! The way you’ve combined the two tones is gorgeous. Pity I’m always far too impatient for those ‘polyester dumps’!

  4. That coat is gorgeous and a purple outfit is so great! I would love to have a rainbow wardrobe where I can dress in monochrome everyday–such a strong statement!

  5. Nice phots and really cool outfit!


  6. im loving the color of your shirt!!

    Love from Seoul,
    Nostalgic Senses


  7. Ahhh a snake!
    I just realized how old that song is now.

    Lovely purple hues

  8. Great pictures, as usual.


  9. Samantha

    Congratulations about the visa I feel so happy for you!!! It has been such an excruciating long wait :/ But well better late than never ;)

    You look smashing as always by the way :)

  10. nice photos!

  11. i’m in love with the mix of colours here, it’s absolutely beautiful! i love that you used a shirt to fashion a skirt as well, so creative. i’m glad your visa stuff is sorted, that’s very stressful!! went through something similar myself last year!!

    january, x

  12. Love the colours on you..and the last pic is superb…
    oho..congrats on the visa:D

  13. god I love these colors in your outfit !! nice shots.
    So these clothes are your mum’s?

  14. For someone who only had half a suitcase, you still manage to impress me. Still, I think London is missing you and your sense of style! ; )


  15. Mara

    Great colors , lovely outfit and amazing price ^^

  16. Love the colours (purple, pink) of your outfit!
    You look great!

  17. Both shirts are gorgeous! And which second hand store was it? I can recommend you the one near Politechnika underground station. Or if you ever happen to be somewhere around Praga Południe- Rondo Wiatraczna then, plenty of thrift stores in one place! It’s not quite a pleasant area though hahha.
    Did you go to Mustache Warsaw yard sale yesterday? I saw some photos on your Facebook. Aaah shame I wasn’t able to go, wanted so much!
    Voted, you gotta win it xx

  18. Ah it was right on Malszalkowska street! It was 7pm anyway, we wanted to check out the one near Politechnika but didn’t feel like it ;) I did go to Mustache yard sale, it was so fun, such a pity you missed it!
    Thanks so so much for voting!

  19. Love this outfit! The purple/pink colors are perfect!
    thanks for sharing

    johanna, sweden

  20. What a pity that you’ll return to London in May. I though that you’ll come to polish Fashion Week in Lodz… But it’s in May too….. :/

  21. I will go to Lodz for fashion week and then London ;)!

  22. @Shini, See you there :D

  23. You look amazing !! I am in love with this outfit!! Great finds!

  24. I probably stared at my screen for a good few minutes in awe and disbelief that your skit is in fact a shirt, seriously.
    I’m now dying to try it, you pull it off so effortlessly Shini!


  25. Ah thanks! You should definitely try with a few sizes bigger, for example this one was EU44/UK16! And best if the fabric is sort of polyester because it drapes best ;)

  26. @Shini, Thank you! I’m literally going straight to my older brother’s wardrobe in search of something similar right now :)

  27. woww!! love this, that shirt has a beautiful purple color!
    gorgeous coat as well. xx

  28. This is a nice colour on you Shini! :) What a bargain indeed! Also, really love the shirt / skirt. Will definitely give that a try for this autumn down under.

  29. lovely mix of colours

  30. i love love love these photographs. that color looks absolutely fabulous.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com

  31. Penter

    Love the 4th shot so much!

  32. Wow the fuchsia colours looks great on you (except for your purple Peacock dress which I have kept), for some reason you look tasty>>>a raspberry/blueberry cheesecake

  33. absolutely adorable – the pictures, your outfit… you look so pretty! (the colours suit you so well!) and the shirt worn as a skirt – this is one of the rare shirt-skirt examples that really look cool.

  34. that last shot’s really good.

  35. Roszko

    ooh I love the coat ! and haaa, Warsaw second hands are good, aren’t they ? But definitely the best stuff you can find on those tiny markets on the suburbs, haha i got half of my wardrobe there, and the best part is that anything there costs more than 1-2 £ (including the coolest clothes from 70’s, which would cost a fortune in London vintage shops!)

    anywayyy, my friends saw you on mustache yard sale (of course I’ve chosen staying in bed and wathcing sex and the city, aawgr how lame is that ?), I’m waiting for some photos !

    hope to see you on fashion week
    xxx Olga

  36. you are so beauteous!! the picture with your head thrown back is amazing, as is the color of your blouse.

  37. What a lovely purple. I just painted my nails purple this morning after I failed to get rid of dye stains from Holi!! ;)

  38. amazing colour palette as always <3

  39. gorgeous colors.. loving the pink and purple together!! lovely pictures.

  40. 5th picture = so beautiful!


  41. the colors look fabulous with your dark brown hair, i love the purple because it is so deep. the fabric makes it really interesting. the coat is magnificent with the purple because it is brow with a purple/blue tone. i love the shoes because they make it a little bit more boyish, such a contradiction with the feminine skirt

  42. I love secondhand stores where you pay by the kilo! It’s always an adventure and if you happen to find beautiful silk dresses you pay like nothing, allthough the occational leather jacket is also a scoop :) My favorite is in Kreuzberg Berlin, don’t remember the name though it used to be called Garage.

    I love your new purples! :)

  43. The purple looks darrrling on you !


  44. You look gorgeous, love the color combination!

    Travel In Style

  45. I really like the coat! And good luck on the asos contest! You have my vote!


  46. Cat

    I’d never have guessed that your skirt was a shirt (or that it was such a lucky find)! Awesome look.

  47. Loving all the purple hues in your outfit!! Also really glad that you’ll be returning back to London in May. Can’t believe you’ve been away for so long already! Good luck with the ASOS competition too!

  48. The last picture is beyond beautiful!

  49. Love the combination of colours! Especially the purple with brown brogues!

    Fox Whiskers

  50. Beautiful look and stunning pics!!


  51. Love these shots Shini, perhaps some of my all time favourites that you have posted :-)


  52. Lovely mix of colours! Fourth picture down is my favourite, looks like you’re basking in that sunshine :)

  53. Wow… I wish I had your style sense…You put together such beautiful looks!

  54. izabele

    you look amazing. really.

  55. Gorgous coat and skirt. You look beautyful.


  56. Gorgeous as usual and the shots amazing!

  57. Really nice to discover your blog ! Your style is fantastic !


  58. Oh hi that last picture of you is !*&@$%*!^#%$ GORGEOUS.

  59. i like it~it’s so beautiful~