I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Sweatshirt – Uniqlo Menswear, Jeans, Scarf & Shoes – Gmarket, Bracelet – COS, Watch – Timex, Bag on bike – New Look, Bag on self – DIY on vintage; Vintage Raleigh

Big big apologies for not answering comments and emails in a timely fashion, and for this general slowassness with blogging; it’s May unfortunately and I’m a student… need I say more? Although, I do know for a fact that more than half of you are also here on a procrastination mission of some sort, in which case I must welcome you with open arms. As I told Satpreet a few days ago, I procrastinate-blogwrite and you probably procrastinate-blogsurf – and since we’re ending up at the same location anyway (here?), how about a party? but BYOB please.

OK enough with justifying eachothers’ work not being done; here’s a slap, let’s get back to it.

Thank you Jen the Style Crusader for taking these photos!

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  1. That bike is so cute, I want one too!
    Good luck with school!

  2. I love your bike and your scarf!


  3. ooo I love your bike! i just bought one and it is being delivered today so love seeing your stylish riding outfit!

  4. yes, i am! ^__^ shini 씨가 너무 에쁘고 너무 스타일리씨해요! 반가워요!

  5. Wow, you can ride a bike in heels? Talented.

  6. agreed; anyone who can ride in shoes other than flats is unbelievable! <3

  7. ahhh!! I love your bike and bag! so cute.

  8. Hahaha. I was just about to say something about procrastinating again. I’ve been absent from commenting because I had nothing due the last few nights. But I have my photography book final review with my professor at 11 tomorrow, and here I, oh so predictably, am, scouring my favorite blogs for anything, anything that could possibly distract me.

    Thanks for the link. Seriously love your shoes. I’m usually a bike-barefoot kind of gal; but for those beauties, I would not mind making an exception.

  9. wow awesome photos..like the watch btw

  10. Please tell me you actually rode that bike around in wedges, and weren’t just posing for a photo op :) But seriously, it’s a kickass look.

    And thanks by the way for your comment on my knit top! It definitely made my day to find a comment from one of my favourite bloggers waiting for me!

  11. I did! Entire 8 miles (including getting lost in the underbellies of posh London) of huff and puffin!

  12. This whole procrastinatiblogging is really getting out of hand for everyone, definitely me included. I’m at the school library now, and I’m supposed to work on my Theory of Knowledge presentation. ahh well :P

  13. Love your outfit, especially your scarf :)

  14. You’re so cute! But I must agree with some of the comments here, it’s a tough job to ride a bicycle in wedges. I can totally do it in heels but wedges are a killer because you don’t feel the pedals at all. How do you do it? :)

  15. Nice scarf and shoes.
    I love your blog and the bike is really nice too ^^

  16. Gorgeous bike! and graet style, i really like your blog, you’ve got yourself a new follower!

    Margaux + Ele from BoRO

  17. love your scarf and your bike! :)
    xxx Marilena


  18. I love the wedges


  19. I feel very identified with you right now… I have my finals in two weeks, and here I am, blogsurfing, as you said, hahahaha

    I just discovered your blog, and lemme say you have an amazing taste and style! And I love that scarf, I need it, althought maybe not right now, too hot, but I will look for sth similiar for next Winter.


  20. these pairings to me define a cool (how do i italicize in a comment box? er.. prob the same way as ever, oh well) outfit. something about the easiness of jeans and heavy boots. greatt

  21. The shoes looks great with the bike !

  22. Macku

    Heels/wedges/whatever on a bike = FAIL

    F-A-I-L (like, totally… seriously!)

    One way or another, too bad no one took pics of me in the role of an “engine” with you being the “trunk” on our way shopping. I never knew that 2 people would fit on this bike (+ a shopping basket and a backpack).

  23. Edward

    If you go to Copenhagen, you’ll realise that wearing heels while riding a bicycle is perfectly normal, not only that, they just ride a bike as a mode of transport, unlike cyclist in London whom ride their bike as if it were a sport (apart from Shin, amongst other whom took the right approach of riding a bicycle).

    Not only that, but it’s also pretty normal to see someone sitting on the back (or front) rack of a bicycle in Copenhagen too.

    a good site about cycling in general (and an surprisingly interesting read about a mundane subject) is this;



  24. Macku

    Yo Ed! I was joking ^.^;

    As far as inner-city biking is concerned – I never treated it as a sport. The ‘Londoner’ attitude is quite alien to me – it’s got wheels so it’s a mode of transportation!
    Also – the more the merrier – once ridden a bike with 3 other people (but then again, that was 10 years ago so I was a bit ‘smaller’). I was simply surprised that Shini’s bike didn’t collapse under all that weight!

    Just managed to convince my father to give me some cash for a folding bike!
    Yay!! Probably will end up bothering you about some advice on the ‘what’s and ‘how’s.

  25. Edward

    Oh I wasn’t saying you treated it as a ‘sport’, just that other people perceive it as a ‘sport’, having visit other countries and observe their view of cycling, London stand out the most with the most peculiar view when it come to cycling! not as bizarre and over the top as the American’s view mind.

    If you’re looking for a good folding bike, the best one is the one that everyone know; the Brompton, abet expensive, but it’s design is one of the best of it’s kind, second hand one is a lots cheaper and they’re tough little bugger.

    And Shinny, sorry for rambling in your blog!

  26. You called me Shinny! Only a handful of people spell it like that, usually my elementary school friends haha

    Maciek sent you an email about a Brompton, did you receive it :D?

  27. oh hay, here i am, not learning french oral questions but admiring your shoes and scarf and bike and beautiful photos. x

  28. Awwww Shini, J’adore your Raleigh bike! I loveeee seeing female riders in heels, what a killer look. Tres Bien!

  29. heartmonster

    I’m loving this easy breezy simple outfit of yours! I was wondering if you would be willing to give me a link to those cool shoes of yours? Thanks!

    Good luck with school! I know exactly how you feel haha.

  30. LOVE your bike!!! And you look great on it. Those shoes!!

  31. These pictures are just gorgeous, I am very sorry we didn’t get to talk really, well at all actually, at Jill & Jen’s talk at the sketchbook shop. You have a wonderful and gorgeous blog, so glad I found the link :)


  32. Shini, you called me out sooo hard, lol! I have an Environmental Control Systems exam tomorrow (the LAST final) and I just cannot commit to thinking about acoustics/lighting/heat when there’s fashion to be had. I’m still dying for those sneakers, but I will actually have them within the week, thanks to some ebay scouring! Good luck finishing out the semester!


  33. I am pro party :D love your simple outfit. damn I should order at gmarket but the webshop is waaay to complicated.

  34. Love your bike! Your scarf and watch are also adorable!


  35. M.

    Zegarek jest cudowny. Wszystko jest świetnie dopasowane. Nawet rower się dobrze komponuje. :D

  36. Ah, I was just looking at these photos on my camera today! Still have not uploaded them.. laaazy. I think I already told you this, but I am so in love with your wedges! And your bike.
    Hope you are well. xx

  37. how lovely! the bike (what a color!), your rad boots, your cassio… great city outfit.

  38. Way too cool! Love reading ur blog, u’ve got such a great personality!!!!

  39. its like you just looked in to my soul. I promise to start my essay in a few more minutes, just a few more blogs to check on though. x

  40. I LOVE this bike! Well, I do love bikes in general…



  41. lauren

    is it just me or is gmarket reaaaaaally weird and hard to navigate around?

  42. Try this, might help navigate around? Let me know if you need help :)

  43. ahahah, i thought that daniella had written that she was in love with your ‘wedgIE’… was thinking that seemed a bit bizarre. so glad these photos turned out. i’ve got some very funny ones of you from this day. will pop them up soon. xx

  44. Yep, I’m guilty of procrastination too but I couldn’t NOT comment on your wonderful new bike Shini! Hopefully you’ll be saving a lot of money on transport right?

    Jen did a great job with the photos too.

  45. What a beautiful bike you have! I would rather like a nice, pretty little bike to trundle about on, but I have major fears of falling off in the road, as I was never properly taught as a child. I would definitely need to get myself some headgear.
    And yes, I too am here for purposes of procrastination. I just cant help myself!
    Clare x

  46. That bicycle is beautiful, as is your bag!


  47. i wanna have a casio :D



  48. i love your bike! i’m guilty of procastination too.. I loved your chanel blog you just did and your whole blog too! This is my frist time viewing your page and it’s amazing! great job! I look forward to reading new posts !


  49. I adore your shoes (love riding bikes in wedges haha), and the whole outfit is of course wonderful.

  50. Brett Sutcliffe

    Wow really comfortable looking. Also your watch…and all of your details. Love it.

  51. i love the simplicity of your outfit, but it’s just ‘off’ enough that it’s interesting! especially that leather knot bracelet

  52. I’ve just got back from Korea too and I LOVED shopping out there so this blog has been a whole load of up and down for me from — I love your style – wait, a Korean shopping site, wehay! – but it baffles me, boo…- well hold on a second, a whole guide to using it! – Wehay!
    happy days

  53. anny

    shini, i’m in love with your bike, wedges and casual comfy outfit!! LOVE!!!

  54. heeey!

    i love your blog and your sense of style so i was wondering if you could give me some tips.
    i’m coming to london in a day so i was hoping you could please give me any tips on where to shop for vintage. i would greatly appreciate it. just write some names of the places you love and i’ll do the research and find them.


  55. Lovely snood I love the colour and great boots. Also amazing photos!

  56. Très jolies photos, j’aime !

    Viens-voir un peu de mon Paris : -)


  57. oh! me encanta el blog!

  58. You look awesome on wheels! Love the knitted cowl and your shoes…

    tweet tweet tweet


  59. Hay dear blogger!
    How are you? I’m glad that I’ve visited this blog! He’s lovely.

    Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
    Love, Cindy.

  60. Hahahah that slap was very much needed. :D Looking good!

  61. Julie

    I love the bike!! What a sense of freedom!! xx

  62. wah such a cool bike!

  63. Wyglądasz fantastycznie :)

  64. You look very Sartorialist chic on that bike miss. Love this outfit soso much, that scarf is fabulous. Also, finally got a chance to catch up on all your missed blog entries, what an exciting life you lead! Visiting Coco’s apartment must have been such a dream, I’m so envious. Good luck with all things school related, I know how crazy this time of year is! xoxo

  65. I can’t tell you how much I love these pictures! You look so adorable on your bike (which itself is adorable). There’s nothing as fun as a cool girl on a bike.

    Good luck with the study!

    Miss B xx


  66. I just laughed out loud at being caught in the act painting my nails AND procrastiblogsurfing while I should be sorting out my degree assessment pieces. Yes ma’am, back to it!

  67. Davina

    Hello Hello!!

    I love riding bikes and esp vintage ones on beautiful sunny days, along tree lined streets. Oh and I love your scarf… i think they have a special name those joined scarves…not sure!

    Bless :)

  68. looove this outfit! and you are soo pretty!
    your blog is awesome!

  69. Camila

    isnt that a CASIO WATCH? – just saying bc I have the same one.

  70. You’re right, it’s Casio! Thanks!

  71. Caitlin

    Hi :)
    i saw the article on you in ASOS recently and today a decided to find out more and you& your blog have not failed to impressed! I surfed through the comments but could find the make of the bike, anyone mind filling me in ?
    sorry im commenting so late :L


  72. Hi hi, thanks for dropping by! The bike is a vintage Raleigh, bought on Gumtree ;) Hope that helped!

  73. […] I know I have a huge sack of potato around my waist. Where else would I keep my ‘tater butt? The scarf is unfortunately nearing its death and due to the stale economic climate I cannot provide it a more […]