I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.














We arrived at 31 rue Cambon after a pleasant 2-hour Eurostar ride; the lovely ‘French gang’ were there already – Alix the Cherry Blossom Girl, Betty of Le Blog de Betty, Louise from Miss Pandora, Elodie of Le Blog de la Mechante, and Natalie from the German blog Les Mads. Lunch in the lounge came first, and of course I had to screw table manners and take photos of the food – only if I’d had a thicker skin to last through to dessert!

I’d known about the Coco Chanel Cocoon bags before from this sassy video with Daul Kim (RIP) and had fallen in love with the versatility and youthfulness of the shape and material. This new collection (with Vanessa Paradis taking over Lily Allen) was a little less casual, which was a bit of a shame, but where else can you find a bag that can double as a cat/pillow?

I’m still very tickled to have experienced such new and beautiful surroundings, thank you Julie-Anne and Chanel for the invitation and amazing opportunity.

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  1. Kyudane

    Seems like you had a really fun time in Paris Shini!! The shots are beautiful and I have to admit, the Chanel bags look so cuddly@^#*!^@!

    Love your work!

  2. what an interesting place to visit. you look beautiful!

  3. You look lovely! These photos are absolutely lovely <3

  4. lillian

    Madam Shini? that’s so classy!

  5. Loooks like you had an amazing time!
    You’re very lucky ^^ and her apartment is so chic and vintage.
    Everything looks great!

  6. Coco’s apartment looks fantastically amazing! Oooh, I’m so jealous of you!


  7. wow what an amazing opportunity. betty & louise look fabulous as usual (i like that you referred them as the french gang :P) and your sheer leggings (stockings?) are so pretty <3

  8. wow wow wowooo. awesome. amazing. congrats!


  9. Wow! That is so amazing, and I’m glad you were able to attend such a fabulous and unique event!

  10. Oh wow what a lucky experience! I love your photography, you have such a good eye and your outfit is great as usual. I’m really into the furry/mossy looking bag.

  11. Amazing! If only my home looked as lovely as that
    (and lucky you! )


  12. absolutely stunning. your photography captured this beautiful experience so well.

  13. Ohh, wow Shini, what a great opportunizty to see Coco’s place!! I am jealous;)
    nice pics, it really seems like a fabulous trip!
    xx nati

  14. How exciting, Shini, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself! You look beautiful, as usual, fantastic outfit choice ;D

  15. love all these pics!!!

  16. shini, oh shini…. you are just the coolest chick i know (i thought this even BEFORE i knew about your chanel excursions). this is so exciting. what a luxurious little treat. did you head back to london floating on a chanel flavoured cloud? your photos are beautiful and the food looks almost as divine as the bags (white asparagus?! yummm). i’ve never really been too crazy about these bags… but your photos have kind of revealed them in a new light. i quite like the ironic/sportsy/ballooned take on the iconic chanel bag. i think the black croc is my favourite.

    p.s. am right there with you – literally my own chanel items are: nail polish, lipstick, and bronzer. ah, but it really is the icing on my otherwise highstreet cake.

  17. Gorgeous photos! Apartment must be amazing! The echo of the past! The spirit of Coco! Lucky you! :) I guess if I’d get there I’d try to touch everything, peek everywhere! :) Or I’d be totally frozen and couldn’t move :)

  18. LOVE it, what a great opportinity

  19. amazing place, kiss x

  20. greaat pictures. love those girls!

  21. this looks amazing – such a nice opportunity

  22. Wowww, you’re so lucky to visit her apartment! From your photos it looks beautiful..

  23. Wow, what an amazing opportunity, you very lucky girl! The food looks amazing, I don’t blame you for taking pictures… You look so pretty too, lovely dress.

    tweet tweet tweet


  24. oh wow. this is sooo cool. you lucky girl. the pics are amazing. I love your detailshots. madame shini park :) and I love your outfit. looks so free and … not heavy you know? haha. simply love these pics

  25. Wow! You are so very lucky!!! These images are absolutely gorgeous too I particularly love the ones against the oriental backdrop! xx

  26. hey i like your food. its awesome dude!..

  27. Oh wow Shini, what a great opportunity! You met so many great bloggers too! Love the shots of you against the Japanese lacquered screens. Very pretty.

  28. My my…What an amazing opportunity. As always I get sad when I come to the end of the post, more please! I’ve never really thought about getting a Chanel bag (maybe has something to do with being korean…) but I love that they are involving bloggers. Kudos.

  29. wow this is really an exquisite opportunity and I wish I was that lucky girl. photos are wonderful, it is nice to see it from the inside, and it makes me more jealous.

  30. woooooooooooooooow! oh man you are a super lucky girl! It must’ve been totally breath taking inside!

  31. You look fabulous!!
    seems you’ve spend a great time!

    and check out my new project – Story of my Clothes

  32. beautiful pictures!!

  33. Shini – you are a lucky doll and this is well deserving!

  34. omigod, luck girl!!! these photos are gorgeous. and the food looks so yummy!

  35. What an amzing experience it must have been. Great pictures, if I close my eye tight enough, I coould almost imagine I were there. congratulations, the Chanel team, have picked up on he quality of your work, you deserve it. x

  36. Thank goodness I encouraged you to go before feeling any regrets even though you had lots of uni work to do. Well done for going!

    I don’t own any Chanel clothings or bags except for a pair of classic style sunglasses (a prototype-ish), duo eye shadows and a vintage No’5 perfume (20 years old – unused). I would be happy to own a classic vintage quilted bag….but no money.

    The photos are fantastic and you look sophisticated with a bit of twist.

    J’adore Park & Cube!!!

  37. What an amazing experience! Gorgeous pictures :)

  38. This is so awesome!
    looks like you had a wonderful time… :)

    I don’t have any Chanel items as well, but a girl can definitely dream of the classic 2.55, can’t she?

    This is an experience to treasure!


  39. your outfit is amazing! got to have those tights… and it’s so cool that you got this opportunity to visit Coco’s famed Parisian apartment. beautiful photos.

  40. oh my word! incredible x

  41. woow you guys totally fit in with your surroundings! soo lovely!

  42. OMG OMG OMG *falls tot he floor and dies* amazing. Jealousy does not even cover it!!!

    Well done, I also saw you on frock me – you looked stupendeous, but the guy was wearing PJs witht he bum cut out – like really ;-)

    MM x


  43. oh gosh, words can’t describe my envy! what an amazing opportunity
    and you look absolutely amazing in the full shots; the colors of your outfit against the beautiful colors of wall panels is so stunning

  44. You get to do so many awesome things!
    I just saw you on T4: Frock Me – I was like ‘I recognise that person’! It’s great to put a voice to the writing too.

  45. There are no words!




  46. Eep, what an experience that must’ve been – the apartment is BEAUTIFUL. These images excite me a lot. As did your frock me stint.

  47. We DID turn it down hahahaha!
    You looked beautiful and your photos are always the best.

  48. I love the fact that you tagged this as ‘excursion’, as if it’s a school field trip. Of course it’s a dozen times more awesome! Such a great opportunity, it must be amazing seeing her appartment. And lol at the French gang, they really seem to travel in packs, don’t they?^^

  49. my dear- you are the luckiest girl in the world! This is amazing! loving your sheer leggings, they’re beauts!
    Also, caught u on ‘Frock me!’ looking good I loved the trousers and Emma Cooks xxx

  50. i enjoy your blog very much! such lovely photos!

  51. oh wow lucky you, I am so jealous. Those bags are amazing, I want all of them.

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  53. I’m so jealous I wanna stab you!

    No, not really. But I am actually very very jealous.


  54. WOWOWOWOW! lucky girlie! great oppurtunity! amazing photos, you are a very fantastic, wonderful human being. :)

  55. Oh my, I think i’d do more than scream to receive such an invite!! How terribly exciting! And is that Coco’s apartment you’re posing in? Actually one of my dreams.

    You look absolutely beautiful by the way

    Miss B xx


  56. this is SO AWESOME!!!! so happy for you that you got to go.. secretly dying over that croc duffel bag.. o.O

  57. my favorite bloggers in one post! how awesome. :D

  58. Sounds like this would be a dream come true for many female bloggers! Great pictures too!


  59. Oh la la, Chanel! Does it get any better?

    Supersonic screams, indeed.

  60. Thanks for sharing the pictures. What a wonderful experience.

  61. You must be one of THE luckiest bloggers out there!! Screw fashionweek invitations, Coco Chanels apartment is what it’s all about!!

  62. you are soooooo so lucky miss shini park ^^
    wanjon burowo!!!!!


  63. So so lucky!
    Love your blog.


  64. You went! :D I’m so glad for you! And you looked amazing btw. So sophisticated in a fashionable way. Hope you enjoyed it!

  65. Oh Madame Shini, how wonderful! I’m trying to figure out if this was before or after I saw you.. man we do have some catching up to do! This is such a beautiful post: I feel like I’m on the Eurostar with you to Paris. I love what you wore with those ethereal Wolford leggings (think I might have shot you in them @ LFW) & besides the food and the lovely card with your name on it, I think my favourite shot is in Coco’s flat, the glass and gilt end table, and your feet in the mirror.

    Soon as you’re done with exams we are so going to celebrate! xox

  66. Ah my dream! You are so incredibly lucky to have been invited and taken these photos. If I ever get the chance/have the time to hop over to Paris, this is one of my first stops. Well after stalking the Collete windows.

  67. Whoa! That is just fantastic. You do deserve it!

  68. Davina

    Hi Shini!

    Wow, what a blessing!!! And you look absolutely beautiful. :)
    God is good, hey!

  69. These photos are so amazing!

  70. so much goodness.

  71. you’re so lucky!!^^
    and it’s the first time i post on your blog so i’ll just quickly say : i LOVE it!! :)

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  73. Great pictures! Fantastic food and interior of the Coco’s apartment. It must have been a sheer pleasure to be there.

    Best Regards,

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  75. Love these photos – such a beautiful apartment!


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