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New Look AW10 Press day

I confess, I wasn’t going to post today… or tomorrow. In fact, I wasn’t going to post till I’d submitted my graduation piece on the 25th. So basically, I think that while handing out slaps in the previous post I knocked meself a few screws loose in the process because the 25th is in a WEEK’s time. A week of silence is probably the blogging equivalent of chronic eczema, and today I was itching so much to blog so as you can see, I chose something easy to put up. O forgive me for being cold and heartless. So now I can go back to convincing myself that painting my nails with Chanel Riviera pink (Thank you Julie for the wonderful gift) is making bigtime progress. Nails need to be painted so fingers have more confidence in labour, NO?

New Look AW10 was strong on shoes & accessories – I always appreciate how well made their shoes are, considering the prices. I’m not entirely sure but I might have missed the clothes section, what do you think? Looking forward to snatching up those brown leather loafer wedges a la MK Olsen, and the black suede lace ups come September!

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  1. The brown loafer wedges are really nice, they look crazy high but hopefully they are still easy to walk in! I am loving the red velvet backpack, I’d probably end up buying it if we had New Look in Canada!

  2. ooooh, the distressed light brown boots :)

  3. Yes, I agree! Nice nails motivate me to type faster, write more, keep my page on that darn thick book I have to get through… after all every little thing helps right?

  4. i love it all! especially the floral bag.

  5. Beautiful collection. I love the chocolate brown lace-up booties.
    + as usual great photos!


  6. I have always been a fan of newlook shoes from afar, although I dont own that many because the few that I have are not as comfortable as I would like them to be! Nonetheless, the A/W collections looks amazing, I’m looking forward to adding more New Look shoes to my collection! I especially love the cream booties. Thank you for this post, I’m excited now :) x

  7. Really great pieces! Thanks for the inspiration!



  8. I am SO with you on this one: “Nails need to be painted so fingers have more confidence in labour”. I haven’t figured out a way to explain why my nails need to be painted for me to feel okay, but you put it perfectly. :) good luck on finishing your graduation piece! I feel your pain :]

  9. Is this all New Look stuff? Wow, I’m loving it! Better check their website soon ghegheghe

  10. those purple and brown loafers are fab – the higher the better! ck :) x

  11. Mmm, those shoes got me drooling

  12. wowwwwwwwww i love everything!!

  13. I NEED that velvet backpack in my life, right now.

    tweet tweet tweet


  14. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    25th! that’s my exam… and why am i here? :P

    the shoes look good but a shame they’re of suede material. i think the nude ones are worth a shot.

  15. Why don’t we have a New Look in Denmark?! So much good stuff!


  17. The floral clutch is divine, now get back to work. x

  18. love the new look! especially when drew barrymore models once for them in their look book! so cool stuff, indeed!

  19. alice

    My nails have been countless colours this week… I’m graduating too! Distractions are necessary sometimes, especially when they look this good, so thank you for this post.

  20. Ahhhh I love the prints, very ethnic. Good luck on your graduation piece!

  21. Loveeee everything :)

  22. aye aye aye I’m like the beige leather satchel bag.

  23. I love eeeeeeeeeeverything (L)
    Nice blog.

  24. New Look always have such great press days, I love how they display everything.

  25. that velvet back pack is AMAZING! x

  26. Just love this! x

  27. Very cute, though the floral bag in the first picture does leave a bit of a sour taste in my mouth as I saw that exact bag on a Japanese e-shop months ago.

  28. such great pieces. and what an smashing blog. hope youre having a nice weekend darling.

    xx ediot

  29. that first picture with the floral bag and the lace up boots is amazing. i want every single thing on that shelf! great photos and thank you very much for having a need to post :) it makes us all happier to see your blog every day <3

  30. woow this place looks amazing. where is it? london?
    and yes nails need color I agree :)

  31. Yup it was the press day for the highstreet brand New Look in London!

  32. I’m not a big fan of New Look but some of these shoes are really gorgeous !


    XOXO, C.

  33. Not a big fan of New Look too but yaah the shoes are worth a visit to store ;)

  34. I loved the shoes and accessories at the press day. You didn’t miss much with the clothes, it was all pretty boring/ridiculous and not in a good way.

  35. Michelle

    How come I can’t see those gorgeous shoes on the first picture at the newlook-website..?? TT__TT

  36. Aw because this was the AW10 preview, so all the items will be in stock from September onwards!

  37. like the colors, the post, and your rationale for painting your nails. keep up the good work.

    and p.s. thanks for the kind words on my knits. MEANT THE WORLD! finally got them posted on etsy.

  38. i LOVE this! cannot believe i’ve only just found your blog. i’m definitely a new follower! X

  39. I love those loafer heels!! arg i want them

  40. Julie

    I love the flowery clutch! And the booties … also love you grey nail polish!

  41. There are some great items there!
    Love your blog :)

  42. i’m not a fan of new look. however, either you take absolutely amazing pictures or some of this stuff looks pretty good- i’m liking a couple of the bags especially! Thanks for sharing these- i may have to pop in next time i’m in london-town xxx

  43. OMG those shoes are amazing, just as I was losing faith in New Look and their shoes!! Can’t wait for that stuff to hit the shops!!

  44. Hey,

    Do you still sell your Preen x Topshop nude heels ?

    (please answer on my blog or I’m afraid I won’t see it if you answer here.)

    Thanks a lot, your blog is amazing !


  45. Thanks a lot for answering ! I’ll think about it because I don’t think spending another 70€ on shoes is reasonable now haha. But I will let you know if I finally want to buy them :)
    I added you to my links, your blog is lovely and you seem to be a very nice person !


  46. Stunning! I love the floral clutch.

  47. that rucksack … it is needed in my life!!

  48. Marija

    Thanks so much for posting! I’m impressed how good the things achtually look.

    Now off and take your time :-P

  49. Hey Shini, hope school/deadlines/exams are going swimmingly. If you have time for a break, did a little post about wonderful you:


    Will we see you next week? Hope so! xo

  50. love all the shoes sooooo much! they’re fab!

  51. great collection!!!

  52. I love the shoes! great collection :) http://ellyfashiontips.blogspot.com/

  53. I LOVE SHOES ellyfashiontips.blogspot.com/

  54. Wow is that New Look. Love those deep coloured florals,the velvet bag and the wedge shoes. I will definitely be having a look in the autumn.

  55. Love these accessoires. You have a cool blog. Congratulations.

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