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Jacket Gmarket.co.kr | Scarf Fabricstore | Tshirt I Don’t Like Mondays

Jeans All Saints | Bag DIY Studded Vintage | Shoes H&M

Err so I finally watched Watchmen today. Brilliant picture, except found myself constantly thinking that the blue man needs to wear some panties, really.



Oh yes my brother arrived today, we went to have Korean for dinner. Our evening concluded with an unexpectedly high bill, some digits similar to the price of a pair of shoes. Oh sob, the prices we pay for grub that passes out of our system anyway…

Here’s a question: does he look older or younger than me?

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  1. i reckon he looks older
    oh and your outfit is very smart lookin :)

  2. older! i like yo shoes shini!

  3. Sue

    def older…
    I see that you have a couple things from gmarket.
    I wanted to know if the shoes are pretty good quality and the clothes from that site.
    well thx!!=]

  4. Love the outfit… I still have to try that studding DIY on something leather.
    Not sure how old your brother looks, I’ve always been bad at judging age.


  5. AHHH I still have to see Watchmen! I have this thing where I have to read books before movies so I read the book/GRAPHIC NOVEL (my sister’s, nerd :P). I’m so excited!! Ahaha yeeeeah Jon aka Dr. Manhattan, you sexy beast. Kind of weird, not gonna lie.

    By the way, I totally went on gmarket like 3 days ago to make a list of things to ask from my dad who’s been in Korea for about 4 months now and I saw that jacket!! Weird.

    and your brother looks younger than you. He’s got that mature-younger look. Like my sister, who is younger than me but she looks more mature but still has that young look. I don’t know, it’s all very deep.

    Haha, watch me be wrong…

  6. jjam bbonggg!!!! yummmmm :)

    and yes blue man did need some serious underpantz. No one wants to see a blue packaaage agreed? LOL

  7. great title;) have yet to see the movie, but will get my arse on that right away ^_^
    and hm….you guys look about the same age to me!

    and i love this outfit! great shoes, great zipper detail.

  8. I love your DIY studded bag. I so need one myself. :)

  9. as a fellow asian…and korean…i will have to say it’s unfair to ask this age question cuz it’s so hard to tell w/us. and i’m always wrong. but i’m gonna have to say older or u guys are twins…he doesn’t seem like he could be younger. and u seem like an older child. who knows…i’m prolly so far off that narnia could be named the 51st state.

    btw, now i’m seriously craving some korean/chinese food.

  10. i luffff those shoezzzzzzzz…oh and yah i think your bro looks older haha, maybe now that he’s visiting you can take him out shopping and all the brother/sister bonding can begin!!

  11. haha yes i so relate with that!! pricey food but what the hell, it just comes out of our body body system!! but a girl’s gotta eat rite?

    i say…..older.? oui? non?

  12. i love your DIY studded backpack!
    but i think your brother looks younger (contrary to what many others think)!

  13. older, i think so too, that food looks SOO GODDAM GOOD. damn you shini:) i love the name of this post, haha, how was the film?

  14. That is a loaded question, and I will not answer it!

    Haha, and I know how you feel about spending money on food. It IS such a waste, but such a wonderful way to waste your money (if you’re going to do it somehow anyway)!

  15. Haha omgosh I was thinking the same thing during Watchmen. That soup looks extremely yummy, is that octopus I spy? YUM! Oh, I think your brother looks older.

  16. He’s dashingly handsome ^_^ I reckon he’s younger than you..say…mid twenties? I maybe wrong.

  17. c.

    older. you both have amazing eyes.

  18. I love your outfit and that korean food looks so fantastic I don’t know what to say!

  19. yummy korean food! it’s so expensive in london!

    your brother looks older than you!

  20. Great outfit! I love the shoes!

    I would say you are about same same you and your brother. I’m really bad at guessing age. Maybe he’s a little bit younger.

  21. Army green never looked so good! Seriously, I don’t know how you pull it off but you just do. Love it!

  22. Very nice outfit!
    Your brother looks older than you but I bet he’s actually younger than you right?

  23. You look so good, as always.

    I will not respond to your question as my brothers friends tend to think that I’m his younger sister. It doesn’t sound soo bad, but when you consider the fact that he is 17, and that I at least had to be 15-16 to be his biological sister it sounds much, much worse :P

  24. i hope it was good for that price! looks good. There’s that bag I’m crazy for!!!

  25. Older but not too much! I’m curious now haha

  26. Love the way you combined that jacket with that scarf. I love green! (or, I just realised it the past few days and also realise that I have to buy something green cause my closet is missing it).

  27. Still love that bag and I loveee those jeans! Hmm…I think he’s older? But you can never be quite sure with asians! People still think I’m 16…I’m actually 21. Hmmm… lol

  28. i’m so glad someone finally agrees with me. TOO MUCH BLUE PENIS makes me blue.

  29. I totally agree, Dr Manhattan should get some undies on!! It was quite distracting!!

    I think your brother looks older…?

  30. He looks young, and/but mature. On a side note, love your bag and the diy for it! (Have been stalking your blog for awhile alr you see haha.) Have a lovely weekend!

  31. I think he looks younger. It’s something about him that makes me belive that his 15..
    I love your shoes by the way.

  32. S-R

    I’d say older, but no further than a year apart.
    Is he?

    I love the scarf, you’ve GOT to do a tutorial on how you cut those fabrics for us. I’m desperate, and it would save me a ton, especially in a time like this.


  33. ha, I´ve got those shoes! :P

    wow, and a restaurant bill the price of a pair of shoes..
    I actually hate spending money on food because when I eat it it´s gone.
    I´m such a logical person obviously and I know eating is neccessary and blah but I would rather spend my money on more important things!

    anyways, I think your brother looks younger, but I think guessing asian people´s age is a tough one.


  34. It looks like jjamppong :) I miss it here in France !
    I’d like to know : isn’t Gmarket delivery to UK too long and expensive?
    If it is correct, i think i’ll begin to be delivered here without asking my brother
    to bring me the clothes when he comes here.
    Anyway, i’m tempted to say ‘younger’ because of a little je ne sais quoi…
    when can we have the answer ? :P

  35. Dorothy


    besides adoring your outfit of today, watchmen is a great film, it has a clever story line, the whole concept of the hero being the villan and vice versa
    but yes dr manhattan needed some pants.


  36. I think the same age? You both look so alike (in a good way) you could be twins! :) Great outfit!

  37. omg i love korean food! the last time i ate some was in london!
    it looks delicious =)
    ps;i think he looks older than you..

  38. younger

  39. I’m not sure if he looks older or younger, but he sure does look cute :)

    Oh god, pleeeeeaaaase, sell me your h&m boots ! I’ve been searching for them absolutely everywhere, they ‘re not even on the spanish or australian or polish ebay… (i told you i searched everywhere ! :D )

  40. am

    a little bit younger

  41. I have just discovered your blog through Femme Rationale and love it! I’ve been reading your DIY projects and could not agree more with the tips in the graphic design one… esp with regards to automatically loading music. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS?!! Why are all these fashion blogs employing auto-play music? It’s wretched.

    Also, love that DIY bag and it seems impossible to say whether he looks older or younger. You guys look practically the same age!

  42. I’ve just tried to subscribe to your site via my google reader but have been told there is no feed (?!). Do you not have one? Please advise.

  43. Hi again–lol
    It seems it was a user-error on my end. It’s all in good working order now. Thanks for the quick response :3

  44. Korean food is my favorite =] I’m not sure what it’s called, but I just had something similar – love, love, love spicy foods!

    Your brother looks younger! He’s a cutie ;]

  45. jjjambong!!! yay! :)

  46. He looks kinda young, like barely past 20 or something..? Anyways, that’s not why I wanted to leave a comment, I love this look on you! The jacket and the scarf drapes so perfectly! And the pants+ bag + boots — <3<3<3


  47. okay I know I’m a little late in the game on this one and the cat is out of the bag, but I would have guessed him as a younger brother.

  48. I would’ve said younger.
    and the Korean food is making me NOM NOM NOM

  49. Your Brother is Cute

    Your brother is really cute :)

  50. Shini, you guys are Korean… Unless you got wrinkles on your face and grey hair, your age is completely inscrutable.