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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.





Jacket ASOS | Scarf, Pants Gmarket | Plaid shirt Uniqlo Men
Bag River Island | Shoes Cutesyshoes


Aldo Wilhemy

Hey guyyyyyz, my brother is wailing in the corner, screaming for his blankie, now look what you’ve done! Well what I’ve done, actually, I was the one asking the dumb question. Sorry. He’s indeed my baby brother by 2.5years – he’s 19 now. I know, baby doesn’t fit too well with that senile face. At least it was a good-ish fight between older 15: younger 12… (Thanks so much for the comments though, I love you all mucho.)

Oh, but to someone someone who said he looks like he’s in his mid-twenties (!!) but younger than me – are you saying I look late twenties? Sobstory of the week, definitely. (I still love you, Kit)

We went shopping, and I went in those heels. Very funny. At least I could pull off a genuine splat sitdown on the shopfloor + I CAN’T WAAAAAALK so I could get those Aldos without guilt.  Temporary guilt, that is. (Buyer’s remorse ETA: 3:23:46)

Oh and here’s one good advice in life. NEVER GO SHOPPING ON A SATURDAY. So I can enjoy the quiet streets all by myself kthxbye.

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  1. fun nails :) great choice of shoes!

  2. WHYYYYEEEEEEE ARE YOU ALWAYS SO CUTE?! no, really how do you do it? ;)

    other than wholeheartedly agreeing with your post title, i have to say that your nails are adorable and and that that coloured scarf with the plaid looks impeccable.

    hope all is well!

  3. ah! i love those! i was going to get them in beige (i have too many black shoes:( but they dont sell em anymore here…

    cant wait to see how you rock these!

  4. zomg those shoesssss look so much like these ones that i’d sell my dog for (NO JUST KIDDING)


    YES? jeffrey campbell biz belted booties.

    in other words, i like your new purchase! buyers remorse no more.

    kthnxbye (:

  5. A couple things, your skin is luminous! And also, as much as I do love heels, I did a little bit of shopping in them today too and was dying by the time I got home. They’re really just meant for me to sit at the office desk, really. Heh.

  6. If late twenties is bad…I’m on the wrong side of the middle. LOL.

    Love the new shoes – there’s something about multiple buckles that just makes me happy. If you don’t want them, send them this way. LOL.

  7. The aldo shoes are so nice! me want. You have a nice site. :)

  8. These shoes are just amazing. I mean both of them!
    I love the photo with the cofee! Too cute!
    LOL at the late twenties hahaha!

    AND I hate hour-changing too :(
    Can you imagine? One hour of our lives has been stolen OMG!that’s so unfair!

  9. Love your relaxed outfit! Those shoes you got are so rad, they look almost like ballerinas but they rise high. Thanks for doing some of the shopping for me too, you’re such a sweetie! ;)

  10. happy looking nails! love your blog!


  11. love your multicoloured nails. have fun with your bro while he’s here. and ps haha! we get the GOOD daylight savings in a couple of days! just think of the sunshine though, that should make it better.

  12. m&m nails xD makes appetite of chocolate

    I love the schoes you wear

  13. I hate shopping on saturdays as well, it’s just soo crowded. I really have to try using different shades on every nail some time.. :)

    Enjoy your sunday, I really need that hour back as well…


  14. Yeah! So I was “almost” right huh?! Hehe! I really love the shoes you bought, they are really cool! And the nails, and the scarf! I love everything! ^^

  15. love your m&m colored nails!

  16. Hello, Aldo boots. I think I love you. Good job, buying them. No guilt please :)

    Also, you look so cute in these shots…loving the coloured nails, the scarf, the whole thing.

    Enjoy your extra daylight, we just gained an hour but automatically we have darker days….boo.

  17. i knew he was younger! hahah but he looks older than 19!
    and i love love love those aldo shoes!

  18. your observations always makes me lulz soo much. don’t go shopping on saturday, good thing I live farr away from you then. i love those aldos, look like those awesome chloe shoes that i lusted after soo bad. :)

  19. those aldo shoes are amazing !!

  20. I don’t blame you, those Aldo shoes are fantastic. As are your M&M coloured nails!

  21. Your nails look like candy! mmm…love your scarf! And I only appreciate it when we get an hour back!

  22. S-R

    Tell me about it! Saturdays and Fridays are the worst days to shop!!! I can’t stand it!
    I love your scarf and nails!

    P.S What camera do you use, I like the images it produces. AND, what photoshop, if any?




  24. I’ve passed on an award to youuu, lovely!

  25. killer heels! and i love your nails Shini!

  26. ahh.. I want those boots..


  27. those heels are delish! And your nails are perfect :))

  28. LOVE your nails! If i didn’t work in a conservative office, i’d sport those multi-colored gems in a second. :-)

  29. i love your nails!! that looks like so much fun, ive gotta try that sometime!

  30. beautiful pics and a wonderful blog!

  31. The multicolored nails are gorgeous…I know I always say this, but your posts are so very inspiring, and I get excited when I see that you’ve posted on my google reader =D

  32. omg, he’s definitely NOT 19!!! i’m turning 19 in may and he looks so much older!! so crazy.

    umm so i want those shoes so badly. i posted them a month or so ago but the ones by jeffrey campbell at urban outfitters. these are probably more affordable!!

    love the heels!

  33. cool nails!

  34. helluuu.. lovely outfit. nice new scarf too. i think im being attacked by scarfs.. ive seen about seven yummy scarfs but no! they shall not take my pennies and pounds.

    also the piccies are rather wuvely. did brother take these? i think im going to resign now. boo.. these are better than the pics we took before i left sob sob. big fat gold stars for youu!

  35. ohmigosh you are so adowaable!

  36. your nails look great!! cool boots too :)

  37. Heeeey, I loooove your nails! But what colour is your thumb? :)