I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a changeā€”a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.




Jacket H&M | Tunic, Bag Topshop | Pants Gmarket | Shoes Aldo

M(le boyfriend): Why are the pigeons flocking around that girl?

S: Well because Ugg boots look like bread.

I’m going away for New Word Alive starting Monday and will be coming back Saturday, it’ll be like a small holiday for the blog. Except I’m taking my tiny laptop and mobile broadband so technically I’m not really going anywhere. You can’t get rid of me that easily. I’ll be definitely slow on replies and answers though. so bye :)

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  1. Love this outfit. Such pretty photos too x

  2. love that top, omg you have no idea how I excited I am for Topshop to open in NY, just 4 more days!!!!!

    and btw, your new shoes look really good :) jealous!

  3. pockets on any top is GENIUS. mm those shoes are sooo cool. did you see the link i showed ya? have fun on the semi-hiatus :)

  4. cool intresting event ;)
    haha and the uggs that look that bread, that’s hilarious! hahaha

  5. those shoes are so awesome!!

  6. hahaha loaves of bread on feet. that’s so funny

  7. Tell me there’s no buyer’s remorse now. Those are hot!

  8. bread…



    Love the tunic

  9. LOL!
    that’s a very funny reply of you, Shinh!
    hehehe…you really made me laugh.

    Shinh, i love your buckled shoes and the jacket.
    another good photos!

    p.s. about mr. freddy’s outfit, yes you’re right…hmmm..maybe he’s inspired by flintstones.LOL!

  10. ha. i hate uggs. have fun on your mini holiday!

  11. yay finally a fashion blogger makes fun of uggs… at this point though, it’s quite cruel actually. like making fun of short people for being short. they’ve always been short, it’s not like they can help it. also, everyone else in their life makes fun of it. although at the same time it’s like the joke that keeps being funny, because at least short people can fit under/in things and will live longer than the tall ones.

  12. hot shoes :)

  13. Wow, I missed out on your posts but your comment on Watchmen cracked me up. The blue guy’s um, prviate stuff, was toally distracting. In my opinion, there are just way too many gratuitous(spelling?)violence and sex scenes, I mean, I don’t really need to see anyone’s bum that close, thank you very much.

    I love the picture of you bending down near the ATM. Gorgeous outfit as always! xxxoxoxoxoxo

  14. wow! you and wilhelmy look great:)

    definitely love how you rocked those, shini! hope you have fun! :D

  15. AM loving the shoes! prettyyy. xoxo


  16. You hilarious mofo!

    First, you’re clearly stealing money from the ATM. And then you clown that girl’s Uggs.

    I die in laughter.

  17. Love the sheerness of the shirt! And hah, Uggs do look like bread!!

  18. Nice outfit.
    LOVE the shoes ^^

  19. I love your see through tunic!! Those shoes are definitely a score!:)
    Have a nice mini holiday!

  20. lol on the uggs.
    lovee your new shoes.

  21. im craving for your tunic!

  22. Haha! The ugg comment! I die :D

    Booooots! They look awesome!

  23. LOVE the shoes! I rarely don’t wear heels, but I would kick off a pair of stilletoes any day for them!
    LUSHHHHH. :)

    I adore your blog by the way! So inspirational, and you’re from London too! Snap!

    I feel kinda cliche, but would you like to exchange links with me?

    Its basically a blog about how I, a 15 year old Londoner, am making it into the fashion industry (hopefully) and all the outfits and thoughts along the way!


    xoxo aindrea

  24. Haha, I love that you are so funny, always make me laugh. Gorgeous outfit, the shoes are real buckle-love.

  25. have fun!! knockin on someone’s shoes..damn! hahahahaa

  26. Love your shoes fro aldo :)

    hahaha @ the ugg comment


  27. OOH that tunic is great. Is that a new item at Topshop? Ours is opening in a few days… can’t wait! No more $15 shipping fees!

  28. I love the shoes and the pants! :) xx

  29. love this look!

  30. hahaha I love you!

  31. So that’s the shoes huh?! Suits you really well! Love it! I’m glad your not going too far though ;P I would miss your post and your incredible outfits ^^

  32. HAHAH omg lol at bread=uggs
    love the look, and the shoes suit you very well ^^

  33. LOVE your boots!!they are really so cool!
    and btw I had to laugh about that little Uggs story…:-)

  34. Have fun on your trip :)))
    and i love the shoessssssssssss.
    very marc jacobs

  35. hahah everytime i read your posts, they make me laugh. i like your plasticy top thingy and hand over those shoes. NOW!:)

  36. i love the shoes me encantaron esos panatalones salduos

  37. love your shoes!


  38. anyone wearing uggs deserves to be attacked by pigeons. hah

    freaking looooooove those boots. please continue to give me reasons to feed my shoe addiction, kthnx

  39. new shoes alert!! wow they’re so gorgeous!!! :)

  40. Love those aldo shoes… It’s lucky that my card isn’t accepted on their website really, otherwise i’d be swimming around in a sea of shoes. No self control, haha. Love your blog, always a good read. Hello from a fellow londoner!

  41. Ha ha that comment about the ugg’s made me laugh, great 8)

    I’m totally in love with your aldos, wish they were avaliable to Norway..

    And, I’ve linked you, I need my daily dose of parc and cube avaliable, hope you dont mind;)

    Enjoy your vacation!


  42. bread!!!!! har har! :P

  43. Oh, damn, I WANT you shoes.

    Ha, bread! So true :P