I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a changeā€”a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Erm dudes I’m stuck in 1997. My internet speed won’t go above 54kb/s (modem speed) here in North Wales and this waiting for a single page to load for 10 minutes is KILLING ME. I definitely won’t be able to do any replies and blog visits for the next few days hope you understand :( I do miss my blog rounds…
Oh and of course, I left the charger for my blackberry at home so it should creep away to its death soon…This is so hopeless.

For now, some DIY inspirations, or just shoe porn. I do realise these have been around for some time now, the chains-on-shoes idea, but I thought their chain-tassle heels idea was quite refreshing.





Abaete for Payless Fall 09 Collection

Brb later with pictures of cute lambs and stuff, oh I’m becoming soft out here… The number of times I awwwed here for 2 days is equivalent to an year-worth of awws in cold London. Even the seaweed on the rocky beach is awww, damnit.

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  1. this is very nice shoes!
    i can’t wait to see your version of DIY like this!

  2. I feel your pain but the internet will be even more fascinating when you get back ;D
    The chain idea still looks good !

  3. WHAT! DID the Photo credit really say PAYLESS???? *Grabs keys and runs to car heading to the closest payless store*

  4. hahahaa…i like your “aww” story! those payless shoes are “aw”esome! i can’t wait for those to come out…thanks for the tip =)

  5. Payless!!! No way!!! Great shoes!

  6. oh yknwo what, i saw those on the payless site, like their upcoming collection preview and I was like DUDE since when did PAYLESS become AWESOME. Sha still refuses to let us even walk IN to a payless store, it’s always “No wait someone will see you!!” but I swear when this collection comes out, I’m definitely going to just mosey in and maybe even buy something wahahahhahaha

    ps awwwwwwwwwing for seaweed ftw!

  7. Where are you in North Wales? Llandudno? I went to Betws-y-coed in Snowdonia last summer a MUST-SEE place to go to…it’s like you’re in a film set in ‘Lord of the Rings’ hahaha. Have fun and wrap up warm….

  8. Ah, these shoes looks lovely ^^
    and that gives me a great idea of *try to make one of your own*
    maybe I give it a try ;D

  9. i think ill wait for you to do a DIY before i attempt this!

  10. oooooohhhhhhh!!!


  11. awwwing is good for the health. so keep awwwing. :)
    would you do this diy? it’s amazing. but how would you ‘paste’ the chains? ahhh

  12. oh my that sucks! until recnetly i had a supppppppper slow comp too. then a got a wireless router, and it changed my life forever. giggles. wow that was dramati:)

    anyways, dear. i dig those tassles! a DIY in the making perhaps?

  13. The chains are so rad! Bummer about the internet, what are we going to do without you? I’m not even kidding, I love your blog far too much. haha. Gmarket is driving me crazy so many things I want to buy but even on the english version it wont tell me wht item I’m buying?! Ahhh, many many puzzles.
    Have fun in Wales!

    x x x

  14. WAIT…did you say those are payless????

  15. Ugh, I feel your pain. My whole hard drive died a few days ago, so now I’m borriwing computers whenever I’m able, to sneak online and catch up. I miss all my personal folders SO MUCH.

    Love the shoes, BTW!


  16. WHAT? those are for paylesS? i’m soo getting those if they are. god sexy.

  17. welcome to wales!! i see the internet speed makes a nice welcome mat. London is actually one of the few places in the UK with the fastest internet… wales being one of the slowest :P on another note.. have fun frollocking on green pastures mwahahahaah :D

  18. the brown ones are beautiful. love.


  19. I REALLY like the chained boots at Isabel Marant’s show though!

  20. oohhhh shiiiett payless shoes?
    no wai
    i’m keeling over

  21. nice!!

    -karl lagerfeld quotes
    overpriced balenciaga and balmain
    Christian Lacroix for gola

  22. Damn, they are stepping it up! Can wait to see your version.

  23. really nice, but they look kinda dangerous! ^-^

  24. haha i think the softy is always in ya’ lol.

    i must live in a hole or something. First time ive seen these payless shoes. the tassle chain is kinda cool. how about it? an A Wang fringe heels with chains instead of leather!! one for you to try.

  25. those lambs are turning me vegan.

  26. Those chain shoes are all for payless???????? I’m so excited!!!

  27. “Even the seaweed on the rocky beach is awww, damnit.”
    north wales looks (fun)!

  28. does anyone know exactly when/ if these will be released in stores??
    i NEED them!


  29. Yummy, chains galore! Can’t wait to see your DIY interpretation. How comes you’re in Wales?

  30. It looks very cool, I must admit I bought some chains online to spice up a pair of heels.

  31. I can’t wait to see your DIY version.
    The shoes looks awesome

    Hope you can turn your blogrounds soon again

  32. wow, those are fantastic. i like the brown color.

  33. love the shoe chains – especially the ones dangling around the heels.

  34. i can’t believe these were at payless and i missed them! damn!

  35. I really must try this.