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Inspired by the Doo.Ri A/W’09 tights

What you’ll need:
Patterend lace tights (or leggings), very thin needle, thread, scissors, and a set of beads varying from sizes to colours to shapes. I chose two neutral colours (white and cream/gold), one complimentary (blue), one pot of sequin for the sparkle and a satin pearl pot for texture.

Wearing the tights will be the easiest way to apply the beads. Find a patch on the lace where the texture is heavier (on the pattern – the weave is stronger there and should hold the beads better), and slide needle through where you want to start. (Please excuse my chipped nails)

Pull the thread out to the necessary length needed for that section (usually 25-30cm) and make a firm double knot. Thread beads in and sew into the tights. Usually 4-5 beads per time is good for more control with the shape.

Keep varying between beads and sequins and other decorations – once an area is done, finish with a double knot. Snap off thread to start on new section.
Repeat. When doing the other leg, see how they balance out overall on both legs.

Tights H&M | Shoes Chloé

I went for a more royalty-inspired embellishment than the exact copy of Doo.Ri. It turned out to be quite sparkly in real life, so I didn’t have to do as much!
Advice on choice of tights & caring

  • For this kind of beading (vines and chunks) better pick densely-woven tights like mine.
    If you want to do it Doo.Ri style, pick bigger sequins, beads and crystals on sparsely woven tights like bigger laces.
  • If you do choose to do it on lace tights, then wear socks over the feet to prevent them from getting dirty.
  • Handwash for cleaning. Avoid beaded areas.
  • You could even try lace leggings if you don’t feel like such delicate care.
  • Be gentle while putting it on!

Good luck!

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  1. They turned out so nicely!!! You have great patience, my dear. I don’t know if I could have made it though all of that beading.

  2. omg you meag mega mega need patience to go all the way wtih this one huh? and of course it pays off!! sooo pretty and delicate and i bet it feels very much princess-like when you wear them!!

  3. That was beautiful! Thanks for the lecture. ;)

  4. You have earned my lifelong respect. R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Looking forward to more pics… :)

  5. these are amazing. the beading looks like some kind of magical sparkly moss growing on your legs (it doesn’t sound good but the image in my head is making it sound good). i would be too afraid to wear these, stockings and me have a short, passionate relationship.

  6. These are so beautiful!
    Very romantic!
    And yours look even better than the doo.ris one!

  7. wow! this looks perfect!

  8. omg…they’re GORGEOUS! you should send me a pair :D you have lots of patience! ur a complete genius i swear!!!! *drools* and it’s nice you eventually got round to doing them xD

  9. I love it! You did a really great job, thanks for the DIY guide. I should try this sometime when all my normal tights start to look too boring. :)

  10. Chloe

    Thanks for all these DIYs!!!

  11. Thanks a lot for this fantastic tutorial!

  12. Holy smokes. They look great! I don’t think I could be as steady handed.

  13. you are so amazing! and a genius at that tooo.. seriously those are so sweeet!

  14. looks nice, I’ve been trying to find cream or white lace tights everywhere!! and I couldn’t :(

  15. Well done for finishing the beading work they look L-U-X-U-R-I-O-U-S!! Maybe I should hire you to do beading work in the future if my friend and I launching our label…
    How are you going to wash the tights? It looks delicate……you’d need MIELE’s washing machine LOL.

  16. woaw , well done !!

  17. Oh!! The most gorgeous tights ever! I’m totaly in love! I should do ones like that! Thanks!

  18. wow!!!!
    i love you for showing us the coolest diy projects….hahah
    i’m so doing this…

  19. you’re so creative!! great diy :)

  20. what a genius mind again!
    i love your DIY beaded tights and the colors you used.
    great job!


  21. Great job, they look amazing! I’d have a go myself but I’m pretty convinced I’d have lost all the beads within five minutes of leaving the house in them..

  22. They turned out gorgeous! I couldn’t though…I don’t have the patience. I nearly died of frustration trying to DIY the A.Wang holey sweater!

  23. Looks really good!!

  24. Great work!
    that looks so beautiful : )

  25. Hi Park & Cube! I just recently discovered your blog. You seem like such an amazing person! I admire all your perseverance and creativity with your projects. It’s very inspiring to me (a normally very plain, non-stylin’ person LOL). I wish I had the confidence to wear tights like these…but I’m really not sure how to transition my boring wardrobe with pieces like this. What would you recommend wearing these with? I’m sure you’ll be posting outfits w/ these stunning tights soon though. Also, if you had to squish all the time you spent hand-sewing the beads on, how long would you say it took? I’m a full time grad student and teacher, and I’m wondering if I’d even have the time to attempt something like this :x

    Thanks in advance for answering my questions :) I would really appreciate it!

  26. BRILLIANT! Are those tights from H&M btw? I have a pair of similar ones in black. I would love to have the white version though.

  27. This looks awesome! I love the colors you chose, including the light in the photos. Everything looks so… fantasy-like. You are one of the queens of DIY!

  28. WOW! those tights look amazing!!! Thanks for the diy directions!

  29. fantastic tutorial! i’ve been thinking of beading tights myself, but didn’t know how to do it, the lace works perfect, and i have a few pairs i can play with.

  30. That’s incredible. I don’t think I’d even have the manual dexterity to sew a button on, let alone all of that! Thank the lord for tailors.

  31. Oh so lovely! Wow. I’ll have to try this, it’s inspired!


  32. You are the queen of all DIYs lady. This one turned out quite dreamy. The lace, the beads, the cream – ah, classy! I could totally picture Marie Antoinette doing this in her spare time.

  33. I would like to say I like your tights more the Doo ri one////
    Girl ,you always let me have a nice day//////////////////////////

  34. great job! they look lovely

  35. your DIY skills are through the roof shini! they’re so dainty looking :D

  36. You are awesome! Love this—even better than the Doo Ri version :)

  37. I love the colours with your chloes! Shini, you still amaze me! I want your brain. haha.

    x x x

  38. Wow you never fail to amaze me Shini! They turned out really nice and they go perfect with your new Chloe shoes. ^^

    x Natalie

  39. You really are the queen of DIY :) Gotta buy some beads now! Can’t wait to get started!

  40. oh my goodness these are amazing!!!!

  41. Hello! Where were you able to find such a great selection of beads/sequins?

  42. Michelle: Great question, I got mine from John Lewis, you should be able to find them in craft stores (where they sell yarns, buttons, threads…etc). Artstores sometimes have them too! Oh there should even be stores that just sell beads :P

  43. oooh pretty!


  44. shini, hey what a surprise to see a comment from you on my blog :)
    anyways the heels are from this pre-order blog, it’s a local Malaysian though so I’m not sure how much the shipping would be to your place, try emailing the seller and get one for me to haha


  45. Ha-ha, I was going to say. Are you using the theme Qwilm perhaps? That theme is seemingly popular nowadays although for some reason its disappeared as of late. :/

  46. god you are amaaizng shini. i have to try this out, it came out amazingly. i’m curious how you took pictures with both hands sewing, another person perhaps or maybe you’re an alien with 4 limbs. i will never know:)

  47. Alice: Yoga. Feet.

  48. i loved these doo ri tights. it’s so nice to see someone do a diy of them.

  49. They look so lovely! It must have taken so much patience. xx

  50. ah, diy was the first thing that crossed my mind when i saw the diy tights! absolutely love your take on it. great color choices.

  51. Amazing! I am definitely going to try this out.

  52. you’re probably the most patient person i pseudo-know.

  53. The tights are marvelous…so is the Doo.Ri dress…but Doo.Ri is amazing overall.

  54. Beautifully done and this will be something I have to try, thanks a bunch!

  55. Shannon

    Thanks for the reply email! it was a good help
    these tights are incredible, excellent work as always!

  56. ahhh, amazing! I am in love with the way yours turned out, they’re so gorgeously delicate. I can’t wait to see what you wear them with, they are simply exquisite.

  57. They turned out do cute in white! I L O V E the Doo.Ri ones too, that collection was fantastic.


  58. Ups, of course I ment So cute! :)

  59. What a fantastic step by step guide! These tights look so good. WELL DONE!

  60. oh! charming <3
    btw, you have won “the fabulous blog award” Congrats <3
    Check out my blog for more info ;)
    xoxo L.

  61. sorry wrote the comment with the wrong link ><
    -here is the right one:D

  62. awesome!! im doing diy stuff myself.


  63. STARR

    wow I really admire your patience. They look amazing you should go work with them :)

  64. you are amaaaaaaaazing!!!!!!


  65. Suji

    Brilliant! Now I have this huge urge to bead my tights :D

  66. You always share with us so many ideas! Thanks a million!

    (the final result is spectacular!)

  67. I think they came out wonderful. Nice job there.

  68. Absolutely amazing. Quite breathtaking, really, with the colors.

    La C.

  69. the result is awesome!!!


  70. Amazing, as simple as that!

  71. They’re amazing and you’re really good at explaining things. The tights look so beautiful and delicate! xxoxoxoxoxo

  72. OMG, gorgeous tights.. i wouldnt be able to DIY this.. you did a great job! i like yours even better than the inspired ones, for reals!

  73. park & cube > doo.ri

  74. Oh my! these turned out fabulous! the white looks better too, in my opinion;) and it looks great with your yellow chloes!

  75. this looks amazing, i should try this as soon as possible :)

  76. they are truly amazing, so very pretty! xxx

  77. thanks for the tutorial, so helpful. i just posted about this too, an excellent diy project

  78. these are so so amazing. I need to get myself some lace tights asap. Your DIY skills are pretty epic

  79. i’ve just found your blog through another and it’s wonderful! i will definitely try this diy, once i decide which lace tights to choose!

  80. These are unbelievable.

  81. one of the best DIYs i’ve ever seen. this is so great and practical and cheap to make! ahh i gotta do this.

  82. they look amazing. i had been eyeing those tights when i saw the collection.

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  84. Wow they look divine. You have admirable patience and a great eye for detail. You have a wonderful blog going here!


    J x

  85. Wonderful work! I come to your blog and love always! I am from Brazil and i have a blog about make and fashion and i wish to post on my blog this step by step, with due credit of course. I await your response. Thank you.

  86. AMAZING!!!!!!!! wow how long would that have taken

  87. Great job with these, and nice pictures.

  88. Thank you so much! it’s really helpful


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  90. gorgeous!!

  91. woooow! this is so awesome! (and inspiring!) great job!

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  93. the are uber fantastic!

  94. ayaya

    its amazing work!!! WoW am just..merely surprised about ur work…
    Why am in ur blog is just accident but it makes me wonderful feeling!!!
    U r soooo creative!!! again, amazing work u did!!!!!

  95. gorgeus!
    think i will try this one time!

  96. this is such a brilliant idea…

    the tights look amazing…

  97. amazing! i liked to this tutorial on my blog today…


  98. Lola

    I also linked to it on my blog– can’t wait to try it for myself! I have been eyeballing ridiculously expensive Bebaroque beaded tights and now I can make my own! Don’t think I would have been brave enough to try it without your excellent example. Thanks!

  99. Absolutely cannot WAIT to try this! So so cool.

  100. Wow. How cool and what great instructions!

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  103. stunning!

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  108. That is a great idea, I’m definitely going to imitate ;-)
    A creative and cheap way to have a beautiful look!
    I’ll eventually post a topic about it with a link to your blog.

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  111. bill

    I feel like this should look gross and creepy in a way, (my first impression of the black ones was like.. those little shelf-fungi that grow on trees) but it just looks sparkly and awesome. Even if it looks like fungi, it’s like the cute kind that fairies grow. Or something.

  112. Lovely! It’s a little too hot in Singapore to be wearing tights but I have a pair of black lace socks and I think this DIY would be perfect to add some sparkle to it. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  114. great. i think it looks so good
    hope you don’t mind if i put this ” do it yourself” on my blog. i specified the source and that it’s not done by me.

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  116. Fantastic! Handmade clothes can be sooooo much fun. Much cheaper too!! :)

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  119. those are beautiful! they look great with your yellow shoes!!

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  127. Jade

    Just a note on needles – Cross-stitch needles are made to slide into fabric holes – they have a round, duller tip and will not snag the tights. Try a thin version, but make sure the beads will fit.

  128. That is so super cool. That’s the type of stuff my grandmother does, but I never have the time to stay with her learning.
    I recently kind of destroyed some tights wile smoking, they were grey-ish, but I’m going to die them black now.
    I was going to add some ruffles to pseudo fix it and hide it. I guess I’m going to use this idea too, in black, dark green with light green and lime blue contrast (bcz I’m going to die my hair that color soon).

  129. great idea!!! Looks really glamorous :)

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  133. WAW .. i love it so much .. actually i have beeds .. i’m sur it will look really nice thank you so much

  134. This is absolutely adorable. I own enough tights to last an entire winter, but this looks like a great way to embellish the ones I wear for the girls nights outings. Love em!

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  136. These are amazing, so wanna try these. I have been planning a beaded knee high sock which is very similar!

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  143. Allison

    Those tights are amazing! I want to try this, but I don’t know where you buy lace tights like these. Where did you buy yours or where can I get a pair similar to that?

  144. Wow man keep it up


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  146. very creative! LOVE the sparkle!

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  148. These are amazing!

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  153. simple but a very amazing output. a very good diy.

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  156. Those are FANTASTIC! Such a clever idea. makes me want to do this on my daughter’s winter tights!!

  157. These are amazing. So pretty!! Wish I could make something like this :)

  158. Verónica

    Wow. This is gorgeous, and I n ever would have thought of doing such a simple thing! It’s great that I’ve seen this so that I won’t go and spend a ridiculous amount of money and embelished tights. Thank you :)

  159. LOVE this. There have been few times that I’ve even considered picking up a sewing needle for myself but I have to admit, it will be the first thing I’m going to look for tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

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  161. romantic and fashionable! i love lace:)

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  164. That’s AWESOME! Loved and sharing :)

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  168. I’m on the fence. Like at first glance I’m like I am totally in love with it. Then I start thinking of it getting snagged. Gotta be a lady to wear this one.

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    Keep up the good writing.

  177. ShoeQueen1961

    These are gorgeous! I’m definitely going to try this; as I love to create with my hands–nearly as much as I love bling!!! Beautiful Job!!!

  178. lilkunta

    how much are you willing to sell a pair of your bead embellished tights for?
    pls let me know. my email is above in the email space. thanks you!

  179. Hi there!
    Oh I’m afraid I’ve worn the tights quite a lot of times so they’re not in the condition of selling, apologies!
    Normally I’d be happy to make something like this for a small commission fee, but at the very moment I don’t think I will have time…
    It’s actually quite simple if you try to do it yourself, do feel free to drop me a line if there’s anything I can help with in the process.
    Shini x

  180. lilkunta

    @Shini, shoot. if i am willing to wait would that matter?
    my local HM doesnt have the leggings so I have to check back on monday after their truck brings new merchandise..

    where do i buy the beads and thread and needle, target or a specific fabric store >

    thanks you shini !

  181. lilkunta

    i want to know if you could sew a pair adn i pay you for it ? thanks !

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  188. OH! This is amazing! I will do it..:)

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