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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.




Crop Tshirt H&M | Dress All Saints | Bag River Island
Pants Gmarket | Shoes F21

Now that my trusted camerapig has gone off to see her parents for Easter and stuff, there should be a considerable fall in the number of outfit photos. (Have a great holiday Elface <3 Thanks always for the photos) Which of course would be a happy news to those wondering when I’ll get over myself and just post the next damn DIY. Sorry for the disappointment, but I’m too busy getting drunk on nailpolish remover watching One Tree Hill from season one. (Getting more and more annoying by the episode, may I say.)

No, it’s around the corner. (Oui, another corner. I live in a maze, apparantly)

Oh yes, I’ve been getting a number of questions about all kinds of stuff, so starting today I thought I’d just post all the answers in the FAQ page I’ve added on the right.

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  1. You seriously look amazing! I love that dress to death!!! And you naughty girl in the F21’s! I still haven’t made up my mind on those. My BF insists that the Wang’s were horrible cause my toes spilled out so I should give up…lol Plus I made some recent shoe purchases that should vanish me from buying anything for the next few years…They look gorgeous on you!

  2. msee

    please don’t melt your mind grapes with that show. the writing itself is HORRIBLE.

    ie. cafe lady (forgot their names; it’s been so long) brings out two cents out of the cash register to show troubled boy.

    “gimmie your two cents”

    she had to physically show two pennies…to prove….her point. omg. you cant get anymore priceless writing elsewhere.

  3. <3 the dress!!!

    can’t wait to see more of your crazy DIYs :D

  4. the dress is absolutely beautiful!

  5. The ripple in the second shot is beautiful….but the one little minor detail that i loved and caught my eye the most…was the polish work :) ooooh girl! ^-^

  6. dang, no carbs? feeling a little carb-y today…

    anywho, miss shini, wonderful nails. they remind me of skittles! (yay, mroe carbs + sugar!) also, very jealous of your wang/F21 shoesies! they look awesome with that ombre dress:)

  7. Hhehehee nice shoesss sexy! Love your detail shots and zee pretty tie dyed dress.

  8. OOh, I loves it. The jury has been out on those shoes for me, but they look good here…maybe I should revisit my cart…

  9. Calie

    Looove your outfit! Also, I’ve been wanting to buy those shoes, are the comfortable?

  10. i bought those shoes and found them so uncomfortable i’m returning them. i think i need to toughen my feet up.


  11. Ohh what kind of camera does your friend use?

    I always love the quality of your photos

  12. Tie dye dress. Check!
    Colorful flowers. Check!
    Subtle sun creeping in. Check!

    The verdict is in and : Spring is officially here! I am so excited. My favorite time of year has finally arrived, and with an extravagant entrance as well may I say. Ovah HEYAH in Sunny California, the Sun has finally won the Cold War against the Clouds and is out as bright as ever. The Crocus buds have begun to pop their heads out of the ground signaling a peace treaty against the frostbitten Wind. And Winter has finally ceased fire and begun to retreat. So long Winter!

    You’re as beautiful as always,
    Laura Marianne

    Post Script: the shoes are fab and so are the nails missy.

  13. Those shoes are everywhere!

  14. aww you look so sweet :)

  15. Still in love with those shoes!

  16. I love the fluid motion and effect of the dress, specifically the hemline against the fringe and shape of the boots. Like poetry in motion.

  17. bomb dress.
    bomb shoes.

  18. I love the delicacy of the dress paired with a tough boots. It looks so summary and pretty! Love the flutter shot of the dress! xxoxoxo

  19. Love the multi-coloured finger nails.

  20. Hot dress. I love it with the jeans too! Oh no for the loss of outfit posts for a while! We’ll miss the outfits. haha.

    x x x

  21. Love this look! That All Saints dress is pure perfection. Are those shoes comfortable? I’m thinking of ordering them…

  22. its finally great seeing you on spring clothes, looks great :)

  23. wonderful dress, which fits perfectly to you.

  24. yeah,those shoes look grat on you.props to f21 and of course you sweets.you look fab!

  25. One tree hill is fun! of course they get crazier and more unreal every episode but don’t worry, just think about it like 45 minutes of non-thinking entertainment!!

  26. I agree with the ones above on how great it is to see you dressing for spring. Inspiration! You look gorgeous and so does your photos. Your friend is doing a good job there!

  27. Chloe: All the outfit shots are done with my Canon 400D!
    Lena: Owwh this shot was done by my bf, since Ellen left for holidays ;) There’s always a lot of cropping and colour editing involved for all the photos after shooting though, we shoot in RAW so I could essentially make it look like it’s frosty winter or summer in rome ;)

  28. Love this!

  29. WHAT is this weather?! it looks WARM. i’m so over the cold here in Baltimore. love the All Saints dress as usual. I think I like every single piece from this brand I see.

  30. The pantone-colored nails are a nice touch! I’m loving the shoes on you- I recently got mine in the mail but haven’t had the opportunity to wear ’em yet since it’s still coooold in NYC. Are they comfortable?

  31. And the return of the skittles nails!
    I love your dress. It’s terribly cute!

  32. amazing outfit! really feels like summer is here! (and gone again) :)

  33. I’ve been a recent lurker and love your blog.

    I’m a Brit now living in NY and I love finding some British chicks to take a peak on whats going on over there!

    LOVE the outfit. I’m working on the jeans with holes/chains you did a while ago.

  34. everyone in london lives “around the corner”…there are no straight streets there! haha

    i have yet to wear my f21 fringe boots, too…l like the way they look w/jeans.

  35. One Tree Hill is the worst show ever. stop now before you wonder why you wasted so much of your valuable time.

  36. that dress is adorable! must’ve been hard to resist twirling around..or must’ve been super annoying to walk over sewer covers and not have your dress flutter up all ova yo’ face.

  37. love the shoes!
    have been coveting them for a while.
    did you pay the shipping? or go to america?

  38. very nice combination!

    -new louboutin for barneys
    and marc jacobs engaged
    in my blog

  39. you look lovely!!!!!


  40. Oh, it looks spring though, and that shoes are amazing.

  41. haha the fack page. i love those shoes. mmmmmmm i’m drooling.

  42. Many thanks for the answer. :)
    Hope all is well.


  43. Shinh, lovely photos again.
    i’ve that kind of skirt but mine is plain purple and the other is a tie-dye sky blue.
    hmm…i love your yummy nail polish.


  44. I love the semi-spring feel of this outfit!

  45. ahhh very poetic shots :)

  46. This is a fantastic outfit! Love the All Saints dress, I just love ombre-anything really! … and I’m so jealous you got to go to the Tsars exhibition! I got the book (ordered onlne, which is amazing) but I keep meaning to physically go there!!!!

    (p.s. Moschino sample sale tomorrow – you might like it!)

  47. uhhhhh you look utterly amazing.

  48. the F21s look amazing on you * * *

  49. great, great outfit! that dress is so inspiring. summer is here!

    thank you for the comment in my blog. yes, my shoes are aligned all the time but forget about the clothes!


  50. hello from a fellw londoner :) ahhhhhhhhhh you got the f21 boots. how much did it cost to ship them over here??? love your blog, very inspirational simple chic :) Z xoxo

  51. HIHI, love itttt the whole outfit is cute. im like the only blogger that DOESNT have those shoes haha

  52. Oh my .. the shoes! Have been wanting them since I first saw them on the site and now even more.

  53. lovely outfit!!
    hey and your nails are fab :D


  54. I like how you styled the F21 boots. I just bought them and I’m unsure of how to pull them off with long pants. But when you do it, it looks lovely! I think I’ll give it a try!

    Aren’t they amazingly comfy?

  55. i love the dress over pants. ombre, yum.

  56. Cinthia

    Loved the F21 shoes on you! I’ve been after them for a while!
    But they don’t have 7 1/2, how does they fit? should i get 7 or 8?

    thanks so much!

  57. Cinthia: Heyoo, methinks if you go half a size higher it’d be alright – don’t go a size lower since there’s a toe-thong and you don’t want that digging into you!

  58. Holy shit, those shoes are fucking ahhhmazing! I love your style. LOVE.

  59. Aleks

    wonerful blog and foto :)

  60. love the outfit; black&black. thanks for the inspiration.