I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Sweater – Topshop (shrunk in the wash :(), Belt – Vintage, Shoes – c/o Zalando, Socks – c/o Tabio, skirt – c/o Storets, Bag – c/o YesStyle

You know me, exaggerating everything like it’s nobody’s business… this is indeed how I lost ’10kg’s, sorry to disappoint. But hey, the very notion that you’d

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think I have enough willpower and self-discipline to lose 10kg is very flattering, thank you. I did lose 2kg the past month but that was purely accidental, kind of like how people lose their kid in a supermarket… you get it back no matter how fast you hide. Anyway back to the hair – what was initially hoped to be ‘shock and awe’ turned out to be more of a ‘dude, where’s my hair‘ fluster. Lothar of Sassoon (Covent Garden Salon) played his wizard tricks, as he – naturally – does magic with hair, and next thing I knew my Samson locks were on the floor next to his neon orange kicks. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it really is a beautiful cut, except I have no clue how to flaunt it because I’ve had utra-long hair for forever (and the fact that I don’t own a blowdryer might also be a contribution…). I’ve also been catching myself in the mirror and realise I look exceptionally ‘Korean’, or ‘Asian’, but that conversation with the reflection usually ends with ‘dude shut up, you are Korean’ and I end up smearing toothpaste at the mirror, crying.

Thank you Lothar millions for the haircut, and Kit for the shots!
(Also here’s the number for the salon if anyone’s interested in some wizardry – +44 020 7240 6635)

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  1. I love your new hair! I did think you looked more ‘Asian’ actually, but only because Asians are known for having amazing hair and let it be known I am very jealous of it

  2. @Polley, I want Asian hair too – it’s always so thick & shiny *seethes with jealously*

  3. i LOVE this hair style on you. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  4. Super nice hair-cut! So fresh and suits your face perfectly. Also thanks for sharing the name of your hair-dresser. I just moved back to London and wanted a new one (not just Toni and Guy for the 100st time!). Going to check him out now.


  5. I totally see what you mean by “more Asian.” You might want to have that sobbing-toothpaste-smearing thing checked out, though. Especially because your lovely reflection will be obscured by toothpaste.

    I’ve been told the same thing, that I “looked more Asian” when I got my short-short haircut. But hey it’s a compliment, right? I know that you look fabulous with your new haircut. It frames your face so well!

  6. when i first saw it i was like :O but i do like it! very nice :) it really re-defines your look i think.


  7. Your new haircut is so delightful! And I can see why you feel like you more “Asian,” it’s such a super cute look. Adore the capture of you skipping in midair.


  8. I though the same when I saw you, you look very Korean, and also I though “are you the new heroine in the next Gang Ji Hwan dorama?”.
    I like it, I just have to get use to it, and why I’m talking like if I’m the one with the new hair?

    Congrats! now with 10 kg less, less neck pain.

  9. You are so SO FREAKING CUTE! Love how the whole haircut has been documented. Also, that jump at the end is magnificent. You look so fresh and healthy with the shorter hair.

    The last part of what you wrote made me laugh. I can completely see you doing that… and I’m pretty sure I’ve told you on countless occasions that same thing (…’but you ARE korean!’).

    Also, I was pretty concerned after having read that you lost 10kg… I was thinking you’d be some sort of waif like of a creature when I saw you. p.s. Get yourself a hairdryer woman. xx

  10. Vicky

    I think this hair style quite suits you and lol it’s really Korean style. Adore the Chelsea boots, I’m gonna get ones myself!

  11. KK

    That’s right! You look more “Asian” :) and fabulous! :) I wouldn’t let anybody to cut my long hair ! Lately, finally I got rid of a fringe, as it was literally pain in the ass. I hope not for you! :)

  12. You look really beutiful with that fringe :)
    but werent you sad? When I cut my hair i almost cried – although I wanted it..
    But you looks great :)

  13. haha i just had my bangs chopped like that and am freaking out slightly too, feeling like it makes me look “so asian”.. but then newsflash.. i am.. for what it’s worth i think your fresh cut suits you really well and your hair looks so silky and healthy now!

  14. Wow, it looks gorgeous! I really love the bangs and the subtle layers on you. I didn’t realize how incredibly long your hair was before, until compared above. Of course, it’s stunning in both photos! And truthfully, you still probably won’t need a blow dryer since it’s still quite long. ;)

    Also, your outfit is so beautiful.

  15. loving the fringe, that new haircut is absolutely perfect, suits you so well


  16. When I started reading this post I was wondering which changes had you done to your hair. I was all crazy with the idea of you going from a long hairstyle to a short one, straight/shoulders lenght – I think it would suit you so good! That didn’t happened but you still look gorgeous – I love the fringe!
    Hurray for the change, I now how much it “hurts” cutting that amout of hair.

  17. the new hair suits you very well, love the fringe on you! am thinking about cutting my long hair as well but shorter, i just don’t have the courage to do so. respect! :)


  18. I was slightly clutching my heart when scrolling ever so slowly through the pictures. I have long hair too and am terrified of getting it cut, even though I remind myself its just hair! The new style really suits you though! Am looking forward to seeing more pictures of it in action. (I don’t think, strictly speaking, hair can be in action in and by itself but you know…)

  19. You are one hilarious women. Btw you look sad on the first picture but hey if you smile while having hair cut then you will prolly end up chewing your own hair. Your hair looks nice and I know about the whole ‘asian’ thing cos everyone thinks that just cos you have have pale skin and black hair it means you’re chinese or malaysian or sometimes thai. or at least that’s what i get every time someone tries to act smart and guess my ethnicity.

  20. kiiyha

    ha ha i was going to comment saying you look more asian ;)

  21. You make me laugh … love your humor and your new haircut!

    Great shots,

  22. I like the change…you look really beautiful!

  23. Aveda Pure Abundance hair potion for volume. That’s what I use for my shorter/bangs cut and it pumps it up :) Or just dry shampoo even when my hair’s clean if I’m lazy …Although I think you still have long hair, and it looks lovely.

  24. woow gorgeous hair!!

  25. great new look! I like your haircut. I wish I have those straight hair :-)

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette

  26. Oooohh your new haircut is so incredibly cute! And I personally think that Asians are just cut out for any kind of fringes/bangs. Doesn’t it make them look somewhat young forever?
    And I love the jumping photo, you seem even more playful! xx

  27. It looks amazing! A fringe suits you :)


  28. First: I love the outfit (and your layout but I say this in every comment, which is on every post, by the way, just to highlight my appreciation). & I think your new cut is very nice. I would describe your ‘old’ hair as beautiful and elegent, but shorter + pony makes it quirky and modern which in my opinion is even better.

  29. I love your hair Shini! It really suits you. I kind of get that comment all the time (and I have to admit I thought the same when I saw your new hairstyle!) but he first time I had a fringe cut, the first time someone saw me with my hair tied back, the first time I wore red lipstick was met with the same response, “wow Winnie, you look so Chinese!”. Haha. Well that’s a shocker! ;)

  30. Your hair are beautiful!

  31. Claire

    You hair looks beautiful. I’m extremely jealous.

  32. Ahhh this looks amazing! Such a simple transformation but very effective. I love how the fringe frames your face and makes your eyes stand out. I love it!

  33. I love your hair!! And it looks like finally someone knows how to cut a fringe… I don’t know why I never find hairdresser that can properly cut it how I want (i.e. exactly like yours)
    Maybe I should just go and cut my hair there next time I visit London…

    Oh and yes, probably you look even “more Korean” with this haircut but I do think that Koreans have some of the most delicate and beautiful face features in the world (no I don’t say it because I’m talking to you and I just want to be nice, I really believe that. I actually discovered this when I started to watch Korean, Chinese and Japanese dramas years ago LOL) so consider yourself lucky :-)


    -The Red Dot-

  34. nice cut, China woman! :P

  35. You look great. Very chic!

  36. hahaha! you look exceptionnally Asian indeed! but exceptionnally cute too! Well done! I love your new haircut!

  37. Laura Lynn

    That cut is perfect for you. You’re going to rock it like nobody’s business. Well done! Love it!

  38. you look good with bangs.

  39. Love love love your new do!!! And the bag and the shoes. ;)


  40. OH MY GAWD, you gorgeous girl!!! That haircut looks absolutely gorgeous on you Shini!!!

  41. Dude, you do look Korean, you ARE Korean and you have a Korean cut. Next time if I pop into a hair salon I’ll say ‘I would like a Korean cut please.’ I do miss your long aged hair though.

  42. skye

    I do miss your long hair, but I love this cut on you. It really highlights your cheekbones!!
    I adore this outfit too.

  43. the new hair looks fantastic! and i love your boots


  44. You are very brave! Getting my hair cut is one of those things that I always get anxious about. Love the new style and your hair looks so much healthier!

  45. You are very brave! Getting my hair cut is one of those things that I always get anxious about. Love the new style and your hair looks so much healthier!

  46. JULES

    Beautiful. Are you able to tell me what camera and lens were used to shoot this?

  47. Ana Ilka

    Haha I love your blog, you’re so funny… ‘like loosing your kid accidentally’
    Cool hair, I guess you just couldn’t escape looking exceptionally asian forever.

  48. *tear :'(
    I’m going to miss your hair, I lived vicariously through it.
    never the less, your new cut is adorable :)

  49. HA! So this post should be before “Out the Willow Hole” post, right? Nice cut, you look fresh!


  50. The new haircut looks super nice! I love the layers (: Also, your outfit seems so comfy! I hope you have a fantastic rest of the week.

  51. sarah

    You look cute girl :)
    i love your old hairstyle, but the new one quite suits you too!

  52. Lily

    Wow you look terrific! I wish I looked that good with a fringe haha!

  53. Love your new haircut!


  54. Your hair looks great!


  55. beautiful pictures, and a gorgeous haircut – it totally suits you! you look great, and it will be so much easier to look after and style, you’ll love it soon enough! :)

    B xx


  56. I love the bangs, the skirt, the jump!

    Bright Green Laces

  57. Ah, the joy of new haircuts.

    You look great with this hairstyle, really lovely.

    And yes, it does remind me of a lot of korean actresses. Which means just that I watch to many korean tv dramas.

    Now go and get yourself a blow dryer and have fun with trying out new things with your new haircut.

    Have a nice week.

    PS. great pictures.

  58. Love that hair cut!! You look amazing! Those shoes are SO pretty! XO Rebecca


  59. your hair looks great! I just found your blog and really love it..one of the best I’ve seen in awhile! you post such beautiful photos. Definately following you now :D

  60. It was good idea to make this haircut. You look great in new hair and your outfit is simply perfect!

  61. I love your new hair! It’s so lovely. Too bad it has become so short! Such a waste… i love looking at your long hair. *_*

  62. Your new hair looks so pretty!


  63. You’re beautiful, I love your new haircut!


  64. I lovveeee your new hair! and that bangs make you look prettier than before. Still in love with you jump shoot :)

  65. Gorgeous !

  66. nice hair

  67. What a gorgeous haircut! The fringe is fantastic! I’ve been stuck in the same old hair rut for years, I need to try something new like a fringe!

  68. ooh your hair looks lovely! must be such a change though, but it really looks nice x

  69. I adore it! You look lovely. It feels very retro and that is always a good thing for hair in my book.

  70. Love that photo where you are jumping ;-) I’m sure you can work that new haircut but I would recommend investing in a blow dryer.

    PS. Just so you know, I have a major Filofax envy! But I’m very happy for you and your Filofax, haha.

  71. i thought you lost 10kgs because of the haircut. i know i am a nervous wreck when my hair is treated

  72. Wow – your photos are simply stunning and I love the new look! Congrats :)


  73. shini, your hair looks so sweet on you! and it looks so healthy and shiny in the light. OOOOHHH i love it!

    i also wanted to ask you some pointers in photography. I love the dreamy/surreal effect you have on all of your photos. do you use a special filter on photoshop for that? or is it some type of special lens? i’m so camera-challenged so i’m still learning my way around photography! any advice would help. :)

  74. You look beautiful.

    That is all.

  75. apparently you had this at ebay?! how did i not notice?! i shall greatly.miss your waterfall of locks but i like new sharp shini too! ;) x

  76. Honestly, I guess the old haircut defined out your style. New cut is cute but I think it’s not really you.
    Also experimented a little with the Asian style ;) You can check out my new kawaii ne? post. Hope you enjoy it.
    Greetings from Berlin

  77. No, you’re totally right, the old haircut (if you can call it a ‘cut’) was sort of a filler for my style wasn’t it, now I sort of feel character-less. MEH.
    Guess a bit of experimentation doesn’t hurt…

  78. So brave and so pretty!!! Love it! Getting bangs suit you :)

  79. Just so you know, your blog layout and design have inspired me to pick up an html & CSS book for my Christmas reading…I keep coming to your blog to gawk at your design. It’s so beautiful! Just thought you should know. Cheers!

  80. Dear Shini, it’s kind of refreshing that you finally have your hair cut! You definitely look cute, but I have to be honest that the bangs do not really suit your style well :( *note that this comment comes from someone who has bangs and wishes it grew faster. Nevertheless, happy experimenting! I know you’ll rock it anyhow!

  81. love the new hair do! u do look “lighter” now .. lol

  82. Shini your hair looks so CHIC!
    by the way-Mazal tov for the wedding, I wish you all the best…


  83. amazing!


  84. Criticoasis169

    You have GOT to get that self-loathing thing under check! Own up and be proud of being Korean. It is such an integral part of you and is responsible for not only your beautiful physical appearance, but also for so much of what makes you YOU.

    Truth be told, I don’t like the new style all that much – but not because it makes you look “more” Asian, rather because your long, wispy hair was diaphanous and magical. It had the quality of late afternoon sun streaming through gently billowing curtains. Air and light. The new hair is choppy, and doesn’t seem to breathe. However, it would look hot with some strong colors, oversized silhouettes in heavy materials. To very different looks.

    So get that Asian-hating attitude under check, and don’t let your readers catch you writing such blasphemous things again!

  85. 포스트 잘보고있어요~ 사진되게잘찍으세요 ㅎㅎ 어떤카메라쓰시는거에요?

  86. 아 감사합니다~ 카메라는 캐논 오두막 (5D Mark II) 쓰고있어요 :)

  87. Love your look!!!!!!!! Amazing new hair style!! :-)