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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Dress by Amanda Wakeley; shoes from McQueen

After 6 years of being together since highschool, the Significant Other and I tied the knot on the 24th of September in an orangery in Warsaw with a small group of close family and friends. Mrs Significant Other… I’m still having difficulty getting my head around that new title, and really should stop introducing my new-husband as my boyfriend. Months before the wedding we both took a day-trip up to Bicester Village and dug at the rails in quest of eachother’s garms, and we stumbled upon a beautiful white Amanda Wakeley dress that had a 90% knock-down, and a Boss suit for him and that was that. We loved that we were making it our own wedding, no frills – literally! Finding a photographer proved most challenging though – after cringing sessions of Googling ‘Wedding Photographers’, we thought we’d have to install CCTV at the venue and just live with that, but it luck led us to SnapStudio and we got four amazing shooters who were light on their feet and caught some heavy action. Looking back, I wouldn’t have done a single thing different, it was a perfect day and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you.

Photos & editing by Piotr & Gabriel (wedding) + Marcin & Natalia (Photo sessions), with some shots from my device.

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  1. DEE

    Congratulations Shini! You looked beautiful!!

  2. CONGRATS! Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! Is it a cheeky to say that you guys will have beautiful kids? =) xxx

  3. Ooooooooo Shini you looked soooo beautiful and ethereal, the Hanbok dress is my favourite. Wish I was there to witness the whole event. xxxx

  4. Congrats! What a gorgeous wedding.

  5. P.s Congratulations!!! xxx

  6. Oh My GOSH Shini, you look SO beautiful!! Super congratulations, I wish you all the very best for the future, these pictures are just stunning :) xxxxxx

  7. E.

    Congrats! Such a gorgeous wedding. What a cute couple!

  8. Jessa

    Oh my gosh! Congrats to one of my favorite bloggers! So random but I’ve been following your blog for ages! You look super stunning. Congrats again!

  9. now I have inspiration for my big day

  10. This is my first time reading your blog in weeks and OMG!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything looked so beautiful!

  11. Aaaah you got married!! Congrats Shin :D
    Seems like such a perfect day, love the shots! (and you both look great!)

  12. Congratulations! Both the dress and suit are gorgeous.

  13. Ahhh, congratulations! What a charming service. May God bless both of you and the life you’ll share together ♥

  14. You look chic in Hanbok! Congratulations! 결혼 축하해 :)

  15. You both look so happy and beautiful. The photos are really lovely. Congratulations! x

  16. What a beautiful day for you, I wish you all the happiness in the future, thank you for sharing such a special day with us.
    Isabel x

  17. goodness shini, congratulations! it’s wonderful to read that and see, what a beautiful day!

  18. Lucy

    I love weddings! And such a surprise as well, i do like a good surprise. Your wedding looked lovely. I cannot wait for my day.

  19. Congratulations! :D Lovely photos! You looked gorgeous! :)

  20. Shini, thank you so much for sharing such a special day in your life. You look beyond magical and beautiful in your wedding and traditional attires. So happy for you two, and wishing you the most happiness a couple could ever ask for. x


  21. Chelsea

    Wow congrats SHini!! you look beautiful – wishing you much happiness !

  22. rachel

    Congratulations! you looked lovely in your gown and the place looked amazing. really could see it was a small and intimate wedding. something i would like to have next time. 축아해요! :)

  23. Congratulations Shini! Such a breathtaking wedding!!

  24. WOW! congratulations!!
    this came at such a surprise but a pleasant one!
    many wishes of happiness for you two <3

  25. holy smokes. how romantic.

  26. Congratulations!
    You were a beautiful bride!

  27. You both looked perfect, and so in love! :) Congratulations! :)

  28. Oh Shini, congratulations to you and your significant other!!! You looks absolutely *beautiful* – I love that you stayed true to yourself and went ‘no frills’ (exactly how I’d do it too), and your session photos are SO adorable!

    Briony xx

  29. Shini, your dress was gorgeous and so were you. Many, many congratulations and tidings of joy to you and your husband (though the wedding’s been long past). He’s lucky to have you, and you are both so lucky to have found each other! Your hanbok is also gorgeous, and a wonderful touch.

  30. What a surprise! I had no idea you were getting married. I actually had to double take to make sure the bride was you!

    Massive congratulations to my favourite fashion blogger! The dress is stunning. I’m sure many brides to be are very jealous of your dress find right about now!

  31. kie

    from a long time reader/lurker, congratulations! you both look so happy together, thank you for sharing your day with us. i wish you both much happiness for the future :) xx

    I used to read your blog daily, then uni got in the way. Somehow this post popped up on my facebook news feed and im so happy for you! I had no idea your husband was your highschool sweetheart. It actually gives me hope now because all of my friends around me are whizzing though new boyfriends and im still with my high school boyfriend. yay for you! grats again!

  33. Congratulations Shini! I’m so happy you did a post on this – after i bumped into you on the street the other day, I was so curious to see how you had everything, and its just as sweet as I imagined!
    The pictures are beyond perfect, i’m so super happy for you! x

  34. Shini- Thank you for sharing such a special day with all of us. Congratulations to you and the significant other. It seems like such a wonderful, happy day.

    You look STUNNING:) I have a weakness for Amanda Wakeley and your dress is so gorgeous.

    I hope you’re enjoying every minute of married life.

  35. omg! Congrats!!!!
    been following your blog! love all the photos! beautifully taken

  36. Oh wow, congratulations!!!! You look absolutely beautiful and these photos are gorgeous. All the best to both of you!

  37. congratulations!!! your look gorgeous :)))

  38. Congratulations =)! I’m so happy for you; what a lucky guy. And your dress is perfect.

  39. congrats love u look so pretty and lovely pics

  40. You both look lovely and very elegant and yay for getting a hanbok! The photos look amazing!! The last three are so fun!! Big congratulations to you two!! Sorry again for not being able to be there in person.

  41. You and your Mr. look stunning together! I love the shot of you two in the library…very sweet.

    <3 Blonde Vivant

  42. Congratulations! You look absolutely beautiful. The photos are perfect, your dress is stunning, it just looks like such a perfect day. xxx

  43. Ellie

    Shini, these photos are beautiful. Congratulations :) I wish you all the best!!

  44. wow that is gorgeous and even from the photos i can just feel the intimacy of it all. what a perfect day. congrats to you two! you looked so beautiful <3

  45. These are such beautiful moments – I’m so happy you found a set of photographers who were able to capture your perfect day. Thanks for sharing Shini :)

    xx T

  46. Kim

    Congratulations!!! You look absolutely stunning. I’m so so happy for you :) All the best for the future shini!

  47. How absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations

  48. Canary

    Congratulations! Such a beautiufl couple! May the best days be ahead of your lives!

  49. Ami

    Congratulations!!! Oh my, what a lovely wedding and what gorgeous pictures! The 3rd to last is my favorite – so sweet! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!!

  50. shini!! i’m so happy for you. you are absolutely amazing :)
    love your traditional korean dress and the wedding dress as well (it’s so gorgeous!)


  51. Congratulations! U’re so cute together! Jealous! All i’ve ever dreamt is marrying a british guy.

  52. Congratulations! You look beautiful and it looks like everybody is just beaming with joy in your photos! So happy for you :)

  53. Congrats!! I love how fun it looks, those shots of just you two really make you smile, esp. the last one !! And you looked beyond stunning and glowing.

  54. chuchiao


  55. Oooh my, really really beautiful everything! Congratulations!

  56. Vicky

    OMG, Congratz Shini, you looked stunning!
    You and your husband look so cute together!

  57. Congratulations! What a lovely bride and what a beautiful location!

  58. Sammie

    OMG, congrats!!!! Wish u two would live happily ever after :X

  59. susan h

    omg stunning. wishing you and your husband all the best!

  60. Sarah

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing these photos even though you might have wanted to keep your personal life private. You looked stunning, your husband looked handsome, and the event looked beautiful and intimate!

  61. Congratulations and the very best wishes for you two!

    May God bless you with beautiful moments together, for your first Christmas and through the years. May He always be with you as you enjoy each other and as your life unfolds, together…

    (he is very handsome and your wedding looks lovely!)


    With warmest regards,

  62. Congrats!!!! :)

  63. Lauren

    Wow Shini, you look stunning – love both your outfits. Congratulations! xx

  64. R.Y

    It didn’t hit me even after seeing the title. I saw the first photo and kept scrolling back upwards to look at it again because I thought you looked absolutely beautiful!!!!!! And then I read the post and realised and went OH SHE IS MARRIED OMGGGG!! My mum thought I was mad.

    Congratulations!!! I agree, the hanbok’s my fav. :)

  65. Jo Ann

    Didn’t know that you got married.Congratulations! I feel kinda a failed-fan of yours.=/ did saw a ring on your finger at the earlier post and thought you were engaged.love the shoes and the dress =) <3

  66. Shini! Omg, CONGRATULATIONS!!! :) you looked absolutely stunning!
    Wishing you lots of happiness amd love for your married life! 완전 축하해!!^^

  67. Oh My Goodness… Congratulations! You look lovely and the wedding photos are fantastic!

    Wishing you and your love all the happiness in the world! :D


  68. OMG Congratulations!! You look really pretty in the white dress and traditional gown. Hopefully both of you have an amazing journey as a new family. Please keep blogging :)

  69. Congrats! It looks like a beautiful wedding!
    And wedding dress of course!!

    Love from Seoul,

  70. Vivian

    Congratulations! You look beautiful.

  71. Yoyooo

    Congratulation! You look so beautiful in the gown and the Hanbok (I googled it, i hope it is the correct name:P) Wish you two lead a lovely life :)

    Yoyooo from SH

  72. Seraphina

    You are absolutely stunning!

    Congratulations <3

  73. these photographs are so fantastic.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  74. Congratulations! Your dress is lovely and the photos capture such intimate candid moments. You picked really great photographers!

  75. Jiyoung K

    I’ve always enjoyed your blog and it really makes me smile to see you smile! Everything looked happy and beautiful. Congratulation!!

    p.s. Hanbok looks gorgeous on you

  76. Erica

    Thousands of words of congratulations cannot express the joy I am feeling at the moment. I shrieked with excitement upon reading this post, and I truly hope you and your significant other will find longlasting happiness within each other. Congratulations Shini and S.O., and thank you for sharing brief moments of a milestone with us. Your wedding looked like something I would want in the future–simple but from the heart.

    Tell your significant other that he is a very, very lucky guy to have a girl like you. :)

  77. Helena

    You look absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic wedding photos, too.


  78. oh my, congratulations! shini, you make such a beautiful bride. the dress is understated and gorgeous in its simplicity. i got progressively more confused and excited as i scrolled down. adorable photos that do justice to you two!

  79. goodness, the photos are absolutely stunning, congratulations darling.


  80. CONGRATULATIONS!! lovely looking wedding and newlyweds. <3

  81. Melissa

    What a beautiful couple! I love your flowy dress and hanbok…
    Congratulations on your marriage!

  82. soooo sweet! you looked beautiful. congrats to you and your husband :) all the best !

  83. OMG!!! Congratulations love! So IN LOVE with these photos~ love the lens/color quality. With that slight vintage feel, they captured the moments beautifully. This further establishes your good eye and taste ;)
    You look beautiful and it’s awesome the dress isn’t white-white. the how the soft fabric flows, very goddess-like. Gahhh can’t get over how wonderful everything looks. You two are super cute. Again, Congrats Mrs.!!! Wishing you both beautiful and happy days, and becoming the best of partners~~~
    ps. you look super G in that solo photo of you in the han-bohk. loves it.
    kk, i’ll stop gushing now ;p
    xoxo Diana

  84. Your dress is absolutely amazing!!! Congrats!


  85. Dear Shini, congratulatiooon!!
    I love your make-up, your hair-do, your dresses, esp. the korean styled one, your white peep-toe shoes, and the photography! Beautiful…
    Hoping you an endless happiness :)

  86. Congratulations!
    Looks so beautiful!


  87. Congratulations! You both look fantastic and so happy!

  88. Shini, you look absolutely beautiful! And the dress, the shoes, the venue, the photos. They all look so dreamy :)

  89. beautiful photos, beautiful outfits, beautiful location … congratulations ;-)

  90. Congrats Shini! You both look so cute and the photos are really really beautiful! Wish you the very best!:-)

  91. You look so beautiful! Congratulation! I am a sucker when it comes to wedding and your pictures make me go “aww” too many times.


  92. Congratulations! You look absolutely beautiful and your dress is stunning.

  93. Wow these photos are so beautiful!! (a late) Congratulations!!!

  94. Congratulations! You looked gorgeous and I can definitely see the wedding glow or whatever it’s called. There’s definitely a sense of genuine happiness in your photos.

  95. This is so beautiful Shini! Super congratulations, you and your new hub make a perfect couple. All these shots are so perfect, so natural and beautiful without the need for posey posey, it must have been so hard to find a wedding photographer that suits your style but I’m glad Snapstudio came along! xx

  96. Congratulations sweetie, that’s fantastic! I love the wedding dress and seeing you in a hanbok– you look so pretty! The pics are wonderful and it looks like it was a wonderful wedding (: Wishing you both all the happiness ever and thank you for sharing a snippet of your wedding with us (:

  97. Shini, congrats! I never comment but I always read and now it’s time I have to :-) you look gorgeous, I really mean it! congrats again and good luck on new path of life! :-)

  98. Pauline

    This is by far the most beautiful wedding shoot I’ve ever seen. If I ever get married, this is what I want to have!
    Best of luck dor you two!!!

  99. Congratulations! You’re look beautiful! and the dress is amazing, i love it !

  100. wow, your wedding dress and shoes are absolutely beautifull! thanks for sharing! the other dress must be Korean. love both! bravo and cheers to a wonderful marriage!

  101. Wowww you kept that so quiet, but I like it! Very you! The photos are lovely. Congratulations!

  102. ahh my goodness:) I love this. You looked so beautiful and pretty.. and so cute you two together! incredible pictures.. gotta save these pictures into my wedding ideas.. I’m getting married next summer:D hope you’re having a great great honeymoon!

  103. Congratulations to you both! It looks like it was a beautiful day.

  104. OMG congrats hun!!!!!
    You looked so gorgeous great dress choice =) I’m so happy for you!

  105. I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally see these photos Shini.

    Congratulations to you both!

    You make the most incredibly beautiful bride. Your hubby is so lucky to have snatched you up. LOVE the photos of you in the traditional outfit… it’s so freaking amazing Shini. Ahh, there are no words. This is too beautiful. xx

  106. omg this is amazing!! you look beautiful and you two look so happy!! i feel so happy looking at this that i want to get married too ahaha your dress is gorgeus. this is my favourite post from you by far! congratulations to both of you, i wish the best for you :)

  107. Congratulations Shini! You looked sooo beautiful!!


  108. Jess

    Ooooooh, congratulations! The pictures are gorgeous and the two of you look so lovely and happy, I wish the two of you the best in your future life together (not that you weren’t together before but errr, you know what I mean).

    Your couple shot at the end are so touching and make me smile and I also love your hanbok, the colours are stunning and I am pleased that you chose to wear some traditional wear for the wedding, too.

    Best wishes, again!
    Jess x

  109. Jess

    … hah and I forgot to put this in my original comment but I actually HAD wondered about your wedding band in the previous posts! ;D (“Is it what I think it is? Naaaah…”)

  110. Wow! HUGE congrats to you both, you guys make a stunning couple :) XX

  111. Aaah big big congratulations to you and your husband Shini! The whole ceremony looks absolutely stunning, I love the photos in the ‘diner’ and in the bookshop, they’re so cute! And you both look so happy :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  112. Lovely.Rita

    Congratulations! Wow, you both looked so beautiful and happy! And Warsaw Orangery seems like the perfect place for wedding.

  113. Ohh, congratulations again!! These photographs leave me speechless, you looked utterly beautiful, charming and innocent. No doubt it was a perfect day. I’m so happy for you :)

  114. Congratulations! You look beautiful, I love the photo of you two in the library.

  115. wouhaaa! Big congrats! Best wishes for you

  116. Congratulations!!!

  117. Congratulations! It looks like it was a beautiful ceremony and you look absolutely gorgeous!

  118. Congratulation!! You looked absolutely beautifull


  119. Congratulations Shini! There are no words to describe how beautiful these shots are. You looked gorgeous and made quite the dapper couple haha. The dress and shoes are TDF and I love your traditional attire :)

    Glad you had an amazing day hun.


  120. Awwwwe, such beautiful photos, you look amazing!

  121. CONGRATS! WOW, it looks lovely! Amazing pics, and you two look stunning! Must have been a perfect day! Happy weekend! XO Rebecca


  122. Congrats!!! You looked very nice, dress is beautiful and I like the fact you respected your culture :)


  123. Congratulations!

    You look gorgeous!

  124. your dress is stunning, you look beautiful x


  125. Amazingly beautiful! Congratulations!

  126. Congratulation! Very nice pictures!

  127. Kari

    You look absolutely adorable!! Beautiful!
    And the fotos are great. Congratulations!

  128. Oh my gosh, congratulations! The photos have come out beautifully. You look wonderful and it all looks so relaxed and romantic.

  129. You two look gorgeous. Congrats! All my best to you!

  130. magnifique…

  131. WOW! Congratulations, the photos look amazing!!! <3

  132. Shini! Teraz czas na porządną naukę polskiego! :D Congratulations my dear, you look beautiful on the photos and so happy! Wow, it must have been perfect.

  133. Gorgeous wedding, dress and hanbok! Congratulations. :)

  134. What a beautiful story for us all to read on a sunday morning! Congratulations both of you, you look gorgeous, and thank you for sharing such a wonderful day with the world.

  135. Ruina


  136. Ruina

    by the way, where was your Venue?

  137. Congratulations. Best of luck to both of you.

  138. Nina

    Congratulations! :)

  139. awwww God bless and best wishes.
    this is very beautiful

  140. Bee

    Congratulations!!! you’re so beautiful. i’ve been followed your blog for years, congratulations again!

  141. Barby

    Congratulations and best wishes to you both! You look beautiful Shini. :) And the wedding pictures are lovely.

  142. Oh! You’re married! Congratulations!

    So lovely! ♥ And the dress is just amazing! Not to mention the shoes!

    Once again, congratulationnsssss~~~~ ♥♥♥♥

  143. you look so impossibly beautiful! :D i have no other words, have a wonderful life together!

  144. Anna

    1) Helluva cool looking wedding, CONGRATS!!
    2) You looked beautiful, loved the dress and the traditional Korean clothes too.
    Love the blog, cool photos, funny comments, keep it coming!!

  145. Fantastic photography indeed! I’ve been such a fan of your blog for ages and this is just a splendid surprise! Congrats and you look beautiful in Hanbok and the Wedding Dress :D

  146. this is such a beautiful wedding! many congrats to you and your new mister :) you two look truly happy! xoxo


  147. Congratulations !

  148. Congarulations! You looked absolutely fab!

  149. anonymos

    Congratulations!!!! at first i thought it was just a photoshoot!!!! wow! i wish you all the best!

  150. Jennifer

    Congratulations! I really love your hanbok; the colours are gorgeous!

  151. Katie

    Congratulations Shini! You look absolutely beautiful. Hope you enjoyed your special day.

  152. darrylin

    congratulations, shini! you look lovely ㅅㅡㅅ

  153. congrats! You look gorgeous in that dress!

    Travel in Style

  154. My congratulations to you both! What a beautiful wedding:)

  155. uwahhh.. congratulation dear. hanbok and wedding.
    really really really 축하 해요..

  156. Congratulations!!! Everything looks wonderful :)

  157. Wow! Happy wedding to Mr & Mrs Significant Other. I hope you both happiness, health and laughter.. Gbu..

    P.S: I like your traditional Korean hat! hehehe..

  158. I love these pictures! And congratulations on getting married!


  160. bless u guys, this is too cute.
    shini u look beautiful for the big day.


  161. Leila

    The photos are terrific, your wedding looks beautiful.
    Without sounding cheesey, I hope this new chapter is full of excitement and contentedness for the both of you.

  162. A no frills wedding is the way to go!! Congratulations!! you looked beautiful!

  163. Ana

    Congratulations Shini and Significant Other! I´m so happy for both of you. Hope God bless both of you with happiness and strength to live your marriage fully. A big hug from Canary Islands, Spain.

  164. elif

    congratulations!! :) you look so beautiful

  165. Shini! You look amazing, these photos look like they belong in magazines. I absolutely adore the picture of you in the Hanbok! Stunning stunning stunning! Congratulations to you both!

  166. Congratulations, I wish you two a long life of happiness and love!

  167. Beautiful wedding style, simple yet classy :)

  168. Congratulations – gorgeous photos. I loved that you did a small family affair. Absolutely beautiful.

  169. Oh my goodness! Congratulations Shini! You look beautiful – love both your wedding dress and Hanbok! I’m so glad you were able to find great photographers for the day. Thanks so much for sharing.

  170. Ah I remember the McQueen shoes purchase post. As always, impeccable taste, a stunning dress and also an amazing coloured hanbok. Huge congratulations Shini!!

    Thea Natalie @ Creatures of Life

  171. Wow Shini…. Congratulations! What amazing wedding photos and you look absolutely stunning. Wishing you much happiness in your life together as Mr and Mrs Significant Other! xxx

  172. congratulations!!
    i love your dress! i wish we can see more pictures :)

    – wl

  173. Wow!!! Amazing! You are so pretty…


  174. love!

  175. Congratulations!

  176. Everything looks so beautiful. I hope you are very happy always :) X

  177. Iggy

    Beautiful bride and groom! Congratulations, wishing you every happiness :D

  178. Congrat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. WOW !!!. U look beautiful in both weeding robes. I wish u good luck with your significant other :-)

  180. Congratulations, Shini…all the best to both of you!

  181. Hi Shini, Congrats!! Beautiful dress and wedding! I’m a big fan of your blog, not just because of the lovely photos, but because of your humorous writing.

    Congratulations once again!

  182. Congratulations, Shini! It’s nice to be able to catch a glimpse of your significant other too, and you look lovely in the traditional outfit!

  183. oh, it’s wonderful! Congratulations, it and you both look excellent!

  184. Oh Shini, you look gorgeous! Love how cute the photo section was, and definitely love your dresses too. I can see what happiness means from how you were leaning on Mr. Significant’s shoulder :)
    Congrats & may God bless you both forever and ever!!

  185. Shini! It’s so romantic that you married your highschool sweetheart! You look stunning! Best wishes to both of you and cheers to many more years of beautiful memories! xoxoxoo

  186. You look stunning, your dress is simply beautiful! Congratulations.

    Carmen Ri.

  187. Yao

    Awww, Shini, congratulations to you and Significant Other! You both looked great! :)

  188. Congratulations on such a glorious day! How romantic that you married your high school sweetheart… Wishing you lots of happiness to come.

    Second to last photo, too cute.

  189. So when my sister shared with me the good news, I didn’t believe her! Then we spent a few moments looking through your posts, trying to spot the ring, but we failed… :-(

    So believe me when I say that this post tickles me pink! Your wedding is splendid – the dress, the shoes, the Hanbok, the decorations, the venue, the backstory. Super inspirational!

    The biggest congratulations to you both, and I wish you a long and happy life together.

    Until next time, bisous.

  190. wow congratulations to you both~^^ nice wedding shots, btw!^^^

  191. CONGRATULATIONS!! You look fantastic <3

  192. Absolutely beautiful wedding! Congratulations!!!

  193. Congratulations, Shini! What a beautiful wedding and you two look wonderful :)

  194. so so beautiful. congratulations!


  195. Mara


  196. Tatiana

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow, this is completely out of the blue! No indications whatsoever!

  197. Cat

    Oh my goodness – COMPLETELY adorable; my heart just melted a little. The shots are perfect, especially the one with the books – awww (:

  198. Belated congrats on your nuptials, you both look so happy and your dress was so beautiful!


  199. CeCe

    Congratulations! You looked so beautiful! :)
    Wishing nothing but the best for you both!

  200. Congrats!

    You both are beautiful.

  201. Oh my goodness Shini! Congratulations!
    PS. you guys look adorable in these photos!
    PPS. you guys look adorable together! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  202. Bernadette

    Congratulations to you and your husband, Shini! :)

  203. You sort of surprised me with this post, I almost thought you had just shot an editorial. Thankfully I actually read what you write and your story is so romantic! Real high school sweethearts! The wedding looks absolutely beautiful and filled with love! I really hope you two continue being very happy together and enjoy the journey!!


  204. Ju Yeon

    OMG 언니 결혼 축하드려요! 댓글 처음으로 남겨 보는데, 진짜 사진보고 너무 놀랐어요… 신랑이랑 행복한 신혼 보내시구 결혼 너무너무 축하드려요! 블로그 업뎃 많이 해주세용! ㅋㅋㅋ – 하루에도 수십번씩 언니 홈페이지 오는 1人 –

  205. Congrats Shini, you both look absolutely gorgeous!


  206. congratulation! I’m your new follower

  207. GLO

    Omg Shini! Congratulations!!!!! :)
    I pray God will truly bless you and your family~
    행복을빌어요~ 추카추카~ ^^

  208. I hate weddings! yours looks like something I could stomach though. (sorry, that’s the biggest compliment I can give on the topic.)

  209. Helen

    Wow, you both look lovely! What beautiful dresses as well (hehe)

  210. Nina

    congratulations!!!! The both of you looked so great.

  211. andri

    congratulations looks like a beautiful wedding. your dress is so simple yet stunning.

  212. Amy

    Many many congratulations, Shini!

  213. Amélia

    Congratulations! You looked beautiful!!


  214. Hanne

    Congratulations! You look absolutely stunning! And what a handsome husband you have! ;) These photographies are so beautiful and inspiring!

  215. You look breath taking. The photographs are so artistic. Love them all. Enjoy your new title xx

  216. Congrats honey!
    Those pictures are so beautiful, romantic, timeless.
    I love them all.
    And, of course, you were gorgeous.

    Sara Ottavia C.

  217. lillian

    congratulations! you sure can keep a secret from all your faithful readers. here is hoping you a life long happiness. … you look absolutely beautiful.

  218. OMG! HUGE CONGRATS to you both!!!!!

    Wish you both the best for the newly wed life. I am sure loads of happiness and excitments are awaiting for you.

    All the best.


  219. So this is why you’ve been gone from the blogging world for some time! New responsibilities?? and a new status.

    Congratulations. Wish you a loving and joy-filled journey ahead.

    Great choice of photographer. I love the sweet and light hearted photos.

  220. I followed your blog since you began and now, when you are married. My very best wishes to you who looked resplendent, elegant, simple and classy. He is a lucky man(:

    You are much loved.


  221. Congrats Shini! You look absolutely breathtaking in these photos. All the best to you both!

  222. mushi

    Congrats, Shini! You guys looked lovely!!

  223. Joanna

    Congratulations for both of you!!!! You looked gorgeous!!!!

  224. chocobread

    You look stunning! Best wishes & sweet happiness!

  225. Absolutely amazing Wakeley dress… you were a vision! Congratulations on becoming a significant other. It feels good, doesn’t it?

  226. Absolutely amazing Wakeley dress… you were a vision! Congratulations on becoming a significant other. It feels good, doesn’t it?

  227. omg congradz. these are the most beautiful wedding photos I’ve ever seen shini. and I really really really really love that you wore a korean dress too. you look so adorable in both dresses. omg wow. congratulations!

  228. T

    LOVE IS IN THE AIR! WOW Beautiful Bride!

  229. Congrats!!! You’re stunning. I love your dress. It’s perfect for a simple wedding.

  230. maggiaa

    My dear God, you have THE most beautiful wedding dress I’ve ever seen. Now you made me think about getting married and it’s not coming any time soon.

  231. This is absolutely beautiful! You looked beautiful! Congratulations! Your wedding dress and hanbok are stunning and you and your husband make a beautiful pair. I love the photos! I wish you endless happiness and love together. Congrats once again! :)

  232. Congratulations! You look stunning and your photos are amazing!

  233. Vanessa

    Congratulations, Shini!!

  234. You`ve had a beautiful wedding and you look so cute in the first photo, its adorable :)

  235. boya

    Woooooo.. u’re married!! congratulationsss!!!

  236. OH MY GOSH!!!! Congratulations Shini, you look so happy and beautiful and I love your dress.. Even better that its from Bicester village (my favourite place).

    I’ve been totally out of the loop with blogging for way too long and wanted to swing by my favourites and say hi, how’re you doing?

    So.. Hiii Shini, how’re you doing? Aside from the wedding and all that majorly exciting stuff :)

    Now to catch up on all your posts!


  237. This is so cute! Congratulations!



  238. martyna

    congrats! so happy 4u <3

  239. Wonderful !

  240. Congratulations Shini! !!
    very pretty DAY!
    How handsome you wedding dress!

  241. Where do I start? FKDAKJFLAJKLF GORGEOUS. CONGRATULATIONS. TEAR-JERKING. Complete thoughts aren’t coming to me at the moment, but ah, you both look so happy, and I love how much personality these photos have in them (love the one of you both with the books). I love that you wore the traditional Korean dress as well. Congratulations!

  242. congrats, beautiful photos :)

  243. Congratulation ! You looked so beautiful !!!!! and your dress is gorgeous ! I wish you all the best for the future :)

  244. omg! congrats! everything looks amazing and your dress is to die for

    <3 Pamada

  245. oh my, congratulations! everything, including you, looks stunning. traditional korean ceremonies always warm my heart.

  246. Mook Attakanwong

    Shini!!! congratulations! the wedding looks so beautiful and intimate! and that dress is heavenly :) xxx

  247. oh! welp, that’s just magical. congratulations, beautiful lady! the dress is a dream. and the photo in the diner…. eek! wonderful.

  248. congratulations Mr and Mrs Park and Cube!! wishing infinitesimal happy days of married lifeinspite of all the inspit ofs, lots of beautiful kids and please many years of wonderful blogs for better or worse, richer or poorer til death do us part.. : ) Libai from Manila

  249. Congratulations!! You looked absolutely stunning! You two look so good together.

  250. Gorgeous photos, and you both look great! Congratulations. I absolutely adore the traditional Korean dress. I think I need to do this at my wedding as well. Would make my mom sooo happy, haha.

  251. Katherine

    Congrats!!! What a beautiful wedding! You look so gorgeous in your gown…!

  252. when the images pop up, i didn’t blink my eyes.
    is that you wearing the wedding gown or it’s just a photo shot.
    then, when i read the story, i said “wow”.
    it’s a real wedding. :)

    congratulation shini! goergeos wedding.
    pray happiness for both of u.

  253. Congratulations! You are the most breathtaking bride! You both make the most beautiful couple.

  254. Magdalena

    I got goose pimples as I was looking down the photo line and discovering YOU GOT MARRIED! Congratulations you both and have a charming life. You looked just impossible in both dresses, I cannot say how much I like your looks. And Belvedere just seems to be the bespoke place for a day like that :)

  255. congratulations, shini! i’m so so so happy for you and your significant other! :):)

  256. Oh Shini – in true xfactor speak – this must be the post of the season which makes a wedding phobic like me (took 10 years to overcome the fear) a sobbing romantic, scrambling to find the ol’ wedding dress and do it all again. Beautiful location, gorgeous dress, the groom couldn’t be more knightish and you look simply radiant.
    Would love to hear more about the Korean (?) wedding dress you’re wearing.

    Sarah explicitly told me to send you lots of love and Congratulations. X

  257. You look absolutely beautiful and so happy. Congratulations!

  258. congratulations on your blessed union! may our Lord grant you both more grace and power to do what you’re called to do.

  259. Let me join in, in saying congratulations! It looks like a very special day.

  260. Congratulations! Your dress is soooo beautiful! And fotos also. All the best and a lot of Love!

  261. isa

    the CUTEST wedding everrrrrrrrr, congratulations to you and your man!!! so HAAPY for you <3

  262. Congratulations! You look beautiful and I love that you incorporated tradition after the ceremony. I love your blog and wish you a happy and fulfilling marriage.

  263. These images are BRILLIANT. And your dresses are absolutely stunning. There is nothing I love more than romantic wispy wedding dresses.

    Lynsey Michelle

  264. First of all, congratulations on your wedding. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.
    And second of all, how pretty are those pictures!!! i especially love the one in the diner but they’re all truly beautiful – to cherish forever!


  265. Congratulations dear Shini! I wish you two all the best for the future!

  266. Congratulations ! Wonderful photos, wonderful day !


  267. congratulation! you looked really beautifull!


  268. Miranda

    Beautiful, all so beautiful! congratulations!
    btw I just saw you featured on everythingbutthedress.com, love your style.

  269. Tiffso

    I just wanted to say congrats….I’ve been following your blog for some time now and when I saw this I got uber excited as if I knew you personally. I wish you nothing but the best in your new life as a married couple. :)

  270. Looks beautiful .. i wish you all the best!


  271. yee

    extremely happy for you!!!!!!!!

  272. sarah

    You look stunning
    happy for u :) <3

  273. Awwww, huge congrats Shini. This is the most beautiful post ever. You look stunning. Wishing you ever happiness for married life. xx
    We Shop Therefore We Are

  274. you look simply stunning. some of the best wedding photos i’ve ever seen… i am of the anti-wedding photo mind just cuz they are often cheesey, but these are fun and charming at the same time. lovely.

  275. ohhh, congratulations!

  276. 박경은

    안녕하세요? 우연히 들어왔다가 사진이 너무 예뻐서 즐겨찾기로 등록해 놓고
    구경하고 갑니다
    사진을 보고 깜짝 놀랐어요
    웨딩사진인거 같아서요^^
    내용이 궁금해서 구글번역기로 돌렸는데 ….. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    결혼 축하드려요~
    너무 아름다운 겨울의 신부이신거 같아요

  277. Congratulations! I had no idea you were getting married, not that it is aaany of my business lol. You looked beautiful and I’m so happy for you!

  278. congratulations! this is beautiful.

  279. HUUGE congratulations! I have nine months to wait for mine <3!

  280. Massive congratulations to you both! And the photos are absolutely beautiful :)

  281. OMG congratulationsssssssss Shin!!!! That CCTV idea is brilliant! haha, wish you all the best!

  282. Congrats! These pictures are amazing, such great memories.

  283. hi shini! just came upon your website and am loving everything about it!
    congrats on the wedding to you and your significant other :)

    if you get a chance come drop by

    see you soon


  284. Some wonderful photos of the couple, a spectacular staging, all fantastic, I have no words, I like it. Congratulations.

  285. Congratulations!!! I think this may be my first comment on your blog after following for over a year. But I’m so happy for you. You look beautiful. LOVED your dress…..both actually. May you have a happy life together.

  286. Congratulations Shini! you look so beautifull.. i love your dress and the hanbok are really good on you!

    wish all the best to both of you… God bless you…

  287. Congratulations! Such a cute couple and your dress is lovely! :)

  288. Lala

    Congrats Shini! Love your wedding photos, so sweet & beautiful!!!>3<

  289. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you looked stunning!!! duzo szczescia!!!

    xoxo from rome

  290. congrats, really happy for you two.

  291. OMG! congrats! Its beautiful…. it must have been beautiful!
    ah….you look adorable in your traditional wear.. hehe.. ;)

  292. Jazzy

    congratulations!! you look amazing!

  293. WOW!

    I have a one week break from blog reading and come back to find out you got married 2 months ago?!

    HUGE congrats to you and yours, wishing you both a lifetime of happiness :) x

  294. wow! I really missed out on something in my park&cube abcense. This is just wonderful, you look so beautiful and of course, a thousand congratulations are in order:)

  295. Wow! just.. wow.
    I’m so happy for both of you!
    I can’t even imagine the feelings you felt that day, sigh. Aah <3
    This is my favourite post :) Everything looks amazing.

  296. anonymous

    Congratulations! I’m a long-time reader but a first-time commentator – this was too wonderful not to say something about!

  297. How delightful to be catching up on my favorite blogs, and come upon these beautiful pictures of Shini’s wedding day! Congratulations to one of my favorite bloggers! You look gorgeous and glowing and happy..best wishes! xoxo

  298. timmy

    awww congrats on getting married! u guys look really preety tgt -))

  299. timmy

    awww congrats on getting married! u guys look really preety tgt -)) D

  300. kim

    Wow, I totally missed this post – congratulations Mrs Significant Other!
    Beautiful dresses as well.

  301. Claire

    Congrats!! You look so pretty in that gown :):)

  302. Ray

    Congratulations, you look beautiful. I mish you all the happiness in the world!

  303. lovelydawn

    congratulations!!! the whole ceremony looks so happy and beautiful!!!

  304. Congratulations! Your wedding looked beautiful and fun! As always, you looked wonderful in your dress, but more than usual…..maybe the wedded bliss glow?

    Either way, Congratulations!

  305. Congratulations, pictures look fab. :)

  306. Tesssssa

    hey chipmunk, only just now reading this. you look so beautiful!!!!

  307. Patty

    Congratulations to you and your husband, Shini! You look beautiful in both your wedding gown and in the hanbok. :)

  308. HUGE Congrats Shini!!! You look stunning and all the best! xxx

  309. Such wonderful images, you look radiant in both outfits!
    The Amanda Wakeley gown is quite possibly one of the most beautiful (off-)white dresses I’ve ever seen, I’m in total awe …

    O, and congratulations!



  310. Wow Shini, congratulations!!! i’m so late… but i had to write anyway that you look so pretty & happy & i wish you both all the best!

    Family members will probably start nagging you now about having children… (;
    Take your time, but whenever you are ready, know that all the cliches are true regarding babies. they are pure joy.

  311. wow shini, a huge congratulations to you both! you two make a gorgeous couple. since moving to shanghai i’ve been so behind on blog reading and am now just catching up. i want to wish you guys a lifetime of happiness and love!

  312. Elaine, thank you So so much! Really hope you’re settling in well in Shanghai!

  313. This is wonderful! Congratulations! Your dress is lovely and so is your Hanbok :)

  314. a-ram

    안녕하세요 매번 사진때문에 사진만 구경하다 갔었는데 결혼하셨군요 축하드려요 너무예뻐요:D

  315. 꺄 한국말로 코멘트 받으니깐 요상하게 기분좋네요 ㅋㅋ
    자주 방문해주시고 축하까지 해주시다니 고맙습니다~!

  316. congratulations.
    Your wedding dressis so gorgeus.

  317. Wonderful and funny, I love these photos.


  318. Philly

    oh my gosh! congrats!!!!!! i hope you guys will be happy FOREVER

  319. 헐 결혼을 하시다니! 너무 어리신 학생 같아 보였는데 어느새 결혼을! 역시 웨딩드레스 또한 너무 이쁘군요! 너무 축하드리고 항상 행복하세요:)

  320. Mina

    Congratulations on your wedding!! God Bless you both!

  321. Ohh wow! Congratulations

    This is the first wedding I have seen blogged about and it looks simply divine!
    thank you for allowing us a glimpse of your special day


  322. Kara

    Sooo beautiful! The dress, the hanbok, the bunny ears. Magic.

  323. wonderful issues altogether, you just received
    a logo new reader. What could you recommend in regards to your publish that you made some days in the past?
    Any sure?

  324. hi shini~ i am a korean fashion bloger. And congratulations on ur wedding!! you and your hanbok are beautiful. Congratulations sincerely yours!

  325. 안녕하세요~ 덧글너무 감사해요, hannah님 블로그도 너무 예쁘네요 <3

  326. @Shini, 앗! 감사함니당^-^, 오늘 한국은 날씨가 흐렸네요~ 좋은 하루 보내세요!!*

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  328. […] 1- Park&Cube – Casamento divertido! Fotos & edição de Piotr & Gabriel + Marcin & Natalia […]

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  335. cute couple!

  336. Stella

    You look beautiful in your every attire

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