I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

The Printemps, putting the ‘cha-cha’ in ‘enchanting’

Karl, fashionably late (to my tummy’s demise)

Cocktails at Laudree Salon de Thé

Cable-knit Sweater – Gladys & Pixie, Ribboned Dress – Alexander Wang (both loan from START London thanks to Farfetch), Shoes – Pierre Hardy for Gap, Clutch – c/o Chanel

If you ever find yourself in Paris this coming holiday season, particularly near the Printemps, and happen to spot a rather large foundation smear on one of their windows…that’s me. The next window should have Carrie‘s smear, with a bit of her signature red lipstick smudged in, of course. Chanel is taking over the world, one window display – one mini Karl doll at a time. It’s pretty obvious by now that it doesn’t take much to coax me to go to Paris; in fact, isn’t ‘coax’ too strong a word, a whisper of allons-y would do. So I made my way down to Paris, barely having read the invitation from the Printemps, just the few words: Chanel, Paris, Laduree… who knew Karl was in the small-print? I’d say silver lining but 1) the trip was magical, and 2) I shan’t make jokes about his hair. Nah, I might enjoy the diva facade and not read invitations but when I got to the bit about cocktails with Karl, I kind of blanked out, then called Farfetch to see if I could borrow an appropriate outfit from one of their boutique partners.  That cocktail didn’t happen, but Carrie and I had a ball anyway, pressing our faces against the glass hoping maybe we could pull a Harry Potter zoo trick and end up inside the window.

Thank you Ykone & Printemps for having us!

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  1. these are fantastic!!!!!



  2. I am totally loving your new hair! It frames your face beautifully! =)

  3. Gosh, I love your photos. As soon as you post I’m excited and ready to settle in so I can scroll and re-scroll and really soak it in. And when you’re in Paris…even nicer :)

  4. it looks so amazing! and you look simply perfect! a wonderful balance of comfort and class :)

  5. You are so elegant x

  6. i love all these photos….so romantic! i’m going to be in Paris for new years eve with my boyfriend…….eeeeeee! i’m excited. will look for said smears…

  7. I was in Paris for the holiday season last year and despite the cold, it was absolute magic. I loved Le Bon Marché, but I believe it was in Printemps that I tried on a Balenciaga coat that I loved but, ahem, could not afford…wonderful post as always!~

  8. Oona

    Oh wow, you managed to get the Eiffel Tower to sparkle for us too! I’m always a fan of your photography. Absolutely brilliant work for your blog + Editer Journal! Paris is always a good idea :)

  9. nek

    lucky, lucky girl

  10. I miss Paris very much, won’t be until next March. The mannequins in the window looks impressive and immaculately styled, hope we can see the same window display in London branches. Love your simple night out outfit.

  11. You and Carrie look so beautiful in the Paris moonlight. Glad you two had such a magical time at the Chanel event.


  12. Canary

    In love with the Eiffel Tower GIF! :-)

  13. you look so elegant in these photos! very beautiful. i love a good window display, i have to stop myself looking like a child in a sweetshop!

  14. really amazing pictures!

    Fashion Philosophy

  15. Beautiful photos! Carrie is even more pretty in that shot c:

  16. 1. The pictures are beautifully captured!
    2. I loooove the way you pair the sweater with the dress and the shoes like a cherry on top of all the nice things.
    3. Your new hair looks amazing even when pin-up(?)

  17. I call it ‘omg get the bangs out of my face’, but THANK YOU! Still sorely missing my long hair… xxx

  18. beautiful photos!


  19. That dress is so incredible! Super jealous you got to borrow such a hot outfit for the day.
    I always love seeing events through your eyes too, everything looks so still and peaceful but I bet it wasn’t! xx

  20. shini your outfit is stunning, especially the shoes :) These photos are all so beautiful. What a wonderful post X

  21. amazing photos.

  22. So beautiful!


  23. Hooray! <3 I loved Carrie's Paris photographs; so happy to see yours too! It looks so overwhelmingly beautiful!

    Lost in the Haze

  24. I love your dress! all pictures are magnificent :)

  25. really great pictures and you looked really great.

  26. The photos and you of course look absolutely incredible. Breathtaking!

  27. Wow, your photos are absolutely beautiful!! I may also be a little, no scratch that, extremely jealous of your life! Congrats on getting married.


  28. hahaha you funny woman~
    those little mini Karl’s are too funny. where do they come up with this stuff?
    STUNNING photos as always~~~
    I need to live in Europe…like NOW.
    xoxo Diana

  29. Sounds like it was fantastic! I really love the story that your photographs tell, thank you for sharing, and I hope that you have a good weekend!

  30. Sarah

    Wow these photos are so beautiful. It was nice to see the trip both from your and Carrie’s photos (wonderful work with the night fashion photos!).

    Also I really really like your new hair cut. Now I feel like cutting my really long hair, too.

  31. such lovely photos! i agree with the comment below, your new hairstyle really suits you so well!

    (i’m sure they serve those sweets in lots of places in paris, but i swear i took a photo of the same sweets/place when i was in paris a few weeks ago as those in picture #6!)

    Katie x

  32. OOh I don’t even know what they are! There were in the Printemps but I’m sure they’re everywhere…kinda looks like a finger-looking Baklava huh? Have you tried one? xx

  33. Suzanne

    @Shini, Les macarons! ^^

  34. http://bit.ly/szR6yU These? haha don’t think they’re macarons!

  35. i didn’t try one (i was full from macarons earlier in the day!!), but they look maybe like some sort of baklava pastry? mmm-mm

  36. Amazing photo’s, and the dress looks gorgeous.

  37. I loved Karl’s little dolls!! So cute, what was all that about?? I really enjoy following ur blog xxx

  38. the pictures are absolutely gorgeous and that wang skirt is beyond perfection


  39. what absolutely beautiful photographs. they are so vibrant and bright and cool.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  40. OMG! I just discovered your blog and I am in love with it.. Already hooked! Keep it coming!!

  41. Hello, Beautiful pictures!!

    Btw, your bike, wich you called “chinese woman” . I would love to know the brand name. I’ve been looking for a new bike, while living in Holland it’s one of the favorite way of transport.


  42. those hanging flowers are AMAZING


  43. Cool cool cool! Love the photos, all of them. Thanks for sharing

    XO Charlotte

  44. Beautiful! This is one of my favorite posts of yours.

  45. beautiful photos!! btw congrats on the wedding, so so happy for you (:

    much love!

  46. oh so beautiful pictures

  47. lovely photos!


  48. I want a mini Karl doll! And some macaroons! And your jumper!

  49. I love blogs with huge photos, and your photography is absolutely amazing! Do you have any tips to share on taking good photos?

  50. kim

    A cinemagraph! nice :)
    My dad once got shoo-ed off by security when he was taking pictures in printemps of some of the shoes. Weird. I especially like the first picture here.

  51. The photos are lovely!

  52. Those paper roses are beautiful!

  53. I die.

  54. Absoloutly love this post … one of my favourites so far
    I need to go back to Paris soon!


  55. Wow, you have the best life. These photos are beautiful, and this looks like such an amazing experience! :)

  56. Your photos look magical! Now I want to go to Paris.

  57. Beautiful images.. we all love Karl- amazing!!


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  59. OH EM GEEE…Your eiffel tower is sparkling!

    Browsing through your blog is like starting the day shutting your eyes and burying your face into a soft cashmere pillow that smells like freesias and cinnamon.

    Considering I actually LIVE here in Paris, I should really head to check out the Printemps Christmas wonderland soon. Come again soon!

  60. I had a crush on this outfit, because this is not a “woman-total-look” – sorry for my broken english. This is élégant, the knitpiece fits perfectly with the dress.

  61. Immaculate posts, always.

  62. Alix’s shoes are so cute. Love all the pictures

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  66. […] love me some glitter. Even better than saucy French maid costumes methinks. This is my third year (year 1, year 2) seeing the curtains come down for their Christmas windows and I have a feeling it’s […]