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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Favourites at the WOK store

Getting Ready for ‘Touch of Red’ Campari party

Jacket – Horace, Tee – Alexander Wang (2 years ago in a crazy sale!), Trousers – MM6, Shoes – Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony, Clutch – JHYoo, Necklaces – Arielle de Pinto & KD2024, Bracelet – COS

For an inherent night owl I do have a painfully day wardrobe… Guess I’m the kind of owl that rearranges all the rats and bunnies by size and colour in my little hole in the willow tree, and writes a blog, instead of going out to dance with the bats. I guess it’s also not really surprising that I packed a Uniqlo men’s plaid shirt to wear as a skirt for the Campari party in Milan – that’s the extent of my creativity, second to wearing the right shoe on the left foot and vice versa. So arty farty… ridiculous, right?

So I got some help from WOK boutique in Milan, introduced to me by Farfetch, for a look a little more presentable. It’s not the usual frock-the-size-of-a-handkerchief look but if you look closer the OC boots do tease with ‘stripper-boots’ platforms so I guess that made it all appropriate for the evening. One thing I didn’t realise, is that Farfetch is not really one huge e-retailer like I thought all along, but actually a hotpot of quirky small backstreet boutiques all around the world… talk about accessibility!

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  1. I love the skinny-creased leather jacket on you, works really well with the cream wide leg trousers, good job that WOK helped you out with the wardrobe crisis. x

  2. beautiful images throughout! I’m really loving the simplicity of this outfit and the horace jacket is just plain amazing.

  3. Such perfect shoes, and your clutch is perfect (: I love your photos against the glass too.

  4. Ahh just a perfect ensemble like before. I love your trousers in a nude color and your make up looks very natural. so lovely

  5. I can just imagine you cooped up in your Willow hole with rows and rows of your treasures. So cute. I like the story you’re telling here with the photos, too. And the outfit, of course. Wooden heels + palisade trousers + leather + gold watch = one well dressed little owl.

  6. Really interesting zippers and folds in the trousers! Have a really good weekend!

  7. love the pants


  8. i love all your meticulous take-me-through-the-process shots you take! So beautiful, and such a stunning outfit you end up wearing Shini! <3
    Did you end up meeting Mila? Hehe

  9. You give those OC platforms a classy touch with those flattering trousers. Farfect sounds like a wonderful treasure trove!


  10. Gorgeous details here and there!

  11. Beautiful photos ! Very inspiring. I love your outfit and big crush on the sweater in the first picture.

  12. that sweater look sooo comfy


  13. If it is any comfort I think you have good style, never obvious. And I really like this blog. It´s always very well done.

  14. hat and sunglasses are very interesting

  15. I wish to have that fox brooch! Thats so cool!

  16. That bug on the side of the glasses is amazing!

  17. You look sooooo beautiful!

    Love the clutch!

  18. I’m curious: how do you like the UD Cannonball mascara?

  19. Hmmm definitely waterproof as the label says – I always cry while I cycle because taxi drivers are mean, I mean no, the wind makes me cry, so I always had problems with black line streaming down but ever since I started using UD that’s never happened. How it’s ON, I like how it’s not thick, just elongates the lashes real long! x

  20. pure perfection Shini! :*

  21. Tee hee… owls. Your analogies always make me smiles. Fab outfit, those pants are dreamy.


  22. I love that WIDE LEG TROUSER!!!!!

  23. Hello blogger!
    you blogg is very cool!

  24. I am loving the jumper in the first photo. Great photos.



  25. Gorgeous sweater!


  26. Obsessed with the MM6 pants…the combination of them with the cropped moto jacket is killer. Love.

    <3 Blonde Vivant

  27. I like the photography for this post. They look like cinematic stills rather than photographs. I also like stripper height platforms. I tend to wear them to everything, even when it’s not totally appropriate, much to my mother’s dismay.


  28. love your outfit!


  29. @ Shini – are they the danger cycling shoes?? Still loving the architecture of them.

    You should check out the Javari Exhibition in the Truman this weekend:


    Thea Natalie @ Creatures of Life x

  30. There you go again, Shini, slam dunking it. Seriously, why do the rest of us bother getting dressed? Sycophantic jokes aside, I love dressing with a theme of mind so it tickled me to see your “touches of red” in your outfit :)

  31. ShimNari

    You look absolutely stunning! Love the jacket-trousers combination.

  32. Oh Shini, the torturous shoes again – this means you must have had a driver :)
    Loving the preparatious pics – the outfit – hope the party was great – and how cute are the little animals?!

  33. Oh eagle-eyed Sabine you’re absolutely right, but I was punching myself by the end of the night and ended up home at 12 the virgin hour. xx

  34. I love this so much!<3

  35. Shini, you oficially take the best photos ever. Love your make up!

  36. I love your shoes!


  37. w

    Hey shini! What lipstick are you wearing? Looks great on you!

  38. You look amazing.


  39. Love the pics! And those palazzo pants you’re wearing look stunning on you! Happy sunday! XO Rebecca


  40. Love the pics and the fab shoes…xoxo from Rome


  41. Did you cut your hair?


  42. Haha you’re the first to notice, yes I did! x

  43. So, just another reason for me to love Farfetch :)


  44. Your blog is so nice ! i like all ! i’ll come back and read you.

  45. love the clutch and the trousers – the whole outfit is perfect.

    have a nice day!

  46. Superbes photos ! Quel appareil utilises-tu?
    Les objets sont tous magnifiques et très bien assortis. Love your blog



  47. Bonjourrr, je utilise Canon 5D Mark II! ;)
    My French is so bad, excuse moi hehe.

  48. Greate greata greate! Love this Look !!

    Have a nice day!


  49. Hi ! So glad to have met you saturday while you were shooting streetstyles for topshop on Carnaby Street ! Your blog is wonderful, you have a new follower <3
    Please tell us when the pics you took of my french fashionbloggers friends and mine are online !
    Kindest regards,


  50. love the pics! i especially love the knit jumper..


  51. Great post – I love the outfit – the simple style but gorgeous textures and those sunglasses! Who are they by?!


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    Enjoy and get inspired!


  53. The pictures are wonderful and the sunglasses are marvellous !

  54. I recently found out about Fatech and I LOVE IT. My new favorite online store. And those OC boots, wish I could find a pair… not doable. Do you know it maybe?

    XO Charlotte

  55. Love this look. The pants look so chic :)

    UK Fashion Blog

  56. I am always entranced with your photos and your written word. I love your little owl analogy, so very cute!! You should google bowerbird, they actually collect and arrange beetle wings and berries in their little homes.

  57. That flash of red is great! And you look wonderful!

  58. Beautiful details!


  59. love these animal details

    p.s. awesome outfit

  60. I LOVE that ring! Those slacks are amazing.


  61. You look so amazing and elegant! I love the fit of that jacket. Your makeup is wow!

  62. Love the look. Elegant with a bit of cheek (red lips and sassy heels).

  63. stunning picks!


  64. Ok… I’ll definitely add U to my blogroll ! I luv’ your style ! So elegant !

    Well, if you want to say “bonjour”…

  65. I love this outfit!! sexy!!!