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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

I hesitated for exactly a second and three quarters, then paid the £100 (and a pair of white tights just to make up for free shipping, which I didn’t get thanks to student discount making it go under £100, wtfruitcake). Well, who knew I could be such a sugah mommah like that.




Topshop Unique SS09

I got the black ones, I just couldn’t access the page because it was oh so towtally sold out within a day. Topshop you cheeky bastard.
The tactic of acquiring a Topshop Unique item is quite simple: refresh the site every 10 minutes for updates. No pee breaks.

Clearly, I have no life.

Also, don’t ever hesitate for more than five seconds because your size will be gone-o by then.

Also scored this Christian Dior blazer from ebay.



Christian Dior Militant Blazer – Black Luna Vintage

Still pretty dumbstruck that I paid $9.99 for a Christian Dior piece (shipping $26…oops). I just realised I have quite the jacket/blazer collection – enough that if chucked in a bonfire, it would make a very happy beach festival.

Check out Black Luna Vintage ebay store of Lidia Luna, her ebay store is full of avant garde to demure but edgy pieces, her blog is so stylishly moody too.


Elle UK Accessories booklet pg 59

Anyone see this being sold yet? Or do I have to revisit store every 10 minutes? Gotta see it in person, the flower thing in the heel is a bit meh but the straps are so sexay..

Hope everyone had a fun valentines.

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  1. GNAH! I hate you for having those shoes :(

    & nice blazer


    They look like a much more subdued version of Nicholas Kirkwoods.

    And nice DIY down there!

  3. LOVING those (black wedge) shoes! Could do without the flower as you’re saying, but wow, otherwise they are really gorgeous. And the blazer is amazing too.

  4. You’ll rock those shoes! And I love those HnM wedges too, I can’t find them anywhere though! The blazer was a score.

    x x x

  5. oh, these topshop shoes are killers!
    This blazer looks nice aswell.
    And EWWW. I haven’t seen the flower before you said it!
    I thought they were totally gorgeous at first but now I just find them ugly!
    This flower is atrocious seriously!
    And I haven’t seen them in stores yet… but i’m curious to see anyways.

  6. i will never ever find a dior blazer for 10 dollars. i am just unlucky like that. :) so i am gonna steal that blazer from you.
    i almost peed my pants reading this post. you babe, are hilarious. you just gave away my trick for shopping online. refresh, refresh and refresh. i see a refreshing war at topshop going on right now. thanks to u.

  7. Those shoes are freaking hot… Too bad they’re already gone in my size and I’m not a sugah mommah like you, haha.

  8. Coolio purchases! And omg those H&M shoes…but do they have somekind of flower in them ??

  9. the shoes are totally amazing!!!very good buying decision!

  10. I am super jealous of you right now!!! You got some super hot shoes and a Christian Dior blazer (for 9.99) . So amazing! You really know how to pick em’.


  11. Yeah i’m not feeling the flower on the heel, but rest assured someone somewhere is going to copy it…

    awesome score on the blazer, though.

  12. Aw I wanted the black booties but of course they were sold out by the time I got there, I was too slow!

    Please check out http://vintage-tea.blogspot.com/


  13. dang girl. i thought we’re the only ones that were freaky and geeky like that but y’know that’s what you gotta do to get what you want =p

  14. You’re sooo lucky!!! Great purchases today!

  15. The heel on that shoe is bomb!

  16. Loving the architecture… ahhh, and those wedges! Delicious. xx

  17. that diy bag is ahmazing!you are so creative!

  18. D

    Oh, I totally hesitated to get the black booties on Topshop. I got a different pair of shoes and now I’m kicking myself. Ugh, I wish I could buy more items in an order because the shipping is ridic for US, but I’m always thinking that there’s still other items that I want that’s not out yet!

  19. that blazer is yum yum…

  20. Ahhh the shoes are so awesome! I want them, too… but I am so broke right now (hence the selling of other shoes). And that blazer!

    Take lots of pictures when you get them! :)

  21. Those shoes are instant love! I love the shape of the bottom wedges too, just wish there were no flowers. Thank you so much for mentioning my store! I can’t wait to see the blazer on you. I have a seriously bad habit of buying every blazer I find and they don’t seem to make to to my store..lol.

  22. Heh – you are so obsessed. But I don’t blame you; if I had money and a credit card, I’d totally do that too!

  23. that blazer is awesome. the fact that you paid $9.99 (we’ll conveniently ignore shipping cost) just adds to the awesomeness hahahahahah. lucky you :D

  24. Wow that blazer is such a great find. Even with the shipping it’s a great deal. I guess I she be paying more attention to ebay.
    Stay chic!

  25. Oops, meant to say (I guess I should be paying more attention to Ebay) It’s late, he he.

  26. wow you are the best shopper!

  27. those shoes are a find. a catch, if i may say. i covet them. but i’ll live through your outfit photos!
    the blazer looks really nice too. you sure have done well for yourself, Shini!

  28. cool shoes. I love your style !

  29. wow, what great purchases! I can’t believe those shoes and that blazer–they’re gorgeous and they’ll look phenomenal on, I’m sure :-)

  30. This is so unfair, I want the black one ;)

  31. They look amazing, nice one! So annoying about the postage though, how typico.
    Also well done on the blazer! You seem to have done very well on the purchasing front lately (:

  32. wow the first one is way too fierce!<3

    ps. thanks so much for your comment : )
    i sing in a korean church choir..are you also korean?
    ahhahaha and yes i heard a few times that i resemble yu-na..it’s a compliment indeed! :D thank you shini!


  33. Those shoes are so amazing. Congrats on getting them!! =]

    And that’s actually my tactic too. Refreshing the page every so often!

    La C.

  34. ah! love them all.

    i agree the flowers on that platform are a bit -_- but the gorgeous straps make up for it!

  35. haha i gave in and got the sandal version of those shoes in lilac since i rationalize that my shoe collection needs some color. so stoked for their arrival! although, i really do hate how everything sells out on the topshop website after like 5 seconds…..

  36. Hey shini! just wanted to thank you so much for the shoes, they arrived so quickly! usually it takes yonks for things to get to New Zealand, but i got them today, and LOVE THEM TO BITS. Sooo gonna wear them to work tomorrow. :) Also, I love those shoes. I would pay 100 pounds for those shoes! And I wish I had a blazer collection that could make a happy beach festival… >:)

  37. reading your post is always such a hoot. i can’t wait to see the outfits you make with your new shoes and blazer.

  38. ooh, such great ebay luck!

    And no pee breaks, eh? Is that why you said peeing in your pants is easy? Does someone have personal experience with this? hmmmm…. :)

  39. Hi Shini I just discovered your blog and I’m really really loving it! =) I’m going to be taking ages trawling through your archives… but I enjoy reading so many of your posts! I love the photos and you’re fantastic at DIY stuff.

    Ooo congrats on getting that gorgeous blazer. I’ve never won anything on Ebay (absolute crap at bidding; I kept raising my own bid the first time and of course I lost) so it’s so great that you can find such nice stuff. Those H&M shoes are to die for!! I wish there was H&M where I live though…

    Btw, I’ve added you to my blogroll! =) Hope you don’t mind exchanging links too! Thanks!