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Alexander Wang Coco studded bag via Net-a-Porter

What you’ll need:
Victim bag, Conical Studs (buy here or ebay), sharp scalpel, metal ruler or butterknife to bend prongs, and about 3 movies to watch while studding.

Stud away!

I’m not really going to instruct people exactly how to stud, it’s the easiest thing since peeing in your pants.

Thanks to Juli from Pigeon.Toed for advising me to get a vintage bag, I hadn’t thought about it when I started planning this DIY but then I found this bag in Rockit and it became so clear I didn’t want an A.Wang replica.

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  1. Another amazing DIY!!!!

    Where do you get the studs? I can not get them in Spain….



  2. ‘it’s the easiest thing since peeing in your pants.’ its lines like this that draw in the readers :D oh my.. awesome looking bag. loving the details of the studs by the zipper and down the side. mucho applause from this corner! (i see why work was not happening.. worth it in my opinion!)

  3. you are funny, beautiful and pretty much a diy genius. i would marry you if i were a guy. :) love love love all of your diys. i tried your rodarte leggings. awesome. check out my blog if you wanna see.

  4. Shini, I love your DIYs, you have the best ideas ever! I wish I was as talented in doing such things!so I guess after this great bag, you deserve that muffin:)

  5. You’re so good, gorgeous!

  6. OMG this is gorgeous, I love your DIYs. I will be on the lookout for a victim bag…

  7. definitely will be trying out this one! & your blue nails are very wickedly cool.

  8. Wowoweewow. I love how this turned out. I have about 200 pyramid studs just begging to be used in this way.

  9. WOW! What a great DIY. I am def inspired to thrift today…

  10. oh wow. another of your DIY projects i must try. i just finished my alexander wang shorts!



  11. Oh heck YES! I absoultely LOVE this! I’m going to hunt for a bag this weekend. I *NEED* to do this project! Oh and I’ll be linking as well. LOVE THIS!

  12. you are THE diy guru! I love you. What size of studs is that you used? Im thick and I dont get the sizing thing they put on them


  13. That is really cool. You are so creative! i feel like putting studs on everything now.. I saw your post from way back when of the shoes that you studded. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. REALLY.


  14. Amy

    Hey! I love your DIY projects! Where did you purchase your bag from?

  15. You are so crafty! I love that bag!

  16. Love this – much better than the A Wang inspiration!

  17. Bag is cool!!!Good idea!Are you is a genius:)

  18. Thanx a lot!!!!!




  19. I need to order some studs ASAP! I noticed you used pliers on the moccasins, was that cause the leather is thicker?

  20. omg i was totally gonna do this DIY too..just super super lazy and never got round to it..yours turned out so awesome!! And it’s good that you used a different kinda leather bag..so it’s not like direct copy…

    lurrrrrve it
    and thanks for stopping by my blog!!!!
    love your updates can’t wait for more :)

  21. Wow, that’s just amazing. Reading stuff like this always makes me want to try it out myself, but then I remember that I have no clue how to do it at all. But the bag is really beautiful, and I love the pictures. Nice blog, too :)

  22. yours turned out so well!!! my sister just said she’d do one for me cause i loveeee the awang one. just wanted to ask, where did you get your shirt from? i’ve been looking for one just like that and have nooo luck.

    love your blog! keep the updates going :D

  23. You and your DIY’s make me feel like a failure as a fashion student lol.

  24. i really love how you did this, such a good idea

  25. amzingg.

  26. SHINI!!!!! you are SERIOUSLY amazing! okay….now i’m going to force myself to make one for myself.

  27. You ALWAYS have the best DIYs

  28. Great DIY. I think I’m going to try this one but I’m still recovering from my last stud d.i.y – shizzz doesn’t feel good! Good idea using a butterknife.

    Seriously one of my most favorite blogs. Can we exchange links?

  29. great bag to start but now that you’re done with it, i think i like it better than Wang’s.(don’t tell him i said that)

  30. You.Are.Amazing.

    seriously,you are my new hero. btw, how exactly did you cut the leather to stick the stud in? i am no DIY genius…do you cut out an x shape, or just a straight line?

    keep up the great work!

  31. that is amazing.
    i just need to find the perfect backpack now. sigh

  32. I like your bag better than the A. Wang one! You’re a DIY genius!

  33. cavaan

    i’m sure someone has already said this, but here it is again:


    it doesn’t matter where you pull your inspiration from, to me what you do is more than inspiring.

    and enough said.

  34. you do the best DIY’s i’ve seen seriously.

    keep up the good work! that bag looks like a million bucks.

  35. Your DIYs are completely amazing – you may be my hero.

  36. i think i like your DIY better than the inspiration!
    and your nails look really cool!

  37. good job, it looks perfect !


  39. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! you are so inspiring!!! love this DIY!!! i hope i have the time to try!! happy valentines day!! hope it will be a sexy and cozy day! xoxo Lis

  40. wow it looks amazing!!

    happy valentine’s day!

  41. :]love it!

  42. Your DIY rocks =)
    I would never have thought about that, but it seems to be easy so I’ll probably try when I have a too simple bag !

  43. Awesome!!
    Happy Valentines Day<3

  44. shini, shini, shini!!!

    this is… so studly. love it.
    even better than a. wang fo sho.

    have been studding an entire pant leg and am going to post soon.

    happy weekend. eat LOTS of chocolate.

  45. You always have the very best diys!

    Ps. I used you as inspiration on my blog hope you don’t mind!

  46. Awesome, definitely worth a try!

  47. woah woah woah- phenomenally amazing! you never cease to impress me.

    pssst. great nail polish colour!

    p.s- peeing in your pants is not easy. it is hard.

  48. that is amazing!!! it looks fabulous!!

    lovee your blog :)
    and I am a big fan of your rodarte diy leggings from a few posts down – wow!


  49. WOW! Super lovely. So many D.I.Y.s, I wish I had more time!

  50. this diy is absolutely amazing. i must try this!! add to tomorrow’s shopping list: a heck load of studs, big black leather bag. mission: alexander wang-esque bag!

    happy valentine’s day!!

    La C.

  51. I absolutely love it when you post DIYs. Hope it’s ok for me to link to your blog in my latest entry :)

  52. ahhhhhhhhhh SHINI!!!
    you are too brill..honestly..very inspiring…i am now on the hunt for a victim bag myself..brilliant..

    happy valentine’s too!

    xx LM

  53. wow, that is soo cool : – D If I ever fins a place that sells studs here in Norway I am so going to try this!
    I’m such a fan of your blog and your DIY is so cool : – D

    take care (:

  54. HAHAHAHA! I almost DID pee my pants after reading that. :)

    I have zero patience for DIY studding, but I may have to try it after all!

  55. Again you are DIY genius. Aw, now I want to get myself some victims bags and stud crazy. I like the bag you picked. Sigh, you’re so incredible! :D

    x Natalie

  56. I really really really really loved your blog ! i’ll come back often !

  57. your diy projects never fail to amaze. i think i will try studding something sometime. i just need to find the perfect victim.

  58. gasp!

  59. looks really great, good job :)

  60. your work is awesome.
    you’re too good.
    loveee the bag.


  61. wow, looks amazing!

  62. that bag looked so cool before the studs and now that you’ve studded them it’s totally BANANAS (as rachel zoe would say hehe). I’ve been meaning to do the same thing since I saw the bag on MK… just haven’t found the right bag yet to be my victim. keep up the great DIY posts! they’re such an inspiration. come visit my blog if you get the chance :)

    xo, http://maisondesreveries.blogspot.com/

  63. I can’t believe how crafty you are, this is truly fantastic!!! When I find out where to buy studs in Switzerland I’ll try this out. Hope it really will be as easy as peeing in pants hahaha



  64. That’s it… I’m going to hire you as my own personal designer!!!

    The bag rocks!

  65. Awesome. My boy just got some studs in the mail- may have to hijack ’em to do up my daily tote.

  66. i really like it! I actually had some brownies earlier….

  67. my friend just got in her order of studs. now just looking for the perfect victim.

  68. Congrats on the successful bag studding!
    I’m still looking for a bag that catches my eye.
    And damn you for kick starting another brownie craving!! Gah..

  69. by the way, last night i made my friend brownies with chocolate chip cookies inside of it. she couldnt be anymore excited. go here for the recipe:

  70. I posted the Alexander Wang bag a little while back also- but I’m pretty sure you’re version take the cake. This is DIY par excellence!!!!!!! amazing job and your studs are soo nice.
    Great blog.


  72. liz

    wowssss! i love it! :)

  73. Oh shit. I am speechless.
    You’re awesome.

  74. Andy

    This is so amazing! Just got a victim bag. What size studs did you use/recommend???


  75. I think I already told you this is such a great DIY! I love it—so much that we posted it on our blog and linked to you! Just wanted to let you know xoxo

  76. Love it! Reposted!

  77. This is absolutely gorgeous! And a great idea, because I have been lusting over Mary kate’s bag like mad! Thank you! Love the blog too!

  78. yasmin



  79. GREAT DIY! This has been filed under the to-do list.

  80. stef

    question: where can i get these studs as well as some pyramid ones? online?

  81. melanie

    The best source for all manner of studs I’ve found is http://www.studsandspikes.com. Best ever.

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  83. I’m very impressed by your creativity! It doesn’t look the least bit cheap!

  84. fabulous job!!! :)


  85. fabulous job!!!!! :)

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  87. WOW! I want to do this right now! Beautiful!

  88. Wow, I am impressed. Gorgeous! :)

  89. […] was Park & Cube’s phenomenal homemade studded bag that conned me into giving it a shot. If studding is the easiest thing since peeing your pants, I […]

  90. Kenita

    So sad, but while I realized everyone was gushing over your damn awesome studding, no one asked how much studs you used to do the bag !

    Sooooo, I’m going to be the odd ball and ask you, how much studs did you use ? Why, cause I’m trying to figure out how many I might need if I wanted to stud the hell out of my leather jacket. Not to mention, what sized studs did you use? ;D

    Thanks so much love !

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  95. utterly awesome…so glad i found this blog!
    gonna make this one – oh yeah! jus’ need to
    find a soft leater victim bag.

  96. Nice work on this, very trendy result :)
    I studded my handbag and top, please have a look at: http://whatscraftdoc.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/diy-stud-stud-stud-handbag-and-top.html


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