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Topshop Unique show, London Fashion Week at the Old Waterloo Terminal 18/09/11

The other day, Craig mentioned that it’d be amazing to be invisible as a streetstyle photographer, of course at which point I looked around because I could swear there’s no one there… He’s pretty good at it though, well, except when he wears the brightest yellow rain poncho – that’s how he gets shots of models running, away from him le obviously. I digress. These shots at Topshop Unique may seem that I either was 1) squatting straight bang in the centre of the catwalk, or 2) was invisible. Fact is, Topshop came up with the most unique seating arrangement for bloggers – 3 rows of seats flanking the narrow entrance of the catwalk – we were basically on the catwalk. (Check here) It’s genius though, and so generous, because so far I’ve been seeing nothing but backwardsness when it comes to blogger-treatment this Fashion Week, including an embarassing 30-minutes of queuing at a special bloggers’ line at Somerset Houes waiting for some stranger to pull up my blog on her screen and judge it simply by its looks before determining worthy of accreditation. Topshop seems to get it when it comes to bloggers – arranging essentially two photographer’s pits at each end of the catwalk and letting the rest enjoy the show without worrying about being punched by a telephoto lens. Unique SS12 was all about Cleopatra in urban London, stippled with gold accents, lots of activewear fabric yet carrying the smouldering Egyptian goddess theme throughout. I personally adored it, looking forward to fun pattern/texture layering come SS12!

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  1. nice post, these pics are great! love the collection too, and always good to hear when a label treats bloggers well! :)

    B xx


  2. you always take the most gorgeous photos. i love the details you choose to focus on

  3. Really interesting write up. And have to say your photos {front row or not} are like candy to me. Can’t get enough.

  4. And I got the impression that people were being much more pro bloggers… nevertheless its great that a brand like Topshop understands and embraces it in a way.
    Such a great collection otherwise and a relief they haven’t fallen into the pastels and tropicals like everyone else has done.

  5. i absolutely love the setting of these shows. so beautiful. your photography is out of this world. i love it!
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  6. Topshop’s the best! They know their biz.

  7. I see you changed the blue into red:) once again such beautiful pictures on your blog and this collection is so well executed.. love the video btw!:)

  8. With the number of fashion blogs increasing exponentially every year it doesn’t really surprise me that LFW organisers would want to curb the number of bloggers in attendance. But it’s still highly frustrating to have your work scrutinized by one person before a yay or nay verdict has been passed! I’m glad that brands like TopShop at least ‘get’ how potentially valuable the world of social media can be to them. Your view of the Unique collection was pretty awesome! I love the concept of an ancient Egyptian princess navigating the ins and outs of modern urban fashion, and the gold hair details are just beautiful.

  9. I love! I was thinking…where is this place? looks like cristal palace :-)
    I ‘m in a gold obsession…It’s a very nice collection!!

  10. What an AMAZING collection. Thanks so much for sharing, as I wasn’t able to be there. Were you at Michael van der Ham’s show? I loved that one so much… argh

    XO Charlotte

  11. humph. But seriously how awkward and a tad rude of them to do that then and there in front of everybody because if they want to be so “selective” then i’d prefer it if they did the culling in the office. I swear, blogging is becoming more of a competition nowadays than a point of view. It’s a little frustrating.

  12. Gorgeous photos, as always. And Susie looks rad.

  13. Dying a little Shini. These photos are incredible. Love that you include the entire scene of what was taking place… I LOVE seeing things through your eyes. p.s. miss you already. xx

  14. wow, these photos are breathtaking. You have so great lenses!

    btw, I have brand new note with photos + my GIVEAWAY is still on! if you have time you’re welcome to http://www.chocarome.blogspot.com

  15. Canary

    A M A Z I N G shots of LFW as always Shini! No one can represent an event as beautifully, eloquently, and luxuriously as you.

    On a side note, I am so disappointed with the organizers… What a disgrace… I mean, you get invited to Milan, Paris, NY etc and they give you the best treatment ever, and LFW pulls that kind of bullocks to you; making you wait in line for 30 odd minutes and judged by a random nobody? Pff I really don’t think you should go anymore and make them beg for you to come back!

  16. wow amazing collection and I love the golden hair of the models

    Travel in Style

  17. Photos look amazing! So cool that Topshop are providing bloggers with such an exclusive vista. Blogger solidarity sister! :D

  18. I think it’s really interesting noting the changes to blogger treatment at lfw. It’s natural that lfw would want to have limited space for bloggers but then there needs to be a clear application/selection process. I think some people don’t get the difference between being a pro and amateur blogger, and the difference between a blogger and a writer for a publication- blogs are publications too! And judging a blog in a split second purely by its design is ridiculous- as we all know, if you have the money, you can pay someone to design it for you. This doesn’t equate to great content, or large readership/inflence.

  19. That’s so wonderful about the fresh take on blogger treatment at LFW. Adore the captures of Rumi and Susie. The hint of gold accents that is prevalent throughout the Topshop Unique collection is quite eye-pleasing.

    ♥, Jamie

  20. LOVE your pics! AMAZINNN! XO Rebecca


  21. Nice pictures.! xx

  22. Stunning photography ! The collection is also beautiful.

  23. GOOOD I love the designs… amazing!


  24. wowweee. amazing shots!!


  25. Love your pictures, really amazing details.

    I wasn’t a massive fan of this collection though, only couple of pieces I liked.

    Fashion and Style Blog

  26. Looove those things..everything in those shots… and awesome shots they are!! heheee…
    And seriously…they actually check your blogs on-the-spot?! That’s ……..weird. :/

  27. i thought i was not the biggest fan of this collection. but seen through your lens… breathtaking photos!

  28. SO beautiful!


  29. It’s amazing view!!!
    Beautiful photos!

    Amazing blog


  30. Oh no, you got that too? Also had to share my nearly heart-shattering experience… So sad to not have met you and Kit – for some accent comparisons and general chattings. X

  31. P.S. NOW I have to look at the beautiful pictures!

  32. Adore the gold splashes, and such amazing shots!

    A x

  33. how cool! and very awesome of topshop to recognize the role of blogs and blogging.
    LOVE your photos! fantastic shots~

  34. I love all of those pieces, specially their hair do and headpiece, superb!

  35. Cat

    Wow. A blogger line? Not only does the process sound completely unorganized and subjective, but it really highlights how superficial some people in the fashion industry still insist on being…while bloggers have understandably been growing exponentially, if they try and limit which ones can attend, it needs to be done in a more professional form, like an application.

  36. Awesome Shots!!

    Love from Seoul,



    that shot of colin taking a shot of HER… i diiieeed like a little fangirl. thank you thank you thank you for that one shot. hehe. do i really need to go on about your photography skills?? you probably already know you are quite good and have an eye for details like nobody’s business. i see that you still got a comment about your camers “lens”. i know assuming your “big” camera does all the hard work for you can be patronising but dont let the ignorant ones bother you, yeah? we know or at least can imagine the hard work you put into your photos and blogging. and we are so grateful to read the contents you provide. you’re always informative and most importantly you cut through all the BS, not underestimating your legion of loyal readers.. unlike many other bloggers.

    i know being treated like that maybe slightly discouraging but please know that there are people (albeit behind their computer screens) sending you so much love and well wishes and warm e-cookies because they honestly care, shini. keep your chin up, girl.

    if that PR bitch did that to you in front of me, i’d have karate-chopped her ass. no kidding.

  38. […] I can’t highlight enough how admirable Topshop is when it comes to spatial arrangement – seated in the first row or standing the view is simply spectacular. Thankfully there’s also none of that courteous yet begrudging ‘nod’ to online media so popular in other shows that help fill the space near the walls but eventually fill the blogosphere with badly taken photos of model’s scalps. Topshop Unique truly is one of my most anticipated shows at LFW, not just because time and time again they bring the frothiest milkshake to the yard, but because they seem to give a lot of effort to show respect to all individuals of media. Well, I’ll stop there before I start taking the butt-kissing to second base, but you get my drift. The collection was spot-on and right up my alley – military, utilitarian, urban, absolutely wearable. Less of the gimmick and more of the chic – HEY THAT RHYMES – overall a more sophisticated feel with pieces that might as well end up timeless wardrobe staples. Posted: February 19, 2012 Category: Fashion Week 나 이겼어?!! […]