I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Sweater- H&M, Skirt – Topshop, Jeans – Courtesy of Raw Denim Bar, Shoes – Chloe Sevigney x Opening Ceremony, Bag – on loan from Mulberry, Silver Clutch – ASOS, Planner – Filofax

World, meet my I will never wear these bastards again shoes. They were determined as shelf ornament since the last time it stumpified my poor feet, banished to live a life among the books…. but I guess this is how women go on to have their second child, all memory of pain wiped clean. Did I just compare invaluable childbirth to walking on hooves? Perhaps, but the pain surely induces a similar kind of reaction of wanting to squat in a corner and wail like a pirate with seasickness, yarr?

Thank you Daniel of Bloglovin’ for helping with the photos!

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  1. I love you sweater, clutch and your skirt! perfect ensemble! :)

  2. those shoes are kind of amazing. sacrifices must be made, right? ;)

    xoxo susie


  3. Oh you made me laugh with your description :) You look fab despite the pain … an ensemble we will not see again!
    xxx DJ

  4. I’ve tried that sweater on in all the colors and it just does not look like that on me!! Love it and will probably head back to H&M for one last try. haha.

  5. I just can’t accept the fact that those shoes must be like hell to walk in because they’re just so beautiful!

  6. I loooooove those shoes… too bad they hurt though. Damn. Also loving that orange sweater!

    Fox Whiskers

  7. ~adore this look from the orange to the polka dotted scarf, and to those painful yet amazing shoes!

  8. Ah, painfully beautiful shoes. I love your orange sweater! I just found your blog the other day, and read through just about all your DIY tutorials. Now I need to sew some beads on my tights. xx

  9. Orange x blue. One of my fave colour combos! What shows did you end up seeing today, chica?

  10. Love the color of your sweater! and adore that skirt!

    xx Kaye

  11. LOVE that skirt – great colours


  12. The textures are unexpectedly suitable. I would have never thought of angora and feathers and polkadots, but you look fantastic. Such great and imaginative styling!


    La Copine

  13. If you have enough room, you should definitely place a foot insert (personal fave are the gels by Dr. Scholls) to give you some extra cushion. Personally, I thought the shoes were a bit on the heavy side, which has no solution.


  15. hey, it was great to see you again.

  16. Those shoes are such beauties, so much worth enduring the pain of walking in them! I just bought the python print version of the Asos clutch. I adore how you paired it with that super fun skirt over the jeans.

    ♥, Jamie

  17. K. Gray

    Haha I love the things you write. You’re my favourite blog to actually read! Have fun at LFW :)

  18. Great look and fantastic nail!!!


  19. Love the Mulberry bag!!

  20. The boots looks awesome.. its just the pain..I hope your feet gets better!

    Love from Seoul,


  21. Ha, I know it may sound weird, but they look quite comfy (maybe it’s because the color of the platform- reminds me of sponge, sponge=soft and nice). No pain, no gain and I love the whole outfit, as always- your posts are always sooooo different (in a good way:D) and refreshing! Howgh

  22. *because of

  23. I have a very similar pair of shoes! You ‘re stunning. x hivenn

  24. Love your look, especially the orange sweater! I bought something similar, but then in a skirt yesterday! I might be wearing it today :)

    XO Charlotte

  25. The shoes may be murderous, but they look fabulous! Love your clutch in the top photo, as well.

  26. I think we all have at least one pair of killer-heels! :] I love the combination of textures, fabrics and colours- orange, navy blue and gray. It looks beautiful. :)

    Polka dot.


  27. lolol, love reading your blog! any girl who has felt the pain of “bastard” shoes will completely support that comparison…men I invite you to try it.

    Absolutely adore the the outfit, you look fab! x

  28. I love the shoes hahaa…They sure don’t look as painful as you tell them to be :D
    And that orange sweater looks gahhh!!! on you.. the colour complements you soo good <3

  29. love your feather skirt. have fun at london fashion week!


  30. I think a lot of people delete painful memories when the outcome was so good, like having a lovely child at the end of hours/days of painful labour, or looking cool after hours of your feet feeling like they want to disintegrate from the pain of a poorly thought out shoe choice. Your humourous writing is what keeps me coming back to your blog!

  31. I love that skirt. I saw lot’s of bloggers wearing that shoes so I thought they are more comfy, but after you saying this, it seems that they are just suffering for fashion :)

  32. hah! this made me chuckle. beautiful hooves!

  33. I’ve just realised that I touch this sweater every time I see it hanging in H&M… It’s so awesome. And the orange and navy blue combo has been my favourite one recently, ahhh these colours are just meant to be worn together don’t they?
    The shoes look comfortable(…ish) though, shame it’s quite the opposite!

  34. Oooh the shoes of jelly! Amazed that you survived the day in them! Hats and other headgear off to you! Thanks for being a wonderful IFB pannelist albeit unexpected! Xxx

  35. love everything about your look, the feather, the sweater, so so perfect


  36. Fantastic layering! Inspiring.

    Gaby C.

  37. I’d seen that skirt in the store & I thought it was imposible to wear in a stylish way. Silly me, you prove me wrong. Anyway, I’ve had that feeling with some pair of shoes & I usually need a long time to wear them again, I guess I don’t forget pain easily lol

  38. Loving your skirt!! Beautiful clutch!


  39. I love that skirt!


  40. im crazy about that silver clutch and your booties!!!! ♥
    xxxo from Argentina

    you can also follow me on Twitter! :) @angelieeee

  41. Love your nails and silver clutch

  42. silver clutch ♥

  43. What a positively BRILLIANT outfit! Love the orange, love the feathers, love that scarf!



  44. love the skirt in this outfit! xx


  45. The combination of beautiful color and texture is a sight for sore eyes!

  46. love your orange sweater !! where is it from ??


  47. It’s from H&M :)

  48. Gorgeous shoes, but I can see how they might fall into the foot molesting demons category. They will make a very attractive shelf ornament though!

    I really enjoyed hearing you talk at IFB last Friday, and it was lovely to meet you (albeit briefly) at Somerset House! x

  49. love your shoes! darling outfit!
    the different textures really spice up the outfit!
    Krissy xoxo

  50. Miss Win It

    @Krissy, Awesome sweater! If anyone is interested in winning a dress from TFNC’s Autumn/ Winter collection, take a look: http://bit.ly/nW3LbN

  51. Miss Win It

    Awesome sweater! If anyone is interested in winning a dress from TFNC’s Autumn/ Winter collection, take a look: http://bit.ly/nW3LbN

  52. You’re welcome ;)

  53. The orange and silver are such brilliant contrasts. The feather skirt is a very eclectic choice!

  54. @ Shini it’s the week of tootsie sacrifices I know my feet will be very happy come Thursday :)

    thea @ creatures of life/a> x

  55. The boots are beautiful! They were worth the pain, right?!


  56. Love this look, the feather skirt with the jeans really unusual–I’ve found all wood soled shoes to be a bit awkward–but oh so fabulous looking =)

  57. OMGeeeee NEED your scarf and your feathered skirt. Oh and I understand your pain re: shoes, I’m in pain by just looking at them but then I am hopeless when it comes to heels! XX

  58. Sometimes you really have to sacrifice pain for fashion! Well i guess that’s what we always do being the lover of it! You still look good sweets! Oh by the way i love your silver envelop clutch!



  59. Like this shirt so much.

  60. I thought that I might have the same trouble when I first saw these ankle boots with their serrated soles from Camilla Skovgaard, but they turned out to be some of the most comfortable boots in my wardrobe! Appearances can be deceptive


  61. Perfect outfit!
    kisses from your follower! ♡
    With love Little Sablehttp://littlesable.tumblr.com/

  62. I saw a look similar to this on a Topshop display, with the feathered skirt over trousers/jeans. I didn’t think it would work in real life, but it looks so natural!

    Hope you’re enjoying the season



  63. Oh I did wonder how your feet felt that day! I salute you, you didn’t look as though you were in pain at all ;)

    Always lovely seeing you Shini, loved that orange sweater of yours!

  64. You have the coolest, effortless style ;) I found your blog and went all the way to the end (it took me three days) ;) xo

  65. Nice outfit…. I’ve started noticing Mulberry bags everywhere I go. They’re rather popular, aren’t they? The other thing I keep noticing at the moment is a bit of sari material poking out of car doors when the sari-wearer traps it slamming the door.

  66. jan

    Love the orange sweater on you! Was wondering what size it is? Thanks!

  67. omgosh your shoes look painful. D: skirt over jeans…I haven’t seen that since the mid-2000s! /nostalgia *____*

    your outfits and photos are always amazing, Shini!

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