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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Jacket – Paul & Joe, Trousers & Clutch – ASOS, Bag – On loan from Mulberry, Shoes – Zara, Shirt – Gmarket

Being a blogger at LFW this season:

1. A girl attending to the ‘blogger queue’ types in Park & Q dot com and tells me in the most matter-of-fact tone that my blog doesn’t exist. After a flurry of failed ‘cube’ jokes the blog finally loads on the laptop and she scrubs her touchpad down the first page, skimming through posts that took 5 hours to put together. Then she nods, says ‘Yeah… I like it‘ and asks for my statistics. I get a Blogger Pass.

2. The security man at the BFC tent thumbs my pass and frowns. ‘Yes, you may run in and get a few,’ he says, ‘but the Vitamin Water bottles aren’t just for anybody, you know’. Later I present my ticket for a show, sponsored by Vitamin Water – he waves me in nonchalantly.

3. My ticket request is denied, the PR doesn’t seem to remember telling me how much they liked my 6-hour-design post of their previous season catwalk. I then receive a mass mail with a standing e-ticket the day before the show.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience wonderful design so up-close, and be a part of the ‘magical’ scene, but if this is the kind of attitude I should be expecting every season I’d rather be home sharing an amazing cafe I found the other day or five ways to wear the pair of heels that I otherwise would’ve shredded my foot in doing strangers favours of free publicity.

Thank you Kit for helping with the photos. (Here’s a video by Style it Light TV with the outfit!)

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  1. lovely ensemble! the color combo so perfect! chic but simple at the same time.

  2. I’m glad that you were able to experience LFW so up close, but I agree, with all that fuss and non-chalance, I would much rather bask in my new found cozy place as well. That tweed blazer is quite a beauty on you.

    ♥, Jamie

  3. i love colors like that. so beautiful and different.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  4. Oh no, its such a shame that the fashion industry has such a bad name, and now I can see the reason why. I hope it was all worth it! Love the outfit! Especially that clutch!

    Fox Whiskers

  5. Thanks for telling it like it is!

    Part of me has always wanted to attend fashion week but there is always a lingering doubt at the back of my mind that perhaps it’s better that I have never attended. It would probably shatter my expectations and ruin the romance that surrounds it, which I sort of want to retain…

    We always appreciate all the effort you put into this blog, Shini ♥
    Nolite te bastardes carborundorum!

  6. LeenzieM

    That’s really awful. I mean, I know that fashion is such an important thing worldwide and that there certain things you do and don’t do and that only “certain” people get invited or whatever… But that doesn’t mean that have had to treat you that way. Everyone deserves respect…. I like fashion and I would’ve wanted to be a fashion intern or something but I’ve kind of changed my mind based on the way interns are treated and all the hard work they do to MAYBE get the job. It’s ridiculous. Just because it’s all deadline and whatever doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be treated as just that: people.

    Love your tweed jacket and your silver clutch :)

  7. Wow shini, it’s very different how it was last year when I was there! That’s pretty out of control – hmmm like you are some sort of vitamin water horder… wtf. Thats a slap in the face for all bloggers – and particularly when your blog is one of the best out there and promotes brands and LFW in a way regular media can’t… Heading to Korea next weekend might pick your brains for Seoul tips… x

  8. […] Shini (as in, yes, one of those larger bloggers on the panel above) had problems with the blogger category, you should read that post for better […]

  9. I love the colors in these pictures, What camera do you use?

  10. I love the fact that you’ve got a clutch AND a bag… I’m sick of the people who seem to be able to fit everything they own into one tiny clutch… Not that it’s even important. As for your experience with LFW, I honestly don’t get why they don’t try to prevent these things. Bloggers and magazines are the main ways people find out about and get to know what happens at fashion weeks, so why make it so complicated for them?

  11. Your outfits always amazes me, and I love your clutch.

  12. Being a blogger at LFW was quite different in comparisons to previous seasons. I am not sure that I would even bother applying for a pass next season. I’ll probably just email the designers for tickets to shows and go without the pass. It was a little annoying have to barter with the people at the press lounge so that I could run in and grab a vitamin water, but what was even more humbling was when the torrential downpour started, and we were all ushered outside to stand in the rain. Yep, I think I’d pass on that next year too.

  13. thanks for being so honest, it’s refreshing! loving that jacket..

    Katie x

  14. I’m glad you got to experience this, or still are but the treatment is definitely not a fun experience to go through. I’d almost like to guess that not all bloggers are being treated this way. If it does continue I’ll gladly read your post and that cafe or those amazing shoes you couldn’t show us.!! Fashion is great but Fashion week isn’t everything.


  15. Pfft …. honestly Shini, I much rather see your cafe photos if this is the kind of treatment you get from some inconsiderate people.

  16. Your jacket is beautiful, and I love the sunglasses in the video ♥

  17. Perfect outfit!


  18. Canary

    Great pics! :-) LFW, what a DISGRACE. That’s no way to treat a top blogger in the world. You really shouldn’t waste your energy doing a favor for those ungrateful people Shini.

  19. I’m currently studying womenswear and I never ever want anyone to feel like that! How rude…

  20. I adore your blog. I love your writing (usually I just look at pictures on people’s blogs x) but I always read your posts since they’re so funny and charming!) and your photography! Definitely checking your blog everyday (:

    I love that jacket as well!


  21. This is is a lovely outfit! I enjoy reading your blog just as much as swooning over the beautiful pictures. It is so nice to hear your honesty about how us bloggers can be treated at LFW! It is unbelievable that we are still treated as the underdogs by most!

    xx Jess

  22. love your post and if you don’t mind I will tweet about it! People seem to think this is all very glamourous and bloggers get waved into the shows and placed front row :)

    On a lighter note your outfit is divine :) Loving the tweed jacket



  23. Hi Shini

    It is so so dissapointing to hear that this happend to you- I actually gave fashion week this season a pass-due to my work load in other areas-

    Your blog is amazing and worth so much more, keep up the good work and keep writing about what you love-its what we all love to read!

    Emete x

  24. I guess it is a good thing to have a line section for bloggers (wannabees and time wasters only) to curb the capacity and stricter control at LFW. Especially at the exhibition, do bloggers (time wasters) really need to visit the designer stands to report their finds in their blogs? Even though it’s deemed useless for them and the designers…why have the same content as every other blogs? As a stylist, I could understand my former boss (stylist)’s frustration and anger…the only to blame is the people who sorted out tickets, check the blogs and decide whether they’re worthy to see the show not just numbers to fill in the seats and standing.

    You are worthy.

  25. I love your clutch, and what a great masculine look!

  26. love the jacket!


  27. I would feel so unwelcome and humiliated… From all the fashion blogger posts on fashion week these days, I seriously thought they are treating you guys like royalty. Especially, a side view of the scene gives me an impression that with every new season runway shows are way behind of what boogers came up with while they were sweating in their studios…

  28. I can’t believe they did that to you, that’s beyond rude – the idea of searching there and then, freaks me out big time, then to ask for your stats just there, seriously???

    I really hope they fix that for next season and do their research before hand, i mean you’re obviously amazing so I find that really embarrassing on their side of things..

    Hope you’re having fun this weekend. x

  29. Completely disgusting treatment actually; I really can’t stand that attitude. I wouldn’t mind posts of a cafe instead of FW from you. And for me, I can say I thoroughly enjoy your 6-hr posts. I always go through them a couple of times; there’s so much to soak in and just drink in. I love every detail.

  30. It’s a shame you got treates this way, i hope you managed to have a good day despite this. Your ensambes very pretty I love the autumn tones highlighted wth the metalic clutch! im liking a lot of the metalics of the coming seasons catwalks, hope to hear which pieces your liking from the latest runways x

  31. First of all, wonderful outfit. And secondly, whew for someone being honest!

  32. Yep, 5-6 hrs in photo editing, for sure. Awesome post. Needs to be said.

  33. Such a shame that you had to go through such hassle. This is the best outfit ever! I lurve it.

  34. I was only there on the Friday and boy was the atmosphere different this year! So many bloggers that I thought were worthy of passes to check out the exhibition were turned away. I mean, I can understand why they are being stricter but it’s so humiliating for a girl at the blogger desk to scan through the blogs in front of you and deem whether they are passable.

    I know that essentially the exhibition is a trade event and understand why they want less bloggers and more buyers to be looking around- I had a good chat with some of the designers on the stall about it. However at the same time, I think it’s also great to promote some of the designers in there. It’s a bit of a grey area to me, not sure what I think about it still- it’s just a bit frustrating I suppose. Perhaps next season I won’t bother with a pass either and just attend the shows? Seems like it would save a lot of hassle and potential humilation!

    I was so shocked when I bumped into you and realised you didn’t have a pass at the time, so glad that you got one in the end- in my eyes, it would have been wrong if you didn’t get one!! It makes me wonder how different London is compared to other fashion weeks- notably New York?

  35. I totally get your point, and I share it 100% with you! All you say is what I experience too (and you are so much ‘bigger’ than me, so how is that possibly happening to you). Anyway, the people doing their ‘boring’ job, are just doing their job, we at least enjoy it ;)

    XO Charlotte

  36. So true and absolutely well said. Totally unnecessary! And another note, that jacket you’re wearin = AMAZIN! Let’s focus on the people who do appreciate what we’re doing! XO Rebecca


  37. Geez Louise, I can’t believe that such heavy-duty bloggers are being treated to such interrogation.. a la Guantanamo.

    Still, it was a win in the end!

    -Alan :D

  38. vvn

    I appreciate your honesty and expose about your experience… sorry it’s been so difficult this season!

  39. The fashion world has a CRAPPY attitude…. but I guess sometimes there are shows that are worth it….
    ANYWHO! I love reading ya’!

  40. I’m sorry to hear you had such a hard time. People can have such bad attitude, and there is nothing worse than being invited somewhere or asked to do something, just to be treated in that manner. As much as I love fashion, unfortunately it seems that a bad attitude is sometimes part of the ensemble.

    I like your menswear look <3


  41. Do random people off the street come to the door with exhibition passes around their neck, huge SLRs and ipads and turn out not to be press or invited, really? I found it weird to be quizzed if I had an invite when I was holding the invite, among other rudeness encountered this week…. Hmmmm…..

    A touch of manners could go so far to making everyone excited about a show instead of uncomfortable and annoyed before you see a collection. Designers, do you hear? Door people are tainting your show impressions!

  42. This is all 100% true. Thank you for saying it so well xxx

  43. Great outfit. ^ ^

  44. Ugh, just awful! Nobody wants to be treated like they don’t belong. What’s the point of companies inviting bloggers if they’re going to be treated improperly? I get it — they get free publicity, but how long do they think bloggers (especially ones with as much reach and influence as you) will want to give free pub whilst being treated like an unwanted child?

    I can’t say I’m shocked, but I am disappointed. :( I hope you at least had a good time in one way or another at LFW.

  45. We love your clutch!


  46. i loved what you were wearing, and that kind of attitude during the fashion weeks definitely sucks


  47. I am beside myself! Thankful you keep things real for your readers. I pity the fools.

  48. that’s too bad, but unfortunately most people in the fashion industry are completely shallow and fake and demeaning in one way or another… I also hate how one’s blog is deemed worthy of helping you attend FW judging only by the number of visitors it has.
    but you are absolutely right, why should you have to go through that kind of treatment just to see some designs up close that you would most likely be able to spot in Selfridges some time afterwards

  49. wow, can’t believe you had to go through all that. First of all, I just want to say that it would have been just ridiculous for you not to get a pass. Your blog is simply amazing! From the layout, the photography, and the content, to the fashion, and your incredible writing style. Your blog is one of the fews that I read religiously as it always contains something interesting and hilarious as times. Personally, as an “amateur” blogger, you’re definitely a “professional” blogger that I respect and get inspired by. :) Second, sucks that the industry is like that… not that it was a hidden secret or anything, but it’s still a shame. However, I think that fashion itself as an art, a lifestyle, and a way of self-expression overcomes that. Hope you still had fun admiring all the designs! :)

    great post.


  50. another perfect outfit! loving the detail of your accessories!

  51. You look amazing and I love the herringbone jacket!

    I can’t believe you were treated so awfully during LFW. I’m really sorry to hear that, especially given the AMAZING AND FREE(!!!!) (okay… sometimes paid) promotion that bloggers give to fashion labels. Also… the vitamin water guy? Um. What the hell? You are SPONSORED by them, am I wrong?

    Gonna stop there, as I feel my blood pressure going up. Sorry that you were shafted so badly; you run a wonderful, well-thought-out and beautifully-photographed blog that is just as good as any magazine.

  52. Ah Shini this year was a little ridiculous wasn’t it?? I do think the BFC need to be a little more stringent in how they assess bloggers but leaving it up to the girl behind the desk to personally judge a blog and then ask for stats is not the way to go. As for the security men at the tents, don’t even get me started. Throwing people out an hour before the show begins! Barely letting people in for some Vitamin Water, it’s not a bottle of Dom, it’s water which they have crates and crates of, for people to drink. At least we have a 6 month break til the next LFW circus ;)


  53. how beautiful she is ,i like her style.

  54. i like this blog,i am glad to see it

  55. Sounds rubbish. I’m glad I didn’t bother! But your jacket is lovely.

  56. :O

  57. That’s ridiculous. I think i’d have either burst into tears or punch the closest person. You’re & these are amazing. x hivenn

  58. Exactly the same type of rudeness I experienced today. It was at a fabric supplier I’ve been cooperating with for few years now. I turned up and my saleswoman was not there. Some fat and ugly (I am not sorry to say that!) manageress treated me like shit, she wouldn’t take my order. No respect whatsoever. When I finally complained to my account, I’ve heard: Oh, she is my boss. You know, she had a bad day today. She perfectly knows we work with you, but most probably she didn’t know it was you.
    Actually I don’t care – good manners regard everyone.

  59. You need respect. Especially because you dress in this amazing beautiful outfit. I think nobody should refuse to give you something when you’re wearing this outfit or he’s an idiot (or blind?;-))!

  60. It’s such a shame that the fashion world has begun to turn it’s back on bloggers, and so suddenly.

    I think I’d have gone home – I take things like that too personally and I can’t abide rudeness!


  61. You got great pictures as always, but it sounds like all the door politics can certainly be jarring! I appreciate your honesty in sharing your experience.

  62. Wow. My blog is very small in comparison to yours, but the irony is, I had little problem getting a press pass – maybe it’s because I had to write everything down on a piece of paper because my voice was inaudible over everyone else’s voice? I was slightly amused that there was a designated “blogger bar,” but a press lounge complete with cushioned seats and Vitamin Water. I’m not complaining – this was my first fashion week, so I didn’t even expect anything. Not realizing the press lounge was for press only, I tried walking in, only to be rudely told that “my spot” was on the opposite side of the crowded room.

    What surprises me the most is the PR’s behavior! That’s quite absurd. I suppose some people are more keen to the idea of blogs as a credible media source, but denying a request (despite your tremendous efforts last season!) only to send you a standing room ticket is rather cheap, in my opinion. I was not remotely surprised to have denied requests filling my inbox, but you’re such a popular blogger! Not to mention one of my favorites! Even as a small blog, I think anyone deserves such relations to be mutually beneficial.

    I’m only living in London until early winter, so I won’t be returning to LFW anytime soon. Maybe NYFW is a bit different, but I doubt it…

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  64. people always think bloggers have it best because they get to experience all these cool stuff just because of a blog. but they dont get the effort behind each & every post and they don’t see the reality behind each & every fashion show experience.. your post is really a wake-up call. reality isn’t always what it seems

  65. I can’t believe that’s how you were treated at LFW! What happened?!
    I must say two shows I did attend appeared much less over-subscribed and more pleasant to attend but unfortunately did experience some of the awful over-subscription in Feb which put me off this time round. Perhaps why they were so much more stringent? But really, I’d say Park & Cube is one of the more established and recognised blogs? Pfft. Hopefully next Feb will be a smoother run.
    Love the asos metallic clutch! x

  66. Oona

    I think the fashion industry mostly hates fashion bloggers because they fear that bloggers are going to take over their jobs because you and others of your ilk are SO much more talented than they could ever be.

  67. Guest

    I have one question, but truly important for me;)
    Does LFW registration fast track pass provides free enter on the shows? (without seat of course)

  68. @Guest, Hiya. Nope, the LFW press pass only permits entry to the exhibition, nothing to do with the shows. For the shows you have to contact the PRs for the brands and ask for tickets individually!

  69. red

    oh nice!